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Dodge Sprinter



  • I have a 06 Sprinter. I am going to do my first oil change, and wondered if anyone knows how to reset the maintenance alert?
  • did you ever find the instructions for resetting the computer? I have an 06 and don't find them either. Thanks for any help.
  • Turn ignition on and press mi. button till you see oil change miles, release button, then turn ignition off and press and hold mi. button. Turn ignition back on and keep holding the mi. button for approx. 10 sec. till oil change milage will reset. You're done. :shades: :)
  • punter1punter1 Posts: 50
    Dodge at least is now acknowledging the existence of the 2007 on its web site:
  • They may be acknowledging the 2007, but the 2006 is still on the message. I tried, twice, to sign up for the e-mail notification of the new model, but no success. they did not like my information. Maybe I should have entered "more than 50 vehicles"

    2003 140 SHC 2500
    2005 158 SHC 2500
  • So whats the deal with getting extra keys?? I dont have power anything so its just a normal key right?? Or is it? I would hate to lose the one I have because it IS the only one I have at the moment. Thanks
  • not an owner, but just drove one today and if your key is the folding key FOB thingee, then i believe it has an electronic transponder in it that in addition to the unusual key, the vehicle's brain box needs to confirm electronically to start and run the engine

    and if it's like VW, the dealer has to reprogram all the keys at the same time, after going on the web , if you buy additional keys after deliver
    with VW it ends up costing abourt $140 per key
  • i just got my email registration in successfully, with no issues so, you might retry

    curious if anyone can tell me the ramifications of the new diesel version with catalytic converters
    i know something about the lower sulfur content diesel fuel is supposed to be the criteria and MB had to make them complaint but is that fuel available and what if we run older style diesel fuel in the van - will it damage the catalytic converters?

    thanks in advance
  • Fireguy
    There are tow types of diesel engines, the old 5 cylinder has gone along with the autotrans.
    The first engine is a 4 cylinder twin cam 4 valves per cylinder with a in line twin turbo assist.
    The second engine is the V6 Gas and Diesel, the gas model is the first to come into the States, followed by the Diesel a little latter on, not a long wait.
    The exhaust will use a particulate exhaust trap. for 2007 and part of 2008, unless there is a delay at the US end, The V6 has been redesigned top to bottom heavy duty for all fuel uses
    Bio, and ULSD or a mix of the two, notification via Dodge is yet to come but they will run on B10 fuels. the injection system has been changes to accommodate the alternative fuels.
    Mercedes-Benz Diesel engines are fully 50 state compliant" BUT" the fuel is not available to the required standards state-wide, this is why there are problems with the Sprinter, it's "POLITICS" if you use ULSD that is suspect?? to quality standards! Use an upper cylinder lubricant to clean the fuel prior to entering the injection system , the engine will take it, however it depends on the contamination levels of non compliance fuels entering your vehicles fuel supply from the pumps, and that is where the problems are occurring, in the mainstream , it's not an easy fix by any stretch of the imagination, Blutec will make it to the states in time be it blutec or Chrysler's Sun Diesel Engine Concept, different system! but it does the same job,the difference is the particulate system one is wet the other is dry so the problem has not been resolved , where it has in the European countries where most of the Sprinters reside, and they don't have any problems clocking a million K's about six hundred thousand miles before a head needs to be lifted for routine maintenance.
    When you get them , Like the old Sprinter it's going to be a love hate relationship, you either like them or you don't
    Fuel ratings are similar to what you already get on the old Sprinters 22 seems the average , where 25-6 is average in Europe and Australia, but the fuel is high quality ULSD , which allows for a better return on the MPG to a tank of fuel.
    Fact and Myth, Damlier -Benz engines are compliant for euro 4 and for euro 5 over five ton commercial units using both the particulate exhaust system filter traps and for Blutec
    of which there is no distribution facility's in the US mainstream as of yet, it is available, but it's sent through a limited network of distribution, this will take at least three years to come on line, If The US choses to use this path to cut down on emissions.
    Interesting thread below makes one think :confuse: al-irresponsibility/#comment-5
    2007 Diesel Regulations - Environmental Irresponsibility? « Mostly Mechanical

    Another source of invaluable information on the new Sprinter
  • kenbakerkenbaker Posts: 239
    even the "plain" keys have a transponder in them.

    The "fob" key also has the door lock remote.

    We have seen entries on the internet (ebay, also) that you can program for a third key if you have two already... but if you have just one key, then you HAVE to have it programmed by dealer/locksmith (additional programming for the remote door lock feature as well if you have that).

    KenB ;)
  • I hear people talking about a 5K hike in new vehicles with diesel engines! I picked up my 04 today with a fresh warranty paint job ( thanks to a budwiser truck hitting me ). and I thought the sprinter guy said it was ford and GM. He said the sprinter already meets the US guide lines. If true, does this mean our sprinters just went up in value. Tom :)
  • KenB - believe you have it reversed on the "hi discharge" - first if i recall correctly, the euro sprinters have the optional Bi-zenon hi discharge which burn in the 45-4700 Kelvin spectrum, are much much more focused (ergo the focusing lenses you see in the headlamp, with the bulb hidden behind it) and the light is focused like a lazor in a flat plane across the road ahead
    visibility is much more enhanced - I have had them on 3 german cars now, purchased here in the US and bought the headlamp units in europe

    both the intensity, focusing and the color (white) of the light all make visibility day/night difference between them and the headlights commonly available now on US spec vehicles
  • my decision to purchase a sprinter
    drove one,, liked it, and assumed i could expect the quality i'd experienced in my MB cars, both build quality and support quality (i expected a downgrade in support quality but not the extent i've read about here)

    think i'll wait a year or two to see if the reports re the new 2007 version indicate any change
    i'll build a temporary camper for my toyota tundra double cab - if the [non-permissible content removed] can do it, why is it so difficult for, of all makers, MB or DC

    it's a shame, as the sprinter really does offer possibilities other vans don't and i had looked forward to it - in case some think my expectations are too high, i was a dealership mechanic in the late 60s into the mid 70s (BMW/NISSAN/SAAB), and still have a lot of friends in the dealerships around town, from mechanics to svc managers
    and the problems i've read about and the complete apparent failure on dealership tech support leaves me wondering where DC turned left when the rest of the market turned right

    sorry for the negative post, but hopefully someone from DC or MB monitors these posts

    wishing you guys many trouble free enjoyable miles
  • kenbakerkenbaker Posts: 239
    Its NOT that the headlight **quality** is not good enough for American roads... it is that the DESIGN is wrong unless changed for our roads.

    The quality of the entire van design is OK for US standards (as most trucks usually are).

    I am certain that the European standards for headlight illumination include very little side light and upper right quadrant lighting (as looking forward into the field of vision from the driver's seat).

    In Europe, it is mostly required for street signs and warnings to be lighted on their own and for the beam width/height of the headlamps to be restricted to avoid on-coming driver blinding effects.

    In the USA, we mostly don't light our street signs except in very progressive states/areas with LOTS of money. As a result, in order to see street signs and warning markers/signs, the NTSD and/or DOT require more broad beamed lighting on cars/trucks for the American market.

    Putting the Xenon (pseudo HID) bulbs in normal USA headlight enclosures is a hazard to on-coming traffic on two-way roads. And putting European headlight assemblies in a car meant for the Ammerican road system is bad because you can see where you're going, but you can't read the signs so well.

    KenB :shades:
  • actuallym the HIDs that I've had were flat beams (flat horizontally, until they reached the right edge of the road and then they angled upward, almost a 45 degree angle upward illuminating the right side of the road, believe they were referred to as "E code" ILLUMINATION,
    just for that purpose, to illuminate road signs better
  • I'm a Fed Ex Home Delivery Contractor with the first Sprinter (158 Tall 2500) in our terminal (10/04). I fought a fierce fight to get it over the "bread truck" delivery vehicle. I'm very, very dissatisfied with the vehicle. I was never a fan of German vehicles (compared to my experience with Japanese engineering and reliability); owning and operating this van over the past 2 1/2 years has thoroughly convinced that this vehicle is nothing short of a nightmare! Overly complicaterd yet under engineered. Is this the price we Americans pay for WWII?? Still, I would like to join the discussion and add my two cents, learning from you while sharing from my experiences, in hopes of helping the uninitiated avoid the same pitfalls.
    Currently, my vehicle is in the shop since Tuesday, needing new glow plugs requiring removal of the head. At 144K!! It wouldnt start Tuesday for work; -8 that day. How can MB stay in business marketing a vehicle that has this many problems? It is so under-engineered... excessive tire wear, brakes, tie rods, ck engine light issues, EGR valves, preheater, serpentine belt tensioner, fuel lines bursting, batteries, turn signal assembly, wheel bearings, HVAC controller, front doors hyperextending and bending, rear doors wont stay shut, numerous parts not mentioned previously failing, bulbs burning out constantly, lack of adequate dealer servicing, parts on national backorder, severe traction issues on any loose/ slippery surface... the list goes on and on. Anyway, just wanted to throw my hat in the ring.
  • Hi this is Sprinterdoc, I work on them every day. One of me friends got '05 158' and 300,000 miles on it. We fixed only few things on it: Brakes ones, tires ones, belt ones, and headlight bulbs few times but they all need them. Other people complaint a lot more,but like all other cars they need thing here and there. I can only say one think: depends how you drive the truck. :) :D :sick:
  • Calling sprinterdoc
    Have you seen any problems with the rear lights going on and off. I go out to warm the van, dark out, and no tail lights. Other times just one on. But if you tap the lens it turns on. Makes you wonder when I hit small bumps if they are sending out morse codes. Thanks, Tom :mad:
  • kenbakerkenbaker Posts: 239
    tire wear is a real concern for many I have read complaints from on other platforms... a couple of items to mention:

    1) the turbo kicks in under acceleration, especially in left turns which we all take a bit faster than we should. After getting started rolling, fight the urge to surge through the turn (your tires will love you).

    2) as a delivery van I have to assume that you run heavy at times and at others nearly empty? heavy loads require near max tire pressures to be correct (75+ lbs). When empty, the best pressures I have established are 65 rear and 55 front (not experienced any bad wear in 22,000 miles).

    3) tell us about your load balancing routine... biggest weight in front, middle, rear? LIFO (last in first out), LILO (last in last out), load from rear deliver from side?

    Brakes I have no experience with replacing, but get the messages from around the boards that:

    1) you should not use stock brakes for delivery (need ceramics I think they say)

    2) may need rotors with evey brake change. If so, do your own... only a parts switch (no rotor turning required) and the rotors are not a part of the hub so they change out easily.

    3) downshift to save brakes... change trans fluid at 80K and then every 60K (or every 60K including the first one).

    My brakes grumble and grind alot at times. I presume that this is when a new abrasive particle is uncovered in the brake pad matrix and it is smoothing itself down. At 22K miles I don't have worn out brakes, but I do have grumbling that would sound like it on my other van (GMC Safari)

    KenB :shades: :confuse:
  • Well to add to the rear light problem, Now this. 6:55 AM noticed pass side low beam out, (again) At 4:15 PM same day the driver side low beam went out (again) 45 miles from home and starting to get dark. Went as far as I could before using high beams. Everybody loved me the last 5 miles. Is this something that has happened to others? 68K miles and have gone through 5 bulbs. Tom :mad: :mad:
  • kenbakerkenbaker Posts: 239
    my two guesses and $0.02 are these:

    1) you have a voltage control regulator that is marginal (probably part of the alternator, but I am not in the schematic now). Probably running on the high side of range.

    2) turning on/off headlights while bouncing along greatly shortens their life (a couple of friends proved it once quite some time ago) but generally not as bad as you report experiencing.

    I just have 22K on my van, but no burn outs yet. What brand of replacement capsules do you buy? Never use the Taiwan/China versions if you don't have to.

    In the past I have had the best luck with Wagner and Sylvania or maybe GE (in that order).

    Anxious to know what brands last best. Everybody who has experience please chime in!

    KenB :confuse:
  • Dodge Introduces All-new 2007 Sprinter 7/0004527580&EDATE=

    'Super-sized' Sprinter is Longer, Wider and taller; Offers More Space,
    Choices, Features and Innovations
    --Increase in maximum width (two inches), interior height (11 inches),
    exterior height (13 inches), door opening height (5 inches), cargo area
    length (19 inches), vehicle length (30 inches), cargo volume (127 cu. ft.),
    and towing capacity (2,500 lbs.)
    --Three vehicle lengths (233, 273 and 289 inches) on two new wheelbases --
    144 inches, 170 inches or 170 inches extended with 15-inch longer rear
    overhang, the longest wheelbase in the segment
    --Three interior roof height options: standard (65 inches), high (76
    inches) and new mega (84 inches) -- most among full-size vans
    --Choice of two all-new engines: new 3.0-liter V-6 diesel or 3.5-liter V-6
    gas engine
    --Most best-in-class advantages including cargo capacity (up to 600 cubic
    feet), interior compartment accessibility, payload (5,770 lbs.), lowest
    side step-in height (19.9 inches), widest rear-door opening (270 degrees),
    cargo- sliding door loading width (51 inches), and increased interior
    height (up to 84 inches) providing up to 7-feet interior work space
    --Three Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) configurations include new
    higher maximum (11,030 lbs.)
    --Oil change intervals of 10,000 miles and maintenance intervals of 30,000
    miles contribute to low maintenance costs
    --More than 25 advanced safety and security features represent highest
    level of safety and security technology available in the full-size van
    --All-new ADAPTIVE ESP(R) takes electronic stability programs to the next
    --Unique CARGO PROTECTION(R) system reduces accident risk from shifting
    --Unmatched upfit-friendly design
    --New standard features include power windows and locks, integrated wide-
    angle mirrors, halogen headlamps, 16-inch wheels, tilt- and
    height-adjustable steering wheel, CD radio, one-touch triple-flash function
    turn signals, and all-new ADAPTIVE ESP for improved functionality and
    safety capability

    TORONTO, Feb. 14 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Armed with an all-new super-
    sized Sprinter, Dodge continues to build on its presence in the commercial
    vehicle market. Completely redesigned, the all-new 2007 Dodge Sprinter
    breaks the mold of current domestic van offerings and delivers superior
    quality, reliability and commercial capability, along with unequalled
    attributes that allow commercial customers to do even more.
    "The all-new 2007 Dodge Sprinter raises the bar and sets a new
    commercial standard in the full-size van market," said George Murphy,
    Senior Vice President -- Global Brand Marketing, Chrysler Group. "Targeted
    at commercial customers who want to take the performance of their
    commercial vehicle and business to the next level, the all-new 2007 Dodge
    Sprinter answers the call and continues Dodge's revolution of the light-
    and medium-duty commercial vehicle market."
    More Versatility, Choices and Features
    Dodge's super-sized Sprinter offers expanded versatility and even more
    choices and features. Compared to the previous model, the all-new 2007
    Dodge Sprinter boasts increases in width (two inches), interior height (11
    inches), exterior height (13 inches), cargo area length (19 inches),
    vehicle length (30 inches), cargo volume (127 cu. ft.), and towing capacity
    (2,500 lbs.). Sprinter is available in three vehicle lengths (233, 273 and
    289 inches) on two new wheelbases of 144 inches or 170 inches, or 170
    inches extended with a 15-inch longer rear overhang. It also boasts three
    interior roof height options: standard (65 inches), high (76 inches) and
    new mega (84 inches) - the most among full-size vans.
    Powered by a choice of two all-new premium engines, a 3.0-liter V-6
    diesel engine with 154 horsepower or 3.5-liter V-6 gas engine with 254
    horsepower, three different Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR)
    configurations are offered including a new higher maximum GVWR up to 11,030
    lbs. for cargo vans and chassis cabs. With increased best-in-class interior
    height (up to 84 inches), both cargo and passenger high-roof models provide
    up to 7-feet interior work space.
    New standard features include power windows and locks, integrated wide-
    angle mirrors, halogen headlamps, 16-inch wheels, tilt- and height-
    adjustable steering wheel, CD radio, one-touch triple-flash function turn
    signals, and all-new ADAPTIVE ESP(R) for improved functionality and safety
    capability. Going beyond the capability of the traditional electronic
    stability program, ADAPTIVE ESP takes into account the way the Sprinter is
    loaded. Sensors ascertain the vehicle mass, which ultimately determines the
    vehicle's center of gravity.
    Most Best-In-Class Advantages
    The all-new 2007 Dodge Sprinter has the most class-leading attributes
    including best-in-class cargo capacity (up to 600 cubic feet), highest
    maximum payload (5,770 lbs.), lowest side step-in height (19.9 inches),
    greatest interior roof height (up to 7 feet) and widest rear-door opening
    (270 degrees). Its new pallet-friendly cargo sliding door offers a
    best-in-class loading width of 51 inches.
    As the class leader in versatility and operating performance, the 2007
    Dodge Sprinter has oil change intervals of 10,000 miles which contribute to
    low maintenance costs.
    More than 25 Safety and Security Features Set New Benchmark in
    Commercial Van Segment
    Delivering more than 25 advanced safety and security features -- the
    highest level of advance safety and security technology available in the
    full- size van segment, the all-new 2007 Dodge Sprinter continues to offer
    superior occupant protection. New for 2007 is an all-new ADAPTIVE ESP(R)
    system which takes electronic stability programs to the next level. This
    standard safety system takes into account the vehicle payload which further
    reduces the risk of vehicle skidding and loss of control.
    All 2007 Dodge Sprinter cargo vans utilize a unique CARGO PROTECTION(R)
    load-securing and lashing rail system allowing straps to be attached at
    multiple locations for enhanced cargo and passenger protection.
    Showcasing a unibody construction that reduces curb weight and
    maximizes payload, other standard safety features include power steering
    and brakes, three-point lap/shoulder belts (height adjustable for driver
    and front passenger), headrests for all seats, and an available
    ParkSense(R) System which uses ultrasonic sensors in front and rear bumper
  • Ken, Mine have all been sylvania. I looked at my record keeping and it was 6 not 5 bulbs blown. 15.00 a pop. Next I would like to see why my real lights keep going out. Tom :cry:
  • Can anyone tell me if the Dodge Sprinter comes with or is able to accomodate tether anchors for car seats? (Or the LATCH system?) If it does not come with tether anchors, are they able to be intsalled later? I need to fit 10 people. 5 are children in car seats. I cannot find this information anywhere. Thanks.
  • ClairesClaires Chicago areaPosts: 1,222
    Hi, folks,
    The tires posts have been moved to the Sprinter Tires & Wheels topic.


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  • We are told that the shortest Sprinter model to be sold in the U.S. is 144" long. Isn't there supposed to be a shorter version? Anybody know when, where, or whether it can be purchased in the U.S.?
  • kyingkying Posts: 61
    I am having a hard time re-installing the bench seats of my Sprinter after removing them. For two seats, the left latches slipped in place (parallel to the floor) with no problem, but the right ones just would not latch back, no matter how hard I push them. I took the seats out and tried again, and it was the same thing. Now the right side of both seats are slightly loose. Please help! Thanks!
  • kyingkying Posts: 61
    I bought the Sprinter because I am expecting grandchildren but didn't think that this would become a problem. The last time I used a car seat for my children was 23 years ago; I thought you could just tie it down with the seat belt. Oh, man! One more thing to worry about!
  • kurt6kurt6 Posts: 22
    ) downshift to save brakes... change trans fluid at 80K and then every 60K (or every 60K including the first one).>>>>

    Not so Mr. KenB,Mercedes-Transmission-Fluid-Change recommendation,one life time only at 80K.See Maintenance-Manual at (you need Adobe Reader)

    Also a ""full"" Service Information $100 CD is available from Chrylser Publication.
  • Kurt, 2005 154 I let the fuel tank get real low.After fill the guage still on empty. Seen that before? I am going to run some fuel out and hope sloshing unsticks float?
    My personal mail is
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