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2013 and earlier Honda Odyssey Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I have a friend who ordered a odyssey thru the local dealer. Is there any way to trrack that order on line or through a toll free number.
  • millsk1millsk1 Posts: 24
    There is no way to track your order. Technically, you haven't ordered a car. The dealer has put your name on a car that is being built for them. I look at my incoming inventory, find a build date for the vehicle the customer is looking for, and then figure the date for arrival. If your vehicle is being built in June or July, the dealer should be able to give you a build date. It is just an estimate, but is usually pretty accurate. He should also be able to give you a five-day window for arrival.
  • ohloneohlone Posts: 55
    that's a big "if"

    I take it you sell warranties?
    You must also buy the fabric protectant, clear coat for the clear coat and under coat for the undercoat and the gap insurance.....this stuff is all a huge waste of money - it preys upon people when they have their check book open. And totally contradicts the quality offerred in the vehicle.

    If you feel there's a decent chance the car your buying (new) may need $4,800 in transmission work soon after the warranty runs out, I'd say buy a different car with a better reputation. I've read up on the Odyssey problems thread and most problems that occure are stuff that should be solved long before the warranty runs out.

    When I purchased my Odyssey, I told them the only way I would give them high marks on my buying experience is to forget about selling me the after market crap. To my delight, they refrained.
  • dchoppdchopp Posts: 256
    No!! I do not sell warranties and I do agree the extra add ons are a waste of money. I scotch guarded my upolstary my self. I have purchased quite a few new cars in my 60 years and have done all my own maintenance. I have never purchased an extended warranty on any of them. I know three individuals including my son-in-law that wished they did buy them as they had some expensive repair that where out of warranty. Don't kid your self. Honda isn't as reliable as you think. If they were, their service dept. would be empty. I had to wait two weeks just to get my Passport in for service to get the A/C repaired at a cost of $979. I repaired the power window myself for a part cost of $126.00. Sure wish I had the extended warranty.
  • millsk1millsk1 Posts: 24
    The Passport is not a Honda. I am so damned glad we got rid of them and now have the Pilot. Warranties are a bet. You are betting your car breaks down and has an expensive repair. The warranty company is betting the opposite. As for add-ons, we don't add anything to a vehicle when a customer buys it before it gets here. They can add what they want. If it gets here unsold, we add splash guards. Also, no Honda needs Scotchguard, undercoating, or paint protector. Most dealers spend about $25 on those items and charge at least $499.
  • dchoppdchopp Posts: 256
    Actually the passport is a 96 and its been a great vehicle and it has never failed me. I bought my wife the 2002 Oddy and she drives the Passport more. I had to put a few parts in the AC but it was still working great. Since the Passport is going to the desert, I took it in to have the AC checked and they found some deterioated parts but it still worked ok. I hope the 2002 Oddy is as reliable as the Passport is.
  • millsk1millsk1 Posts: 24
    I am glad you have had luck with the Passport, but it has not been nearly as reliable as the Odyssey. Even unreliable vehicles have very few problems these days. Vehicles are made so much better now.
  • ohloneohlone Posts: 55
    it's refreshing to hear a car company rep (sales?)
    tell it like it is by confirming that there is alot of needless after market stuff designed just to pad the pockets of the dealership.

    -What is a paint sealant on a new car anyways?
    another coat of wax?

    I had to contact many Honda Dealers before finding my Odyssey. In Arizona, a dealer said they would throw in the paint sealer, but the documentation fees cost $450!
  • ohloneohlone Posts: 55
    How is it that Honda claims it's DVD player/screen
    can be 7 inches when it's more like 5? Did I get a different screen than advertised?

    If this thing is 7 inches then my wife can go brag to her friends about me. ;-)
  • selasela Posts: 5
    I am testing a one-owner '98 odyssey with 45,000 mi. It is priced at $15990, with a fairly decent trade-in on my Windstar. I would appreciate any comments. I do not want to take on this van if it has the potential transmission problems that the newer ody has. I do not think that it does, but please let me know. I have to decide by tomorrow. Thanks to all!!
  • sbpceapsbpceap Posts: 67
    From my recollection, the '98 Ody was very reliable. It was the '99 Ody that is on Consumer Reports "Used Cars to Avoid" list. Apparently, altho Honda improved the design, reliability took a hit. good luck!
  • millsk1millsk1 Posts: 24
    The 1998 Odyssey was one of the most reliable vehicles on the market, regardless of class. I have always taken anything CR says with a grain of salt. Nearly every 4WD truck on the market is on their list. The 1999 Odyssey had some problems initially, mostly with the original sliding door design. Mine(2002) works like a charm. As for the paint protectant, the Honda has about 40 layers of primer, color, and clearcoat. There is nothing useful the dealer can add.
  • millsk1millsk1 Posts: 24
    I think they measure diagonally. I will measure mine. Measurement aside, that is the greatest feature on a van since rear air. I call it my mobile babysitter.
  • liebesiliebesi Posts: 33
    Should I get it if I can get it for around $900. 7yr/100k mi/$0 deducible? I plan on keeping my ODY for a long time??
  • ohloneohlone Posts: 55
    I think what you're referring to is avoiding California sales tax, by owning a car elsewhere for 7,500 miles. You'd still have to pay registration though.

    If you purchase a new vehicle from another state and take delivery with that car being trasported on the back of a truck then you pay only the tax in the state you will register the car. If you decide to pick it up and drive it from one state to another, you must pay the tax in the state where you bought the car and any difference in the state you live in. If the state you live in has a lessor tax rate, you will have a refund coming to you.

    In addition you will have to incure the inconvienence of having to smog your brand new vehicle.
  • ohloneohlone Posts: 55
    I'm surprised I haven't heard from others about the 7" description of the DVD in the Odyssey.

    It doesn't add up anyway you measure it. I noticed at the electronics store every flat pannel flip down screen was overstated, yet no one working the floor had an explanation for.
  • kkhodgekkhodge Posts: 9
    Has anyone recently purchased an Odyssey EX-L with DVD entertainment system in Kentucky or southern Indiana? What price were you able to negotiate? Where did you purchase it? Did you order, and if so, how long did it take for the vehicle to arrive? What other dealers did you talk with? Thanks!
  • lnaillnail Posts: 4
    I am considering buying a 02 odys ex. I like the lx but add cd alloys remote entry and I could get the ex. I was reading the consumer ratings and they have me a bit hesitant about the power sliding doors. Are the doors messing up as the reports would lead. The two dealers I am talking with are selling at msrp. Also no one seems to have one in stock to test drive. Don't want to buy on blind faith. Did that with a Saturn never again. One dealer offered us his wife's 02 to test.
  • liebesiliebesi Posts: 33
    I am buying from Don Moore Honda in Owensboro, KY. They order at the beginning of each month and then they are coming in the end of the next month. I ordered mine the first week of May, it was made in Alabama on June 15th and arrived at the dealership on June 21. You should be able to get one for MSRP and maybe a small discount from them or at D-Pat in Evansville but don't expect much.
  • liebesiliebesi Posts: 33
    We could not find one to test drive either, most ODY are pre-sold before they hit the lot. We are trusting a friends recommendation that they love theirs and we will love it too. I guess if everyone likes it the best then we will too. The features make it the best on the market as well. We need the magic third row and the MPV is too small for us. I guess worst case is you buy it, don't like it, then you can sell it for what you paid or for a little less in one year and still make money. I hear some people are buying new ODY every 6-12 months and making money selling them used! very big demand for new or used right now...
  • alyssazmomalyssazmom Posts: 142

    I am curious as to what other's have paid for either the LX or EX with leather? Is the model upgrade from LX to EX worth it?


    (currently driving a 2002 Honda Civic EX Sedan and loving it)
  • liebesiliebesi Posts: 33
    I was told that most dealers were not getting many LX's since the EX is much more popular. I am getting an EX-L because I am getting a good deal but I think the EX looks nicer on the outside and I like the power doors since we have an infant.
  • bjk2001bjk2001 Posts: 358

    Power door: I have an 01 EX. I was in the same situation a year ago. Power door or not. I talked to one of the lady at work she has 99 EX. She did tell me she had some problems with power door a few times, but it got fixed. I am very happy with my EX especially power door. One thing good about power door is, for example like dropping kids off to school, when she forgets to close the door behind her. I don't have to get out the car to close it. I wish they will make passenger side power door too, so when wife gets out the car and forgets to close the door. I could just flip a switch and close it.
    My 14 years old likes power door soo much. She even told me dad she was soo glad we bought Odyssey with power door instead of a SUV.


    For Honda product you get more bang for the Money if you go for EX than LX. Just like Civic, Accord. You get power door, alloy wheels, CD player, remote control and ...... If you want to save money then get LX as is. If you want to upgrade your LX for some of the features, IMHO get an EX. You should pay no more than MSRP for Odyssey now.


  • alyssazmomalyssazmom Posts: 142

    You are my Honda guru! :)

    I plan on either:

    A) Getting the Odyssey in 1-2 years or
    B) keeping my Civic till it dies a hundred deaths.

    You are right about upgrading to the EX. After visiting the Honda website, what I would really like is the Honda Odyssey EX with leather and DVD in Starlight Silver. If I do sell my Civic (and that's a big if- I adore my Civic) I would keep the Ody for several years so may as well get the model with all the goodies that I like!

    How does your daughter like her Civic EX now that she's had it a while?

    Thanks again,

  • lochanlochan Posts: 1
    I am living in San Francisco Bay Area. I am researching a new LX model through internet. Most of the reply is $25210 (includes Destination) + doc, DMV and tax. Any ieda about this price? Also how much I should deposit? Will there any chance it take forever to deliver my car? What should I do to protect my deposit? Thanks
  • raybearraybear Posts: 1,795
    You can get MSRP outside the Bay Area in Sacramento or San Joaquin County. $25,210 is actually a decent price for your area.
  • dchoppdchopp Posts: 256
    Larger dealers usually buy one for them self for the sole purpose of allowing individuals to test drive them. We live in Pa. and we drove 3 hours to Cleveland, Ohio because they had one to test drive. After a 35 min drive, we were sold and purchased one. Let the salesman bring his own in and take it for a ride. I would probably wait till the 03's come out since they are right around the corner.
  • hoss02hoss02 Posts: 19
    You're both sort of right. I agree that if you buy CD, alloys, keyless from the dealer, you might as well get the EX. But if you want to avoid the power doors like I did, there are advantages to the LX. I didn't want the power doors for safety and long-term repair issues. Plus my kids are old enough to easily open & close the doors (for those who will cite the ability to open the doors as you approach carrying packages in the rain: we are a tough, strong, resilient family able to handle such hardships a few times a year). We are also able to communicate and deal with our kids without dummying them up with a video every time we go for a ride, but that's another story.
    As far as the options, here are my opinions:
    1) Alloys; since my wife uses wheels as curb feelers, not a great idea. But can be bought for $600 from HandA, and the original steel wheels can be used with winter tires if your climate applies. You can then sell wheels later on or use them on next Odyssey.
    2) remote keyless: I bought Honda kit from HandA for @ $175; will install myself.
    3) CD: get the EX and you lose the cassette. either way the factory stereo is crap anyway. Buy a very nice high-power CD player for under $200 from Crutchfield with easy install harnesses and swap it back when you sell the van later. You will have much better sound than the $400 rip-off Honda CD deck, and keep it later on for another vehicle. front speakers are also super easy to replace; grills pop right off the doors.
    Then, I still don't have climate control, roof rails, power driver seat, and color-matched mirrors and door handles, but I'm still $1,500 under the EX even after buying the wheels, CD and keyless.
  • djohnson64djohnson64 Posts: 43
    Is HandA an internet store?
  • bjk2001bjk2001 Posts: 358

    You forgot to mention the following too:

    1. Driver's seat manual lumbar support.
    2. EX has 2 more speakers . ( I know Honda speakers are crappy)
    3. Homelink remote control ( I never used it. I don't even own automatic garage door opener)
    4. Steering Wheel-mount Audio control. (It's nice to use it. I wish my other car had it too. But it's not an necessary.)
    5. Rear Cargo net. (Not an necessary)
    6. EX not just keyless remote door control also security system too It's $249.60 plus shipping and handling from H and A not $150.
    7. Auto-off Halogen headlights. (Don't need it, if you never forget to turn off headlight.)
    8. Front pocket behind driver seat. (Never used it, not a necessary)
    9. Heat Rejecting Glass

    I am glad you are very handy and you have a resilient family. I like my power door, you may have read some posts regarding power door prolem with early model and some people may still has some problem with their 02. I didn't have any problem. And I don't think it will be a long time repair issue, if you really want to argue, you could say all the power equipement could be a long term reapir issue. Window, door, CD, power seat.... You have to make a decision yourself.
    But power door safety issue? I disagree. I had people got caught when power door tried to close it. It just stopped. I had people got cuaght in my old Village when it tried to close the door.
    BOY that's a difference. Power door moves very slowly and it stopped by its motor. Manual sliding door will only stop when it hits/stops by someone's body part. OUCH. I saw my friend's 4 years old boy got his fingers caught on his Sienna door when his 8 years old sister slammed the manual sliding door on him by accident. BOY was he crying, lucky his finger was not broken.

    Anyway each person/family has his/her own priority. I still think with all the options you get EX is a Better Buy than LX. Borrow one line from salesperson $1500 difference is only 25 bucks more per month for 60 month payment. Less than a buck a day. LOL

    H and A is internet site HandAaccessories selling Honda part, like Hondapart4u and other sites too.


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