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Tacoma 4x4 or T100 4x4



  • smismi Posts: 13
    Do you have a T-100?
  • smismi Posts: 13
    oops! I just read above and see that you do. Was the ride quality realy that bad?
  • zatar02zatar02 Posts: 2
    I have only put 1500mi on my 98 Tacoma Limited V6,
    evergreen, alloy wheels, 265 tires, ABS, Cruise, Sport Seats, Xcab, 5 speed. It's the funnest vehicle I've ever owned. I really love it. I will keep this board posted as time goes on in owning this great ride. I'm only getting 21 mpg on the Hwy. Also this is my first truck to own and I've been driving an automatic for the past 10 years. It bothers me that I can't seem to find the perfect shift that has the gear box and engine at near the same rpm. Also any advice from other Tacoma owners on how to care for this vehicle or what to watch out for, would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  • tistevetisteve Posts: 142
    I have owned (leased) a '97 Tacoma 4x4 LX extra cab for a year now(20K later) and I love it! I could only afford the 5-speed, 4 cylinder, but have no regrets. The engine has an impressive amount of power for a four, it often spins the rear wheel when accelerating. The only problem was a faulty speedometer cable that the dealer replaced without question. About the ride complaints (maybe that was just T100's), I used to own a Suzuki Samarai and my Tacoma feels like a limo compared to the Suzuki. I think it is the most car-like truck I've ever driven. I'm looking foward to turning it back in for a new one in 2000!
  • sato8sato8 Posts: 7
    I have a Dodge ram 1500 quad 4x4 and two of my closest friends have tacomas one with a 97 the other a 98. both of them were trying to convince me to buy a tacoma or t-100 4x4.But being stubborn and a believer in american trucks,I opted for the dodge and have no regrets. now both my friends want to purchase anew dodge the one with the 97 tacoma just traded his in for a ram 1500. the other friend wants to do the same but cannot afford the lost both consider toyota quality has gone down. my sister has a 90 4 runner and think its a piece of underpower junk (v6) she bought it new..

    just my 2 cents
  • sunsetsunset Posts: 3
    Will Toyota come out with a 3 or 4 door Extended cab Tacoma or T100 in 99????????
  • smismi Posts: 13

    The new Toyota T-150 will have four doors on the extended cab. See the T-150 topic.
  • tluketluke Posts: 52
    I am considering the purchase of a regular cab Tacoma 4x4. I was surprised to see that it is not offered with the 3.4 V6. I'm sure that it was offered at one time but for some reason it is currently not. I will probably wait for the '99.
    The dealer said that they will not be out until the end of the calendar year. I know the domestic '99's are coming out, with most available within the month. Does anyone know if it's true about the late arrival of the '99 Toyota trucks or is it like I suspect that he is only pushing me to buy a '98.
  • zatar02zatar02 Posts: 2
    As promised here's another post: still early, only aprox 2.5k now, but the truck is still fun. I waded into a mt stream with it to collect some creek rocks. I tell you that truck is gutsy. It pushed itself up the bank and unto the road, dripping water, like a bear. You've gota love that V6 power. By the way, pack your gear and come to NC and hike. Its awesome. Tacoma 4x4 Limited 98. Later.
  • roymroym Posts: 8
    not too many positive remarks about the t-100. i just bought one and i want to think that i did the right thing. i now own a '96 4x4 t-100 with 24,500miles. anyone out there have positive remarks re: the t-100???
  • dyoderdyoder Posts: 1
    I've got a '96 t-100 4X4 and absolutely love it. I've talked to several similar owners when I run into them and every owner has loved this truck. I'd turn around and buy another.
  • roymroym Posts: 8
    thx dyoder for the words of encouragement on your t-100. what year and mileage is your truck?? i've had mind about two weeks now and each day i feel more and more exhilirated about this being the perfect truck for me and my family (size, power, etc).
  • roymroym Posts: 8
    anyone out there have any problems with a high-pitched whine when accelerating their t-100. i've noticed a whine and someone from an archived topic said that they dealer told them that it was caused by the airbox and was inherent to the t-100 and shouldn't be a problem. just curious if anyone else out there is noticing the same problem and, if so, is it affecting the operation of your truck or is it just a mild nuisance that you can live with. i've had my t-100 for two weeks now and love it except for that sound.
  • oscar21oscar21 Posts: 1
    hello everyone, i am ready to buy a tacoma 4wd.
    the only concern i have is the 3.4l v-6 and its history of blowing head gaskets. i am told by toyota reps that it has been rectified, but have heard of a '97 4runner blowing its gasket. i know of the great powertrain warranty, but am still worried about it. any v-6 owners have any trouble? any reason not to get tacoma???
    i appreciate your input.
  • jholcjholc Posts: 25
    I love my 97 Tacoma 4x4 V6 but the dealer did discover the headgasket problem when I took it in for the 15,000 mile service. They fixed it under warranty. I never noticed any problems, the dealer caught it. However, that would not sway me from buying the vehicle. I love it. I imagine the 98's don't have the problem. Toyota should get tired of paying the dealers to fix it. I don't think you could go wrong with buying one. Your wallet will hurt for awhile but their resale holds up.
  • ZR2oraTRDZR2oraTRD Posts: 1
    I am crossed. I am looking to buy a new truck in the spring of 1999. I have lowered my choices down to 2. The Chevy S10 ZR2 or a Tacoma TRD. Could some of the current Toyota owners throw me some opinions? I am also curious about your gas mileage.
  • GischpelGischpel Posts: 133
    I have 1998 4x4 extended cab with the 4 cylinder and not the big wheels and tires like the TRD. I get 20-21 mpg in a mix of town/highway and 24-25 on the highway at 65-70 mph. As stated before and elsewhere. I love the truck. It's only shortcoming in my mind is a third/fourth door option.
  • jholcjholc Posts: 25
    My 4x4 Tacoma with the big tires and V6 gets about 22 with a mix of town and hwy. I've gotten up to 24 on mostly hwy 65-75mph. I really don't know much about the Chevy although it seems similarly styled. Both trucks seem to sit about the same height with the big tires.
  • JDIAZJDIAZ Posts: 23
    I bought a 98 T100 4x4 k-cab. I really like it.
    About the only complaint that I have is that the
    seat belts don't always retract, other than that
    it's a great truck. Then again I only have 5,000
    miles, so we'll just have wait a while.

    Roym...... there was someone else in this forum who had a similar problem.

  • airdamairdam Posts: 3
    On the 95 T-100 4x4 Extracab V-6 I had as well, the seat belt didn't retract as well. Minor annoyance but otherwise it was a great truck. I traded it in because it was too uncomfortable. I hope that the T-150 is more comfortable. I will then buy another but not until Toyota figures out the suspension quality. I have read in Edmunds that the most comfortable truck on the market right now in the Ford F-150. But I'll wait for Toyota to soften their springs. Can't get Toyota quality in a Ford. By the way for pschiess, I traded my 95 T-100 in Nov '97 at a Toyota dealer with 23,000 miles on it. They gave me $18.000 towards a 98 Avalon XLS. Lost about $7k on the T-100 but it was worth it to get rid of the bouncing bronco and into a luxury car. Looking now for a used pick up just for hauling stuff, not for commuting.

    P.S. Are Tacoma 2x4s as bouncy or are they more comfortable?
  • 83008300 Posts: 4
    Looking to buy sometime in near future 7-28 to 8-14-98 a truck 1. can buy a toy 1995 asking price 17,500 4wd ext. cab V-6 auto. 2 dodge daktoa V-6 ext. cab 1998 4wd sport. Looking for reasons to the insanity.
  • GAleoGAleo Posts: 2
    I currently own a 95 Tacoma with 33,000 miles on it- Xtra-cab-4X4- solid truck- Only issue is- They ride like trucks- hard- Good if that's what you like- I happen to like that- I am trading it in because my family is expanding
  • JDIAZJDIAZ Posts: 23

    About the my 98 rides really smooth.
    My buddy drives a 96 Z71 and that rides like a dump truck. I'm sure the new T15o will have a rough ride because they want to compete with the big 3......who knows why

  • GischpelGischpel Posts: 133
    You said "a toy 1995 asking price 17,500 4wd ext. cab V-6 auto". Knowing where you live may affect the price, but $17,500 seems high for a '95.

    A 1998 with the same could be yours for about $20,000 in this area. I paid $18,300 for my 1998 SR5 4x4 Ext. Cab with 4 cyl and 5 speed. Add $700 for the V6 and $1000 for the auto and you get $20K.
  • hendythendyt Posts: 3
    Hi All. I'm looking at replacing my current truck with one that I can carry my kids in the back seat about 6 times a year. The Dakota is too cramped. The Tacoma has a really annoying forward push to the back rest in the back seat. The Dodge 1500 is great. Just too big for my tastes. How's the T100 Extra cab 4x4 in this regards? Can I carry two 5'6" size people in the back for a two hour trip without having them mutiny? On paper it's just smaller than the Dodge RAM and bigger than the Tacoma. I'd appreciate any advice. My dealer tells me there are no '98 T100 Extra Cab 4x4's in Arizona for me to try. I'm looking for a 2x4 to try on, but will have to travel 2 hours to get to one.
  • Hendyt,

    I'm also considering a Toyota T100 along with a Dodge two kids, but not quite as big as those you mention; however, I don't know if I would want to make a habit out of 2 hour trips with kids riding in the back of a T100 XCab. Lots of potential for mutiny, I'd say. That's just my opinion after looking at(and sitting in) the rear seats of these autos...

    Good luck.
  • hendythendyt Posts: 3
    Here's another question for you all. I just spoke to my local dealer again. He says that the T100's are being discontinued this coming spring. The 98 models will be the last and then they will be replaced by the Tundra (T150). Can anyone confirm this? Thanks,
  • Yes, this is true from what I heard. T150's will replace T100's.
  • hendythendyt Posts: 3
    I figured I'd answer my own question on back seat space on the T100. The answer is that there is sufficient room back there for my kids, for decent sized trips. I bought one yesterday, because of that. There's almost as much room as the Ram 1500 and quite a bit more than the Tacoma or Dakota. My wife even said she'd be willing to head to Flagstaff (5 hours) for camping in it sitting in the back if she had to. It'll be interesting to hear her opinion of it after we actually do it. She was definitely not so generous with any other truck, except the Rams. Too bad the T100's didn't catch on well enough. It's the perfect size for my needs, right between a Tacoma and 1500. At least most of the mechanical parts are the same as the Tacoma. Thanks for the other responses. Ted
  • JDIAZJDIAZ Posts: 23
    I have a 98 t100 extra cab. The guys at work always complaint about the space in the back. I don't know my two boys never complaint so there.
    For an adult yeah I think it'a litlle crowded but
    hey that's why we also have a mini-van. Other that that my truck fits my needs just fine.

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