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Chevy Vans: Problems & Solutions



  • cobcob Posts: 210
    Don't know about fuse problem I have not run into that one yet. Vacuum line attaches to the drivers side of motor there is a vacuum port on the intake manifold. That is where the line attaches to the engine. It is about half way back on the motor. Easier to see if you take the inside covers off but that is always a pain to do. You can find it by reaching behind the A/C compressor.
  • arch2arch2 Posts: 9
    A couple of weeks ago I received a call from a friend telling me that their astro van would not start. After having the vehicle towed to their home, I came over to check the vehicle and found out that the coil wire(from distributor cap to coil) was arking against the engine, cancelling the spark to the distributor cap.

    I replaced the spark plug wires and the engine ran great. :) While checking the engine to locate the problem, I disconnected a couple of items which triggered the "service engine soon" light. Sometimes the vehicle will shut off while my friend is driving but the engine will start up again with no problem.The vehicle also hesitates while driving. :P

    I was told that the "service engine soon" light can be cleared using the factory radio. Is there anybody out there that has knowledge of this procedure? :confuse:
  • cobcob Posts: 210
    Can't use the radio, to clear the codes disconnect the neg battery cable for a couple of minutes and the computer will reset. The other method is to remove one of the fuses in the fuse box by the battery under the hood but, I don't have my Hanes manuel here at work to tell you which one so just do the cable to be safe.
  • arch2arch2 Posts: 9
    I tried using this method before but the light stayed off for only a couple of minutes and came back on. After going around and talking to a couple of guys, both of them told me to use the radio method. They just didn't know the proper procedure. :confuse:
  • carsmart2carsmart2 Posts: 1
    HELP!!! What is the best/cheapest way to get out of my 06 Uplander lease? I'm willing to include 2 brand new 50cc mini quads and a brand new Sony Flatscreen. Any ideas?
  • arch2arch2 Posts: 9
    Try this website. I believe that it can answer any questions you may have on vehicle leasing. go to I hope this helps! :D
  • arch2arch2 Posts: 9
    Another idea is to sell your mini quads and sony flatscreen to private buyers and then take the cash and put it towards any fees you will probably get from ending your vehicle lease early. :D
  • arch2arch2 Posts: 9
    I suggest replacing the front wheel bearings, but making sure you also replace the bearing races as well or you will be wasting your time. The problem sounds like the inner right bearing and race but I would replace all of the front inner and outer bearings and races so that you will not have to deal with this problem again in the future. :D
  • arch2arch2 Posts: 9
    Have you solved the problem or do you still need help? Please reply. :)
  • arch2arch2 Posts: 9
    I believe the problem is the evaporator in your A/C system. I suggest that you have the evaporator cleaned. One method is to purchase an air purifier, plug it in your home using an extension cord and carry the purifier out to your vehicle. Turn on the purifier at the highest setting and let it operate for a few hours.

    You also should have your A/C system running while this is taking place with the settings adjusted so that the air is coming out of the dash vents. I am a distributor of some of the best air purifiers america has to offer. Visit

    Another method is to disassemble the dash until you can see the evaporator and spray it with a non toxic germ killer. Is sounds like you have bacteria in your evaporator.
  • I have a 98 chevy astro that runs great but the blower for both the heater and the ac will only come out the defrost. The switch will turn the defrost up and down. When I first noticed a problem the blower would be stronger one minute and then I would get very little air the next. Now it only blows out the defrost. Does this sound like a vacuum line? Any help would be appreciated. Mom and kids are hot!
  • arch2arch2 Posts: 9
    First I would like to ask, have you had any engine work done to your vehicle lately? If so, there is a possibility that a vacuum line could be connected wrong or disconnected in the engine compartment.

    The next question I would like to ask is, do you hear an air sound coming from the dash? Try doing this with the windows up, the radio off, and with the engine running so that you will continue to get enough vacuum supply while checking for this problem.

    If you hear an air sound, you may have a vacuum leak. If you do not hear an air sound, then move the selecter that controls the defroster etc... If you hear an air leak after you move the selecter you probably have a bad switch.

    If you still do not hear any air leaking after you try all of the above, then I would have your mechanic search for something in the dash that is in control of vacuum routing, some kind of controlling device.

    One more thing, ask your mechanic to search for any disconnected vacuum lines under the dash that may have been accidently disconnected while removing the engine cover. I hope this helps! :)
  • :confuse: I have a 1994 Chevy Lumina Van which at the moment has me baffled. All of a sudden when I went to start it up, the engine light didn't come on and then I couldn't get it to shift. It seems to be stuck in first gear. I have been reviewing the net for answers though still have none. Does anyone know if this is a serious problem and should I go to a garage or a transmission shop? Thanx in advance for any advise I receive. Sharon
  • I was wondering if anyone can help me with a problem I'm having with my wife's '94 Astro.
    The digital dash, air conditioner, power windows have all gone out at the same time.
    The ABS light is also on and the the transmission won't seem to kick out of low gear.
    I have checked and changed out all of the fuses and that has not helped.
    I'm in the process of going through the engine trouble codes and the working my way through the the Haynes manual looking for what the problem could be, but no luck so far.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you.
  • shadeauxshadeaux Posts: 1
    I have a '98 Venture that I bought just a month or so ago, and I took it on a 400 mile trip over the weekend.
    I noticed that the transmssion seems to be either slipping, or just not acting properly.
    I used Cruese control most of the trip, but even without the cruese on, the problem persisted.

    Somewhere between 65 and 75 MPH the transmission would drop down a gear, rev up, then shift back up to the proper gear. The speed would not change, but you could certainly hear the engine rev up. I dont have a Tack to see the RPMs tho =[

    Typically, this was just a 1-2 second event, it would drop, kick back up and then be fine, but once it actually dropped down, and reved for a couple extra seconds, then kicked back into gear.

    No dummy lights ever came on, and I've checked the trans fluid, it shows full. A friend that works for Autozone (an ex-mechanic) said he could plug in the lil code reader and see if there are any codes, but ive not be able to get to him yet. He said could be some sort of Vaccum Sensor for the trans.

    Has anyone else had this problem? Any ideas what I can do to fix this? I was really worried that I wouldnt make it home , but its did get us home.

    Thanks for any advice you may have.
  • lampinlarlampinlar Posts: 1
    I purchased a 1998 astro van a few years ago and have had a number of fuel related problems. I have had to replace the fuel pump twice. The van will not start after sitting for a few hours. If you turn the ignition on but do not start the van for about 2 minutes it will start after a few tries.My mechanic was going to check the fuel injection but it seems that the engine appears to be a 1995 engine instead of the correct motor. He sees no sign of any modifications to indicate that the engine was ever replaced. Is it possible that chevy put a 1995 engine in a 1998 van? I have heard that this happened to a number of vans made in 1995 with 1992 engines.
    Please help
  • arch2arch2 Posts: 9
    I have to begin by answering a question with a question. Did you purchase your chevy used, and if so, did you purchase it from a dealer or private seller?

    If you purchased the vehicle from a private seller, it is possible that the engine could have been replaced before you purchased your astro van.

    If you purchased your astro van from the dealer as a used vehicle, it is possible that the previous owner could have replaced the engine before trading in the vehicle. I've never experienced this problem with dealerships, but anything is possible.

    Concerning your fuel problem, have your mechanic check the fuel pressure while cranking (without starting) the engine with a fuel pressure gauge. Compare the readings with the specs in a repair manual and see if the pressure readings on your mechanic's fuel gauge are within the fuel pressure requirements in the repair manual.

    If the pressure readings are ok then you probably should check your injection system for restrictions. (I.E. dirty injecters, fuel pressure regulator etc).

    If the readings are low on your mechanic's fuel pressure gauge, then it is possible that there could be a restriction in the fuel filter, and again, it is also possible that the fuel pressure regulator could be defective. Check for trash in the fuel tank and the fuel lines.

    One more thing, have the mechanic check to see if there is too much voltage operating the fuel pump. Some fuel systems have a set voltage from the ECM (brain) which is below battery voltage (12 volts). If your fuel pump is receiving too much voltage, it could be the reason why you are replacing your fuel pumps too quickly. It is also possible that the quality of the part (fuel pump) is poor.

    I hope this helps. God bless! :)
  • I have a 1994 Chevy Lumina Van. All of a sudden I can't get it to shift. It seems to be stuck in first gear. Does anyone know if this is a serious problem and should I go to a garage or a transmission shop? Thanx in advance for any advice I receive. Sharon
  • I got the same problem with my 2201 venture the thing I found is to stop playing the thing for a couple of weeks and clean the cd player with one of those cd cleaners if that doesn't work you need to go to the scaryard and get a used one. they go for 75$
  • rydelrydel Posts: 2
    I have a 1999 Venture and when I turn on the right signal and hit the brakes the lights blink like crazy and the radio flashes. If I'm in reverse, sometimes the radio light goes dark and the emergency flash indicator stays lit until I put it in drive. My husband replaced the taillight assembly as it looked to have gotten hot. Also, sometimes but not always, the tranny shifts really hard but if I park it for 10 to 15 minutes, it's O.K. The tranny problem has been going on for about 8,000 miles and the blinker started acting up not long after. It's got 106k on the odometer. Anybody else have these problems? Did you get them resolved? How? Thanks.
  • kmfkmf Posts: 2
    Where is the low pressue A/C port on a 99 Venture? I need to reacharge the air conditioning system and can't find the port (sigh).


  • ace22286ace22286 Posts: 1
    I have a 1993 Astro Van and my tranny went bad and i bought another astro van transmission for the V6 4.3 Liter Astro Van from a guy who dropped the tranny out of his 1997 Astro. I compared them side by side and the 97 one has a throttle body on it and has different hook ups for the electronics. I was wondering if it is possible to even put the transmission in my 1993 van and if i can, can i get some kind of converter for my electronic hook ups to work on the new transmission or can i cut and splice. Please Help.
  • derekcderekc Posts: 2
    I would have to say a transmission shop. I'm having the same problem with my '95 lumina. It is messing with my head too. I was backing up my driveway and heard a thump. Everything seemed fine and I could still go in reverse. As I left, the van wouldn't shift out of first. I could only drive 20 mph. I just don't understand why I would hear that in reverse and lose 2nd and drive, but not reverse. :confuse:
  • derekcderekc Posts: 2
    sounds like you need new wiring. With the tranny, if not too bad right now, try putting some Lucas in it. You can pick it up at any parts store for pennies compared to a new tranny. This will only prolong the transmission. :)
  • tkrocktatkrockta Posts: 4
    I had the same problem with my 2000 Safari, 80,000 mi. It was a vacuum line under the hood, found by a freind in 2 minutes. The line goes from the AC vacuum collection tank (a black plastic ball-shaped thing down below the AC) to the intake manifold. It wore through up near the carburator, they should put some kind of protection on it. Reconnected and it's fine now.
  • pooch1pooch1 Posts: 1
    I am having same problem on my 99 Astro with continually blowing 20 amp fuse that controls parking lights etc. I haven't found the short yet. Hope someone out there has solved this.
  • After weeks of searching and too much money spent, I finally found the short. If you are having the same problem, pull out the license plate light. I found the wires were pinched between the plastic and the door skin. I taped them up and no more blown fuses :)
  • Well a few weeks have passed and the car went in the shop and the 2 gaskets were changed, the cables and spark plugs, the thermostat and now my ac is still screwed :mad: I know this is something different. I got 3 kids and I want to try to fix it on my own before spending X amount of cash. Where would I look to inspect to try to find the problem of the ac???
  • Must be one of those years! I own a 2003 venture, that wont start after it is parked for more then 5 hours. I have changed the battery and checked the alternator, all is fine! I have pulled different fuses at night for options, and checked in the morning, but battery still no start. Run out of things (options) it could be! I jump it with my car and it starts right away! However my car has to be running, If I jump it without my car running it will not start it, almost like it needs more then 12 volts to start! Has anyone else had this problem?
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