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Tacoma 4x4 or T100 4x4



  • jholcjholc Posts: 25
    5 speed. I would not want an automatic on those trails.
  • GischpelGischpel Posts: 133

    I have a 98 Tacoma Extra Cab 4x4, 4 cylinder, 5 speed and am really pleased. I also get around 25 mpg at 70 mph on the highway and 20-22 mpg in a city/highway mix.

    The 98's add dual airbags with side passenger cutoff switch and side-impact door beams. Other than that, I think the different year models are virtually the same.
  • pschiesspschiess Posts: 3
    I have a "95 T-100 extended cab SR-5 that has an Automatic. it has been a good vehicle but not what i expected from a Toyota. Every time I back my "jet skis" into the lake and let the truck sit in my garage for more than 24 hours the rear brakes rust to the drums and they need to be replaced. Dealer does it under warranty and says I abuse the truck. I only have 16,000 miles on it and it is in perfect condition. Anyone else have this type of problem? Any suggestions?
  • MotormouthMotormouth Posts: 99
    My guess is that it's not all that far from the place where you launch your jetski to your garage. The brakes, therefore, aren't getting a chance to dry out.

    Perhaps if you take a drive out onto a freeway for a bit of highway speed to blow-dry the brakes.

    Another recommendation: Don't be so quick to put your truck back into the garage when you know the brakes are wet from launching.

    Either that, or get a trailer...
  • BrutusBrutus Posts: 1,113
    Maybe Toyota trucks are not suppose to get wet.
  • ChrisLyChrisLy Posts: 3
    You really shouldn't even get it wet when you're launching.

  • pschiesspschiess Posts: 3
    Interesting comments regarding the wet & rusted brakes on my T-100 but in reply yes I have a trailer and there is no way to launch the jet skiis without at least some splash coming up on the wheels. Same thing happens in wet weather. I happened to have the original brochure from when i bought the truck and it shows it getting wet. I don't think I should have to go drive around to dry out the brakes on the truck when i have never had to on a Ford or Chevy. The arbitrator agreed. I was just curious if any other Toy truck owner has had the same problem. The brake shoes always look like new so i am guessing it is the brake drums.
  • I have a 1994 Toyota 4x2, with the 22RE 2.4L 4cyl 5speed, and have had no problems with it.

    I've owned other brands of vehicle - a 1971 Dodge Demon, a 1989 Dodge D50, a 1990 Chrysler LeBaron, a 1989 Nissan Sentra, and a 1995 Kia Sportage 4x4 - and I will probably never buy another brand of vehicle.

    I've abused my Toyota, and aside from a little shaking at 90mph, it still takes it. Other than regular maintenance, its never been in the shop for repairs. IMHO, Toyota is the best manufacturer out there.

    My only regret is not getting a 4x4 when my wife suggested it.

    Just my $.02
  • airdamairdam Posts: 3
    I had a 95 T-100 SR5 4WD with everything. Loved it . Bought it new in Feb 96 - got a great deal- but ended trading it in in Nov 97. It was a great truck, very high quality, and no problems. The biggest reason for letting it go was that like all Toyota trucks, it had a terrible ride quality on the freeway. It just bumps you around to death.I even changed the shocks to softer aftermarkets. The ride just got worse. Couldn't take it anymore so I traded it in before I lost too much more value. Wish Toyota would build trucks that rode like their Sienas or Avalons. Then at least I could drive it to Tahoe without getting beat up.
  • pschiesspschiess Posts: 3
    Where did you trade in your T-100? How much did they give you for it? How many miles on it? I agree the ride is too harsh. I blame it on the overly strong rear leaf springs. They make it so the marketing people can tell the world the truck can haul like a domestic.
  • smismi Posts: 13
    Do you have a T-100?
  • smismi Posts: 13
    oops! I just read above and see that you do. Was the ride quality realy that bad?
  • zatar02zatar02 Posts: 2
    I have only put 1500mi on my 98 Tacoma Limited V6,
    evergreen, alloy wheels, 265 tires, ABS, Cruise, Sport Seats, Xcab, 5 speed. It's the funnest vehicle I've ever owned. I really love it. I will keep this board posted as time goes on in owning this great ride. I'm only getting 21 mpg on the Hwy. Also this is my first truck to own and I've been driving an automatic for the past 10 years. It bothers me that I can't seem to find the perfect shift that has the gear box and engine at near the same rpm. Also any advice from other Tacoma owners on how to care for this vehicle or what to watch out for, would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  • tistevetisteve Posts: 142
    I have owned (leased) a '97 Tacoma 4x4 LX extra cab for a year now(20K later) and I love it! I could only afford the 5-speed, 4 cylinder, but have no regrets. The engine has an impressive amount of power for a four, it often spins the rear wheel when accelerating. The only problem was a faulty speedometer cable that the dealer replaced without question. About the ride complaints (maybe that was just T100's), I used to own a Suzuki Samarai and my Tacoma feels like a limo compared to the Suzuki. I think it is the most car-like truck I've ever driven. I'm looking foward to turning it back in for a new one in 2000!
  • sato8sato8 Posts: 7
    I have a Dodge ram 1500 quad 4x4 and two of my closest friends have tacomas one with a 97 the other a 98. both of them were trying to convince me to buy a tacoma or t-100 4x4.But being stubborn and a believer in american trucks,I opted for the dodge and have no regrets. now both my friends want to purchase anew dodge the one with the 97 tacoma just traded his in for a ram 1500. the other friend wants to do the same but cannot afford the lost both consider toyota quality has gone down. my sister has a 90 4 runner and think its a piece of underpower junk (v6) she bought it new..

    just my 2 cents
  • sunsetsunset Posts: 3
    Will Toyota come out with a 3 or 4 door Extended cab Tacoma or T100 in 99????????
  • smismi Posts: 13

    The new Toyota T-150 will have four doors on the extended cab. See the T-150 topic.
  • tluketluke Posts: 52
    I am considering the purchase of a regular cab Tacoma 4x4. I was surprised to see that it is not offered with the 3.4 V6. I'm sure that it was offered at one time but for some reason it is currently not. I will probably wait for the '99.
    The dealer said that they will not be out until the end of the calendar year. I know the domestic '99's are coming out, with most available within the month. Does anyone know if it's true about the late arrival of the '99 Toyota trucks or is it like I suspect that he is only pushing me to buy a '98.
  • zatar02zatar02 Posts: 2
    As promised here's another post: still early, only aprox 2.5k now, but the truck is still fun. I waded into a mt stream with it to collect some creek rocks. I tell you that truck is gutsy. It pushed itself up the bank and unto the road, dripping water, like a bear. You've gota love that V6 power. By the way, pack your gear and come to NC and hike. Its awesome. Tacoma 4x4 Limited 98. Later.
  • roymroym Posts: 8
    not too many positive remarks about the t-100. i just bought one and i want to think that i did the right thing. i now own a '96 4x4 t-100 with 24,500miles. anyone out there have positive remarks re: the t-100???
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