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Chevy Vans: Problems & Solutions



  • artie3artie3 Posts: 2
    The light that illuminates the gear select indicator in the dash does not work. How does the dash come apart to replace the bulb? Must everything come off?
  • chenwchenw Posts: 1
    Did you ever find out the problem associated with the warning light? My dealership said it may be a bad bearing.... Sounds fishy to me.
  • artie3artie3 Posts: 2
    pull the lower dash cover off and it will be easily accessable
  • Nothing, yet! I'm trying to get in touch with two GM mechanics that friends know. Unless I get a definite memo that GM/Venture transmissions have a problem I will not be able to go to court. From what I've read on this cite it sounds like manufacturers can get away with producing a lot of junk without being accountable . . . how in the world can GM get away with their antifreeze mess and not pay for everyone's head and manifold gasket problems when it is more than clear it is a problem with the manufacturer?
  • Can anyone help? Ever since we bought our van new in 2000, we have had our share of problems, most recently the video monitor for our video player is "blinking" when in the up position and run interferience with the sound system. The only way to stop the "popping" noise is to leave the monitor in the down position. Please advise on how to fix this problem.
    P.S. we have taken the van into the chevy dealer and they are confused and can not find the problem
  • My 99 Astro van has a thermostat problem possibly. The temp gauge will climb into the red and heater just blows cold air.
    Warning light comes on but then temp drops. Seems intermittent problem so I thought it was the thermostat. Do you know how to locate it? I'm no mechanic but I can't even find it! Also, is this the problem or is it something else, like a water pump leak?
  • I assume you've found the solution by now, but if you haven't it is the plastic release locks have cracked due to slamming doors too hard in cold temperature. I've had mine replaced three times! Once the mechanic at the dealership used a coat hanger!
  • Since buying my venture 2 1/2 yrs ago with 140K on it, I have spent just shy of $8,000.00 in repairs not including the intake manifold gasket which was covered under an extended warranty I bought with the van. Struts, egr, light bulbs like there is no tomorrow, three wheel bearings, problems with the fan system level 1 and 2 not working plus the direction not working. Now I am having another problem - it started chugging seriously on Dec 24 and has done this intermittantly ever since. When making sharp turns, both right or left, it will stall completely. Had it into the dealership last week and asked them to put in a fuel filter (my idea) to see if a cheap fix would do the trick. Of course not! Nothing has been cheap to fix ever and had it back in the next day - of course it behaved and they couldn't find the problem. I am taking it tomorrow to a friends mechanic who thinks that that problem may be electrical. He thinks that something is trying to find a ground and that's what has been doing in my wheel bearings ($680 each). Does anyone out there have any idea's? Oh ya, for the 4th time, my fuel gauge is not working - waiting to hear from GM if they will cover it under a Goodwill policy. I have 190K on it now.
  • This is a very familiar scenario and expensive fix. I have had the ABS brake light/Traction control light come on three times and each time it was the wheel bearing needing to be replaced at $680 cnd each - even though, when I took it in for the third one and I told them what it needed, they said, "oh it might not be that, it could be...." but of course it was!!I have an 01 Venture that I purchased for $10K in 03 with 140K on it - it was a salesman's vehicle - hwy miles I thought, means nothing. HA!! I have spent nearly $8K in repairs since July of 03!!! I am now on the hunt for a Mazda MPV 02 - I have always been a GM person but never again. If you can afford one, I would take a hard look at the Toyota Rav 4 - the 06 model is HUGE compared to the older models and will fit my dog cage in just as well as the Venture but high $$. My husband has a 97 Rav4 with 160K on it and just had his first big repair which was a series of things like timing belt, brakes etc. Other than that, he has replaced a battery. pretty cheap to operate for sure.
  • If you had the ABS light and the traction control light on at the same time, it is very likely the wheel bearing. Gulp. I've done three on my 01 venture at $680 cnd each. Never again. Going Japanese!
  • cobcob Posts: 210
    The thermostat is most likly sticking. Refer to my post #1175 under Astro/Safari it explains where to find the thermostat.
  • I have an '02 Astro AWD that jerks when turning. Feels like something is hanging up or getting in a bind. Feels to be coming from rear of vehicle. Does it turning left or right. The tighter the turn, the worse it is. Only does it in forward, not in reverse. Only does it after about 15 minutes of driving, not when cold. Rear end was completely rebuilt in August '05. Problem started December '05. Shop says there's nothing wrong, just drive it. They do recommend replacing shocks which are weak. Any help is appreciated.
  • Just an update since the last one - GM did not come good for the fuel sending unit but since I took it to a new garage, it cost only $500. Re-routed wires, sprayed water on coil, coil wire, spark plug wires, etc and nothing acted strange.Hoped problem was solved. Nope. Yesterday it nearly stalled going up a hill near our house.Luckily got it home before it quit - turned off the motor and a sulphur smell came into the van. I've smelled this once before. Today, again, drives good and then going up a hill, it starts bucking and nearly stalling. Put it into a lower gear and nothing improved. Now back at the garage again.

    Has anyone else had this problem? I really could use your help on it - we are heading south with it or renting if we have to, by the end of the week! HELP!!
  • hi i need some advice. my 1997 venture bangs going into second gear.almost all of th time. i had tranny flushed approx 8k miles ago. it didn't help. fluid is now black again. i had to have water pump replaced 2 days ago. now when i get up to 50mph,vehicle "pulls back". it's as if i lost 4th gear. any suggestions?
  • how do you fix if the window is just off track is it a matter of just putting it back on?
  • xxyjoexxxxyjoexx Posts: 2
    we own venture 2000 and i have the following problems with the wipers:
    the front wipers works only on the high and dos not move at any others speeds and when i switch it off it stops on the top and dos not go back home
    the rear one dos not move it only make noisy sounds
    anybody can help
    thanks in advance
  • mellenmellen Posts: 2
    Our specific problem was the directional lights didn't work on the outside and inside the hazard lights came on each time the brakes were used. This started a few days following our using the tow hitch.

    Our hazard light circuit board was shorted due to the previous owners installing the wrong wiring harness for the tow hitch (our mechanic says there is a specific one for the Venture). The fix cost us 300.00 but so far so good!

    I hope this is helpful to someone.
  • I have a Venture 2000. It intermittenly Stalls on hills (mostly). Bloody dangerous. I loose control of the car till I can stop, put it in Park and restart again. I just towed it to the mechanic shop. So far for him, it does not stall. I wish I had an answer too. I will do more research.
  • I have a 2000 Chevy Venture with 150,000km. It intermittenly stalls on curving hills up or down. Very dangerous. It usually starts again after I stop, put it in Park. I just left it with the Mechanic and it is not stalling for him. He thinks it may be a fuel pump. Problem is, this cost $700 bucks and is no guarantee it will work. I just found this site, so I will keep researching for others like me. Any suggestions would be appreciated. It has not had a tune up for a long time.
  • Help. lastnite i pick girl up from work and coming home the check engine light can on. car was jerking hard after i accelarated. finally made it home. i went to auto zone in the morning (today) and got a code read. P0742 TORQUE CONVERTER CLUTCH CIRCUIT STUCK ON. so, i call the local gmc shop. they are asking $680 to repair this problem plus they are saying i need another which they never say what other parts. The parts cost $63 and the other $47.They said " they would have to drop the rail and take out the tranny and put the parts and also do a diagnostic check to make sure $85" i would like to know if this is true. and also would like to know if i could do the work myself cost my $$ is funny. don't have $680. last month i had to spent alone a grand to get it fit $980. thats another story. "HAS ANYONE ENCOUNTER THIS PROBLEM AND WHAT DID THEY DO"
  • flower60flower60 Posts: 5
    Thanks for the info on the window. My driver's side has been bad for a while and now the passenger side is starting to do the same thing. My hubby is going to try to fix it this weekend (if the van isn't in the shop because the engine light came on today.
  • flower60flower60 Posts: 5
    So far, we have not had the leak over the console. My friend has. Her van is identical to mine. My windows don't work, there have been numerous recalls. Other fixes are trans, brakes,fuel injectors, and on and on and on..... Tailgate lock won't work. Now service engine light is on, temp gauge goes up (only 1/2 way) and we have to take it in yet again! My neighbor with the identical van has had all of these same problems. In fact, that is how we know ahead of time what is going to go wrong with ours. If her does it, our will! She just had the head gasket and some other things replaced. I'm assuming that is what is going wrong with my piece of crap van. I will NEVER EVER drive a GM product again (husband's 2000 Envoy has been crap too).
  • mitch42mitch42 Posts: 1
    I have a 2002 Venture.

    A few weeks ago, the van sat out overnight in <10 degree F weather. The locks started continuously unlocking every 20 seconds or so. I pulled the battery from my remote, just to be sure that wasn't it, and it didn't stop the problem. I pulled the fuse for the locks to be sure the battery wouldn't drain overnight, and flipped the switch on the overhead lights.

    The next day, after driving it a while, I replaced the fuse and the problem was no longer happening.

    Then we had a cold spell with temps below 0 F. The locks started acting up again. When I had the door open, it would give me a warning tone, like when you hit the lock button with the door open, but the locks were mostly trying to unlock, as far as I could tell. Even with the dask fuse for the power locks pulled, there was still a clicking behind the dash and the warning tone. I pulled a main fuse from under the hood to prevent battery drain. The next day, after replacing the fuse it was still happening, so I made an appointment with the dealer shop and took it in. By the time I got there, it had stopped happening.

    The dealer pulled the switches and inspected them for shorts. They said that was the most common problem with the locks acting up - the switches getting wet from rain or some other cause. They didn't find anything, and of course the problems wasn't happening for them.

    It happened again this past weekend when the van was left outside overnight. No warning tone, but the continuous clicking of some mechanism behind the dash even when the locks fuse was pulled. I took it in to the dealer, left it overnight so they could check it first thing in the morning. Of course, we've had some warmer weather, so the van didn't get as cold, I guess. They reported that nothing was going wrong for them.

    I left it out again last night just to see, and when I got up this AM the locks were at it again, along with the warning tone.

    I'm trying to get this fixed under the extended warranty, so I think they are hesitant to just start replacing things. If anyone has had this experience and could point us in some direction, I would really appreciate it.

  • Just an update. $1477 bucks later. The mechanic had the car for a week trying to see if the car would stall. Weird thing, would not stall for him during the day, it finally stalled for him when I told him to drive it home in the evening. He b-lined it back to the shop as it freeked him out too. Turns out the Fuel Pump ($777 bucks) needed replacing. He also let me know the front break were shot, lucky me. Soooo, no more stalling and my wallet is feeling mighty lighter now. At least I don't feel like I am going to stall out and crash when I take the family out.
  • scott808scott808 Posts: 3
    I own a 1995 Chevy Astro with about 148K miles, 4.3 V-6, "W" engine. Over the past several months, the engine has developed a pronounced misfire. Gas mileage has dropped considerably from 20 to 22MPG to just over 16MPG with no change in my driving habits or distances. It's at the point now where it's almost undriveable.

    I've had it in to my mechanic who has replaced plugs, checked wires (judged okay), fuel filter, and replaced the oxygen sensor. When my mechanic pulled the plugs, although not abnormally worn, he noted that the 3 left bank plugs were "normal" in color while the 3 right bank plugs were very dark...he thought indicating a rich mixture on that side of the engine. I've seen the old parts and can confirm his observations.

    Previously, in late 1992, the following items were replaced (mileage was about 112K miles): fuel pump & strainer, fuel filter, throttle position sensor, EGR valve, plugs, distributor cap, distributor rotor, distributor ignition control module, ignition coil, plug wires, idle air control valve, fuel injectors and spider, and the engine control PROM.

    My mechanic now believes there may be a problem with the distributor itself and wants to replace it.

    I think he's guessing...while I don't necessarily mind that, he's guessing with my checkbook which bothers me in light of the possibile, never ending, perhaps un-necessary replacement of what can be very expensive parts. The mechanic has had the vehicle in his shop for over 2 weeks and there's no end in sight at this point.

    Is there anyone out there who might be able to give me an idea of what might be wrong here? What could cause the plugs on one side of the engine to look as tho the mixture might be to rich? The service engine light has not come on. My mechanic tells me that the vehicle "computer" has registered no problems.

    Previous to this, for the most part, the engine has run well inspite of high mileage.

    Hope someone has a few ideas besides finding a new mechanic!

    Anything is appreciated.
  • jhortonjhorton Posts: 1
    I have a 2005 Chevy Venture that I purchased new last year. After a few months, I noticed a mildew smell coming from the vents when I put on the AC or outside vent. After 20 minutes or so the smell seems to go away. I've had the AC and ducts cleaned out twice and the in cabin filter changed twice, but the smell comes back. It seems to happen only during the summer months (in Texas that's almost year round). Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can get this problem corrected? When I take the van in to get the problem fixed, it is only temporary and the smell returns!! :cry:
  • Intermittant problem 2003 Venture/61K miles. Van stalls when attempting to stop. There's not chugging when it stalls. It cranks right back and keeps going. GM mechanics did not find any codes nor could they duplicate. Has anyone experienced this problem/found solution? Past repairs: water pump
  • jyoung15jyoung15 Posts: 12
    i have a 2000 venture and it stalls the same way it turned out to be the fuel pump at #6664.00 hope this helps :mad:
  • jyoung15jyoung15 Posts: 12
    post #431 should have said $664.00 and it fixed that problem and made anouther check engine light can on
  • Same thing with mine, except it happened on hills. Turned out it was a fuel pump problem. Cost $777 just for the part. Doesn't stall any more after the mechanic replaced the fuel pump. One thing that does hurt, my wallet is alot lighter now.
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