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Land Rover Range Rover



  • I am considering buying a Lexus LX470 or a Range Rover. Which one is better in your opinion? I am leaning towards the Lexus.
  • sam818sam818 Posts: 127
    >>Lexus LX470 or a Range Rover. Which one is better in your opinion? <<
    My hunch is that you are not going to get particulaly unbiased opinions in this form, but here goes:
    1. the Lexus is technically a 10 year old design
    2. the Lexus has real ho-hum 1980's styling
    3. the Lexus is classic big on the outside/small on the inside - what's with that long hood?
    4. the Lexus has excellent build quality
    5. The RR looks up to date
    6. the RR has an interior that is really unique.. check the cherry trim
    7. RR quality is excellent.. I have had 2 RR with ZERO problems
    8. the RR off road ability, is light years ahead.
  • Thanks for replying, but I disagree with a few things.

    You say the LX470 has ho-hum styling, from the 1980's. I admit the current design dates back to 1998, yet I still think it looks modern enough for 2005. In contrast, I think the Range Rover is way to boxy. Couldn't they have thrown just a few curves in the exterior design?

    The Range Rover does have good off road ability but so does the LX470. It is after all based on the legendary Toyota Land Cruiser.

    The Lexus LX470 has way more cargo room than inside than a Range Rover. The max cargo a Range Rover can hold is 62 cubes, which is pathetic. That is the amount that a small SUV holds, not something the Range Rover's size. The LX470 can hold about 90 cubes.

    Finally $73,000 is a huge price for the Range Rover. I wonder just how expensive the new 300 hp and 400hp versions will be?
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Wait till you price a V12 Range Rover that's under development. (Inside Line)

    Steve, Host
  • shugurlshugurl Posts: 22
    I unlocked my trunk but not the doors and loaded some items, apparently I left my keys in the trunk and closed. It locked my keys inside the car. Why wouldn't it leave the trunk portion unlocked? The locksmith was not able to get into my car and RR was closed for Good Friday. My main issue is why the trunk would not remain unlocked once I popped the open trunk portion, is it b/c the doors were not unlocked? what if I would have left kids or a dog inside, could have been a disaster! I have a rental til my husband gets home from his trip. FYI!!!
  • I sympathize with what happened and that's a terrible thing to happen. Unfortunately, it's a feature that the "trunk release" doesn't unlock the car (i.e. that's why the doors didn't unlock) so you can remove something from the trunk, close the trunk, and leave. I hope everything worked out for you and you weren't too inconvenienced.

    It would be safer if the trunk release left the trunk unlocked but it would be a security risk. What if you use the trunk release, put something in and left, and assumed that your trunk was secure?

    Personally, I never use the trunk release because I know that unlocking the car lets me open the trunk via the outside latch. Like you, I'd rather have everything unlock and know that it's such.
  • dchubertdchubert Posts: 2
    Has anyone found a XM tuner that can "plug and play" through the auxilliary input on the radio head of a 2005 RR?
  • dchubertdchubert Posts: 2
    Has anyone found a cable or cradle that will adapt the handset in the 2005 RR (NOKIA) to Motorola?
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    This feature is not unique to your Rover, shugurl - it's the same on my Navigator, and my Mountaineer, and most other cars I am aware of. Sorry for your misfortune. Fortunately, my Lincoln has the keypad on the door, so I can enter my 5 digits, and get into the truck if I leave my keys on the floor and get in, and handy feature that I wish other cars would adopt.
  • xkssxkss Posts: 722
    A V-12-powered Range Rover? Someone tell them not to make it. The 2006 Range Rover will be available with the new aluminum Jaguar XJR's 4.2 liter 390 hp supercharged V-8 but modified for off-road duty.

    I'm glad the Range Rover doesn't look like some boring, cross-over suv. It needs to keep its distinctive styling.
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    "needs to keep its distinctive styling."

  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    First Drive: 2006 Range Rover Sport

    Talk about it in the Range Rover Sport - 2006 discussion.

    And don't forget to vote.

    Steve, Host
  • skullskull Posts: 2
    I have a '03 RR Vogue, and thinking of trading to a Cayenne S. There is no problem with the RR but I think its not well suited for driving fast, I think the Cayenne would suit my driving style better. The RR is a very comfotable car was wondering if I am making the right decision. I am eyeing a slightly used loaded Cayenne with about 900km. When I bought my RR it was also slightly used with 800km. Also I have this annoying buzzing noise coming from the front windshield which apparently happens while driving more than 60km/hr (about 30 MPH), but it comes and goes especially when its raining.
  • lrdealerlrdealer Posts: 8
    There is a small metal ring your dealership should provide that will allow your key to attach to any key ring you desire.
  • lrdealerlrdealer Posts: 8
    Not true at all. The coupon is directly from Land Rover North America, and only customers who have received the coupon are entitled to the extra discount. There is no way for the dealer to add anyone to the list. Your dealer should already know if you have a coupon, because they are provided with a list of people who have received it.
  • lrdealerlrdealer Posts: 8
    Your dealership will be able to contact Land Rover and get confirmation that you received the coupon. If you have truly lost it, it is not needed to get the discount.
  • lrdealerlrdealer Posts: 8
    There are no blackberrys approved for the Range Rover. Your dealer has a list of the phones (and software versions) that are fully compatible with the 2005 Range Rover bluetooth. If you choose a phone that is not on the list, you very well may have connection problems.
  • lrdealerlrdealer Posts: 8
    Your dealer could have activated daytime running lights which function very similarly to automatic headlights.
    In 2005 Range Rover does come with automatic headlights. The 2005 does also have a newer navigation system than the Lexus (touch screen DENSO).
  • matthewdmatthewd Posts: 2
    Hello all,

    I have my eye on a 2004 LR Certified Discovery HSE7, but the Range Rover keeps calling my name. The dealer around here has plenty of '03 certified Range Rovers, but they are (obviously) more expensive. Assuming either could be handled financially, which would be the truck of choice? This might sound like a no-brainer to most people, but the Disco seems to suit my needs which are:

    -Towing a 19' ski boat (Mastercraft X-7) up to Wisconsin (some towing on dirt roads/dirt boat ramps)
    -Handling Chicago snow
    -Driving/parking/living in downtown Chicago

    I looked at some Chevys to tow the boat, but they would be a bear to deal with in downtown Chicago, parking and everything. Since it's an HSE7, the Discovery has the rear seating, 2 sunroofs, and the rear parking assist. It also has a navigation system, but it's not screen-based. I know the '03 Range Rover has a screen-based one. Does anyone know if it is touch-screen or not?

    I like the look of both trucks, but obviously the Range Rover is more appealing. Any tips, or opinions? Is the Range Rover worth giving up the extra 2 seats for? And the price....worth an extra $20,000 for an '03 with more miles? The other hesitation I have is that I'm almost 6'3", and the Discovery is smaller up front than my '03 Durango I just sold.

  • sam818sam818 Posts: 127
    There is a fix for the windshield vibration you describe. Ask your dealer to check on the specific TSB, and they should fix it free of charge.
  • skullskull Posts: 2
    Do you have a copy of the specific TSB ? my dealer here is quite slow in getting them as there are not many RR here in Indonesia.
  • mek0123mek0123 Posts: 33
    My sister purchased a 2004 Range Rover and unlike her 2002, the 2004 has a serious vibration in the steering wheel at highway speeds. What causes this and what would be the cure?? Other than that complaint and the fact that there is no automatic headlight off switch, she enjoys the vehicle. She buys a new vehicle every 3 years and racks on the miles, but this simple complaint has just about turned her off with the vehicle and the brand. Any advice that I may provide to her would be greatly appreciated. Thank You kindly.
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    The vibration just about has to be a bad tire or out of balance wheel.....

    The Brits don't get automatic headlight switches - that's an old American trick, that the Japanese finally got used to, the Brits are the last to adapt. That, she's going to have a hard time fixing.....
  • teamyonexteamyonex Posts: 42
    I was wondering if 5.4% below MSRP is a decent deal on the RR at this point in time. Given economic factors, including fuel prices, the LR3 effect, and the '06 RR model coming soon, I'm wondering if I'll do a lot better than the x-plan (Ford Partner Pricing Plan) in a couple of months. I'm interested in this group's pricing experiences and predictions for the '05 RR.
  • i am - did you ever get your issue resolved.

    please let me know- i am frustrated beyond belief-

    this was the main reason for me going with the 05 over 04
  • nycrrnycrr Posts: 8
    I just did better not using the x-plan. I had two dealers competing for my biz, and since I was initially using the x-plan, I thought the only variable was the amount I would be given on my trade in. Then one of the dealers asked if I had to use the x-plan for any specific reason When I said no, he came in and beat the price on the x-plan. I did not want to wait too long for further reductions since I wanted mine in a specific color combo and with the luxury package and was watching them disappear as there has been a rush to buy the 05's with the BMW powerplant before they are gone. I also had a coupon for 2000 off from LR which was only good till the end of April. THe one drawback of buying an 05 and not an 06 is that there will be an external connection for an ipod or mp3 player, and satelite radio and dvd will be offerred as options on the 06, and although the faceplate is the same on the 05, it can not be upgraded. Only aftermarket products can be used.
    Otherwise, except for the same frustration everyone else is having with connecting other Bluetooth phones than the few recommended by LR, my RR is GREAT without the old need to return to the dealer for fixes after the first day/week.
  • teamyonexteamyonex Posts: 42
    Thanks for the info. X-plan pricing didn't sound overwhelmingly like a real bargain, and you confirmed. I chatted with a sales guy yesterday, without discussing firm numbers, and he indicated as you did.
    What color combo did you select? I'm favoring silver with navy luxury interior, or black with charcoal luxury interior. Excluding the 2k coupon, what % below MSRP?
    It sounds like from your observations I shouldn't expect any crazy discounts like I saw on '04 Discos when the LR3 hit the market.
  • sam818sam818 Posts: 127
    TSB reference:
    Wind Noise Corrective Actions
    Reference: 76/10/03/NAS (3)
  • nycrrnycrr Posts: 8
    Silver w/Navy. Did not like the charcoal. Looked too grey compared to the black exterior.
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