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2013 and earlier Honda Odyssey Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • No problem - but I think I screwed up what I wrote - sales tax was additional.

    So, $33k for the EX-L with Nav (helped that Honda came out with an extra incentive at the end of the month and that the purchase was completed before 2/28). So,I'm not sure how common the $33k would be. $547 for body side molding and roof rails, installed.

    $1330 for Hondacare - 8 years /120K - $0 Deductible.

    6% sales tax on the difference between trade and purchase price, and also on the Hondacare and the parts/service. Hope that helps!
  • chencezachenceza Posts: 5
    Awesome. Thanks 2010!
  • html5html5 Posts: 2
    NJ -I paid 28600.00 for Odyssey EX, which Includes Destination+wheel locks, splash guards, trunk tray, body side moldings+free oil changes car washes for life. Hope it helps others guys.
  • sbadrisbadri Posts: 3
    Which dealer did you buy from? How was your experience negotiating? And what is the final out the door price you paid?
  • atariatari Posts: 10
    We just purchased a 2013 Odyssey Touring Elite at Kings Honda in Cincinnati at the end of February for $38,784(includes destination fee). With .9% financing and a good offer our our trade in it was a tough deal to refuse. We went through their internet sales staff. After taxes, fees, and some accessory purchases(roof rails, cross bars, floor mats and mud guards) we were out the door for around $42,000.
  • barebonesbarebones Posts: 1
    edited March 2013
    Bought a 2013 EX-L from Martin Honda in Ardmore, PA yesterday for $31,508.76 + TTL. No extra accessories. I added a 8 year/100K Honda Care warranty to the loan. They matched the price I got from Hyannis on the warranty with no problem. Total OTD was around $35K. Did all negotiating over email. Personnel was very pleasant and professional. No surprises. Ended up waiting around 3 hours at the dealership (1.5 hours past closing), but it was a busy Saturday afternoon.
  • ceo2beceo2be Posts: 2

    I was quoted a OTD price of $34,600 for a 2013 EX-L.

    MSRP $ 36,055.00
    Internet price $ 30,749.00
    Destination Charge $ 830.00
    propack $ 495.00
    tint $ 299.00
    protection seal package $ 399.00
    total sales price $ 32,772.00
    sales tax $ 2,048.25
    inventory tax $ 73.80
    license fee $ 69.25
    title fee $ 33.00
    inspection fee $ 23.75
    temp tag $ 5.00
    doc fee $ 189.00

    Total drive out $ final discount price is $34,600.

    Is this a good deal? Thanks.
  • Just bought EX-L $30,400+$80+Tax+DMV. Deal was good. No accessories, honda care etc so far. Just bare vehicle.
  • ceo2beceo2be Posts: 2
    edited March 2013
    Is this a decent deal? Thanks.

    MSRP $ 36,055.00
    Internet price $ 30,749.00
    Destination Charge $ 830.00
    total sales price $ 31,579.00
    sales tax $ 1,973.69
    inventory tax $ 71.12
    license fee $ 69.25
    title fee $ 33.00
    inspection fee $ 23.75
    temp tag $ 5.00
    doc fee $ 189.00

    Total drive out $ 33,943.80
  • chencezachenceza Posts: 5
    albertjohnn do you mind sharing which dealer you bought from? I'm in central valley and wouldn't mind driving to Bay Area to buy.

    Speak to Daniel. Refer my name as albert referred you...
  • ramtramt Posts: 4
    OTD - $34,500/- (including everything - tax, documentation, tire fee, destination, motor vehicle)

    Accessories - $498 + 7% Tax (all season floor mat, wheel locks, splash guards, cargo tray)

    Honda Care 8yr/100K Warranty - $1590 + 7% Tax (they were not matching the online honda care price $1290, ripped me here)

    0.9% APR for 5 years

    Is this a good deal?
  • EX-L with RES, extended warranty for OTD 34.5? If that's the case then its incredible. Did you close the deal? I'm still looking.
  • quickklquickkl Posts: 4
    Please share what dealership this was, as this is exactly what we are looking for. we are in ocean county nj but willing to travel for a good deal. Thanks!
  • dc_driverdc_driver Posts: 712
    There is no way. He must have meant $34.5K before the warranty and accessories.
  • cwohcwoh Posts: 1
    Got the EXL with RES end of last month from Hidy Honda, Beavercreek OH
    Sale price: $31,800
    Doc fee: $250
    Tax (6.75%): 2163
    Title & tag: $33.50
    Total OTD: $34,246
    0.9%APR for 60 months
  • dc_driverdc_driver Posts: 712
    That is an awesome deal. There must have been more incentives to dealers last month as I cannot get a dealer withing a 50 mile raudius (Minneapolis) to go lower than $33K for an EX-L with RES, or $1500 under invoice right now. I might wait until the last week of the month to see if they will come down another $500 or so.
  • That is *amazing*. I'm trying to get down under $35k in the Houston area and it seems impossible. Some will not even respond to my offers when I ask if they can beat another dealer's price. So far best OTD offer I've got in writing for 2013 EX-L w/ RES is $35,445.
    Has anyone else in the Houston area gotten a better deal on a 2013 Honda Odyssey EX-L w/ RES? If so, please refer me to the dealer I should be talking to! ;)
  • dc_driverdc_driver Posts: 712
    Yeah, when I say $33K that is including all accessories and destination. With TTL, my OTD price is very close to yours ($35K ish).

    I am leaning towards a Touring model now. Should never have driven the 6 speed transmission...
  • ramtramt Posts: 4
    edited March 2013
    $34.5K is before Warranty and Accessories

    Total OTD - $36,7XX.XX (including Warranty and Accessories)

    Dealer - Open Road Honda, NJ
  • ramtramt Posts: 4
    Dealer - Open Road Honda, NJ

    Other offers I had -

    $34,600 OTD (Planet Honda, NJ)

    Hope this helps someone. I would be happy to share my experience!
  • Well that makes me feel a little better. :)
    Wasn't sure how hard I should keep trying to bargain or if we are getting pretty much the best we can get around here.
    A local Honda dealer is also including free lifetime power train warranty. I'm hoping they'll beat the other offers I've received.
  • quickklquickkl Posts: 4
    Thanks so far I have been quoted out the door.

    $36,077.50 from DCH honda

    $35735.25 from piazza honda in pa

    Not exactly thrilled with either offer. We are definitely buying this month, as have our third on its way in April. Also hoping for better at the end of the month.
  • scottw5scottw5 Posts: 2
    February 2012 Motor Trend Long Test Article 2011 Odyssey Touring Elite, 6 months old, 14999 miles "...we'll have the technicians look at the transmission as well. Over time, shifting has become rough, and occasionally upon acceleration between first and second gears, the transmission seems to be shuddering."
  • dc_driverdc_driver Posts: 712 _elite_verdict/

    This shows a 2011 Touring Elite in a long term test in the Nov 2012 write-up with almost 28K miles and no mention of a transmission issue.

    In fact they highly recommend the van.

    Can you link to the article?
  • bigtxbigtx Posts: 16
    This was taken out of context, I read through the entire stream of the long term tests (on motortrend they are broken out by "long term updates" which is kind of frustrating to read through) and this was mentioned exactly once. Later, during the A123 service it is mentioned that the tranny fluid was changed which may have corrected the issue. Certainly a far cry from do not buy as stated by another commenter overall they highly recommend the Odyssey. See the "verdict" update _elite_verdict/
  • dc_driverdc_driver Posts: 712
    edited March 2013
    Yeah, as a current owner of a 2006 Odyssey that has 70K miles and has never had any major repairs of any kind, I am always leery of the trolls. I know there are people that have issues with transmissions on the Odyssey but to say that all of them are faulty and troll the prices paid boards it out of line.

    Bottomline, Motortrend recommends the van with almost 30K miles on it. Consumer Reports just published their latest report.

    Consumer Reports just realeased their top picks for 2013: 3-top-picks.html

    Odyssey was named the top pick for minivans.

    "All Top Picks must meet Consumer Reports' stringent criteria in three areas: road test, reliability, and safety."

    If the transmission in all Odyssey's was faulty, well, I don't believe CR would name it a top pick.
  • cherishzmcherishzm Posts: 13
    Typical transmission issues appear after few years and more miles than 30k miles. I'm an owner of 2005 Odyssey and have a transmission problem (torque converter) as many other Odyssey owners have.

    I believe, based on my personal ownership of Honda/Acura vehicles as well as extensive research on the Internet, Honda/Acura transmission is the weakest part of their vehicles and you have higher chance of having an issue with transmission later down the road of your ownership. I'm not sure how the 2011~ Odyssey's will turn out to be but plenty of previous generations (1999-2010) Odyssey owners experienced unacceptably high transmission failure rate.

    I'd still consider buying a new Odyssey simply because there are no other minivans that's better than Odyssey (Sienna's interior feels really cheap).
  • I was given an online quote of $33,975 on-road for Odyssey EXL in NJ. Any idea if this is a fair offer?
  • $34,600 OTD for EXL with RES?!? That sounds like a fantastic quote! The best I have managed so far is $33,750 OTD for base EXL (no Nav or RES).
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