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Volkswagen Phaeton



  • ukguy1ukguy1 Posts: 3
    Hi there - yes I really concluded a deal at £30k with a little help from VW Uk because the dealer in questions didn't initially seem interested in selling me one.
    As it happens VW Uk have released number of units into the dealer network discounted into the dealer at 29%.
    Im having lunch today with my Chairman who is interested in having one - watch this space for another new owner.

    Did you take up the all inclusive maint package?
  • dominkdomink Posts: 1
    Your offers in the Bay Area are better than Seattle. Who is the Bay Area dealer with that offer? :)
  • Mine was a build to order car and I went over to Dresden to see it being assembled. Very impressive. I did check out the maintenance package.
    If there are many more at £30k I don't think they will be sitting around for long.
  • VW makes winter floor mats for the Phaeton. They are difficult to locate, and most dealerships won't offer to track them down. The Phaeton customer care folks should be able to put you in touch with the nearest dealership that carries them. I haven't found any aftermarket floor mats; the VW mats weren't terribly attractive, but they did the job when the snow was out.
  • paldipaldi Posts: 210
    Here's my link. Phaeton Photos
    Just turned 15,000 miles. :)
  • bobm1bobm1 Posts: 26
    We had a great turnout at our 2nd Southern California Phaeton Gathering this weekend in Orange County. A total of 9 Phaetons were present (8 in this picture):

    A couple from San Diego made the trek north. We had a great time. We're planning the next one in November. Out of the 9 we had one black W12 show up. The first 5 people that showed up all has silver phaetons. We ended up with 3 black sheeps and 1 coucou gray (with modified grill).
  • bobm1bobm1 Posts: 26
    Here's a bigger one:
  • msdavismsdavis Posts: 11
    The dealer was dublin Vw. In Dublin california. I took the 2 week old ad to them and wanted to buy the car. They told me the ad had expired and so had the lease program. It was published the 2nd week in august. So I went shopping to other dealers and the best I could turn up was a 77,500 car for 36 months and 45,000 miles for 969 tax inclusive with 2500 total drive off. I am going to keep shopping or wait untill vw puts some incentive money or lease cash on this model as a friend of mine got one in november 2004 and it has 2100 less worth of options and he put down 2800 and paid 662 tax inclusive 36 months 45,000 miles.
  • Hi all, Chris here. I am pleased to announce that after many years of Phaeton envy I am finally the proud, new owner of a gently used 2004 Phaeton in Papillon Silver Heliochrom. I have two questions:

    1) headlights in the rear window appear stretched out - like viewing light through a prism. Anyone else seen this and/or is this a warranty issue?

    2) I am looking for a recommendation for hooking up XM and an IPod to the premium sound system. Anyone know of working cable kits or is this a splice job?

    Thanks, in advance for any insights.
  • vwguildvwguild Posts: 1,620
    That was then, November 2004; this is now, September 2005. In 2004 VWAG sent over more PHAETONs than VWOA wanted; so by Q4 2004 we had PHAETONs in the various Ports around the country and needed to find homes for them because 2005s were enroute...Volkswagen of America offered the Dealers here some fantastic incentives to take these cars...As a matter of fact, I would have taken more if I knew the whole program, but they kind of rolled the program out in pieces and by the time we knew everything the cars were all least the well equipped ones were.

    This year no such situation exists...There are no PHAETONs in any Port of Entry.
    Current incentives on the PHAETON include $7500.00 for any non Volkswagen Credit financing arrangement, or a GREAT LEASE thru Volkswagen Credit...The equivilant APR is 26.4Basis Points...1/4 of 1% for 36 Months & 55% Residual @ 12K Miles. This will take the new PHAETON customer up to the 2007 Model Year refresh...

    This is the only way to go, IMO...48 Months OK too if striving for a lower monthly payment and yet staying within Full Warranty & Maintenance coverage...0.00060
    Rate, as opposed to the 0.00011 above, or 1.44% and a Residual of 48% with 12K Miles...These are V8 numbers BTW...2005 PHAETON
  • Hello vwguild,
    I have been following the phaeton forum for a while, and appreciating your wisdom especially. Here's my situation: I have been researching the Phaeton and test-drove it against the A-8: I happen to like the Phaeton better *if*, and only if, I can get the price low enough to compensate for the much faster depreciation. I have never leased before, and typically prefer to finance over a long time (normally 60 months) and keep my cars much longer. In fact, since I maintain them the way airlines maintain planes, I keep them very long (I have a 15-year old Acura in impeccable condition, for example).

    My quandary for the Phaeton: I need the car for weekly commuting to a new job for a total weekly round trip of 800miles. Even assuming use of this car for only half of the year and the rest with one of my existing cars, I would need at least 20kmiles/year on the lease. For a new 2005 that includes the cold weather/comfort package and keyless access I am looking at the following terms:
    1) lease w/zero down 48months/20kmilesyear selling price 68.5K and 969/month, residual value 29.5k. Or
    2) buy: 66 months at 2.9%. In this case the monthly payment, also with zero down, amounts to a little less than 1200/month. This is close enough to the lease payment, and could get even closer by putting a few thousand down.

    These terms were last month, when the marketing support was still 5500. I lean toward buying because I would not have to worry about the 20kmile limit, but I worry, in case the car proves not reliable (very complex electronics, air suspension, etc.) that I would be left quite likely upside down with an almost unsaleable, relatively high mileage trade.

    Now for my questions:
    1) should I decide now (the 2.9% financing is due to expire Tue) or wait until year-end for a better deal from vw? these cars are not going anywhere (the one I'm interested in has been sitting on the lot since February) especially with gas prices the way they are now.
    2) Does VW have a hold-back?
    3) I really wanted bluetooth and a dvd-based navigator in my next car. I hear rumors that there's going to be at least bluetooth on the '2006" model: is this true? You seem to imply that there will be no 2006, and a modified 2007 instead.

    I'll be grateful for any advice that you or the other readers can provide. I love cars, and the Phaeton would really fit my current needs, but I have never bought anything this expensive, and it's a big decision for me.
    P.S.: I've owned only one VW: a 1973 Super Beetle, which was great fun. I sold it two years ago for lack of garage space.
  • vwguildvwguild Posts: 1,620
    First of all...Thank you for the kind words...

    During the last 50 years of the 20th Century the changes to cars were mostly colors, new fins, no fins, etc.The single most significant tech gadget was the Chrysler Push Button Transmission...Remember that?
    Improved safety features have marched along steadily, but as one would expect, without much fanfare or buzz...airbags are not toys after all.

    However; in this century, technology is key...Cell phones are ubiquitous and overflowing with features. Computers are now found in multiples in a large number is just not enough. And, here lies the dilemma.

    VWAG made one critical error with the PHAETON...launching it before the new B6 Passat & the new Jetta V. That lost year created a multitude of financial woes, and trickled down to include PHAETON here in the US...No $$$ for Advertising or Marketing, no extra $$$ for immediate tech changes such as Bluetooth & DVD NAV. It is not that these items have been abandoned, it is just that other issues have greater importance. It is my understanding that the Dresden plant is operating at 90%+ capacity building the PHAETON with the V6 TDI engine, and that they cannot build them fast enough. Incidentally, all of the Turbo Diesels should be available for American consumption then as well, including the awesome V10 Twin Turbo.

    In answer to your particular situation, I would lease your first PHAETON...You can buy down your overmiles up simply lowers your Residual. The existing CD based NAV is certainly adequate to the a matter of fact, I like it better than the Siemens DVD in the Touareg & B6 Passat. Bluetooth will be coming shortly, but OnStar will be gone. The car that your are looking at has OnStar and a great 3 Watt Analog phone lost or dropped calls with that. There are, and will be 2006 PHAETONs...My reference to the 2007 was due to the fact that, by then, all of these tech toys will be available and more.

    I also believe that by Leasing now and Buying later you will be in a much better position to make that commitment to long term ownership. And besides, Depreciation only holds significance in the short term, and by Leasing now that burden falls on the shoulders of Volkswagen Credit; not you... ;)
  • Thank you for your prompt reply - Precise and informative as usual!
    Regarding the lease, is it true that better lease terms are about to be introduced for the 2005 models? I think someone else on the forum mentioned September 6 as the date for the new lease terms.

    Re the analog phone amp in the current model, two questions:
    1) is this standard or extra-cost option on the 2005 V8? if it's an option, I'm pretty sure that the car I'm looking at does not have it.
    2) do I need to buy a special phone, or can I use it with my T-mobile blackberry 7290?

    Finally, a question about accessories: do you know where I can find winter rubber mats (the usual after-market web sites do not seem to have any specifically of the Phaeton), and a roof bycicle carrier? I've seen one on the German VW site, but I don't think it has been imported here. By the way, I think you live in sunny California, where rubber mats are not needed, but here in the NorthEast they sure come in handy.

    Thank you very much once again, and have a great holiday.
    Motorista :)
  • vwguildvwguild Posts: 1,620
    "OnStar" Safe & Sound is standard equipment on the 2005 PHAETON, and includes 30 Free minutes of Hands Free phone service...additional minutes are available thru "OnStar" for various rate pkgs.

    No special phone is required...everything is built in. Your Blackberry should have a hands free, Bluetooth kit available thru your T-Mobile dealer...I know Cingular has one for my Motorola Razr...

    Best mats available are from a Brit firm called Cannon...Brand name here is WeatherTech and available at link title

    Being from the NY/NJ area I understand your situation...For Spring thru Autumn I reco link title

    They make a great product and created the template for the PHAETON for my 2004...A great throw back look that is nothing but class...I can email you pix of the mats if you like...
  • I just stumbled onto this dg. Let me know when in Nov. I am in San Diego and the owner of a silver 12 cylinder 2004 model and would love to make the trip up. Bought it with 2800 miles on it. Other than the gas mileage, I love it.
  • VWGuild, I recently ordered a set of WeatherTech mats (should arrive any day). However, I am very interested in the Cocomats you provided a link for for other times of the year. If you get a chance, I would not mind seeing a photo of them in your car if it is easy to post a picture to the forum. I would especially be interested if you have the Sonnenbeige interior (I was too lazy to look back in the forum to see what color combo you have). Thanks for all of your useful info. :)
  • Congrats.

    I have been looking for a 2004 Phaeton myself. Can you direct me to your wholesaler?

    Also, do you know if I travel to Germany if they can send a used Phaeton to me to a dealer in NY for a discount? I only ask because friends of mine do that with BMW's and they save about 20% on the lease and it takes just 4-6 weeks for the car to be shipped to the US to the dealer.

    Any info is appreciated.


  • Hi. No idea about the travel program. The internet wholesaler I purchased from is located in PA and their web site is They also sell on ebay. I believe that they currently have a couple of V8s and a couple of V12s. Good luck with your search.
  • I've been watching this board since the Phaeton came out and tell people about it all the time. Everyone really likes it. I was REALLY happy to hear VWGuild say the states might get the V6 TDI. Sounds like the technology will come up to par in 2007.
  • I will be hosting a Phaeton owners GTG (get together) Oct. 21-23 in Trussville, AL (near Birmingham, AL). A few have already responded with interest. If you would like to attend and get hotel info and a list of things we plan to do, please email me for more info.
    Please label the title of your email as "Phaeton GTG" so that I won't delete your message thinking it might be spam.
  • We will install another keyless start button (something you may want to see done) , lower suspensions a little bit, set preferences on the vehicles, compare each others accessories and just have a good time talking about these wonderful cars. Anyone is welcome to arrive on Friday and we will adjourn on Sunday afternoon.
  • vwguildvwguild Posts: 1,620
    I posted a link here to some pix, was mildly admonished for my goodwill...maybe you can try something else...
  • vwguildvwguild Posts: 1,620
    DC...Say Hello to all for me!!! ;)
  • I sure will Peter. Good to hear from you.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    You could use the Img button beneath the post box to have them actually display in a post instead of linking to the site where they are now.

    You click on the Img button, paste in the URL of the pic, then click on the Img button again. When you post that message, the picture should display.

    I just thought of this solution or I would have mentioned it earlier. Email me if you need help with this.
  • paldipaldi Posts: 210

    Yes, it works! But step #3 is Close All, not Img again.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    It's either one. Honest! ;)
  • pji44pji44 Posts: 12
    Still love it--no issues, except gas mileage and brake dust which I expected. Received a notice that dealers are getting 2006 Phaetons in (some already have). So much for the death sentence.

    Also, VW sent me a phone to use with the $299 phone option on the 2005 models. I haven't been opened it yet but apparently it's a Nokia phone which will be totally integrated. I'll report after I put it in.

    Every passenger I've had absolutely loves the car and the color (Cairo Gray).
  • Hello all - its now 22 days since I took delivery of my new Silver 3.0 V6 Tdi Phaeton and it puts a smile on my face every time I drive it. Having owned many BMW's over the years , we currently have a 2005 525d Touring, this car is VW's well kept secret.
    I have had so many people ask what it is and of course unlike the BMW it does not attract discourteous responses from other drivers.

    1500 miles in and its certainly a great car - returning 34mpg - remarkable for a car of its size and weight.

    Next week my Chairman is taking a 4.2 V8 out for a test drive he was so impressed with my car.

    Lets hope that many more people get the message and that VW launch the V6 TDi in the USA. :)
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