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2003-2008 Toyota Corolla Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I just got a 2006 LE in Charlottesville, VA at the end of July with exactly what you have listed plus floor mats--$16,653 ($16,200 to 16,500 were some of the other prices I found in VA at the same time but I really wanted to buy from a local dealer). Taxes (?), documentation fee ($288) and tags ($50) put me at around $17,400 out the door. According to an article in the paper this summer, Toyota is only increasing invoice prices for 2007 Corolla models by $100. So I think your offer is within target range (although you may have to go up a couple hundred more) -- or the dealer could come down from his $17K a bit! Although I think I'm in the mid-Atlantic region, which might have slightly less-inflated prices (I don't know...) -- you think the SE region is even higher in price?
  • How long did the dealer/sales person say the special order would take? I've gotten mixed messages for several dealers in my area. Some forum messages have said 3-4 weeks. One sales person said 3 months on the date; while another said "at least 2 months, most likely 4 months"

    I understand that they don't like special orders too much, but it's poor customer service to dissuade the customers. Let me know of any good/bad special order experiences. Thanks
  • I bought 2006 LE in May. MRSP listed at $16.5K. Paid $16.2 out the door.
    This seems a best deal i see so far. The dealer is in Hartford, Conn.
  • 2007 corolla sport

    Fully loaded

    $17,500 in northern nj MSRP: 19,365 :)
  • mcdawggmcdawgg Posts: 1,680
    See my previous messages. It all depends on what you want and what the schedule at the factory is at that particular point. It could be weeks or months - you probably won't know until you order it. Just a for instance...
    Maybe you want a LE with a manual tranny. They will check the factory, and the factory is not producing this specific combination for two months from now, or maybe they are scheduled to produce it two weeks from now. Or maybe they are going to produce it two weeks from now, but they have already booked it solid, so now you have to wait until the next run, which could be 3 months from now.

    My point is you won't know exactly, because it depends on the individual circumstances and the timing. Just go for it!
  • I think the right price should be close to 16500.00 + TTL. you may as well get a honda accord value package in that price, which is a much better value for money and has better quality.
    or otherwise you may as well consider cars from suzuki, nissan and hyundai,i ended up buying Nissan Sentra 1.8S for 13500.00 OTD after negotiations on price with toyota dealer failed, both are same quality wise. Best of luck
  • The whole situation here is quite frustrating.
    I bought a 2007 Corolla CE yesterday. I don't know if my deal was one of the best or not, but I was at least satisfied with the whole thing. (price, apr, and service)
    But today driving on a highway I realized my Corolla didn't have 'cruise control' which my dealer said it did!!
    (You know... you don't try cruise control when you test drive.)
    So I checked the sticker paper(I don't know what those are called) that was left in my console wrinkled, and guess what? I found something even more interesting!!
    My Corolla CE has the options of upgrade package(power windows and locks), keyless entry, extra mile options package A, Vehicle shield package, mud guards and window tint. It tells me that apparently it doesn't have cruise control which I was told 'it did' by the dealer.
    And the funnier thing is THE MUD GUARDS they charged me 199 dollars for was already included in 'extra mile option package A'!! According to the prices they put at the bottom of every page, extra mile option package A was added before another mud guards got on there.
    I called my dealer and he was still believing my car had cruise control, and when I mentioned mud guard problem he wanted me to come in and have a talk with someone who was authorized to give me any kind of answers.

    Problem 1) I wanted 'cruise control' on my car, and they sold me one without it.

    Problem 2) They double charged me for the stupid mudguards.

    Any advice? Has anybody had any problem like this after purchasing a car?
  • Hi,

    As stated last month, I purchased a 2007 LE with all the airbag options and ABS. No problems. In fact I just purchased the mud guards on e-bay from a Toyota dealer in Florida for $25.00 after shipping fees. I think that you should try to get the money back from the rip-off mud guard charge.
  • I just bought my first car. It's a Toyota Corolla 1995 with automatic transmission.
    It has 107,000 milles on it. Very clean. Seems to run well.
    My questions are... How reliable is it? Did I make a good choise?
    I would appreciate receiving some comments about the Corolla, especially that year if possible. I don't know to much about cars and it's my first one and I'm a bit scared.
  • I was looking for Toyota Corolla S and this is the best offer I got right now. Should I buy it or let it go?

    2007 Toyota Corolla S Automatic
    Silver Color
    P4 which includes crap like vehicle shield package, lusterizing sealant, sound shield, sealant cleaner, and rental car assistance.

    Price I was offered was $17,420 OTD.

    Is it a good price? Thanks for your help. :confuse:
  • fredvhfredvh Posts: 854
    After you receive those mud guards would you please e-mail me and advise how they are and how they installed on your Corolla? I have been looking at them and was just wondering how they differ from the official, genuine Toyota part that is listed in their accessories pamplet. The ones that you got are from the SE region. My e-mail is in my profile.
  • OK. I did receive them but didn't have time to install yet. The fronts are very easy according to the instructions but it says that for the back ones, a drill is needed. I'll let you know when I install them.

  • Does anyone know when the 2008 Toyota Corolla is supposed to come out. Because in my mind it is better to wait for the next generation Corolla to come out. Because the current Corolla has been out since Feb 2002.
  • I just bought a 2007 Corolla S with Sport Package, 6CD player for $16900 OTD (taxes about $1000)
    This was in the Tampa area.
    Had to wait 10 days for it, it came with the Toyota floor mats.
    I think I got a good deal.
  • I live near Charlotte, North Carolina. Yesterday, I just bought a 2007 Corolla LE with only 10 miles on it (7 miles were from my test drive). I got it for $16,552 OTD. The sticker price was $17,090.58.

    It has the VV Package 6-disc Changer w/ 6 speakers and Cruise Control. It also came with Carpet Mats and the Toyoguard Protection Group. I had them add a cargo net and cargo mat. All of this was included in the above price.

    It has a manual transmission. Exterior color is Cactus Mica with grey interior. I found that this color combo with a manual transmission was rare for the Southeastern region according to Toyota website new inventory.

    I've also read that the Cactus Mica color will not be available after December 2006. I think that I read that in the Kelly Blue Book or NADA Guide.

    Anyway, I went thru the internet and found which dealership had this particular transmission/color combo coming in. It took a while but I found one. Then I e-mailed them about the car and asked what could they offer for a deal. They stated $15,900 not including document fees, tags or title. (Around here document fees can be anywhere from $389 to $600.) Their site didn't state doc fees, so I counter offered and they came back with 15,900 including document fees. Then they wouldn't budge anymore. I had to pay cost for the cargo mat and cargo net, but with tax paid $117 for both.

    Anyway, the final break down was
    $15427.67 for vehicle and accessories (included the cargo mat and net)
    $589.50 for Doc Fees/Dealer Handling Administration
    $462.83 Sales Tax
    $72.00 for Tags & Title

    I'm happy with it all because I've always wanted a green car and a stick shift was a must have for me. I would have settled for a silver Corolla, but really wanted the green. I would have gotten a 2006 Corolla but all that are left on the lots around my area are automatics.

    My first bought and previous car was a 91 Mazda 323 HB metallic blue that I've had since 1991 (191,000 miles). It is a manual. I wanted a green car back then too. I figure that I'll keep the Corolla for a good long while. Every time I look at my "green" car with the gray interior, I get this smile on my face.

    I knew the price was above invoice and TMV according to Edmunds. Kelly Blue Book TMV had it about $15,900 though. I would have haggle more. However with the car being new and just come in on the lot, I didn't want my "catch" to get away. I bought it on the 29th, the day before it was suppose to be available on the lot (it was on the lot the 29th though) according to the Toyota new inventory info on the web.

    I didn't get any of the packages that the Toyota finance department offered. I went with my credit union on financing. Anyway I'm happy and content. :shades:
  • let me preface this by saying i ordered, and will receive in a week a 2007 camry that i special ordered.

    I ordered the car Aug 10th, and next week will be the week of Aug 9th. So in my research and talking with the dealer and other camry special order customers, i would say 2-3 months would probably be a good guess.

    I have had a good expereince with my order, except for having to go into the dealer myself to check it's status 3 weeks after ordering (you think they would just call to give me an update at that point). A month after I ordered, early Sept, they gave me the date they would receive it, and have just confirmed we are still on schedule to receive sometime next week.

    i get the car i want, color, options, transmission, etc...and only took 2 months, nothing could be better.
  • I believe the '08 is due early summer of next year. It will probably look like the new Camry (which is sweet).

    However, two advantages of buying now: cost and engineering.

    Use the new model as a bargaining chip to buy now, i.e. when you are closing the deal, note the upcoming change and you can likely shave (at a minimum) hundreds off the sales price. Additionally, the new models are sure to go up in cost several percentage points.

    Engineering is a much lesser consideration, but still valid. A new design means working out a few kinks...even with a model that's existed in five decades. The 2007 Corolla is so refined, it's like sugar, baby.

    And... Go BEARS!
  • oandeoande Posts: 4
    Bought my Corolla CE, zero options in San Antonio for 15400 OTD. Breakdown was 14288(TMV is 14361) + TTL. Hard to find in the color I wanted(Phantom Gray) w/o options. Haggled via internet, settled on a price and set an appointment. Showed up, car was up front, took it for a test drive, signed papers, and was gone in ~70 minutes.
  • alamocityalamocity Posts: 680
    Which dealership did you go to? Was it a five speed or automatic?
  • oandeoande Posts: 4
    I went to Universal Toyota, up north. It is a 5 speed.
    I've driven 5 speed's for a long time. I may have been able to get a lower price, but I wanted that color and up here in Austin I couldn't find that combination.

    I'm happy with it. They filled it up for me on delivery and I drove back to Austin and filled it up again. 93 miles on 1.9 gallons(70-80 mph w/A/C on). That's not an extensive test, but it's a great start. Let me know if you want any more info. Good luck.
  • alamocityalamocity Posts: 680
    Thanks for the information. Did you go through the internet department? I know when I went in the salesman kept telling me I had to pay $798.00 for vehicle prep so needless to say I quickly walked out. Sounds like you had better luck than I did.
  • The best deal I've been able to get in Atlanta for a 2007 CE, automatic transmission with upgrade package and carpet mats is $16,000 out the door (7% sales tax), with the $400 college grad cash. Is anyone from Atlanta who checks this board?
  • Am planning to buy a 2007 Corolla LE with VV (6-CD audio package) + CF (Floor mats) package in BayArea. Anyone out here knows the best place to get a deal. From the comments before it seems that most of them paid around 16-17K out of the door - is 16K a good starting point to start bargaining.

  • dkarschdkarsch Posts: 72
    go to and order the packet for the corolla. Make the dealers bid against one another. Never, never walk into a dealer and make an offer as you have just set a bottom price. Based on how close a dealer is to monthly goals, you may be able to get a great deal.

    You should be able to get all your quotes from dealers without ever setting foot in a dealership. Only go in to sign the papers and take the vehicle home.

    Also, the best time to get the best deal is the last week of the month.
  • We found an AD in the New York POST. The dealership actually honored it. This is what we got:
    2007 Corolla LE (power everything but no ABS brakes).

    $14,480.00 includes destination fee +
    $1,248.90 New York taxes +
    $185.00 inspection & registration fees
    $15,971 GRAND TOTAL Out the Door

    The catch is I must finance through the dealer but there are no prepayment penalties in New York so i'll pay the whole total off in one month.
    Good luck..
    This dealership is in Inwood, NY.
  • oandeoande Posts: 4
    Yes, I went through the internet dept. Never spoke to anyone directly until I got there. Basically I checked dealers inventory and eventually found a car configured the way I wanted it(color + no options) at Universal Toyota. I made an offer at invoice, they countered with between invoice & MSRP, I countered one more time and they accepted. Made an appointment, test drove it, paid for it and left, pretty sweet. Internet/fleet manager was straight up about everything.

    I think one of the keys is to make sure the car you want is in their stock. I tried making an offer for a car that showed as "available" in another dealers inventory and they e-mailed back saying they couldn't deal on a car not in their inventory.

    Good luck, let me know how it goes.
  • beantownbeantown Posts: 228
    Yikes. Same car here in Mass would cost you $11,999 before TTL. You could have the car shipped to you and painted whatever color you want aftermarket and still save money.
  • oandeoande Posts: 4
    That's a great price, but I would have trouble buying something that expensive that I couldn't inspect before-hand. I know a new Corolla is a new Corolla but I'd be leery of the long distance transaction.

    You should buy those and bring them down and sell them, you could make a bundle!
  • i would wait for the '08, though i dont think anyone knows when it will come out. Honestly the current model is bland and if you want a more stylish model wait for the '08 or look at a honda civic.
  • Hi, Sounds like a very good deal on your LE. I went to Stevens Toyota in Huntington, NY today. After going back and forth with the price, the salesman wouldnt come down below $17,461 out-of-door for same specs LE. (I offered upto $16,500 which he turned down). Will sleep well after reading your post as I was feeling guilty that I bargained too much.
    May I know when u purchased your vehicle and what was the interest rate for the finance?
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