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Nissan 350Z



  • dat2dat2 Posts: 251
    Yes, as long as you got one of the models with limited slip (all models except base) you can do donuts as long as the tires are still intact! This is a great donut car, and it's easy to control the rear with the throttle. One trick is to put a little more air in the rear tires than the front. From my experience the stability control doesn't inhibit donuts if you turn it off.
  • mrdennismrdennis Posts: 6
    Hey thanks for answereing about the tire spinning. Like is said i will be leaving iraq in about 2 1/2 monts going back to hawaii, anybody here from hawaii
  • i have'nt had a chance to see my Z yet so can anybody tell me are the paint jobs on the 2007 metal flaked, are any? i'm really concered about my black 2007 touring.
  • :sick: Has anyone heard anything about there being a problem with the 2004 350Z Coupe's air bags NOT DEPLOYING??
    My brother was just in a serious car accident in his Nissan and none of the air bags deployed even after hitting 2 trees and totaling his car!~! Any comments or info would be greatly appreciated Thanks! :confuse:
  • which way do you shift gear on an automactic with the shifting option? pull down to shift (low to high)or push up to shift (low to high) I bought a 2007 touring but I have'nt seen it. I'm thinking you can shift faster if you were tapping down instead of pushing up. Any feedback?
  • biancarbiancar Mid-AtlanticPosts: 918
    Bren, wow, sorry to hear about your brother. Never mind the car, how is he?

    Only thing I can think of is that perhaps he wasn't going very fast? Although seems to me if he hit two trees he must have been moving pretty quickly there.

    I think you need to ask Nissan about that. Or have your lawyer do so, if your brother was injured because of the air bags not deploying.
  • I have my Z since Sept 2002, it took me a year to get use to the shafting, and the only problem I have is sometimes when I shaft down that I have to "bump" it serveral times to go to lower gear. Otherwise it is no faster shifting up or down.
  • boswell1boswell1 Posts: 4
    i am thinking about buying a new 2008 350Z, and have a question. thought this might be a good place to get some honest answers.

    just wondering, what is the long term reliability of this car? i know i have peace of mind for the initial 3yr/36,000 mile warranty. but what about after that? is this car reliable after 50,000 miles? 100,000 miles? or does the engine/transmission fizzle out after around 75,000 miles or so?

    i dont want to get stuck with headache after headache, and costly repair bills all the time that i really couldnt afford.

    appreciate any comments.

    Loogootee, IN
  • biancarbiancar Mid-AtlanticPosts: 918
    Probably not too many people have 50,000 or more miles on them yet. There may be a few here. I think long-term reliability should be on a par with other Nissan products, and comparable to the Infiniti G35. In other words, should be good.

    However - just today I had my car in for service and they claimed the back tires need replacing, as they have less than 3/32" tread. I have barely over 11,000 miles on it!

    What pisses me off is that when the car was sold there was a deal that came with the car that at 25,000 miles, they would replace the tires. The service manager said he absolutely wouldn't do that for me at 11,000. I made a fuss and finally he's giving me 10% off. Whoop-de-doo.

    I used to be a big fan of this dealership. Right now, not so much.

    Anyone else have Michelin Sport Pilots that needed replacing that early?
  • I recently leased an 08 Z and right now it has about 2700 mileage on it.

    My question is, however, is that is it normal for the engine to smell like its burnt after taking the rpm to the rev limiter, say for instance during a quick race?

    I'm kinda new to having a fun/performance car so i just need some replies on this one.
  • jlp68jlp68 Posts: 4
    Hey there, Just bought a 2005 w/27k mi for 18,5. Just about perfect condition. Ultra yellow metallic. But i'm not sure if it is "Track" edition as advertised. I look around and most track editions have 18" wheels, while mine has 17's and not sure if they are Brembo brakes. Is there a definitive way to find out? Vin #?

    Thanks for any help.
  • qbrozenqbrozen Posts: 22,651
    Well, the Brembos say so right on the caliper. And pretty much impossible to miss:

    Does your car have the spoiler? That was standard on the Track, but optional on the Enthusiast.

    The other deciding factor is stability control. Enthusiast did not come with that. That would be a switch on your dash .... I forget what the acronym is at the moment ... but traction control, which the enthusiast has, would just be something like "TCS," while the stability is 4 letters, I believe ... maybe someone else can tell you what those are.

    I hope you didn't pay the extra money for a Track without knowing the truth.

    '17 F150 Crew 2.7; '67 Coronet R/T; '14 Town&Country Limited; '09 LR2 HSE. 44-car history and counting!

  • jlp68jlp68 Posts: 4
    Thanks for the info,

    I am pretty sure now that its an Enthusiast. The brakes are not labeled, and it does have Traction Control, but not stability. and found the exact same trim level. Also, it is minus the spoiler. It would've been nice with the little extra, but I am definately happy with the level I have, and leaves a little room for future improvements..;) I still think I did get a very good deal for it. Thanks again.
  • jeep1999jeep1999 Posts: 6
    Hi, Guys: I had a couple questions for anyone out there that can help. I've been considering a sports car for a long time. I' actually had my mind set on a C5 Corvette for quite a while now. But lately I've seen some 305Z's on the road and took a liking to them. Are they pretty reliable overall? I would be looking for an '04 or '05 most likely. I don't want to spend a fortune.

    Any opinions anyone has would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your help.

    Steve (
  • jlp68jlp68 Posts: 4
    Hey there, dont know if this message will be too late, but thought i'd add my opinion. I've had my 05' enthusiast for 2mos now, and LOVE it. It has 30k on it (2 of which I've put on myself). As for the reliability, Its been 2mos, with NO issues (except for damn premium gas price). It is also ultra-yellow, which has gotten MANY responses from people. I paid a little over 18k for mine, and have seen them up to 20-21k, in massachusetts area. Hope this helps you a little.

  • Hi, I am a college student looking into buying a used 350Z (03-05). Currently, I have a mustang but I'm ready for a change. If you would answer my questions below, I would greatly appreciate it.
    1. How much does it usually cost to fill up the gas tank at todays current gas prices--$4.00/ gallon?
    2. How many gallons of gas does the Z hold?
    3. Is it very expensive to take this car to the shop for maintenance, oil changes, etc? Since this is a foreign car, would the techs at Wal-Mart do an oil change or do you have to take it to a Nissan dealer?
    4. Are there really alot of blind spots? Are they easy to get used to?
    5. What are the Mpg's (hgwy/city)
    6. Is it a practical car for a college student who doesn't want to spend alot of money on a car (pmts and up keep)?

    Any answer to these questions will be greatly appreciated and I look forward to hearing your responses
  • qbrozenqbrozen Posts: 22,651
    1 & 2 = 18-20 gallongs = $72-$80
    3. You'll go through alot of tires. You may want to use synthetic oil. So, yes.
    4. The blind spots never bothered me.
    5. I used to average 25 mpg on premium gas.
    6. No. I suggest something much cheaper with better mileage, cheaper parts, fewer speeding tickets, etc. Someone concerned about $$ should NEVER buy a sportscar.

    '17 F150 Crew 2.7; '67 Coronet R/T; '14 Town&Country Limited; '09 LR2 HSE. 44-car history and counting!

  • I agree... if you can't afford it don't buy it. I LOVE the looks I get when driving my pearl white touring coupe. I CAN afford it and wouldnt trade it. So don't ask! And yes I DO speed at every opportunity. Especially when an sub par sporty wanna be lines up with me at a stoplight. They learn real quick. Z is the boss! And usually they hate it when they get beat by a girl. Most men would typically like to get beat by a girl, right?
  • Guys? Sorry.....No I'm NOT... I'm just a girl. But I love my 2004 Z and my guy asks to drive it all the time but I wont let him. She's ALL mine. Very reliable and usually you can get a used one for 18k or so. I get ok mpg for a sports car. Unless some guy "challenges" me at a stoplight. Then mpgs can raise a little. But it is well worth the look of their face in the rearview mirror when you spank that [non-permissible content removed]!
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    No shortage of spunk in your attitude, and that's a compliment.

    Unfortunately, I can't be quite as complimentary about the 350Z. I'm old enough to have lusted after the original 240Z back in the 1970's. IMO, Nissan's so-called "reincarnation" of that 240Z spirit produced a bit of a "wannabe" sports car that weighs 300-600+ lbs more than my 1995 5-passenger Maxima SE and uses the same basic engine as found in everything from a Maxima to a Pathfinder. Yes, it goes pretty well in a straight line, but frankly was dissapointing in compasrison to the ultra crisp Honda S2000 in handling and overall driving dynamics when I was shopping back in 2002. I hope that at some point, Nissan does actulally find the blueprints for the old 240Z and produces something a little closer to its spirit. Or at least its curb weight.

    But, back to your zesty attitude. PLEASE confirm that your 350Z at least has a proper 6-speed manual transmission. I got into a debate with my Nissan dealer when I took my Maxima in for service a couple of weeks ago. He claimed that Nissan dropped the manual transmission from the Maxima (labeled 4 door sports car) in favor of a rubber band CVT to appeal to a "broader" demographic (read that as "women") who don't know how to drive a stick. I made a point of having my wife take me back to the dealership driving our 911S 6-speed. And my 10 year old daughter was quick to point out that she learned to shift from 1-2 and 2-3 from the passenger seat of my S2000 when she was 5. It's a pretty sad commentary when slushbox automatic transmissions are offered in so-called "sports" cars or sedans due to some sexist attitude that women are stick challenged. If every one of the 3rd grade girls I coach basketball can learn to dribble with both hands, play zone defense and make a basket on a regulation 10 foot rim, they sure as hell have more than enough ability to drive a stick in a few years. And will hopefully tell a male car salesman where to go when he shows them an automatic transmission out of a sexist habit.
  • qbrozenqbrozen Posts: 22,651
    You may be happy to know that the reports I have read state that the 370Z will be lighter than the 350Z.

    '17 F150 Crew 2.7; '67 Coronet R/T; '14 Town&Country Limited; '09 LR2 HSE. 44-car history and counting!

  • nyccarguynyccarguy Stamford, CTPosts: 11,577
    of the 370 Z make it look tighter in the rear than the current 350Z. Please tell me they're getting rid of the ridiculous Z bar in the back.

    2001 Prelude Type SH, 2015 Infiniti Q40 AWD, 2017 Honda Pilot Touring AWD

  • dan148dan148 Posts: 8
    What is a good psi reading on the oil pressure gage? Several of the pictures of used 350z's show 30 psi. Seems low...thanks
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    You may be happy to know that the reports I have read state that the 370Z will be lighter than the 350Z.

    It looks like the amount of weight lost by the 370Z over the 350Z is the equivalent of a deck chair blowing off the Queen Mary. Nissan doesn't get it. They must not have anybody left alive that worked on the 240Z.
  • qbrozenqbrozen Posts: 22,651
    Its kind of odd, but I'm still reading conflicting information on this. Out of 4 magazines, 2 are saying it lost less than 50 lbs and 2 are saying its more like a couple hundred lbs. That would put it near 3200, which wouldn't be too bad these days. But if the former are accurate ... yeah, I'm disappointed.

    '17 F150 Crew 2.7; '67 Coronet R/T; '14 Town&Country Limited; '09 LR2 HSE. 44-car history and counting!

  • I am considering the purchase of a new Z and wondered can this car be driven in the winter/ areas with snow? perhaps with a good set of snow tires ? or would it be a lost cause ? any advice/help is appreciated...
  • I'm also considering buying a Z, but had a few questions.

    Basic first, does anyone know of any problems with the '06s? I've seen a lot of talk about tire wear problems and alignment issues with '03-'05s. But not much about '06, so wondering if they worked out a lot of the kinks.

    Second, the one I am looking at is an '06 Manual transmission Base model, with 30K miles on her, and they are asking $13K. Is this a deal I should not be passing up? Has a clear carfax report, but the only thing that concerned me was the driver's side door seems to have been repainted. If it isn't that noticeable should this be a major concern from a mechanical standpoint? Can't figure out why it is priced so low? Maybe this is why, or could sales just be that slow?

    I am very conservative with my money and worried about getting a car that is overly expensive to operate. Am I an idiot not to take this deal?

    Oh, and finally 350Zs only take Premium gas right? Can you use any octane, while performing best with premium, or does it strictly have to have premium?

  • Hi, I'm a new commer to the sight. I'm the owner/op of Cody Racing, and I have a customer that has an '08 350 Z. This car has a clutch failure with 9,100 mi. And I see that there are many of the same problems. I called my local dealership to see if I can get a warr. repair and I was blown off. That pisses me off. And the car and the staff's performance in responding to this matter should be an embarassment to the company. What a discrace. The public puts faith in such a company, and is let down. One more reason to buy American. Long live the Corvette.

    If I get my hands around a solution I'll post it, until then, tough-it-out.

    Recieving quest/comm CodyRacingHotMail.Com
  • Cody from Cody Racing giving a little insight on the 350 Z to everyone. Read through the T.S.B.'s (tech serv bul.) to see the kind and amount of failures that this supposed premier car has going. Then call your local dealership and ask them what is being done on a T.S.B. of concern to you. Yea, bam. Brick wall support. Good luck. But if I get anywhere with the clutch problem I'll be sure to post.

    Taking comm/quest CodyRacingHotMail.Com
  • denebjdenebj Posts: 16
    Hey guys :)

    I have a question, yesterday I test drove a 350Z 2008 touring, it had 30 miles on it and the service light was on !!! The salesman told me that it was the fuel tank light (the gas tank was empty) but I have my doubt !! (I did not specify her that it was the service light, I just said that I saw a light near the fuel gauge).

    Is it normal ? I mean service light on on a brand new Z ? ...

    Thanks guys
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