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Dodge Ram

ruzruz Posts: 59
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This is part two of the Dodge Ram discussion.


  • ruzruz Posts: 59
    To look at the previous discussion about Dodge Rams, check out Topic #8, Dodge Ram Owners.
  • Its my time to cry about my great ram pickup.
    I have a 94 ram laramie slt bought it 1.5 years ago. Only 24,000 miles. So whats my beef? So far 4 recalls, blistering paint, cant get the horn to work after 4 visits to the dealer,back rear tail light shorted they cant find it. Now at 56000 miles I need a $1400 overhaul on the transmission. Why'll I'm trying to come up with the money for that the truck acts up coming home tonight and quits working all together. Luckily I was moving and pulled into a service station. The guy was locking up for the night but helped me out. His quick diagnoses is a broken timing gear or chain. I have old cars and trucks all my life and never this much problems so close together or this expensive. I bought this truck thinking newer model less problems what a crock. I should have kept my 78 chevette with 128,000 miles. Never had a repair bill on that car that exceeded $250.00. It is a truck that I loved the looks of it when that model first came out. Well I guess thats it for dodge,chrysler they lost my business when I go broke fixing it and selling it as soon as possible. Anyone else having this many problems with this truck?
  • cdeancdean Posts: 1,110
    i've heard of some people that have had that many problems with dodge, and then some people who don't have any probs at all. sorry to hear of your troubles.
  • dodgeramdodgeram Posts: 202
    Jag Hunter,

    Did you do a backgroun check of that 94 ram you bought. It looks like who ever had it before you
    did not maintain it very well, or abused it way over its limits. Was it a rental?

    I too have a 94 4x4 and use it as a plow truck, and it hasn't had any probelms yet. DO do regular maintence on it, incuding several oil changes a year and also have done one transmissions fluid change, and the truck works and drives like new. I still can't beleive it's almost 6 years old!
  • rshollandrsholland Posts: 19,788
    (Note: Some of these comments I posted about a year or so ago on one of Car & Driver's message boards. I thought the Edmund's audience might be interested.)

    I recently read that Dodge is seriously considering to offer a Super Duty-inspired line of HD pickups. If they do decide to go that route, these vehicles would probably hit the dealer's lots in 2004. The regular redesigned light-duty RAMs are currently scheduled to arrive for the 2002 model year.

    I think it is safe to assume that Dodge will push its "big-rig" image to new heights with the next generation Super RAMs (Grand RAM??).

    Most of the improvements in today's "modern" pickup truck has been either under the skin, or, have occurred from the cab forward to the front bumper. Very little advancement has occurred to the "work area" (the pickup bed and surrounding area). I would love to see Dodge "reinvent" the pickup bed area, especially since these will be primarily "work" trucks. With that thought in mind, here are some things I would like to see happen:

    1. Make standard usable "step sides". The idea of a step side makes a lot of sense. Unfortunately, today's step sides are mostly styling statements, rather than functional items. The steps are mounted so high up on the rear fender, and are so small, that they are next to useless. Let's see larger stepsides molded lower into the rear fender both fore and aft the wheel well and with a full-width bed, not a narrow bed is is currently the case.

    2. Let's see a "factory dump" option for pickups. I'm suggesting that the inside "HD bed liner" (and not the outside fenders) dump.

    3. How about a "convertible tailgate" that can become a ramp if needed? It sure would come in handy for loading motorcycles, ATVs, etc.

    4. Nissan showed a concept pickup (the Gobi) a couple of years ago, where the top section of the outside rear fenders folded out to become a small work bench with enclosed tool/storage compartments. It's a great idea. The first manufacturer that offers that will make a killing. It will be like the introduction of 4-door extended cabs customers will be asking why didn't anybody think of that before?

    I know utility bodies are available, but for some folks, they are just too industrial looking, and, don't appeal to the personal use market.

    5. Speaking of folding out pickup bed sides: Remember the old VW pickup (of '50s and '60s vintage)? It had fold down pickup bed sides so that cargo could be off-loaded from the sides, not just the rear. It was a great idea then and now.

    By the way, this type of pickup bed design is still very popular on trucks sold overseas. If it works in Europe, Asia, Australia, South America and Africa, it can certainly work over here in the States.

    6. How about factory offered pickup bed organizers? Think of a pickup bed as something akin to a hall closet in your house (a big empty space). Walk into any Home Depot and look at all of the items that are offered to make closets more useful. I know that the truck after market currently fills this void. I'm saying that the factory could probably do it better. It would certainly "look" better. The problem with most after market items is that they look like "after market items".

    7. Most pickup trucks sold overseas also have a protection barrier between the rear of the cab and the pickup bed. I know these are offered through the after market. The factory can do a better looking job.

    How about it Dodge? Comments?

  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,516
    Actually, my preferred name for the Super Duty Ram competitor would bring back what they used on the old models - Power Ram.

    Picture this:

    Ram 1500
    Ram 2500
    Power Ram 2500
    Power Ram 3500

    That works for me...
  • rshollandrsholland Posts: 19,788
    I thought it was Power Wagon. But Power Ram is good.

    Also, I'm also wondering if Dodge would increase the 1500's GVW to around 7000 - 7500 pounds (and not add a light duty 2500 per say) to fill the void that currently exists between the current 1500/2500 models. Doing that would eliminate any model confusion, like that which exists with both of Ford's F-250s.

  • rshollandrsholland Posts: 19,788
    8. How about a 12' pickup bed? If Dodge decides to do a "T-Rex" type of vehicle, a super long bed could certainly be done. Guys working with 12' sheets of sheet rock would appreciate an extra long bed.

    9. How about more tie downs? And, tie downs that could be moved and repositioned as needed?

    10. How about a tailgate, that when down, would have some sort of device to capture and secure long items? This would be especially useful on short-bed pickups.

    I remember seeing not too long ago, some guy in a short bed F-150, with a huge "long" load (tail gate down), at a stop light. When the light turned green, he took off and left his load in the middle of the road! Some sort of capturing device, incorporated into the tail gate would prevent such situations.

    Again, I know there is some aftermarket company that offers something along this line. I just think the factory could do a better job.

  • Well, let me add a few thoughts to Bob's ramblings....

    1. Better positioning and size of tie downs. When loading a truck with lots of stuff (and the tail gate is down) you can end up with a lot of rope going to one place. For those not great with knot tying more locations, better locations and bigger locations might help.

    2. Permanently attached bed liner. Many people go out and buy a bed liner and never remove it. Why not make it part of the bed?

    Some thoughts on other parts of the truck.

    1. A drop down step for 4x4's my mom is only 4'10" and has extreme trouble getting into my 4x4 1500. I ended up getting steps so that no one would have too much difficulty. Would it be possible to have a pull down step at the door that would allow for easier access to the cab?

    2. A change to the 5 speed 4x4 RAM.... why not too large sized drink holders. From the company that places more than a dozen drink holders in a mini-van.... I get a truck with one large (handles McD's supersize holder and one standard (no bigger than large) holder in the front. I'm told it's because I chose both 4x4 and 5-speed... but hey there's still room on the base for 2 super-size adjustable holders.
  • HowieHowie Posts: 1
    Word on the street is that the Dodge Ram pick-ups have automatic transmission and brake problems. Any comments?

  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,516

    The 94 and 95 Rams are notorious for cranky automatics. The electronically controlled automatics introduced in 96 have fared much better.

    Brakes were problematic from 94 through early 98, but are much less frequent. If you trwat tyour brakes right, they will be just fine. I have 412K on my 96 Ram 3500, I'm on my original rear shoes, and just mounted front pad set #4 (I'm hard on brakes). I have yet to need the rotors resurfaced. The automatic rear brake adjusters are very poor. Have your rear brakes adjusted by hand regularly, and you will get much better brake life.
  • DmatDmat Posts: 43
    Well it seems that I had better get my Dodge Truck Manual here in the house with all of the technical Q's on this board.

    Here's my two cents on what we (as a company) should do to improve Ram's.

    (1) Bigger, beefier tires.
    (2) A nicer interior and make the wood paneling an option if you don't want leather.
    (3) More than a single disk CD option.
    (4) Power passenger seat
    (5) Add another 6" of leg room to the rear seat.
    (6) Put the head lights on the sport on all Ram's
    (7) Adjustable Extending mirrors.

    As far as T-Rex, (and the 6 speed), put it out of your minds folks. I was told that this was a rumor with NO Validity. Sorry.

    I was noticing that some people were looking for prices on the Ram, a good site to visit is:


    The prices are pretty accurate for the 99 model year. They also tell you what Interior, Exterior features and all of your options for every model.

    Matt D
  • rshollandrsholland Posts: 19,788
    Ever wonder if anybody (in key decision-making positions) from Dodge, or Ford, or GM ever read these posts? And, if so, take any of our comments/suggestions seriously?

  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,516
    auto.com has the one released spyshot of the concept truck that will become the next Ram. click here for the story and picture


    USA Today also reports the diesel engine involved is the Cat 3126, rated at 250hp/780 lb-ft.

    Now to keep my 96 Ram in good enough shape to make a decent trade-in...
  • mharde2mharde2 Posts: 278
    Good list kcram...I agree with all of them.
  • well got my truck back good luck it wasn't the timing chain/gear. But it was the fuel pump going out. Pressure wasn't stable kept dropping all the same $289.00 for a fuel pump! Anybody hear of such expensive parts? Alltogether the bill was $400. Now I have to find the $1400 for the transmission? Wish me luck Hopefully I'll have the truck i always wanted. One that looks good and hopefully runs good.
  • Looking into a new Quad Cab Ram 8cyl with all the extras. What are the common nuisance problems encountered, what if any recalls have come up, and how about customer satisfaction with the vehicle.
  • zpookzpook Posts: 7
    Thanks for all the good advice guys! I am now looking into the Dodge 5 speed stick with the 360 engine. I hear that the 318 has been blowing alot of engines because of the oil pump going out. Has anybody out there been able to compare the gas mileage between the two. Also what kind of deal should I be looking at over cost of course in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. Hey, thanks again guys!
  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,516

    Remember, if you want a 360 with 5 speed, you have to get a 2500 - that combination is not available in the 1500.
  • ladyblueladyblue Posts: 326
    I will be closing a deal on a 99 Ram 1500 QuadCab in a few days and would like some input on performance and reliability. I've read through some past comments and I'm worried about breakdowns and repairs. Sort of defeats the purpose of getting a new truck. I've never had a Dodge before. My old truck was an F150. I'm going for a factory order with all the bells and whistles this time and Dodge gave me the better offer. Advice, Please!
  • AirwolfAirwolf Posts: 142
    Nothing is perfect, so I would suggest getting what you are happiest with. Test drive both, and then choose whichever one you like. I wouldn't recommend closing the deal until you are fully versed in what you want, and what each truck line offers.
    Dodge (from what I hear) have fixed most of the problems with brakes, engines, et al, in the 1998 models. Pre-98 models did have a lot of problems, but from what I hear, most 98+ models haven't had many problems.
    Ford has always had extremely high quality trucks, but when something goes wrong, it's usually a big thing, like tires falling off... if you can get them to acknowledge it.
    That said, I'm ordering a new 99 F150 XLT 4x4 SC. Personal preference is important, and a few hundred dollars here or there in a purchase dael isn't anything compared to having something you want. So drive both, and get which ever one you are happy with.
    Word to the wise, the Dodge's will be redesigned in 2000, probably for the 2000 1/2 or 2001 model year. Ford will be right behind them. So the current model (while totally awesome) will not have much life left in it (if you care about that sort of thing.)

    Good luck and Happy Holidays,
    Ryan Allen
  • dodgeramdodgeram Posts: 202
    The next ram will be the power wagon, and all of us dodge lovers, aare just going to flip when I tell you that dodge's new motor a 7.2 inline six, that has 250hp and 780lbs of torque. and Guess who makes this monster diesel, CATAPILLAR, yes you heard me right, I guess gm trucks coudn't handle all that power so catapillar went to dodge, and signed with them. THis is the motor you will find in the next genertation rams. So much for diesel competition. DOdge just blew them out of the water.
  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,516
    Caterpillar has not "signed" with anybody. The Power Wagon is a show truck. As much as I like the looks, remember that Cummins is under contract for 3 more years, and they are certainly able to offer their own improved engine to Dodge.
  • dodgeramdodgeram Posts: 202
    Don't get me wrong I love the cummmins, but whats wrong with having to of the best diesel companies under the dodge hood. Mabye dodge is going to have to diesel companies working for them, you never know, why else would cat even build an engine for dodge if there wasn't some type of agreement between them. You can't just put an engine in a truck without months of engineering involved.
  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,516
    Cummins has already started development of the next 5.9. It would be ready for a Dodge application according to Cummins Tech representatives I spoke personally with, in the summer of 2002, in time for the 2003 model year. Cummins has had an outstanding relationship with Dodge for the last 10 model years, and as Ram diesel sales increase, Cummins reaps the benefits of both sales and recognition. I doubt they would be wiling to give that up too quickly.
  • ladyblueladyblue Posts: 326
    Your advice is very sound...I did test drive the Dodge twice. Didn't need to try the Ford since I already have one. The first Ram I drove must have had the tow package in it because it didn't have the "kick" I'm used to pulling onto the highway. I need faster acceleration, not hauling power. I tried one without the tow-pack and it was much quicker out of the gate. Dodge offers more options and features, and for a few dollars more I can have more creature comforts than with the Ford. I use my truck mostly for recreation and the occasional "move a friend". An SUV doesn't fit the bill and I've never been a van person. The Ram has all the controls within easy reach for me (I'm not very tall) whereas the Ford was still a stretch, even with power everything. Good luck with your new F150 - it's a great truck, and I've loved mine for the past two years. I just need to upgrade and the Ram turned out to be a better deal in my case. Thanks again.
  • Dodge Ram vs. F150....I too am looking at new trucks and find the F150 to be much inferior to the Dodge Ram. When comparing engines, the Dodge 360 has better acceleration and much less engine noise. In addition, the Dodge is much more comfortable in the cab, especially the seats. The F150 "cuts" the back of your legs after any extended period of riding. As far as the tow package, I don't believe it has any affect on acceleration, since the tow package deals with the add-ons, such as the receiver hitch and electrical, that are necessary to tow things. Good luck with your choice.
  • I just bought a Dodge Ram 1500 Quad cab 4x4. Pretty much got all options, but am extremely disappointed in the gas mileage. I have the 5.9 ltr gasoline engine and am only getting 8 miles per gallon in the city and am lucky to get 10 on the highway. The sticker boasts 12 city and 18 highway. I have already brought it back to have the dealer check it out but they say nothing is wrong. Is there anyone else with similar problems. Is there anything I can do legally.
  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,516

    other than putting an egg under your right foot, there's nothing legal you can do. EPA mpg estimates are not "binding" figures, i.e., the vehicle does not have to achieve that. They are uniformly-tested numbers for comparison purposes to another vehicle.
  • I have a Dodge Ram 1500 Quad Cab 4x4 that I bought in August. It gets 15-16 which is what I expect. Around town I've been disappointed. I'm lucky when I get 10. I guess with DC traffic I shouldn't be too surprised.
  • ladyblueladyblue Posts: 326
    Sorry, maybe I used the wrong term. I was talking about the heavier towing capacity available. There are two or three levels (I don't remember exactly) for towing heavier loads. I could be mistaken, though. I still can't say the Dodge is a superior truck since this will be my first one, but I can say the my experience with the Dodge dealer was superior. They gave me exactly what I wanted and didn't "sweety" and "dearie" me to death. I did some research and they're giving me a fair price considering all the do-dads I'm having put in.

    They also talked me out of taking the 15,000-mile-per-year lease and advised me to stick with the 12,000. Their reasoning: the higher mileage would add 3% to my lease payment, when it would be wiser to just put the extra cash in the bank every month. This way, at lease-end, I'd have the money to pay for any overage and if I didn't go over on the mileage, I'd have money in my pocket. The other way, I'd be paying for something I might not use and I can't get my money back for it. I may have found the first and only honest car dealers!
  • cdeancdean Posts: 1,110
    but what happens if you go over 12,000 miles? they usually nail you with a penalty if you do. Better know what the penalty is.
  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,516

    Mileage is often cheaper purchased up front on a lease. In some cases, it's the difference between 8 cents per mile up front and 15 to 20 cpm at the lease end. Unless you can get decent interest on the money you put away, up-front mileage can sometimes be cheaper. Also, some leases can be written so that if you don't use the mileage you paid for up-front, that money is refunded to you.
  • ladyblueladyblue Posts: 326
    Thanks for the advice. You gave me some good questions to ask the dealer. Always looking to learn something new! Every penny counts.
  • panmanpanman Posts: 25
    Would anyone happen to know if Dodge has come up with any ideas about the molded splash guards with the tubular side steps? I have a quad cab with chrome tubular side steps. I want to install molded splash guards behind the front wheels to help protect the chrome and my truck. The molded splash guards (which are the Dodge recommended) won't work because the side steps extend too far into the wheel well. Is there something that has been done about this rather than install the flat, rubber splash guards?
  • I have been trying to get an answer for quite some time about the dodge v-10 and 5spd combo? Can anyone here help me? I was wondering what the gas mileage would roughly be with that combo and a 3.54 rear end. no towing or heavy duty to be expected. Please answer if you can help.

    Sean Wolff
  • I was driving on the BW Parkway yesterday when I saw a step side truck that had a RAM profile. I know the new GMs seem to have a somewhat RAM profile, so I sped up to see if I could get a better look. Unfortunately, the truck took the exit almost as I pulled along side. I did catch the words RAMSide on the door panel of the truck. Can anyone give me more information on this truck?
  • I'm with jaghunter. I have a Ram 1500 1996.I bought it off the lot with only ten miles on it. I have done all scheduled maintenence on time. I have only towed with it once and have not done any heavy hauling with it. Well, now it has 67,000 miles on it and the transmission went out. Now the brain chip to the transmission is out. I would like some advice. Are the computer chips warrantied longer?? Should I write Dodge and complain?? I'm just angry because I'm a Dodge man, but I'm loosing faith fast.
  • An add-on to my last post: The transmission place that is doing the work says it looks like the faulty brain chip was sending intermitent ground and power signals. They say it could be why the transmission went out. Anybody out their have this problem??
  • Is it feasible to lower the height of a RAM 4x4 without damaging it's 4x4 capability and not just letting out the air in the tires?
  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,516

    You can lower any 4x4, but not too much. The main reason is the same reason a lift kit costs so much money. You are changing the geometry of the suspension and the angles of the driveshafts, which are designed to be at a certain angle. As opposed to people who "slam" rear-wheel drive trucks, there's a lot less clearance under the engine when you have a front driveshaft, and it limits how much you can lower your truck without components coming in contact with each other during jounce and rebound.
  • jerryg4jerryg4 Posts: 13
    Hi! this is my first post. I have a 98 Ram 1500 Quad 2WD equipped with the 5.9, auto trans & 3.55 diff. I tow a 7000# trailer & get 7-9 mpg while towing. While not towing, I get 10 mpg city & 13 mpg highway. I am an easy driver and am dissappointed with the mileage. My dealer says my mileage is normal.Does anyone have any experience in this area that they would like to share? Thanks in advance.
  • mharde2mharde2 Posts: 278
    jerry, I had a 93 F150 5.8 auto 3.55 and towed a 7000# 5th wheel. Thats about the same figures I was getting...
  • ladyblueladyblue Posts: 326
    Now I'm getting worried.....reading through this and some other topics I keep seeing problems with the transmission and other things on the Ram. I just placed my order for a 99 Ram 1500 4x4 and I'm beginning to wonder if I should have stayed with Ford. The truck I've ordered has the 5.2 V-8 with automatic. I don't plan on doing any towing with it, if that makes a difference. But I do a lot of long-distance driving and don't want to get stranded hundreds of miles from home. Did I make a mistake?
  • mharde2mharde2 Posts: 278
    ladyblue, Relax..Most of the transmission problems where in the 94-95 models. They have been beefed up sense then. You shouldn't have any problems...Enjoy your new truck.
  • kDUKEkkDUKEk Posts: 10
    Ladies and gentlemen:

    The folks at DaimlerChrysler have unveiled the Dodge Power Wagon concept truck at the Detroit Auto Show. After my laughter died down, I do have this to say about the concept truck....

    While it has a powerful, clean engine as well as a strong winch, the sheet metal is something else altogether. It's somewhat likeable, although quite unpracticable. I sure hope the next-generation full-size is not based on this concept.

    Also, a top-dog bean counter from VW was observing the Power Wagon and the Chevy Silverado -- Can anyone say "Volkswagon Pickup for the next century?" Ugh, I sure hope not!

    I'm just going to stick with my 1991 Ford F-150.
  • jerryg4jerryg4 Posts: 13
    I have a 98 Ram with the 360 engine. According to Dodge, I should use fuel with a min octane of 87. While driving from Minnesota to Colorado, I noticed that in Colorado, in order to get 87 octane, I had to buy premium fuel. I was towing a trailer and didn't want to risk damaging the engine so I bought the premium fuel. After I returned to Minnesota, I gave it more thought and questioned if it was really necessary to use the premium. Since the air is thinner in Colorado, it should be OK to use regular 85 octane fuel. Does that make sense or do I always have to switch to premium at higher altitudes????? Thanks
  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,516

    Your assumption was correct; at altitude, use the regular, in spite of its reduced pump octane.
  • jerryg4jerryg4 Posts: 13
    Does anyone know the best way to seal the 1/4 inch gaps on the sides of the tailgate on my 98 Ram 1500? I have a topper and everytime I am on a dusty road, I get a lot of dust in the back of the truck. Are there commercially available seals I can install?? Thanks!
  • ladyblueladyblue Posts: 326
    Good question, jerryg4. I also have a cap on mine and sometimes even sleep back there for short camping trips. I'd like to be able to block out rain and cold drafts. I could just put weatherstripping along the sides but would rather use something made for that purpose.
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