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2013 and earlier-Honda Accord Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • solar2000solar2000 Posts: 25
    Thanks. Yes, I will be requesting quotes from every possible Honda Dealer in NJ! I've only received one quote, and then five minutes later, he says "sorry, it's been sold". Can I say again, I hate this process and the shadiness of the people involved in it!
  • solar2000solar2000 Posts: 25
    Accord EX-L V6 Sedan with Navi, blck on black, with rear deck spoiler, wood trim, wood steering wheel, side molding


    26000 for car
    2500 for accessories (he has totally up-priced these compared to other dealers)
    after total tax/title, etc

    out the door price 31500. (even though up priced accessories, overall lowest quote so far)

    is this too much? i think so... but i'll wait ot hear from you guys!

    (by the way, after getting quotes from random dealer, i notice that they all decide to charge different amounts for registration, doc fee, license fee, etc even in the same state. what bull!)
  • cpboy99cpboy99 Posts: 8
    Finally picked up the car. Silver Coupe, I4, LX-S, MSRP $23,905.

    Final price paid was $20,164 plus TTL. OTD was $22,344.
  • amithamith Posts: 5
    Hello Folks,

    I'm in the market for a new Accord Coupe - EX-L. The coupe model is just amazing..
    Currently I have received couple of quotes from the dealer which is around 23,500 + TTL ( Kansas City area)

    Do you think this is a good quote or I can do better than this? Any feedback on this would be highly appreciated.

  • stripe1stripe1 Posts: 72
    Purchase a 2009 Accord EX Sdn V-6 three + months ago, and have 2500 miles. I checked my dip stick, and it shows that I've used a 1/2 quart of oil. The check was done after the car was parked in garage, for two days, and was on level ground. When I purchase the car new, the stick showed full. I contact dealer service, and was told that I probably read it wrong, and to bring it in and they would check. Helloooo dealer. I've checked oil in cars many years, and it does show that I've used a 1/2 quart. I've had three other Accord V-6's, and drove 4,000+ miles before oil change, and the stick always show full.

    Has anybody out there had that "problem" with their new 09 Accord V-6?
  • All,
    Im getting a OTD price of $23665 on a new Accord Coupe EX-L i4 Auto black on black, with wheel locks and the sunroof visor. This includes a trade in that gives me about a $1000 towards the car. Is this a good deal?? Im in South Texas.

  • jhinscjhinsc Posts: 399
    My 08 V6 did the same thing. I had to add a quart at 4k miles, but it's been fine with little-to-no oil consumption since. I now have 16k+ miles and have scheduled my second oil change next week.
  • you may want to try the 2008 / 2009 accord maintenance thread instead - as this thread is to discuss pricing, etc. Good luck!
  • mwrlghtmwrlght Posts: 3
    That's the best price I've been able to find in S. Cal. I found out about a $1,500 rebate from that is supposed to apply to both sedan and coupe. I talked to another dealer and they said yes but quoted me almost $29k. Does anyone have any information regarding this manufacturer rebate?
  • richnatorrichnator Posts: 3
    Sounds about right. I paid around 24.1 k OTD on a sedan. I heard coupes are in higher demand. Plus you get the benefit from not being taxed due to the trade-in. I would get it. I love the EX-L, but I sometimes wish i got the 6 cylinder. Arggggh!!! I still love my car though ^_^
  • dengludenglu Posts: 12

    Thanks for the useful info. BTW, do you happen to know when the Honda 2009 Summer clearance will start this year? I tried googling for this, but could not find a specific answer? Is it something going on right now already? Any info on this clearance thing would be much appreciated...
  • sgandlasgandla Posts: 6
    IS the HONDA year end clearance event available on now?
    If it has started? When does it end?

    I live in DC metro and looking to get a Honda Accord
  • gasmizrgasmizr Posts: 40
    The $1500 is dealer marketing money not a rebate to the customer. The dealer decides if they want to give you some, all or none of the money. Press for as much of it as you can get. Coupe's are selling and they do not make nearly as many of them as the sedan. ymmv
  • player98player98 Posts: 54
    Yes gasmizr is right in what he told you. here is a link in edmunds that you can find useful

    This is why this $1500 are not advertised. What you are thinking of is a manufacturer to customer rebate . with manufacturer to dealer they dont have to give you anything if they do not want to.

    but you should have no trouble getting the $1500 marketing support. best thing to do is try another dealer.

    From what i have seen it is more likely for dealers to give you better pricing on the sedan than on the coupe. maybe becaus ethey know that there are less and if someone really wants it they will be willing to pay more money.

    i tried all dealers in my area and i went to 2 who said they would give me lower pricing but once i got there they try to stick me with over priced dealer add ons.
    only one of them after i told them no deal got their manager to talk to me and he said that he would not charge me the $1500 dealer add ons. the only bad thing is that i would have to get a and exterior color that i did not like.i got a call from another dealer and got the color combination that i wanted. maybe it would have been nice to have $1500 worth of dealer add ons for no charge but to me it wasnt worht having add ons and not the color i wanted. only thing that i got at no charge was the paint and interior environmental protection which they originally wanted $600 (i would never pay for this).

    in my opinion if there is a color combination on the coupe that you like be aware that there are many less of the coupes than of the sedan. in my state they do not hav ethe EX on the blue color and have very few of the red. but if you have no preference on color then there is no problem
  • mitchfloridamitchflorida Posts: 419
    Honda Clearance started today and ends on September 8th.

    There is a credit of $1500 dealer cash and low interest loans.

    Probably is another $500 floating around if the the Dealer sells enough cars.
  • mitchfloridamitchflorida Posts: 419
    One benefit of dealer cash as opposed to a rebate: In Florida you would have to pay 7 percent sales tax on a rebate, but you pay no tax on Dealer Cash, because it doesn't appear on the Sales Contract. That saves you $105.

    The dealer doesn't have to give you the discount if he doesn't choose to. If he only has a couple of coupes on his lot, he will pocket the cash for himself. Supply and demand, just that simple.

    As always, try to show up on the last day of the month, if you want rock bottom prices.
  • player98player98 Posts: 54
    they had the dealer cash for a while. and the special APRs are the same only bad thing is that as of this month you can no longer combine the dealer cash with the special APR.
    in their web page honda only says that there is a honda clearance but they say nothing of any rebate. i think it is more of a way to get more people in the dealerships. they are the ones that set final prices.
  • mitchfloridamitchflorida Posts: 419
    There is no rebate, and they don't have to share the Dealer Cash with you. That is up to you to negotiate.

    If you live in a big city, that should be no problem. If you are in an area with little competition, or if you are trying to get a hard to get model, you won't see that $1500.

    If you are not good at negotiating, check out, and they will get the $1500 for you, as long as you are in a competitive area.
  • Is this a good deal...for $19,960 + TT&L

    New 2009 Honda Accord LX-P Automatic (Black) which includes the following:
    -All-season floor mats
    -Tint (with lifetime warranty)
    -Pinstripe (already included on the car)
    -Mud guards/splash guards (already included on the car)
    -Tire wheel locks (already included on the car)
    -Door edge guards (already included on the car)
    -Trunk tray (already included on the car)
  • lonny2lonny2 Posts: 1
    I got a lot of info from this forum on what to shoot for in pricing my new Honda. Thought the least I could do was to share how my deal worked out.

    2009 EXL AT I4, Black w/ Ivory interior
    MSRP: $27,115
    Invoice: $24,645
    Price: $22,500 + $99 Doc fee. = $22,599 + TTL

    Car also had dealer aded pinstripping and splash guards which is not included in the above MSRP. They agreed to include it in the final price, so those came along as a bonus. Dealer was great to work with. They are holding car until first of the week to get Cash for Clunkers paperwork done. Getting $3,500 for a '99 worth about $2K. Is our government a mess or what? But if they are offering I guess your a fool not to take it. Net result is a new car that should get me by for close to another 10 years for about $19K. I like my deal. Thanks to all who posted here in weeks past. I am convinced this forum helped me save some money. :D
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