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Dodge Ram Owners



  • daves2daves2 Posts: 2
    I have a 1995 ram 1500 slt Ext Cab SB I have received 5 recalls for this vehicle. while i have never had a mechanical breakdown I have to wonder how well this vehicle was made. Any comments? Does anyone else have this same truck? What have your experiences been?
  • psu2002psu2002 Posts: 1
    My dad has a 97'1500 ext cab blue dodge sport,
    and he wants to get new rims on the truck,but I just wanted to get bigger tires on it, because I think that the factory rims are fine. Does anybody have any suggestions? Also, anybody know any good places to get a dual exhaust done?

  • harlanrharlanr Posts: 2
    Would like to hear some input from Dodge 2500
    owner's regarding Manual and Automatic trans,.
    Plan to order a New One but am having trouble
    deciding on Transmission. Would appreciate
    some input. Am thinking abouit exhaust brake also. Pull a 30-ft 5th wheel. Do they work good with Automatic Thanks Harlan
  • specalkspecalk Posts: 4
    I have a 96' Dodge Dakota now and want a new Ram when the lease is up in Feb. My concern is that the Dakota had the transmission replaced at 4000 miles, and had almost every motorized oart on it repaired or replaced--I am very concerned about buying another
    Dodge. Has anyone had problems or can you help me decide. I have been leaning toward Ford--I know dirty word but I paid a lot of money for the truck and want to have one that will continue to run and I acan feel safe in.

  • Ohhhhhhh we bought a Dodge 98 quad cab 1500 4x4 with the auto 318. We bought it in May of 98 , today August the 4th is the 6th trip for it to the shop. The parts are not all in therefore it will be going back when they arrive.
    Did I mention that 6 days from the show room floor it spun a rod and threw a bearing and we had to "FIGHT" with "Crysler" (my new spelling) to get a crate motor instead of a rebuilt motor. Did I mention the fact that we have owned the vehicle less than 90 days it has been towed twice and in the shop for 30 days of that? All but 5 of the days were consecutive.
    I will still say that is the most "prettiest" truck, ~grin~ even when getting towed. The performance has been a constant bother and harder to care and maintain than a new born infant. The "Crysler" customer care one.... is so useless !!!!
  • specalkspecalk Posts: 4
    This is all so sad. Because we all bought those big bold beautiful trucks, that turned into crap. I was looking at a Ram when I bought the Dakota, and fought with my husband about what I had to buy, and ended up with my lemon. Our joke was that all lemons are green before they turned yellow, and mine is the prettiest lemon yellow-emerald green you have ever seen. This was my dream truck because it has all of the bells and whistles.
    I want another but am so afraid because the story from sweet pea3 is like being there all over again, I have fought with the dealership and crysler for so long, I just hope that Feb gets here quick. But I am going to look at the Fords before winter.

    I did drive the 5 speed Dakota and had a hard time with the ratio kept missing third, gears very tight. But it was only a six and I had a hard time getting use to not having the power after driving a eight cyl.

    Good luck to all , I will keep checking and let you know what happens.
  • I here ya specalk. We purchased a 1996 Ram 1500
    club cab shortbox 4x4 two years ago.We have had much the same experience. It's powered by a 360
    V-8. The engine is terribly underpowered for its size. Gas mileage is acceptable though. We get about 17.5 miles to the imperial gallon. We live up here in Canada where the weather can get really nasty and another problem we have encountered is that at temperatures colder than -22 degrees C. the overdrive is locked out. If you have no overdrive you can imagine how fast the fuel guage drops!!! The dealership where we bought the truck told us to cover up the front end which we did. Still no overdrive. ITS ALMOST AS IF DODGE NEVER TEST DROVE THESE TRUCKS IN COLD WEATHER!! But you know what? I'd buy another one in a minute. This is the prettiest truck in the history of the automobile. Actually we just ordered a 1999 Ram 2500 Qaud cab shortbox 4x4 with the Cummins deisel. Deep Amethyst pearl coat. Can't wait to start dolling her up. This one will be a masterpeice when I'm done with it. I know what you're thinkin. WHAT AN IDIOT!!!!!! and the sad fact of the matter is that you're absolutely right, but I got the Dodge disease and am powerless to stop myself and specalk don't buy a Ford please. they are the UGLYEST (SP) TRUCKS THAT I HAVE EVER LAID EYES ON!!
  • shawn5shawn5 Posts: 5
  • I'd like to hear from anyone who has a Ram quad cab and a family of four, including a baby. How does it do with child restraint seats in the back seat? Will people be comfortable riding back there on long trips? This is my first x-tra cab so I'm not familiar with them that well. I don't pick the truck up till Saturday so now is the time to find out any faults!
  • I agree Shawn5 that the Dodge Rams are "THE TRUCKS". What I found most peculiar is the Edmonds "Most popular list" The Ram pickups rank only 13th in the popularity contest. I'm wondering if their gutless useless powertrains with the gas engines have caught up with them???
    Supercel34 that is one of the nicest features about these Ram club cabs/quad cabs is the interior room. They advertise it as the most interior room of any pickup truck in the world and they aren't lyin!!! Our club cab while having incredible amounts of room is not the greatest to get in and out of in the back but I'm sure that the Quad cab will solve that problem completely
  • BrutusBrutus Posts: 1,113
    With the exception of the Cummins and possibly the exterior design, I think people would certainly argue that the Ford F-Series is still the measuring stick for the pickup market.

    As for roominess, I believe the Superduty cab is the largest in it's class.

    I'm assuming that you are figuring you got a lemon tranny since you've decided to buy another Dodge. Certainly you wouldn't buy another truck if you knew that you would still not be able to use overdrive in cold weather. Although I've heard of numerous Dodge tranny problems, the cold weather one is new. Hopefully, it was a fluke. Dodge quality is improving every year.

    That reminds of a bumper sticker that became very popular in Alaska. Each March, they have an 1,100 mile sled dog race from Anchorage to Nome called the Iditarod. In the 1980s, a lady named Susan Butcher started dominating the race. Prior to her, almost all of the races had been won by male mushers. With four victories under her belt, she was on her way to a record fifth win. At that time, she was tied with musher Rick Swenson, who also had four wins. With only a 100 or so miles to go, she clearly had the fastest team. However, a big storm blew in and she decided to wait it out. After several hours, other mushers started showing up at the checkpoint she had been resting at, waiting out the storm. The other mushers also decided to wait out the storm, that is, all the mushers but Rick Swenson and one other guy. They took off into the whiteout conditions, where they might lose the trail, end up having to make camp somewhere in the storm, and finish well behind the mushers waiting out the storm. As luck (and years of experience racing the Iditarod) would have it, they didn't get lost, and Rick Swenson won the race. The bumper sticker that appeared after that race said, "Alaska: Where men are men and women win the Iditarod when the weather is good." If that cold weather Dodge tranny story turns out not to be a fluke, it might not be too long until you see Ford trucks with similar bumper stickers, maybe along the lines of: "Alaska: where Fords are real trucks and Dodges run when the weather is good."

    I say this all in good humor. The Dodges are good trucks. Their recurring tranny problems are puzzling though.
  • No Brutus the overdrive problems in cold weather was no fluke. My personal truck a 96, my company truck a 97 and virtually every Ram pickup that Renaissance Energy leased had the same problem. I know it sounds insane but its true. The Dodge dealer told me that there are two overdrive lockouts on these pickups. One that actually senses tranny fluid temperature and another that senses the ambient temperature in the engine compartment. Either one will lock out the overdrive to prevent damage to the transmission. Like I said even with the Lund solid grill and bumper inserts no overdrive at temps colder that -22 degrees C. From my vantage point one thing that contributes greatly to the problem is the size of the tranny cooler that they have hung in front of the rad. I'm sure you've probably noticed if you've ever had the hood up on a Ram pickup. The thing is HUGE. While this may be great for summer towing she don't seem to work worth a *&^% in the winter. It just seems crazy to me that this flaw would not have been picked up in testing!! We are hoping with the new pickup being powered by the Cummin powerplant that

    A. the fact that the Deisel probably runs quite a bit hotter that the gas V-8 may help. and

    B. It may be a totally different transmission and cooler design

    If we had not ordered the Deisel package we would not be selling the Dodge pickup we currently have, tranny problems and all. NUTS EH?? I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder and Dodge has got me right where it wants me I'm afraid to say. You sound like you own a Ford F-150 Brutus. If you and all the Chevy guys wanted to argue about the virtues of your respective gas engine power trains I'm afraid I'd have to sit here and take it because you'd all be absolutely right. I've never driven a Ford but have driven the Chev 350's all my life and they in my opinion are fantastic. BBBBBUUUUTTTTT
    if this Cummins drive train is as good as everybody's been saying then I think I'll HAVE IT ALL.

  • BrutusBrutus Posts: 1,113

    I don't own a F-150. A few weeks ago I sold my truck. It was a 1992 F-250 5.8L 4x4 Lariat regular cab that I bought new in Alaska. It had 86,000 miles on it and I had no complaints. I have a new truck on order. It's a 99 F-350 Superduty Supercab 4x4 Lariat V-10 dually with all the bells and whistles. I put a downpayment on a big truck camper, which is why I needed the duallys. I'd exceed the GVWR with a single rear wheel truck with the camper on. I'm headed back to Anchorage early next year. What part of Canada do you live in?
  • Anyone else been thoroughly dissatisfied with the life of the rotors and drums on the 2500? I bought a 95 SLT LB, with auto and V10, to, believe it or not, run up and down the highway. No towing, no big loads, no stop and go. The front rotors warped at 14K, replaced by dealer. They warped again at 25K, one had a sticking caliper, and, along with rear drums, were replaced, all four wheels. I took it in at 42k, as the familiar brake pulsing had started at about 38K, and tried to argue that this is not acceptable component life, and that Dodge should fix it. I also have the extended warranty from Dodge, which does not cover brakes either, and the dealer balked at fixing it this time. Service mgr said "you've had the truck for 42K miles. When do you think you should have to start paying for brake work?" I replied, "when the brakes last more than 12K miles in hi way driving" What if I was towing a trailer? Anyway, called the main Chrysler 1 800 number, talked to an arrogant man who kept interrupting me, and learned that they, too, would not back up their brake system. I've never even gotten 1/4 wear from a set of pads. I'm ready to chuck the truck and buy a Ford. Anyone else had this problem?????
  • Brutus

    Congrats on ordering the new Ford! I'm sure you'll be delighted with it. What size is the Ford V-10??
    Are you headed back to Alaska permanently?
    The town I call home is Brooks, Alberta. Population about 10,000. Mostly oil and gas, meat packing and agriculture around here.
  • BrutusBrutus Posts: 1,113
    The V-10 is a 6.8L. It's rated at 275hp and 410 lb-ft of torque. The Dodge V-10 is a 8.0L rated at 300hp and 440 lb-ft of torque. The two engines are quite different. The Ford appears to be more efficient, smoother and gets better mpg. A recent test showed that when empty, the engines were equal. Towing a 4,000 lb boat, the Ford easily outperformed the Dodge in acceleration. However, I've also seen tests that show that the Dodge is better able to maintain highway speeds of 75mph with a load. I suspect that the heavier the load, the more important the larger displacement of the Dodge matters. On the other hand, the best mpg will be achieved around 55-60mph. The trade-off of going 75mph with a load might not be beneficial. Both engines appear to have their advantages.

    I will be moving back to Anchorage permanently. I've spent about 18 years up there total. My job transferred me out of Anchorage in March of 1993. I recently turned down a career job with my company in North Dakota. I also told them that I would not extend my contract for another full year. My contract is up at the end of the year. I told them I would consider a 3-6 month extension, but I suspect it will be a full year or none at all. Chances are that I will be headed back in January.
  • mcdcmcdc Posts: 6
    I have never owned a Chrysler, never will, but I know many people that have because they "look good". here are some reasons not to buy ANY Chrysler. My girlfriend had a 1990 Dodge Shadow at 90K it had a blown head gasket, at 100K it had a blown head gasket and ran horrible. She traded it for a 90 Probe, runs great 100K and still no problems. Her Father has a '92 Shadow, Blown head Gasket, worn bearings less than 100K. 3 of her clients had minivans all were nothing but trouble. Needles to say they all either have a Ford or Honda. A co-worker of mine had an Avenger, he had it 3 months and it was in the shop more than he could drive it. He traded it for a '98 Dodge Ram 1500. He has had it in 2 times for an oil leak, had the transmision replaced (starting to go again) and has had all the brakes, and parts replaced. And the final reason I do not recommend a Chrysler, my best friends Dad works at a Chrysler engine plant. He said he was switching jobs to welding engines blocks. He was asked what needs welded he told us the blocks are all cracked when they come out of the mold and they need to be welded back together. He thought this was normal. He also told this to a Ford mechanic who said it is not normal for Ford, GM, Honda, Etc.
  • Well, I had swore I would never buy another American-made motor vehicle. But if you want a big truck, there's no other game in town. I am now strongly looking at the new Toyota V8, which is due next Spring. Except for this Ram, I've owned nothing but foreign since 1981, and NEVER had any problems like this. What is it, do American buyers just think it's normal to have to put their cars/trucks in the shop every few months? My mom got a lemon LTD, which she finally unloaded. I've owned Toyota, BMW, Isuzu, Mazda, and Volvo, which all were fantastically reliable.
    In addition to the brakes, and a half dozen recalls, this Ram has had two fuel pumps, under warranty, put in under 30K. There was a bad valve which let gas go back into the tank, which caused hard starting. The mechanic told me that Dodge knew about the problem when they pulled the tank to fix it the first time, but "that was the only part available to put in" They later changed manufacturers and the thing has held, so far. But with this kind of quality control on the surface, how much is lurking beneath, waiting for warranties to expire?

    I wonder if Ford trucks are this bad, too? Time to check out their forum. But Toyota is looking awfully good, right now.

  • Hello this is me again, with the Bell and Whistle dream Dodge Quad we had so long wanted. Guess what, since Aug the 4th is has been in the shop 2 more times. Called today to get it in the shop, NO A/C .... except when going down hill. etc.... I was told that if we were going to try to lemon law or seek legal advise, they did not want to fix it unless it was a MAJOR PROBLEM.
    Infact when I reached "CRYsler corp. on the phone the nice man asked to speak to my husband. As far as I can see our dodge is BEAUTIFUL, on the tow truck, on the roll back and in the garage.
    If in fact this is unusual with this truck I would except better service, and at this point a replacement vehicle !!! The almost 4,000 miles have been NOTHING BUT A HASSLE !!!!!
    If anyone who reads this has any ideas for the "NICE MAN" at "CRYsler", or whom I should speak with.. I am all ears.
  • lvollerlvoller Posts: 1
    Oh Gee! After reading the latest comments about the Ram truck I'm starting to wonder about what I may be in store for when my new 1999 arrives. I have heard nothing but good comments about this truck from people who own them.
  • In light of all the negative comments in here lately, I'd like to give some on the positive side. I picked up my special ordered Ram Quad cab 1500 4x4 in May, and it has not been in the shop for anything. I have about 4,000 miles on it now, and although I haven't towed anything, I've had a number of heavy loads in the bed.
    The truck is great! No problems with the transmission, or brakes, or anything else at this point. I know, only 4000 miles, but the impression I get by reading some of these posts is that the trucks fall apart after leaving the lot. If I *had* to come up with something negative to say, it would be the 14mpg I get, and that the front end alignment seems a little off.
    I don't regret my decision to get a Dodge at all.
  • barbellbarbell Posts: 15
    Not to be picky or anything, but the word is spelled DIESEL. Many years of looking for truckstop fuel prices, I have seen the word in print long enough to know how it is spelled. That is not intended as a putdown, as many people just never have reason to look at that word. Chrysler has had brake problems for years. I can remember many times pulling off the highway to look for a hose to cool down a front wheel that had a dragging brake shoe or pad because the factory plastic pistons had swelled and would not release completely. Once the piston was replaced with aftermarket steel, no problems. As for engines, I owned a Chevy 350 4 barrel in a 3/4 ton 4x4 and a Dodge 360 2 barrel in a 1/2 ton 2x4 w/anti-spin diff at the same time. The Chevy would go more places pulling more simply because it put power to the ground through three wheels. The Dodge had more engine power such as pulling six and seven ton fertilizer carts and 300 bushel grain wagons on the highway. The Chevy worked better in off-road conditions simply because it was four wheel drive. I have pulled dead tractors to start them with the disc in the ground with the Chevy. My choice between the two engines would be very simple, however: Nothing but Dodge.
  • barbellbarbell Posts: 15
    I should mention that, aside from the brake problems mentioned, I never had any problem with premature wear on brakes even though the trailers I pulled had no brakes and weighed up to 20,000# or more. I just did a lot of planning ahead. By the way, the Statute of Limitations has already run on my trangressions. I know I was overloaded and underpowered but don't tell the Dodge that.
  • mharde2mharde2 Posts: 278
    i have a 98 2500 Ouad Cab Turbo Diesel 3.55 auto. I have almost 10,000 miles on it 6,000 of that towing a 5th wheel. I get 13-14 towing 65-70 15-16 in town and 20-21 hwy 70mph. The more I drive it the better it runs. No problems so far. GREAT TRUCK!
  • sunny24sunny24 Posts: 2
    I have a 98 Quad Cab 4x4 24v Turbo Diesel 5spd & it has spent 26 days in the shop since March 25th. The most recent was on the way to Ca. A fuel line broke outside of Las Vegas & had to leave it there for repairs & drive a rental to L.A. It was a bad way to start a vacation, but in all fairness to Chrysler, I have to say they have stood behind their product.After the truck was repaired, they put it on a flatbed & delivered it to our hotel in L.A. All of the problems started with a bad fuel transfer pump,which the dealer couldn't diagnose, & after 16 days had to call in a zone tech from Chrysler. The bad fuel line was caused from the dealer when they installed the fuel transfer pump back in April.Chrysler has done alot of extra things for us throughout this whole ordeal.It has 8000 miles on it now & is running great. I drive it to work everyday, all highway,averaging 20mpg.
    I would also suggest to sweetpea if you aren't having any luck on the Chrysler 800#, ask the rep to forward your problem to the Chrysler regional office in your area. That's what I did back in April when the dealer already worked on it a week replaced 4 different things & wasn't even close to a solution.Also would suggest trying a different dealer for service - I have done that & has been a major improvement.
  • ramman1ramman1 Posts: 2
    I own a "98 dodge sst and absolutely love it.
    No problems to speak of here. Ever since "94, all I wanted was a ram. Never did I look at any other american truck-[non-permissible content removed] trucks are out of the question. It is truly unfortunate to hear of all the problems with the transmissions-I do feel for you all. So far, nothing has cropped up(fingers crossed). I realize this is a ram site but I do also own a '91 jeep renegade with 110,000 miles on it and so far I have had no major problem to report-it has been the best vehicle I've ever owned. Yes, I've had my share of [non-permissible content removed] cars/trucks. Truth be known, I like it better than the ram(sentimental). Back to the ram; I do agree the transmission shifts alot with the o/d and lockout torque converter but I feel this is a trade off for gas mileage. The sst is fully loaded with over 6,000 miles on the odometer, I do not regret my buying decision. Good luck all you ram owners, take care of your trucks and they might take care of you.
  • 606zp606zp Posts: 57
    I have a 90 and 98 2500 reg cab turbo diesel auto.
    78k on the 90 and 4k on the 98. Have had good luck with both. The 98 is a neat truck. Fun to drive. Didn't trade the 90 for the 98, anybody want'a buy a truck?

    Wow, mharde2, 10k miles already. When do you find time to play on the computer? I think I'm getting the same fuel milage.
  • mharde2mharde2 Posts: 278
    Hi Ron, Over 6,000 of those miles where driven on 3 trips with the 5th wheel. Big Bend Nat Park, Gulf Shores Alabama, and Evansville Indiana. Each was around 2,000 miles each. The one to Indiana I took my 2 daughters, and 3 grandaughters.(8mo. 2yr and 5yr old)I thought it was going to be the trip from hell, but it turned out great. They where all little angels. Even the daughters. No...I also took my car for the 2 little ones and their moms. I'm not that crazy.:)
    So far I love the truck...Headed for Divide Co. with the camper in two weeks. I guess I will find out if I need one of those exhaust brakes then.
  • Thanx to Brutus for the Happy Campers url on the Ram brake problem. Looks like this problem was worse with 95 model trucks, and gradually was fixed; some people just bought after market calipers. I guess I don't understand why Dodge won't just replace the parts in my brake system with the latest, more reliable parts. (probably the calipers not releasing completely is causing the front rotors to warp, not sure about the rears). As a matter of fact, I don't understand why they have continued to replace bad parts with bad parts, like they did with the two fuel pumps they replaced. The mentality seemed to be (when I was inside warranty), "what the hey, we'll just replace it, no worry about how much it costs Dodge. Oh, fuel pump out again, no problem, we'll just drop the gas tank and slide in another. Oh that one's bad too, yeah, we had problems with that manufacturer, but now we have a new one." Etc.

    Now that the truck is past 36K, the attitude is:"Hey, we've given you lots of warranty work for free (they don't count the dozens of hours I spent), now it's YOUR TURN! You pay for our poor quality parts, and then pay for them again, and again. Why not fix the thing right the first time?

    There is a great lacking of a Quality orientation at Dodge trucks, and perhaps Chrysler, in general, from what I've seen. There is also an ethical concern, as they won't stand behind their product when they can charge your wallet.

    I'll not buy anything else from Chrysler motors.
  • kip3kip3 Posts: 20
    I own a 96 ram with 5.9 engine, sb,reg cab. Everything works great except that at speeds between 45 and 55 (hardly noticeable at 60)just after the torque convertor locks, it feels like the engine is misfiring slightly or convertor isn't totaly locked. Its very noticable on mild grade hills. It goes away momentarily if I touch the break and unlock the convertor even while accelerating.It is then ok until the TQ. locks again. Same thing when the od. is locked out. The dealer replaced the Wranglers with Michilins, checked the computer for errors etc.. Anybody else having this problem. Anybody got any "fix" ideas! Does the engine get signals to run leaner or the timing do something different when the TQ locks?

    Has anyone installed any of the speed goodies such as computor chip,k+n filter asm.,cat back duals. Thx kip
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