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Honda Accord Accessories



  • I have used a K&N Air filter since 8K miles (now at 23K).

    I also keep fairly meticulous mileage (mpg)records. My driving is pretty much the same all the time.

    Prior to K&N, avergae = 25.2 MPG
    Post K&N, next 8K miles, average = 26.1 MPG
    Post K&N, (to date), average = 25.7 MPG

    So, take the info for what it's worth. You could read it as variation, or you could read it at 1/2 to 1 more mpg with K&N.

    I mainly use them because they trap dirt better than OEM paper filters.

    I'm replacing mine soon (They do get dirty, and although they can be cleaned and oiled, I just like replacing them every year/25K miles)

    Hope that helps.
  • I just dropped off my car at Tweeter. It should be ready by the time I leave work.

    I questioned the installation guy before I committed to anything. He is NOT going to cut out my factory grills. He said that he will be able to attach the speaker to the plastic panel. I did a little reading before I left and some of the car install forums said the same thing. Something about using friction nuts (no idea what those are) and 'adapter rings' which cost me $15.

    So I still probably could have done it myself knowing that there is a way to fasten the speaker behind the factory grill, but I'm done messing with it.

    I will let everyone know how it goes.
  • I can agree with treoster. I've installed a K&N filter on both my 1999 Prelude 5M and 1999 Accord EX-L 5M. For $37, I wasnt expecting to be blown away, performance-wise. The effects were more dramatic in the Prelude. It revved slightly quicker, and mileage improved about 1mpg on average (I also keep good records, and that number is an overall average). The same happened with the Accord, but the wuicker revving was less noticeable and the mpg improved only about .5 mpg overall.
  • Is it possible to add an aux port to an '04
    Accord V6 EX with NAV/XM without disabling anything (XM radio, etc.)? What I've read in this form is a bit unclear in this area.
  • Anybody used the MP3 player with the Nav?
    Are there graphical onscreen controls?
    How about titles. Does it show only file names or the info from the MP3 ID tag?
  • The head unit does have an aux port, however it's used by the XM receiver. If you want to run an external MP3 player, you need to either disable XM or have some sort of A/B switch installed.

    Barry S.
  • I had no major issues with mine... simply used my dremel to carve out the grille. Carved out all of the grille looking part. Then simply surface mounted the speaker. Doesn't look too bad, haven't had anyone really notice except if I point it out since it only sticks out about 3/4"... it does make it much easier to adjust my tweeters for imaging, though....

    I tried to mount it in the existing hole even with modifications. Rolled the window down, slid the speaker in an "ka-thunk" the magnet grabs the window rail. so I would have needed about a 3/4" spacer or so, and wasn't worth it to me...
  • Hey tblazer503

    U don't by chance have any pictures of door speaker install after it was all done, do u? I am curious to see what it looks like. To be honest, I am trying to visualize what u are talking about, as i don't know. When u say factory grill, are u talking about the mesh grill that blends in with the door???? Sorry i sound like a retard, but can u get back to me..

    Thanks a lot
  • Tweeter was able to install my MB Quart speakers *without* having to cut out the factory grill or modify my car in any way.

    They didn't use the factory harness at all (I don't think anyone could - it is junk). They attached the speakers right behind the factory grills. It is a tight fit, but the window still goes down.

    It sounds pretty amazing compared to stock. I'm glad I replaced my system. I plan on having this car for a long time so it is a worthwhile 'investment' for me.

    Here is a rundown of costs:
    Alpine 9815 headunit: $350 online ($500 MSRP)
    MB Quart RCE216 Reference Series 6.5" speakers : $175 online ($350 MSRP)
    Alpine Type R 6x9s: $100 online ($200 MSRP)

    Total is $625 (MSRP of $1050). It is hard to justify buying locally when I saved $450.

    I *highly* recommend one of Alpine's new headunits with time correction (9813 and 9815). It makes a world of difference. It allows you to set the distance of each speaker so the sound reaches you at the same time. Once properly setup, turning it off and back on makes a dramatic difference.
  • kendrid,

    Nice system and excellent bargain hunting.

    What was the install cost at Tweeter? Did you have them do anything else other than the front spkrs?

    Thanks for your info it is very valuable to us.
  • Tweeter's install cost is:

    $75 for component speakers
    $45 if you want new wire run

    Circuit City and Best Buy also wanted $75. The guy at tweeter was installing LCD screens into a new Tahoe when I was there. The BB and CC guys wanted to cut my doors. I'd rather give my money to the 'professional'.

    It is a bit pricey, but they did a good job and I don't have to mess with it anymore.

    They only did my front speakers. The rear 6x9s take about 15 minutes to do.
    Their amp installation cost is $65, plus wiring ($35). That is VERY cheap. Circuit City wants $200 as they 'require' an overprice wiring kit.

    My Alpine headunit is putting out enough power to easily drive the speakers. MB Quart are very inefficient, but the new higher end Alpine head units actually put out some real power. It isn't the same as a dedicated amp, but it sounds great to me.
  • Where did they end putting the tweeters? Did they alter the grille if they were put back into the dash? I just pulled mine off to take a look and see what was there to work with. I also found the tweeter crossover while taking it apart. A little 3.3 micro farad capacator soldered to the tweeter, high quality stuff. :-)

  • That is one *nice* crossover they supply :)

    The tweeter is in the original location. I do know how how they attached it to the grill since I have not popped the cover off since the install.
  • what do you think is a "good" crossover?

    If it passes high frequencies cleanly and/or shunts the lows to ground at the right crossover point, then the less parts the better.
  • Even though I've only had my Accord for a few weeks, it's been very very good. It's getting a set of splash guards and chrome exhaust trim. It asked for a new spoiler, but Dad's a bit broke this year.

    Barry S.
  • dust90dust90 Posts: 169
    I think I'll get mine the auto-dimming mirror!
  • ken972ken972 Posts: 162
    The auto dimming mirror is an awesome choice. Ive have mine on for a few weeks now. Dont want to go without one ever again. I have splash guards, fog lights and another favorite..the trunk tray on it as well. Its the 04 EXV6. Ive been thinking of the chrome exhaust tips. But waiting to see what they look like with graphite pearl. Ive only seen them on red cars.
  • I'm a few months away from my lease ending on a BMW 330i. I've loved the Bimmer, but for many reasons need to downgrade in price on the next vehicle. I've owned several Acuras/Hondas before and had a great experience with all of them. One of the options I'm considering is a 2004 EX-L Accord Sedan w/5 sp. MT. Would love the get an EX V6, but want a MT and the Coupe won't work for our family. Are there any recommended upgrades to improve the Accord Sedan's handling capabilities to bring it closer to what I've grown used to in the BMW? I imagine upgrading to 17" Honda OEM rims w/Michelin Pilots would be a good start. Anything else? Spring upgrades, perhaps? I'm also going to take a hard look at the TSX, and maybe the 04 TL (not sure I want to go over $30K, however). TIA for any avice!

  • My 04 EX-L Accord is getting the front chin spoiler for Christmas. It already has fog lights, splash guards, decklid spoiler, and fenderwell trim so the front spoiler is next to last on my list. After the spoiler we will take it for a weekend trip to Florida to have the windows tinted.

    The Accord would probably take very well to some more performance-oriented tires. Not sure if the wheel upgrade is necessary but it couldn't hurt.
  • dust90dust90 Posts: 169
    I have owned one E30 and three E36 BMW's and I know what you mean about the handling and driving feel. I have the 6 speed coupe and it is the only new Accord to come with the 17" wheels and 'sport' suspension, and it is as close to BMW driving feel as anything I have ever driven. So, you could add the 17" wheels and sport springs to bring the sedan handling up to what you are used to. Too bad you have to have the sedan, the 6 speed coupe is awsome!
  • jebinc1jebinc1 Posts: 198
    04 Day/Night mirror........
  • ken972ken972 Posts: 162
    Hey, I posted a couple weeks ago regarding the 04 mirror. I remember you running into the problem with the 03 installed on an 04. The 04 works great. Its on all the time though..doesnt turn on and off with the lights as I think the 03 did.
  • jebinc1jebinc1 Posts: 198
    Really <doesn't turn off>? Where did you get yours from? Mine was ordered from HandA.... I look forward to having a working mirror again. The mirror worked great in the 03 but the 03 car didn't work great. Now the 04 car works great and I had to wait for an 04 mirror that works! Do you know what's different about the 04 mirror? Did they just re pin the connectors? What's different with the installation?

    Thanks for the tips and Happy Holidays!
  • ken972ken972 Posts: 162
    Hey, I ordered the mirror from HandA and had my dealer install it. Im not sure whats the difference is between the 03 and 04 version. Im guessing it was repinned or hooked up a little different. HandA has the instructions for both years. I havent read them to figure out how they fixed it for 04. But mine doesnt turn off. It comes on by itself when you start the car. You can turn both the compass and mirror off using switches on either side of the mirror...but it will come on when the car is started. Maybe thats one of the areas they had to change for 04. I havent heard from anyone else who has the mirror for 04.
  • jebinc1jebinc1 Posts: 198
    I'll let you know how my installation goes. I plan to do it myself again right after Christmas.

  • I just came across this nicely done tutorial on installing an iPod in an '04 Accord.

    It looks like a nice clean install, but you have to be willing to disconnect the XM radio from the only aux input on the head unit. Since I like my XM, I'm going to try to do a similar install with an A/B switch, so I can use both XM and my iPod.

    Barry S.
  • blaneblane Posts: 2,017
    Has anyone here had a Honda-branded handsfree cellular telephone kit installed in their 2003/2004 Accord? I'm considering it for my '04 Coupe. If so, how do you like the installation and functionality? I've heard recently that Honda discontinued the part. Anyone know any details?
  • I installed it. It worked good in my 03 Accord. It worked good with my Nokia 8260 because the connector made good contact. I change my phone to a Nokia 6340i. The connector to that phone is not as good and not very reliable. I since got the Nokia hands free kit.
  • The mirror is supposed to dim when you turn your headlights on. Since you say that yours turns on when you start the car, are you saying that you mirror is constantly dimmed unless you are parked with the engine off?
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