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Audi A4 Convertible



  • andys120andys120 Loudon NHPosts: 18,886
    You can get thru winter conditions with any drive configuration provided you're equipped with snow tires (not all-season) but if you undertake long drives in bad weather you'll find that awd is much more relaxing to drive.

    FWD will get the job done but awd is only an extra $1650, that's 1.4% more on a $45k convertible.

    2000 BMW 528i, 2001 BMW 330CiC

  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    She might want to wait until the new 2005.5 models are released early next year, they should have the new 3.2 FSI (252hp) V6. The current 3.0L model is sluggish.

  • jazzjitjazzjit Posts: 14
    Thanks merc. Is this for a fact that the new 3.2 engine will be released early next year? Also, will it be available in AWD and what is the price difference? Thanks for any advice.
  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    To be honest I'm not sure when these changes will take place. Some say this fall, others say next spring. Of course you can expect a little price increase. I'm sure the new 3.2L FSI engine will be available with Quattro, Audi wouldn't put 250+ hp to just the front wheels exclusively.

    Come on over to the Future Models board and post your questions in the 2005 Audi A4 topic. Markincincinati can help you there.

  • drpvhdrpvh Posts: 1
    I'm also breaking my head over which cabrio to buy! I currently have a 95 saab 9000, a tank and would like a convertible and a bit sportier car. I don't like sitting in the Beemer, the audi feels like a lot of money for a polished VW. One can get an '03 9.3conv. for about $28,000! Is the '04 model THAT much of a better car?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 70,555
    If you think that the '03 9-3 convertible is a deal at $28K, please consider that you can buy an '01 9-3 convertible for about $15K-$16K...

    It isn't always purchase price you have to consider.... don't forget about the resale.. $12K depreciation to own a used Saab for two years.. You could probably own a new BMW or Audi as cheaply.



    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • swdeaswdea Posts: 1
    I own a 2003 A4 Cabriolet 3.0 with front-wheel drive and have had no problems in the snow. I live in the Chicago area and have driven it through two winters. I love the car.
  • Hi.


    I'm on the market for a new car and have fallen for the 2005 Audi A4 Cab 1.8T CVT with the following options:

    - premium package

    - audio package

    - lighting package

    - 17" alloy wheels

    - heated front seats

    - color - l. silver metallic


    List price is $41.3K, and the dealer has quoted me $38.4 (plus taxes, title & dealer fees), claiming that it is their invoice cost.


    Does anyone know if this is a good deal, especially with the 2005.5/2006's coming out in ~3 months?


  • I just traded in a BMW 323 convertible for the Audi A4 3.0 cab quattro, 2005.5 model. It has the new dvd navigation with flat panel display, et al.


    My first impression is that this is a great car. I'm more of an electronics/gadget enthusiast than a horse power enthusiast, so I'm not the one to write eloquently about how it handles. It does feel like a substantial car and has quick pickup.


    On the electronics, this car is very cool. All the functions are conrolled off of one display. The user interface is a little cumbersome with a dial and 4 buttons surrounding it -- if you're used to just turning a knob to adjust music tone, forget it, you've got several clicks and menus.


    Aside from that, this thing is tremendous.


    Navigation is intuitive, the display is terrific, it's fast, it zooms in and out very fast. It's a big step up from systems that are a couple years old.


    The stereo (premium bose with sirius) is outstanding. The sound is great. And a feature that wasn't even in the book when I bought it is that in addition to a 6-cd changer, it comes equipped with 2 SD slots. SD cards cost about $100 for 1GB cards which can store a couple hundred mp3 files each. With the 2 cards you have quite library of music you can put into the car, complete with playlists, off of your computer. The screen can be used to move around your songs, display track info, etc.


    There is also a phone button. Apparently the car is not yet equipped with bluetooth though, but I imagine that will be a similarly well-done feature when it is.


    All in all, very pleased after a day of driving!
  • I am looking for for an A4 2005 Cab (3.0). What is this about a 2005.5 and the flat panel DVD based navigation system. My dealer did not say anything about it.
  • jpouchetjpouchet Posts: 38
    Does anyone know if the 2.0T engine will find its way into the Cab? With the A4 sedan getting a major face lift how long will the Cab stay with the old body style?

    I just hate the idea of buying a new car to find that there is a complete makeover in the next model year. It really makes the car look "old" before it has had a chance in the market.

    Otherwise I am seriously considering the A4 1.8T cab. My wife and I finally agreed that for the few times a year we want a SUV we can easily afford to go rent one. I'd rather drive topless averaging 25 mpg than a mid-sized SUV and 18.

  • barbarabbarbarab Posts: 1
    Not really about your question. I need some help with lease pricing for a 2005 1.8 convertible....any recent good deals?thanks.
  • luis1luis1 Posts: 1
    Geesh! Posting #83, re: A4 Cabriolet 3.0 CVT is EXACTLY what I've experienced with my '03 A4 1.8T CVT since Feb/March 2004! It's been in for service now 4 times, 3 of them with the original dealer who essentially washed his hands of the case when they couldn't fix it and I sought help from Audi Consumer Relations. Since then getting an appointment with a regional technician has been as challenging as the problems. This started 8,000 miles ago and, a year later, the car is going on 17K. I've filed a Lemon Law action against Audi as a result and am awaiting resolution. THIS WEEK they dropped a new transmission after FINALLY test driving my car for a period of a week and realizing the symptoms I've been complaining about for over a year. We still do not know if this fix will cure the issues. Generally, Audi of Alexandria (Virginia)and Audi corporate have been totally ineffective, inefficient and have demonstrated no sensitivity whatsoever to a returning customer (who will return no more!) and who is operating an unsafe vehicle! Consequently, the vehicle has been garaged in recent months. Anyone ELSE had this problem resolved???
  • Hi Doroy,

    I'm having the same problem. I've had my car since October 2004. It's happened twice now. Both times in my driveway, which has an incline. The first time was in October, two weeks after I bought the car, and it happened again yesterday. The frustrating part is that once it happens, I have no way of resetting it. I have to manually get the top closed, then take it to the dealer.

    Have you figured out how to reset the top? Are you still having the problem?
  • I own the predecessor to the A4 convertible. When trying to stow away the top, the tonneau top comes up partway then collapses down again making impossible to fold(stow) away the top in the compartment beneath. The tonneau top is supposed to remain open long enough for the top to fold away in side and then it's supposed to close. Any clues to what's happening? Also, I noticed two small copper unshielded wires that were broken but clearly attached to outer fabric just lateral to the plastic rear window. Anybody know what these wires are for?
  • Have you been able to get this fixed? Does the dealer know what the problem is? I've been having a similar sounding problem with a 1996 audi cabriolet. Thanks,
  • trevorptrevorp Posts: 1
    I have a 96 convertible with the same problem it lifts the hood and the tonneau 1\2 way and then stops
    Have you come up with a solution
  • jpouchetjpouchet Posts: 38
    Well sports fans I just joined the Audi family after driving my MB C230 for 7 1/2 years. It wasn't a quick switch as I tested the BMW and Mercedes offerings before deciding on the new 2005 A4 1.8T Cabriolet in dolphin grey with back top/interior (premium package), lighting package, sports suspension, and heated seats.

    The A4 is without a doubt the best performance value in the market. Yes, the 3.0 with wood trim and sweet 6-cylinder is a fine ride but for a go-to-work car that sees occasional weekend driving around town I felt the MPG of the 1.8T was a better fit than the low-end torque of the 3.0.

    Now if I could find a wood kit to replace the fiberglass panels I'd have the best of both worlds.

    This car is quite a head turner. The A4 has much cleaner lines than either the BMW of MB offering, IMHO, and at least here in So Cal you don't see them on every corner like the BMWs though I think this will change as more people start to take a closer look at Audi with their new A4/A6/A8 and now the A3 offerings.

    Glad to be enjoying the sun and wind!
  • giaz5giaz5 Posts: 3
    Any one know if the trunk width in the upcoming a4 convertible will be larger than the current. I wanted to buy one, but my golf clubs wouldn't fit, I even tried a carry bag, still no way for the driver to fit in.

  • jpouchetjpouchet Posts: 38
    According to Audi the 06 A4 convertible will be exactly the same as the 05. Now this seems odd because a google on 06 Audi A4 convertible turned up spy photos from Sweden of the new body but in looking at it the wheelbase and overall layout look identical. Big change will be the 2.0T motor and front grill. Not worth the wait for me.

    I doubt there will be significant changes to the trunk dimensions.

    Did you try the ski-boot? All Audis have a drop down section in the back seat for the ski pass through. I can get my clubs in with the top down but it is tight. I have to manually align the club heads to pass through the boot and this is using a hard case with stand. The other option, and it is much easier, is to lay the clubs down in the back seat. My bag fits side to side at a slight angle. My wife's soft bag fits the trunk just fine and her clubs are a lot shorter.

    Now if my drive would fly as straight as the A4 I'd be in business!
  • lukaluka Posts: 1
    hi Everybody.Actually I'm waiting for new A4 Convertible 2006.could you direct me any useful website?any spy photos?thanks luka
  • SylviaSylvia Posts: 1,636
    Right here! We don't allow links to other forums, so please don't ask other members to violate the Membership Agreement.

  • jpouchetjpouchet Posts: 38
    Ditto the previous message about no links to spy photos or other sites.

    Also, just because someone snaps a photo of a few development cars, like the ones I saw from Sweden for the new '06 Euro model, this does not mean those vehicles will ever see the light of day as a production car. Often OEMs use "mules" as test vehicles for suspension, engine, or driveline validation and wrap the cars in a new package to overcome legal registration and highway use permits.

    If you waiting for an '06 in the US your best point for information is Audi USA.

    Finally, no matter what modifications Audi makes to the next cabriolet I doubt it will be sufficient to place a full set of golf clubs in a hard bag in the trunk. It just wont fit especially with the top down. Go for a soft carry bag, use the ski sack, and you can most likely make it work.
  • esfesf Posts: 1,020
    It is now four years later, and you won't be looking at this article, but you're wrong in the first one and the second. The A4 Cabriolet now has quattro optional on the 3.0 and 1.8T models, and standard on the S4. Now, Audi is not chasing BMW... BMW is chasing Audi. Evidence: They are now finally putting all-wheel-drive in the 5 Series, they are desperate to drive attention away from the all-perfect A8 and rivet it to their new 'improved' 750i. To me, it looks uglier than before (Avalon-style rear lights [not that I don't like the new Avalon], and I was just warming to the look of the old one), and they're doing what Mercedes does on AMG cars: sticking in a huge engine and calling it a class leader. And nothing else. Right now, and this is a fact, not opinion, Audi is the best German luxury manufacturer, the A6 is the most popular car in Germany, the A6 was also voted 2005 World Car of the Year, a first award in the industry. Audi made a turnaround in the right direction; BMW, the left, and Mercedes somewhere in the wrong part.
  • jhesterjhester Posts: 1
    Were you able to find out whether Audi is offering the 2.0 engine in the 2006 Audi A4 Convertibles?
  • jpouchetjpouchet Posts: 38
    This straight from Audi USA on the 2006 A4 Cabriolet.

    >>Dear XXXX:
    Thank you for your interest in Audi.

    Our e-mail address is designed to provide information only on present or currently upcoming Audi models. No plans have been announced at this time for production of the redesigned Audi A4 Cabriolet. We do not anticipate a change in this car for model year 2006.

    Again, thank you for contacting us. Please write again if we can be of any further assistance.




    Looks like the A4 Cabriolet will remain the same until 07 at the earliest. I must say that my brand new 2005 is FANTASTIC. Equipped with 1.8T CVT, Lighting and Sports packages along with heated seats. This is one fast, agile car. The only change I would make is sport package specific brakes - larger rotors, but that is a minor deal as the current brakes are fine. I just like to have binders that really haul you to a stop quickly much like the 911. But at less than 1/2 the price of the 911 these brakes will do just fine.
  • henryh1henryh1 Posts: 1
    I own an 98 A4 1.8T and with some minor start up issues it has been a great car - and still is.

    Want to get the A4 1.8T Cab, but have seen a few horror stories about new cars with severe issues.
    QUESTION: Anyone have any suggestions how to best avoid those or protect against them?

  • jpouchetjpouchet Posts: 38
    One nice thing about the new Audi's is that they come with what is effectively a 4-year bumper-to-bumper warranty that includes all maintenance. That should petty much cover almost any ills you could fine.

    I have been following Audi in Europe, though I live in California, for many years and they have vaulted to the #1 prestige auto position in Germany on the strength of their product design, innovation, and quality improvements. Hard to believe they only send the bad cars to the USA.

    Everyone I know that has a new Audi, 03 or newer model, loves them and would buy another in a heartbeat.

    Go with an extended warranty if you feel so inclined but do shop around before buying. AAA and several insurance companies have values than some dealers.
  • aceman40aceman40 Posts: 3
    I just noticed that on the Audi website when you build a CAB, it only offers the old crappy navigation system. I know the 2005.5 had the new updated NAV system, I even saw it in a showroom. Did Audi discontinue the new NAV system?
  • jpouchetjpouchet Posts: 38
    The 2005.5 Cab is the same interior as the 04. Ditto the 06. No changes to the electronics that I am aware of. Still the same Nav package. I opted not to get it as no matter which manufacture I spoke with, MB, BMW, Audi, Lexus they all said the same thing - an aftermarket unit is better, portable between cars or for rentals when traveling, and a better value. One of the top repair issues for all of these companies are their NAV, GPS, and analog phone based emergency response systems. Think On-Star and the like.
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