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2013 and earlier Honda Odyssey Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • wvdana1wvdana1 Posts: 9
    I got a quote today of $36,520 plus tax/tags for an 09 Touring that has been the mgr's vehicle and has 2500 miles. Doesn't sound like that great a deal to me. How much better has anyone else done on the Touring w/out pac tires?

    Also got a quote of 30,971 for a 2010 EXL (w/out RES). Any thoughts on this? We'd like to get our vehicle by 8/22, so can't really wait for any end of month blitzes.
  • technoztechnoz Posts: 34
    Best I am able to get for 09 touring is 35K +TTL, I am going to the stealer today will let you know the outcome.
  • Finalized a deal for a 2009 EX-L w/ RES for $30, 210 today. There was a $240 document fee, taxes, and registration on top of that. I was looking to get it done earlier last month but the dealer encouraged me to wait until the $1250 incentive was released in the northeast. Based on what I paid, you should be able to get at least $1000 below invoice with the current incentives.

    The dealer was an hour's drive away but he gave me a good price over the phone from the start, he suggested that I hold off on my purchase because he thought there would be a better incentive (he was right), and he had the color that I wanted (which he held for me). The actual purchase took about 30 minutes in and out the door.

    If you're in the New England area, I'd definitely give Majestic Honda a call.
  • Great price! Good for you!
  • Second dealer. 09 EX-L Res-Nav. $3,500 cash for clunkers on a 2001 T&C plus the $1,250 dealer incentive plus a little more as they had three of that color on the lot.
    Slate Green/Olive. Actually looks silver - hard to see green in it. I am not a fan of green cars, but I could hardly see green in this and it looks great. After having a slate blue with navy leather for 8 years this is a nice change of pace.

    With everything, got them down to $29,400. TTL came to approx. $31,300. Very Happy as we were planning on a new car later this year as the T&C had rust, one side door not operating and power window problems so the trade in would have only been around $2K instead of the $3,500 through the Cars Program.
    60 month financing through Honda at 4.49% - I miss the 0% days but they are not around, but the extra money we got off the deal helps.
    First dealer would have been $1,800 more for the same vehicle with no negotiating. Glad we looked further.
  • flfamflfam Posts: 1
    NJ, what was the price for your touring? thanks!
  • Thanks for all the posts. With all the info we were able to get an 09 EXL w RES for $30,340. OTD for $33,500 at Hardin Honda in Anaheim. We were happy with the price for southern California.
  • Thanks especially to Cheerfulchick. Your detailed info really helped us negotate a great deal.
  • qosrolfqosrolf Posts: 4
    I was quoted $29923 in July and last Friday July 31st was told the 2500 manuf incentive was no longer around. Three dealers gave me a similiar story in the San Jose CA area and all had prices without Tax at @ 32400 (Invoice) for the EX-L-RES.

    Sounds like there is a new August incentive of 1250 extra off or I am getting hi balled.??? Maybe because I have a clunker I am turning in??
  • sam156sam156 Posts: 9
    I am getting the same story in Houston. The dealers here, don't want to deal because they are selling vehicles with the cash for clunkers without giving lower than invoice prices and they are getting it.... I believe the $2,500 incentive was in June for 2009 models and now theres the $1250 incentive that came out last Tuesday for 2009 models. Honda was supposed to be putting out new dealer incentives yesterday for Aug, but that did not happen, so I am not sure if they will post anything else this month at this point. We are waiting to try to get a better price than invoice, so we may not end up getting one at all at this rate.... LOL...
  • technoztechnoz Posts: 34
    Went to the dealer last night to buy a touring at quoted last week at 35K, he raised the price to 37,800 +TTL and would not budge. Said too much demand did offer me a 09 ex-l with nav/res for $32750 +TTL (Not too bad). Im going to wait till clunkers program is dead to purchase.
  • sam156sam156 Posts: 9
    Yes, it sounds like you experiencing the same as us. I want a white touring, there's not too many 2009s out there, I was quoted 37K for a 2009 with pax (DONT WANT PAX) plus 37K is too high for a 2009 which is going to lose $$ as soon as it hits the road. I was also quoted 37,900 + add ons for the 2010 model touring and since its the only one in TX right now in white, they are demanding top $$$ and top attitude too..... The least price for an EXL with Rav/Nav is $34,555 2010 (which they say is invoice) + add ons and the lowest I've gotten on the EXL with just Res is $31,000 for a 2009 model (which I really dont want)... I think my hubby wants to wait until the clunker thing is over, even though we wanted to use the program, its probably just not worth it. We are eligible for $4500 for the clunker... The price that you got for 09 EXL seems ok, but the price is so close to the 2010 price. Keep me posted on your progress:)
  • wvdana1wvdana1 Posts: 9
    Amen, Sam. We are so irritated at our bad timing re CFC. Dealers are busy/busy and don't feel any need to negotiate. Our Jeep Cherokee has KBB of 7515 priv sell or 5450 trade, so CFC is nonpractical for us. We were hoping to get a new van before vacation the last week of August, but are now wondering how much we'd potentially save if we waited a few mos. One of the dealers yesterday mentioned new programs coming down on 8/4 from Honda, but I haven't seen anything yet. With the 09s at almost the same price as thd 10s, and the very limited availability of 09s in my area, it makes sense for us to go w/ the 10. Unless we can talk the dealer down on their 09 Touring Demo. $36154 w/ 2100 miles on it sounds like a loser deal when I can get a brand new 10 for $1500 more. Sigh. Should have started reading this board a few mos ago!
  • nmomof2nmomof2 Posts: 14
    We thought we'd be able to trade in our older car for a 2009 Odyssey, but the car isn't eligible for the clunker label. Got a few internet quotes on a 2009 Odyssey EXL, one of which seemed pretty good at 28,9xx . Yet, there are no financing deals/incentives out there. We have awesome credit and it seemed like we should do better than 5.99% for 48 mos.

    What am I gaining by going with an 09 at 500 below TMV? Should I wait and see what kind of deal I can get on a 2010? Or grab the 09 at that price while it lasts?

    (also considering at a Pilot and Sienna)
  • sam156sam156 Posts: 9
    CFC wont be around for much longer and the dealers will not want to lose 33% of sales like they did last yr at Honda, they have their attitudes now, but wait a while and I think things will get better. I contacted a dealer that had a 09 touring about 200 miles away in the color I want (white) she was saying that they are rare and giving me attitude telling me she can get MSRP for an 09 (yeah right), so I emailed her the link for a website which gives you info on what people are actually paying around the country and that my offer is not so out of the question, she writes back and tells me to drive to WI or NY to get the deal. SO I called not her immediate boss but the owner of the dealership and told him about my experience and he is going to discipline her big time.... Unbelievable!! Here's the website that I was talking about, I've found it helpful. When I mention it to the dealers around here, they tell me that the people on there are not telling the truth about the prices they paid and are exaggerating, my response was "now they can't all by lying".... LOL It's certainly been an education the last few weeks... Check this website out, if you havent already...

  • technoztechnoz Posts: 34
    EX-L at 28,9XX isn't that great unless thats OTD price Invoice 30,035 - 1250 =28,785. I would suggest waiting till clunkers is dead! Demand will go down and incentives will be back. :)
  • helpsoshelpsos Posts: 5
    I got a quote of $27808 for a 2010 EX (plus taxes, tags, processing fee). How much better can I do?

    Also qoted $32215 for a 2010 EX RES which seems high (plus taxes, tag, processing.)
  • nmomof2nmomof2 Posts: 14
    Went to another dealer today to look at his Costco pricing. He said all his 09s were gone. (Then what was that I just sat in at your showroom? was a Touring model, which is not what I'm looking for, but still)

    He said they'd be giving $150 off of invoice for the 2010s. Didn't seem that great to me.

    Toyota dealer told me they were selling the 2010 Siennas at invoice as well because there's such a demand. The Toyota has a bit of a financing offer available, though.

    We'll probably sit tight for a little while until CFC is over since we don't have a clunker to trade in.

    How much below invoice is really considered a good price? :confuse:
  • I think your quote for the 2010 EX RES is too high.

    Below are the best quotes I received last week for 2010 models (in Houston):
    EX RES for $31,505 + TTL
    EX-L RES for $32,566 + TTL

    I think you have room to negotiate...or just wait a little longer for better pricing. One dealer said he expected better pricing on the 2010 models in about 2-3 months.
  • sam156sam156 Posts: 9
    Where are you located? I am looking for a touring. Do you think the Costco thing is worth doing, we are also members. I just got a quote today for an EXL w/o Nav/Res 2010 for $30,500, what do you think about that price? I really dont want bare bones.
  • I talked to a couple dealers using the Costco program and they stated that the Costco price is the same as their Internet pricing.
  • nmomof2nmomof2 Posts: 14
    I'm in northern IL. I don't think Costco pricing is all that great. The quote of 28,9xx I received was from a non-Costco dealer and it was a lower offer. The Costco dealer said their 2010 EXL would be going for 30,970. That was also w/o Nav/Res.

    I was hoping the Costco pricing at Toyota would be below invoice, but it wasn't.
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,602
    But if supply goes down to match the drop in demand the dealers will want higher prices. The word is that manufacturers are going to squeeze production to barely meet demand. except on the super fuel savers. The ody has a loyal following of enough people who will pay a premium for the brand. The lots will only have a few vehicles to project a scarcity. Of course there will be a pipeline to the central storage lots so units can keep up with customer preferences. If I was looking at an ody now and found one I like for a bit under 30k [ex-l] I'd buy it. I've got over 2 years to wait and the future looks very interesting.
  • jaaronsjaarons Posts: 2
    Found a Slate Green 2009 with RES at Coggin Honda Altantic, MSRP was $38k. The dealer's manager had special ordered it with Transmission Cooler/Towing, special protective flooring covers and a Honda branded bike rack. Apparently the manager took a 700 mile family vacation with it! They gave me a no-haggle eprice of $34k. I haggled and we got down to $32,600 OTD (included TTL). Honda offered to match our credit union new car rate and gave us 5.75% (high compared to other posts).

    I felt I paid a little too much for the Transmisson/Towing package after looking online.

    They did offer a White 2009 Odyssey (no RES) for $29,500 OTD. :)

    The salesperson/dealership I highly recommend. He was great to work with.
    The dealership was very busy with CFC it took 5 hours to drive it out and inventory on hand was limited. I could have gotten a better deal if I had bought last month, the salesperson agreed with that comment.
  • I am in SE Michigan area and looking to buy 2009 Odyssey EX-L. RES and Navigation is not a must but if the price is right, why not. Basically, I am looking for answers to these:
    1. When is the best time to buy? Is it now, Sept., Dec.?
    2. What price people are paying in Michigan for these vans with above specs?
    Any feedback would be highly appreciated.
    I don't mind driving 50-60 miles (to neighboring states) if the price is right.
    Please advice.
  • bigdon2bigdon2 Posts: 12
    The best offer we got for a 2009 Odyssey EXL with RES is 34500 OTD. This is essentially 31400 (includes designition and doc fees)+tax and title. The van has tilted window, mud guards, and wheel lock (worth $400?). Is it a good deal? We wanted to make the decision very soon, so your comments would be very helpful! Thanks!
  • bigdon2bigdon2 Posts: 12
    Does the $30200 include designition fee? We got an offer but were confused about the designition fee. It would be great if you can help clarify. Thanks!
  • technoztechnoz Posts: 34
    Just got back from Planet Honda in Matteson Illinois I was able to pick up a Ocean Mist Touring NO pax for 35K +TTL. I went in he offered best price of 37,800 +TTL, I pulled out email quote of 35,000.00 and he matched it. It was the very last odyssey at that dealer. These guys were a pleasure to deal with and were honest and upfront :)
  • wvdana1wvdana1 Posts: 9
    Technoz- Guessing that was an 09 since it was the last at the dealer? I got a quote today for 31, 381 for 09 EXL-Res, and he's saying thats drop dead price because he has to hold $500 back since the van is at another dealer's lot and it costs $ to transport? Geesh. Guess I need to start calling every dealer in a 200 mile radius to see who has it. Or maybe I should just concentrate on 10s now... :confuse:
  • That seems high to me....I got the trim, w/ same accessories + window etching for $30,710 + TTL. And it was a dealer transfer. I pick it up today...maybe you can negotiate some more? Otherwise, you should be able to get a 2010 model for about $1100 more (without the add-on's).
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