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Lexus SC 430



  • Seems like there is a debate as to the wisdom of going away from run-flats. As a traditionalist I initially would not even entertain the thought but as many who have changed have said, the ride is much better.I certainly don't like the idea of changing tires every 30,00 miles! I wonder if the new SC430 will have a better wheel. Thats the problem as I see it and not nessesarily the tire. That said, I don't like driving without a spare UNLESS it's a run-flat and changing leaves you with that problem.
  • The problem with the runflats is that the side walls are so very stiff. The wheels are not the problem, unless Lexus went down to a 17" wheel which would allow more sidewall on the tires, hence a better ride.
    For 05 the SC has reduced spring rates(softer ride) and shocks. This has improved the ride somewhat. Other than those changes the car is the same.
    As for myself, I plan to go to Michelin RFT's. I have heard good things about them especially about the ride. I would like to go to a normal tire, but like you I don't want to run around without a spare and sacrifice anymore trunk space.
  • I'm having trouble trying to find an upgrade for the Navigation DVD on my 2002 SC430. No one at Lexus has been able to tell me which discs will work in my car. Has anybody upgraded to a newer software version and if so what part number did you use.
  • Production cut from 23-a-day to 12.

    200-days supply languishing on dealer lots.

    Caddy will offer no new discounts/incentives at this time. They do not want to tarnish the Flagship's image.

  • laurasdadalaurasdada Posts: 3,436
    That's probably because it's overpriced. Caddy is trying for Mercedes/Lexus pricing without having earned that right. Many still just consider Caddy a GM brand, like Chevy or Pontiac. Not a true luxury marque. They are producing better cars, although the styling (and price of the loaded versions) of the STS does nothing for me. I'm sure the so-so interior of the XLR and perception that it's a dressed-up Corvette aren't helping...
    One dealer in Boston area was recently offering '05 XLR at $4800 off MSRP. That's a start.

    While the exterior of the SC isn't (IMHO) its strong suit, the interior (esp. in Saddle) is just gorgeous (but NOT in ecru!).

    '13 Jaguar XF, possibly my favorite of all the cars I've owned. But, my '09 Jag XK was a beauty, as was my '05 Acura TL, '88 Acura Integra, '84 Mitsubishi Mirage Turbo & '78 VW Scirocco (my first!). And, of course, the '92 Nissan Sentra SE-R and '95 Saab 900s I bought for the ex... Ok, I like a lot of the cars in my life.

  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    You would have never thunk this a year ago with all the talk about the XLR being sold out. It was according to rants at the time sold out for a year, I guess that year is up. There was even a suggestion that the car was underpriced! Unbelievable. Caddy's slip is showing now. Darn right it is overpriced as is the STS, which is also not selling to expectations.

    Shifting back on topic, I thought the SC430 would get a facelift this year and a entry-level 6-cylinder model of some sort? Dr Fill?

  • iancariancar Posts: 31
    This is my concern: a brand new SC is prepared to jump start the Japan lexus group. Since IS 300 is renew for 2006, it may not be a suprise to see an all new SC for 2006 because IS-series was disputed in year 2000 as model 2001. If my prediction is correct, SC may present as a concept for late 2005 and start selling in late 2006. So i am trap in a dilemma of waiting for a new model or just buy the current model, which i loved both exterior and the interior style. And there is not much choices out there for my taste. No Mercedes conver. b/c MB reliability is worst than anything i had owned before. No BMW z4 or 6-series b/c their ride is rough and harsh. Dun even mention audi, it got both harsh ride and unreliable rating. Can any1 show me some alternatives or support for either getting a 2005 SC430 or waiting for the new 1 to come out?
  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    Well there isn't going to be a new SC430 for 2006, otherwise they would have said something or shown a concept at the auto shows this season. The current car hasn't even had a facelift yet. I suspect it will get a facelift for 2006 or so with the new V8 from the next LS and a 6-cylinder 350 model with the 280hp V6.

  • serg1serg1 Posts: 1
    Does anyone have any suggestions for my issue with 2002 SC 430? Sometimes volume got "stuck" at certain level and it's impossible to change the sound system volume using volume control knob or steering wheel volume controls. The only way to get rid of this condition is to turn off the engine, take off the ignition key, restart the engine and everything goes normal then.
    Dealer helplessly changed whole Mark Levinson system once and amplifier twice, - didn't do any good.
    Hey, let me know if anyone has same problem or better yet solution to it. Thanks for your time in advance.
  • Got my 2002 w/10K miles on it and the Bridgestone runflats were almost gone, which was amazing since the dealer said the car was LITERALLY driven by a "little old lady!" (must have had a heavy foot?)
    Anyhow, the tires were fine on dry, smooth roads, but anything else and you're fighting to control the car, especially on grooved surfaces.

    Researched and talked to lots of people over the past 6 months. Finally settled on Pirelli PZero Nero's (non-runflats) purchased from Larry at TireRack. They drop-shipped to my Lexus dealer for $50. and the dealer put them on for $150(need a special machine). In Colorado, I need a tire that performs in the wet and won't run and hide if there's a little snow on the ground. I now have that.

    Among the many positives from this switch:
    1)Better handling (yes, a sidewall with a little give to it will out perform most runflats; 2)No more jaw-jarring from going over bumps; 3)No more tramlining(at least it wouldn't when I tried to make it do so); 4)Smoother, quieter, more predictable ride); 5) Estimated life of 22-35K miles instead of 10-15K miles; 6) Don't have to be discarded if they go flat (which is what most Lexus dealers will do with your runflats - I asked)

    The only negative - I now have 2 cans of "runflat", a small (6") inexpensive portable air compressor and a tire patch kit in my trunk. I also have AAA and a cellphone if I run into something unusual.

    The BEST PART??? You can almost buy 2 of these Pirellis for every 1 of the runflats!!! Yes, that's right - I paid $600. plus $50 shipping for all 4 tires!!

    Do your dental work, kidneys and nerves a favor - ditch your runflats as soon as you can and put some real performance tires on your SC! (This is probably the best auto improvement I've made in 20 years - the car as now a REAL pleasure to drive as I don't have to search for open, smooth patches of road all the time)

    Incidentally, these Pirellis are not slouches in the performance department - led Tirerack's ULTRA HIGH PERFORMANCE ALL-SEASON customer survey. You can pay more (michelin, et al), but at least for my application, there is not a better tire available at ANY price!!

    Hope this helps those of you still on the fence and getting beaten up by your runflats!! (and NO, I have no connection whatsoever to Pirelli or Tirerack)


    Do you
  • howieauhowieau Posts: 1
    I'm looking and calling so far no luck.Let me know if you get answer
  • When the new 4.6 is ready, the car will get the 3.5 and the new larger 4.6 (350HP).

    The only question is will it be inroduced after the new LS arrives, which will overshadow all car introductions for a time, and not just Lexus'.

    It could come in Spring of 2006, but the 4.6 will probably make it's first showing in the LS.
    The SC350 could be out next year, the 460 a year later.

  • jbird1jbird1 Posts: 1
    I found an upgrade on Ebay. The dealer wants close to $300. I found an upgrade for less than $100! on Ebay.
  • edkaedka Posts: 6
    I have the same car and it rides like a truck! What I am looking for is a set of tires that ride like a $63,000.00 car instead of a Ford Pinto.... and tires that are very quite. I do not care about handling that much... although it is nice to have a car that handles well. I am 61 and I like.... no LOVE U have any idea's about what tire I should use. for the quit and ride comfort? I am also loooking for a instrument cluster replacement... it is so cheap looking for this modern of a car!
  • edkaedka Posts: 6
    Did it work? Lexus tells me that if I do this all will fail. That my old CD will be ruined and the new one will not work....I would liove the upgrade.
  • edkaedka Posts: 6
    I HATE the ride on this LEXUS dealer tells me to keep the airpressure light off to run tires at 55 lbs....I hate to spend this money for a car that is so beautiful and rides so bad. If I put 36 lbs on the tire pressue the tire pressure light comes on. I nlove the car for the exception of the ride and I hate the CHEAP dash cluster on the car. It looks like it came on a 1985 cr!
  • edkaedka Posts: 6
    I 110% agree...Lexus purcchased the tires. Coukld Lexus destroy a beautiful car for saving a couple of dollars? It appears to me tey should have put NON run flatts. I see no great atvantage to RUN is easy to carry a can of flat fix or buy a donut should fit in the bonnet. One more thing...don't U feel the dash cluster is old not very UP TO DATE! Lexus was known for thier dash...this one is soooooo plane
  • edkaedka Posts: 6
    I have 25,000 miles on my run flats...they have pleanty wear left in them...But I have hated the ride from day one. I am sure they could make another 15,000 without a problem. My dealer tells me to run them at 45 to 50 lbs of pressur to keep the light off...does this make any sense..U buy a $63,000 car and it has to drive like a tank BECAUSE the sensors are made wrong? I haveb a feeling if I had the balls to run them with low air pressure I would love th car more!
  • edkaedka Posts: 6
    I have a 2002 that rarely gets driven (I have only 22,000 miles on it) the seats and driver door panle looks that it has 60,000 miles on it.
    I must tell U I am and have been a car nut form when I was a teenager). I only drive it on pretty days and I never leave the top down in the sun (unless I am in it). 1st the seat is packing down (no longer puffy) and the clor is wearing off. It has a couple of cracks wher I enter the car. I weigh only 165 lbs. Now I will tell U I have called Lexus about this...they will not do ANYTHING about it because the car has a rebuilt title....BUT why can Lexus not be responsible because the car had dammage on the front? The car interior was not hurt in the accident. The accident was somnewhat minor (it took about $5,000.00 parts and labor to repair it...when it was finished I took it my local dealer to check it aand they said the repair was perfect! I think it is cheap of Lexus to not honor parts of the car that had no damage. In fact I am going to take them to small claim court in the small town I live in. I have a feeling a small town Judge will have a hard time with a big company that sells these expensive cars saying that it is normal for an interior to wear out so fast! The main reason I purchased the car is the interior! Before I had a Infinity with a light beige interior and after 76,000 miles it looked like it had not been sat in! So why this car with almost 3 times the coist......well U know.
  • vkingvking Posts: 3
    Hi Mike,
    I don't know if you got this problem resolved. I had this exact issue with my 2002 SC430 about a year ago. It has nothing to do with your accidentally setting the radio volume at high using the steering wheel "set" button (as someone else indicated).
    The amplifier is bad, and needs to be replaced. My dealer replaced mine for me. You should check with your dealer before your car is out of warranty.
  • vkingvking Posts: 3
    I've had a similar problem with the volume controls on the steering wheel AND the two knobs on the center stack. And this is on a replacement amplifier.
  • I have given this info before,,,I had terrible experience with the original run flats..after suffering for 10,000 miles, and after extensive investigation, I replaced them with Dunlop run flats..which improved ride 90% and performance 90%...had cousin out of town with same car..who had same experience.,.and I followed his advice to Dunlops..then after writing 8 letters over time to no avail, I told my dealer about my experience,,he spoke to Lexus for me, and lo and behold...I finally received a check for the $1106 the tires cost me..Lexus had been 100% unresponive to my problem..becasue it is a national problem..otherwise, I am very happy with the car..just have 17,000 miles at present and as soon as they make any marked changes to this car, I will trade for new one..will also replace our 99 GS300 next month with new GS300..which is ordered...and believe spite of what the dealers tell you, they will deal on the 06..In Scottsdale, AZ was offered $5000 discount (after some negotiating) and similar deal in my hometown...on east shop around, I have a couple dealers tell me "list price" ..baloney..let them keep that car.....
  • diemakerdiemaker Posts: 6
    After posting my message #875, then reading Lexuslover's message #895, I found that Ron was right on the money! I put the new 05' Shocks & Struts on my 03', and it did in fact improve the ride and handling. While I still have lots of tire wear left on my originals, I'm leaning towards the Pirelli P-0's for replacements just because of good results on a Mercedes SL that I used to own. Thanks for the tip Ron!
  • ardo1ardo1 Posts: 3
    I have purchased 7 Lexus from the same salesman and dealership over the past 15 years. I am looking to trade in my '01 LS 430 for a 02 SC 430. You would think I was pulling teeth!! They would only reduce their price by $500 and would only match CarMax's price on my trade-in. By the way, I just had the 60K service done -- so the dealership would not need to do it on my trade-in.

    I love the cars, but is behavior normal for the folks selling the products? No customer appreciation. How about some goodwill?

  • Questions:

    I am going to buy a 2002, 03, or 04 SC430.

    Do they have GPS or DVD nav. or can you get either?
    Do they have a spare tire? If so where does it go?
    What is the gas mileage at 75 mph on the highway? in town?

    Looked at an 02 said they got 8mpg in town and 12 on highway? sounds really low.

    anything else you can tell me (warn) me about would be greatly appreciated

    Sorry about this one, but should I get a 2003,4 or5 MB500SL instead?

  • ardo1ardo1 Posts: 3
    I am searching also. However, do to budget constraints only concentrating on 2002 & 2003 SC 430s.

    No GPS -- but does have NAV. No Lexus Link (remote access). Most come with Runflat tires, thus no spare. No trunk room for a spare, if you had one. Hard top nice feature for sound. Handles very well.
  • jbradbjbradb Posts: 39
    my '02 SC430 with runflats gets 14mpg in town (almost always driving less than 10 minutes at a time) but about 24mpg at 75-85 mph on the highway
  • moi2moi2 Posts: 1
    :mad: Welcome to the headache of the sc430--2003. I had to replace all 4 OEM Dunlop run flats at just 17K miles because only the inner tread wore down to 2/32. Had about 10-15K left on the rest of all 4 tires.....Was told this by both the dealer and the Dunlop tire guy. There's a guy in CA who is designing bearings to counter the negative camber which is part of the design of the car and which is causing the tire failure. This is not a race car!!! The issue is whether Lexus shou ld foot this bill for us....
  • ClairesClaires Chicago areaPosts: 1,222


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  • jbradbjbradb Posts: 39
    Set of 4 = $1200 installed, warranty, etc. at Discount Tire
    Dealer = $1600+ for same

    Has anyone used a non-dealer tire store for these? Discount Tire says they've changed many with pressure sensors and the key is just to AVOID the sensor while the tire is changed...true?
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