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Chevy Vans: Problems & Solutions



  • jyoung15jyoung15 Posts: 12
    guess i was lucky then the part cost $425.00 the rest was labor but know my check engine ligfht comes on and i get a code for the vapor recovery canister did not have any codes before they changed the fuel pump any ideas :mad:
  • Thanks for responding, jyoung15 and familyof5. This info would not be as alarming to me if we were talking about a vehicle that had 150+K miles. However, I only have 61K miles on this van, taking care to do scheduled maintenance as suggested. I'm a repeat Chevy buyer and have been happy with each one; 96 Astro - lived to see 182K miles and a small repair history, 96 Silverado - 242K miles and small repair history, 99 Lumina - currently 175K miles and still going with only a small repair history. Again all have been good vehicles, lasting a very long time, and costing less in repairs than this particular Chevy vehicle. Until recently (>50K miles), I've been very satisfied with it. I've already paid $1300 in repairs in the last 5 months for this van.
  • jyoung15jyoung15 Posts: 12
    mine only had 93000 when the problem started and i have heard that it has happened to people with as little as 35000 so hope this makes you feel better you can find the fuel pump on e-bay for about $128.00 instead of 448.00 from the dealer or auto zone has it for $280.00 good luck and keep me informed :lemon:
  • jericnyjericny Posts: 2
    Ok, I jacked the van tried to move the wheel and didn't see any excessive play. I changed the idler arms they were worn and showed some play, but the noise remains. Seems to be coming from the driver side and happens on bumps or uneven road. The noise sounds like something is loose and going to fall off, any ideas or someone who had a similiar problem?
  • jyoung15jyoung15 Posts: 12
    it sounds like you may have a bad struit or its loose at the mounting bracket. does it make the noise on even roads or any other time :mad:
  • jericnyjericny Posts: 2
    There are shocks and a spring up front, smooth roads are ok just when you hit tiny or big bumps will you hear the noise and more to from the middle to driver side front of the vehicle. :confuse:
  • cuzzxcuzzx Posts: 3
    I just bought a 1989 Chevy van for an extra work van.
    noticed the a/c vents will not let air past.
    must be the vacume hoses or what do you think?
    with van running and a/c on I get no air at all through the vents.
  • tkjensentkjensen Posts: 1
    My van blows hot and cold air out of the vents. It is just very weak--no matter what setting I put it on (1-5). Any thoughts as to what is causing this????
  • jyoung15jyoung15 Posts: 12
    when you are driving does the air go from hot to cool then back to hot and when you speed up the fan does it go faster sounds like you may need a can of freon that your ac is low. and do you have the ac on max and the fan all the way to 5 keep me informed :cry:
  • My Venture has 64K miles and had to replace the fuel pump about 1 month ago. I had the same thing occur 1 month after replacing the pump. I had it towed to a repair center but they could not find anything wrong. It started right up at the repair center but i'm worried it may start again. It would turn over but would not start. I listened at the gas tank but could not hear the fuel pump running. Any ideas guys?????? :confuse:
  • jyoung15jyoung15 Posts: 12
    had the same problem and found that the electrical connection plug that goes to the fuel pump was not plugged all the way in the terminal is right between sliding rear door and the drivers seat under the van pull it out and use come electrical contact cleaner you can get at radio shack then plug it back in hope that helps :(
  • ronbo66ronbo66 Posts: 11
    TWo things do you have steel wheels with the black centre caps that encompass the lug nuts? if so these things are held on with metal tabs from behind the lug nuts they can get loose and there you have your rattle! If you have the one piece aluminum mag wheels then you can also try this; while going over a known bumpy road that you can hear the rattle try gently pressing on your BRAKE pedal while holding your speed with the other foot, IF the noise goes away then whomever installed your brake pads forgot to STAKE (bend down)the large metal tabs that hold you brake pads from rattling you can also use some brake backing plate glue but sometimes this wears off. then they rattle again HOPE THIS HELPS! RON Y.
  • texas4texas4 Posts: 11
    we have a 2000 chevy venture, with 68,000 miles..i have been reading all the issues about gasket problems, and have a question... what are the symptoms when these start going bad ??
    we need to try to keep van for as long we can... would like to know what to look for when these gasket problems start....thanks
  • cobcob Posts: 210
    Keep an eye on your coolent level. The gasket that leaks is the lower intake manifold gasket. It will either leak coolent into the oil or onto the ground outside the motor. Watch for leaks on the garage floor, remember the coolent is red may appear like transmission fluid.
  • mccullonmccullon Posts: 2
    my 98 astor van service engine soon light came on. auto zone said it was a low level oxygen sensor. van seems to run a little bit ruff, but otherwise the same as always. I recently had new rear brakes installed and the van inspected. what will happen if I do not have the oxygen sensor replaced. I need to take a 10 trip to Illinois and wonder if it would be safe to go.
  • bell5bell5 Posts: 3
    1990 chevy G20 conversion van with 5.7L (350). It jumped time and I got the timimg chain & gears in time but when I put distibutor on #1 it wont start.I turned it 180 degrees and it starts but backfires and just don't run right.PLEASE HELP!!!!
  • bell5bell5 Posts: 3
    I NEED HELP PLEASE!! My wife's 1990 G20 jumped time.I replaced timing chain & gears & it is definately in time but when I put the distributor on #1 it won't crank. I tuned distributor 180 degrees and it started but backfires and just don't run right.I have worked on these type of chevy engines for years bet never encountered this problem. PLEASE HELP IF YOU CAN!!
  • We have a 1999 venture with 62,000 miles on it. First we had the intake manifold gasket replaced, then they said the head gasket blew. Drove it for about 2 weeks after that and we noticed ALL the oil gone out of it and the radiator had a thick cream color liquid in it. The overflow tank had what we thought was oil in it but the mechanic said it was tranny fluid. He also said that was what was in the radiator. We asked him where all our oil went and he said "hmm....I don't know". So we had a new radiator put in. Drive 10 miles, oil in overflow tank again. Put it back in the shop. It won't be looked at until Mon. (24th). Any ideas of what could be wrong? We're trying to sell it but it has to run first! :)
  • Similar thing happened on our chevy car. Engine light came on and wouldn't go off. Occasionally it would run a little rough - as if there was water in the gas? Turned out we had replaced a gas cap that wasn't a proper fit. Mechanic said it was not creating the necessary vacumn or seal. Cheap fix and it worked. Engine light went off. Good Luck
  • cobcob Posts: 210
    If you have the cam gear and crank gear lined up correctly. I assume you turned the motor until #1 cylinder was at TDC (by pulling the plug and feeling for the compression stroke on #1. Then drop the distributor in at #1 it should start up and run correctly. If you turned it 180 and it backfires than it sounds as though it should be turned back 180 deg. The only other thing it could be is valve train damage due to the jumped timing but, I don't think that a 350 is an interfearance engine.
  • cobcob Posts: 210
    You can run with a bad sensor for a while but one of 2 things will happen. Your van may run rich resulting in poor fuel economy and black smoke out the exhaust and gas going by the rings into your oil eventually. Your van could also run too lean which would give you better fuel economy but the motor will run hot and may burn a hole thru the top of a piston. I would get the O2 sensor replaced before too long.
  • jyoung15jyoung15 Posts: 12
    have the same problem the check engine light comes on and when i have it scannered says the fuel vapor canister did not have this problem till i had the fuel pump replaced because the gas gauge was not working correctly any ideas :lemon:
  • Checked your tie rods?
  • Okay: Van started vibrating on the freeway. It's a grinding vibration that you can feel in the pedal and steering wheel and floorboards. Not a "shimmy". I've had a tune up, brake job, front end repair, alignment, balance, etc., all to no avail. Engine runs and idles flawlessly. Trans shifts perfectly. On the freeway, I put car in Neutral and coasted/swerved on clean pavement. Vibration seems to be more prominent when veering LEFT. I'm thinking wheel bearings or u-joint, but I'd appreciate any suggestions.
  • texas4texas4 Posts: 11
    thanks.....i'll keep an eye on the oil for signs of coolant....and on the floor where we park....
  • budlybudly Posts: 1
    Hi all,
    I have a 2004 Chevy Astro Cargo van.
    A paper or a bag was sucked up into the intake for the AC
    from the floor.
    Any ideas on how to get it out?

  • mccullonmccullon Posts: 2
    I had the 02 sensor replaced on the right manifold before the catalic converter, using a generic part at half the price of major brand part. the service engine light went off. Most of the auto part stores in my area did not carry the part, either brand name or generic. My mechanic said that the other two sensors may go bad soon and we could replace them easily.
  • i am putting a 305 in a 92 astro have done this before in an older model but the 92 throttle control is located in the front of the engine and is what the mec. calls a tuneport like throttle body how do we change it so we can use the side mounted throttle contrpl on the carbated 305
  • gigginpiggigginpig Posts: 3
    Yes. Tie rods (left and right) have been replaced, along with both idlers, and the drag link. That pretty much constitutes a completely new front end...
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