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Cadillac Catera Maintenance & Repair



  • gngurugnguru Posts: 108
    I have a '98. I'll send you all the pigs you need. What kind of hose are you talking about? Which area of the engine?
  • gngurugnguru Posts: 108
    Sorry 'bout that. Typing on iPhone is tough. I've got pictures - not pigs!!!! LOL
  • I found a place that has some control modules at a reduced price. They don't carry all control modules for all vehicles, but I've great success with them. They also come recommended by the hosts of the radio program Car-Talk, "Click & Clack, the Tappet Bros.," The problems I had were quoted as requiring ever increasing costs by the dealership, $1,800, $2,200 & $3,400, depending on whether one worked or not. That would have been a total of $7,400 if I needed all three services. I got it done for about $850, Parts & Labor, ordering the part myself from:
    ModuleMaster or Circuit Solutions
    2006 S Main
    Moscow, ID 83843
    (208) 892-0764 or Toll free 1-888-892-0764
  • Hi, I have had my 2000 catera for about 2 years. At first the car drove great, but not long after things started to not feel right, smelled smoke but no one could find anything wrong. Then by the time the problem was found it was the valve cover gaskets ($600) for gaskets (the main part was labor), car still had issues oil pressure gauge dropping, check engine light came on, mechanic replaced oil & filters said that may be the problem ($56.00) still same problem, now car died on highway, waited 30 minutes started up drove 1/4 mile & died again, let it sit for 2 hours & was able to get it 6 miles back into town before it died. Ended up towing it home with our RELIABLE FORD F-250, let it sit for 1 day starts fine, but scared to drive, and definitly scared to take it to a mechanic (more money spent on a car that is now now even worth $3800.00 kelly blue book). Hoping someone may know where the CRANK SHAFT SENSOR IS LOCATED, AND OIL PRESSURE SENSOR. Would like to get it running long enough to trade in on something more reliable. Thanks :(
  • Dont wast your money, I have found this car is more problems than what it is worth which having it for 2 years it is worth less than what I owe (paid $8900.00, today it is worth $3500.00).
  • cranks sensor is a easy fix part available at auto zone 60 bucks pic available on this site 30 min job changed cam gaskets myself 3 hrs 100 bucks step by stp on this site good luck
  • what hoses if your talking about vac line at back of intake one does not conect it is a trans vent ment to be open pic avail on this sight
  • mass air flow sensor
  • i am experiancing almost all the same problems is there anything anyone knows about the electrical. my problems are the driver side blinker sometimes working dome lights only work when the cars off, and the cd player staying on after the car is off also what causes these problems?
  • acurryacurry Posts: 27
    to which message is #476 of 477 retaining to about the mass air flow sensor is it the electical and lights in and out
  • Hi, can someone tell me where the alternator is located ona97 catera?
  • Hi all,

    I just bought a 98 catera with 35K miles. On the second day the "Check Engine" light came on, the A/C stopped working, the lights started to turn on and off and the horn would not work. Checked the fuses and one was bad. Replaced it and most of the things got fixed. The "Check Engine" light is still on and the A/C does not work. It just blows hot air. I went to a local auto parts store and the code i was given was P0411 for the "Check Engine" light. I just wanted to know what others have done in the past to fix these issues. Has anyone else had these issues at 35K? Also, I have read about recalls for the Catera. How can i find out the recalls and if the work has been done on my car? Any help would be appreciated..
  • For the Ac problem check post #260. Check engine code search the forum. Alos here is a link to another forum that may be helpful
  • gngurugnguru Posts: 108
    PO411 DTC is "AIR System No Flow Detected". If you give me an email address I'll scan the troubleshooting instructions from the '98 Catera Service Manual and send them to you. But I'll have to warn you that these diagnostics are not really adapt to a "shade tree mechanic". I'm not trying to be sarcastic and I don't know what your mechanical capabilities are but this is alittle more involved than changing a fuse or putting in a new tail light!! LOL - Let me know..........
  • The oil pressure switch is bell shaped and is located right in front of the oil pan. It cost about $45 plus shipping from STANDARD MOTOR PRODUCTS Part # PS337. Very easy to change out.

    As far as the crankshaft sensor goes, they also carry that part, but it's one I haven't had to change out (yet).
  • cat_97cat_97 Posts: 1
    HI, I have been having exactly the same problem as you, It's a lot to do with the O2 sensor I think behind the catalytic converter. I took it to a dealer, it seemed to be fixed but the next day it came on again (Check Engine Light) so I have to give it back to the dealer.Did you know that there is a recall on I think the Air Pump, have it looked into by Caddilac by providing the car's VIN, they should let you know. I am having a lot of problems with this car and cannot have it registerred in MA as the check engine light is always on.
  • i have the same problem what was the sulution and which fuse box
  • gngurugnguru Posts: 108
    There is only one real fuse block. The fuse block under the hood by the battery is a relay center. The actual fuse block is located under the steering wheel on the driver's side. Using a screwdriver, loosen the two trim fasteners under the trim panel and pull the trim panel away from the instrument panel to access. Check fuse #10 which will be the second fuse from the left in the middle row (a 15a fuse). See if that solves the problem and let me know. Good luck.
  • I finally found a low mileage 1999 Catera to purchase that I adore. My problem is the interior lights have started staying on. Any experience out there what would case the interior lights to stay on while the car is running and after the engine is shut off? Luckily the power down feature still works because if you come back later everything is off and so far it is not draining the battery… When I read the Cadillac Catera Maintenance & Repair postings it looks like my recent problem is a prelude of what is to come!
  • send them to>

  • my antenna amplifier was stolen from my 99 catera upon replacement stereo no longer works do i have to have the stereo reprogrammed by a scan tool? or is it possible my antenna amp is no good (used) any ideas
  • I have a 98 catera, Besides not having any hot air for heat in winter Or a/c in summer No one could ever figure out an answer for that one. Now the only way to keep it running is to keep my foot on the gas. If you come to a stop light & let off the gas It dies. Turn the key & it will start right up put you have to keep your foot on the pedal. Any ideas
  • as far as the Air unit goes, my unit died (98) air, heat, defogger all of it, it was a simple fuse. I hit a bump and loosed up the whole thing. I called everyone and their answers were all about $$$$$$$. Some nice man offered to look at the fuses and viola i had air... have you checked your fuses? As far as the car running , I wish I could help. I do love my car and it is still a Cadi....

  • nka1nka1 Posts: 2
    ok ive never been on a sight like this how does it work im havein truble w/ a car
  • nka1nka1 Posts: 2
    does anyone know about a trans lock light
  • ahhmmahhmm Posts: 3
    The overheating could be related to low antifreeze or coolant, but is related to the oil pressure. My catera goes hot when the oil pressure is low. I don't want to say what the problem might be, but it could be bad. Check the coolant level and the coolant cap.
    As for the 3rd gear, I am experiencing the same problem and am working with my mechanic to identify the issue. So far new transmission oil and filter have not corrected the issue. Maybe the transmission codes in the trany controller can identify the issue.
  • ahhmmahhmm Posts: 3
    the trans lock light is associated with the trany being stuck in third gear. quick remedy, but not a fix is shut off the ignition and restart the car. once the car is warm the problem goes away
  • have problems cranking,once car cranks it idles very very low.
  • gngurugnguru Posts: 108
    Look at Post #486 and your question will be answered. That post is for a '98 Catera. Good luck.
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