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Toyota Tacoma (2004 and earlier)



  • On the toyota website it says you can get a sport access cab. but if that is true then why r all these people saying you cant? and how is the sound system in a tacoma. is it hi quality or normal stok krap?
  • nippononlynippononly SF Bay AreaPosts: 12,726
    Toyota website says you can now finally get a double cab V-6 4x4 with the 6-speed manual (all double cabs thru '04 were automatics)! You have to choose the short bed, but fine, no problem...maybe I can yet replace my old 4Runner with a Toyota (get the cap for the bed and it is almost the same - there are no manual-shift 4Runners available any more).


    It seems that no such configured truck will be available in my area. :-(
    We only get the long-bed automatics in my region. When the time comes to replace my truck (still a year off or so, I have earned my lesson not to buy first-year models from Toyota, or anyone else for that matter), I might conduct a far-reaching search and see where the nearest place is where I can get the configuration I want...

    The option is the Dakota, where V-8 manual 4x4s are available in crew cab (the base V-8 has about the same power rating as Toyota's V-6).

    2014 Mini Cooper (stick shift of course), 2016 Camry hybrid, 2009 Outback Sport 5-spd (keeping the stick alive)

  • opimaxopimax Posts: 73
    Seems to me that the Tacoma would be the closest. I have a 2k2 Camry xle. I need a to haul stuff on rare occasions. I have a g35 coupe for long trips and and car duties. I would mostly commute, put my bicycle in the back, go the hardware and grocery store, etc. I want the luxury version and largest cab available. What year did the Xtended cab start? is there a 2nd seat available and/or 2nd door? are there any missing luxury items that stand out? Is the gas mileage and TCO really that different between engine choices? I just decided this yesterday so this is my first step. Thanks for your opinions and facts

  • opimax:

    Car/truck comparisons are tough to do, but.....

    I had a 1991 Corolla sedan prior to buying my '04 Taco Double Cab (four doors). I'd say the rear seat space in the '04 Taco is the same or better than the Corolla. The overall "cabin" space is about the same. (the '05 Tacos have been redesigned, and offer more space...wider, etc.)

    In some respects, the Taco Double Cab is like a Camry with a bed. HOWEVER, remember that this is a TRUCK. You will probably notice that it rides higher, possibly a little rougher ride on the road, is longer and wider, turns a little differently, etc.....Don't expect it to ride like a Camry. As far as interior options, I'm guessing that you won't be able to find all the same creature comforts that you can get with a decked out Camry.
  • eric6eric6 Posts: 10


    I have a 1998 Toyota Tacoma Prerunner with a 2.7 liter engine and a automatic transmission. Is there some tag on the rear axle that I can decipher to get the gear ratio? Any codes?
  • eric6eric6 Posts: 10
    Thanks for your help.


    I have a 4.3 on my 1998 toyota tacoma pre-runner
  • If I'm planning on doing some pretty serious off roading with a 2005 Tacoma is it a must that i get the TRD package instead of the sr5 4wd? How much better is the suspension/offroad capability with the trd package than with the sr5 4wd?
  • how soft is the 05 sr5 4wd suspension?
  • I'm in the market for a used Toyota Tacoma. Right now I'm looking at 2 Tacomas.


    One is a 2000 Tacoma 4x4 3.4L v6 extended cab with 143,000 miles and a nice fiberglass cap with a negotiated price of $9,500.


    The other is a 1997 Tacoma 4x4 3.4L v6 extended cab with 106,000 miles, no cap, but a bed cover with a price of $7,500.


    Both are in excellent condition, however the 2000 Tacoma is the only one I have actually looked at and driven. I will look at and drive the 1997 Tacoma before purchasing, however that vehicle is in another state and a good road trip away.


    The 2000 Tacoma really is in mint condition with one owner that the dealership knew well and who traded his 2000 in for a new Tacoma. It looks to be meticulously cared for. Drove great!


    The question is: What's a better deal? The 3 year older truck, with 37,000 fewer miles and $2,000 cheaper? or the newer truck with more miles, one owner, and well cared for? Blue book shows the private party value of the '97 to be $7,930. So $7,500 is in the ballpark. Blue book on the 2000 for retail shows $11,000 private party and $13,700 retail. The asking price was $11,988.


    I like the idea of paying $2000 less and getting a truck with less miles on the '97. What's more important - less miles or a new vehicle (2000 as opposed to a '97)? How big a difference really is 106k than 143k? Seems like the better deal actually based on Blue Book is the 2000 Tacoma.


    Also, I'd ideally like to get a 2.7L I4 because of the better fuel economy. These have been harder to find than the v6's. From your experience, how much better really are the I4's than the V6's for fuel economy? A mile or two per gallon, or a lot better? If a lot better, I may hold off for an I4.


    Lots of questions there, any help would be greatly appreciated!
  • gxb159gxb159 Posts: 46
    I am looking for a 02-04 Tacoma. While my wife and I are planning to have kids soon, I need to make sure the truck can accomodate child seats safely. Has anyone used an extended cab with child seats? My other option is the double cab, but would like to leave the options open so I can find the best deal. Thanks.
  • I tried a child seat in my 2002 extra cab. Front pass seat had to be all the way forward and it still was very cramped for the grandchild. 2005 is soooo much bigger.
  • I've had a fwd facing booster seat in the back of my 97 ext cab 4x4 for my first kid who is now 4 1/2 for the last 3 years. The secret to getting it tight was using about a 2" thick pad of minicell foam (available from canoe/kayak outfitters) on top of the foldup cupholder/support table thing in back. Certified car seat inspectors have approved this since you can't get the seat tight without something resilient underneath.


    I just bought another fold-up tray from the dealer and installed it behind the drivers seat so I could move my older kid's seat there. I put a new convertable seat forward facing in the back on the passenger side, for my one year old. The convertable seat (Britix Roundabout) fits but I have to slide the front passenger seat all the way forward. That's okay for me though since its just me and my 2 kids.


    It's tight but acceptable. I like driving a smaller truck. I'd get a used double cab but I need a 6' bed and I hate automatics.


    I modified the front passenger seat mechanism so the seat would not slide back into the child seat everytime you flip it up.


    If your kid is less than one year old, the car seat has to be rear facing and that probably means folding the front passenger seat down and then securing it so it can't flip back and hit your kid. I thought about even removing the front passenger seat but my youngest is turning 1 year old so I won't have to.
  • bjw1bjw1 Posts: 152
    hello everybody, i bought a 04 tacoma v6 at with trd and i been enjoying it since i bought back in july of 04, i have installed my 2 12" subs with coustic 400 watt amp plus clarion satellite radio. I have no problems with 10k miles just regular oil changes, i highly reccommend this truck for the single guy who wants a truck for work or play, i owed a ford ranger edge and this truck handles much better off road than the ford.
  • asapasap Posts: 1
    I have a 1999 Toyota Tacoma with a 3.4 liter V-6 with the towing package. I'm going to buy an Ultra light travel trailer. Has anyone had any experience or know just how much weight I can pull and still have adequate power. Rated to pull 5000 lbs. Can't afford to make the wrong call and be sorry.
  • I've always believed that the wear n tear - ie mileage - matters notably more than the age. Given that plus the savings, and assuming the 97 looks/rides great also, I'd take the 97 easy.
  • mort1983mort1983 Posts: 2
    We own a 2004 Tacoma with 7000 miles on it. The engine hydro locked and shot a rod through the oil pan. Toyota has refused to replace the engine saying that water in the heads is from an outside source. They say the water got in there thru the intake. With all the rain we have had this year, I don't know what we are supposed to do. My husband has to drive to work. Has anyone heard of anyone else having this problem, or do you have any suggestions for us?
  • electronelectron Posts: 1
    i have the same problems. sounds like a frickin pontiac when accelerating. i have 70000 miles. a leasing driver owned previously.

    it changes for me quite a bit with 93 octane. and that sucks. the sound is annoying. its a manual v6 3.4 and it idles rough. i'm gunna take it in to the toyo machanics and drive it with them in the car....see what they say. i am suprised that we are the only ones talking about this. i'm praying i didnt get a lemon.

    the engine going in and out of that funky vibration while maintaining 2-3000 rpm. annoying. not to mention my cliking clutch. and the 2 sensors that have gone bad in the last 3 months. year 2000.

    i'm thinking i may be a thorn in those toyo peoples [non-permissible content removed] if something doesnt give. still under the 100,000 mile "drive train" warranty.

    kinda bumbed. i had had a 4 cylinder 1990 2 wd 2.2 carb 22r. 128,000. THAT WAS A SWEET ENGINE!!!!! why did i get rid of it, no air bags.
  • gxb159gxb159 Posts: 46
    I am looking to buy an '01-'04 Double Cab Tacoma. Debating between 4X4 and PreRunner right now. I would love to hear your real-life MPG with these trucks. Was thinking about buying an '05 new, but hate to spend the extra $ and have it drink premium gas.

    Been tracking sales on Ebay and there are a lot of truck not hitting reserves out there. Hopefully prices on the used models will fall, dealers around Philly are still asking $22K for a used truck. Anyone care to share purchase experiences on similar models?

    Thanks for the input.
  • bjw1bjw1 Posts: 152
    hi there, well just traded in my o4 taco for an 05, and the 04 could not get more than 17 city and 18.5 highway even with k&n air filter and turnado device, and the dealer asked 24,995 for my trade in when the sticker new was 23,500, but the 05 does get 19-22 mpg using 91 gas and 16-18.5 using 87 gas, i hope you will get a truck that fits your needs and not pay the riduclous dealer mark up of preowned trucks, who know you might even find a dealer that still has anew 04 taco still in inventory at reduced price to get rid of them.
  • mikefm58mikefm58 Posts: 2,882
    " and not pay the riduclous dealer mark up of preowned trucks "

    Over in "Real world trade in values", they say used Toyotas, specifically Tacomas, get all the "stupid money".
  • ruylopezruylopez Posts: 1
    I'm shopping around for wheels and tires for my 2003 Tacoma Extra Cab. (6cyl, manual, TRD)

    I think I've settled on Pro Comp's 97 series rims and BFG A/T tires, though I need help with sizes. (listed here: e=16%20Inch%20Rim%20Size&cat=Wheels )

    Wheels: I'm thinking 16x8 (stock 16x8 on there now) These rims are listed in 4 or 5 different rear spacer sizes. What is the best choice for this vehicle?

    Any thoughts on tire selection?

  • Tacomas definately get money- I bought mine a year ago (2002 4door 4x4) for 18,300 and can sell it now for over 19,000 easy! You can't buy a pre-runner for that around here now.
    To respond to the other questions-
    I have gotten 23mpg highway, but usually 20. Average around 15-16 city only. Does very well on hills, more power than my old 5.2 v8 4x4 extra cab dakota; all while maintaining about 7 mpg better (dakota got 11-12, AT BEST!)
    But, the dakota was the most comfortable and nicest designed interior I have ever been in a truck, and the tacoma's seats SUCK!. (so you win some, you lose some. A little personal discomfort is trumped by sparing the world excess oil consumption, don't you think???)
  • ddeesddees Posts: 4
    Anyone know where to find information on how to use the casting number to determine the engine size? How can I visually tell a 2.4l from a 2.7 l? I am buying a 99 prerunner off ebay but it doesn't have the original motor...Runs and drives great....looks good to boot...The vin says original motor was a 2.7, but I'd like to verify that the correct type was reinstalled.
  • crs1077crs1077 Posts: 2
    Unfortunately I am a former ford truck owner (1997 F-150 xl) big mistake. I recently purchased a 2000 tacoma 4x4 sr5 w/ 39k ext cab. Let me explain my ford was constantly in the shop everything broke between 60k and 110k. Everytime it was in the shop my best friend would graciously loan me his 1997 T-100 4x4 this truck is a monster, with 168k this truck drove like new. I was going for the Tundra initially but decided it was to much. So I went with the Tacoma lovely truck very peppy. So far I am very happy little loud in the engine while accelerating is this normal? Either which way I did get the extended warranty. Very traumatized after the ford incident never again. Ant feedback on this model would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  • tacoridgetacoridge Posts: 17
    I recently bought a 2003 Tocoma 4x4 double cab with pw,pb,ac,cruise,cd,sr5,trd,cassett,manual seat,I think alloy wheels, but I do not know if it is an AT or LIMITED. No decals, nothing in the manual. What do I have? Thanks
  • I have a 1998 Toyota Tacoma Limited v6 TRD Supercharged and was looking in to a 3" suspension lift. I was looking in to a Toy tec lift but I dont know if anyone has had any problems with these.

  • motesacmotesac Posts: 1
    I just bought a used 2001 silver tacoma. I love it. I am looking to get seat covers, however. It is an extended cab, but I just want the covers for the front seats. Has anyone bought any, and which are best? Which ones have the nicest fit and look? Also, I will eventually lift my truck about 2.5 or 3 inches. What lift kits are best? Should I get just a body lift or do I need a suspension lift? What size tires will fit under a 2.5 or 3 inch lift?
  • wdbrown650wdbrown650 Posts: 1
    I just purchased a '98 Tacoma SR5 4 cyl., 5 spd. Great truck!!! My wife and I like to go RVing, but we're not sure we can tow our truck as a utility vehicle when we hit the road. Does anyone have experience towing a Tacoma? Is it possible, recommended, and if so, what are the risks of damage, etc.? Please HELP!!!!!!!
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