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Nissan Armada



  • Regarding the Armada and the limited color selection, how is the Galaxy Black? It is not a solid "Black" but more of a mettalic flake black. Is it really easy to get swirl marks? Any feedback will be appreciated. This forum is sure dead.
  • I've had mine since January- like any black, it's awesome when clean. BUT, it shows dirt and dust worse than any black I have ever had. I also had to have the rear quarter panel redone due to a turkey and their keys, the paint is VERY expensive due to the crushed pearls in the mix (I'm not kidding) I'm not sorry I got the color, but be prepared for high maintenence if you like your ride looking good. Too bad Red Brawn wasn't available when I got mine.
  • Been looking for a while now and may have a new Silver LE tomorrow. Woohoo!

    Finally, I'll have room for "stuff"!

    Anybody know what the smallest sized rims you can fit on an Armada? 16's? Maybe? (I know the offroad edition has 17's.)
  • Has anyone had issues with the number of gallons that you can actually put into the tank? I was told by the service guy to wait until the low fuel light came on and fill it up. He told me that there should be about 2.5 gallons left in the tank. I was only able to put almost 21 gallons in. The next tank, I let the gauge go below E and was only able to put 22 gallons in. Has anyone been able to put close to the 28 gallon capacity in their tank?
  • Typically when my light comes on, I have between 4 and 6 gallons left. There is quite a reserve on the Armadas. I have put almost 28 gallons in, but that was after running it to where the needle was buried below E. You've got 4 gallons easy when the light comes on.
  • daveman:

    I had the VDC Off / SLIP indicator lights come on mid-October 04 with 6700 miles. Dealer fixed by replacing steering angle sensor and electronic brake module. Brake module had to be ttried from a new Armada in the lot because part is backordered. Had to wait approx 3 days for new module delivery. What's interesting is you have a different symptom and came up with a common denominator.
  • robertrobert Posts: 14
    I'm copying from the QX56 board. Just some FYI about my purchase and regarding the Armada.

    Just want people to know. I also purchased a 2005 QX56 and was told the same about the brakes. I test drove 2 Armadas last summer (they were early production models still on the lot) and hated them. I drove a QX56 and Armada last week (both 2005) and it was night and day. I chose the 56 for the ride and just a bit quieter. My wife, who's more discerning than I am, liked both after not even wanting to test drive again. I think the 05's are much improved. And for that matter probably the late model 04's, but I was told the brakes were beefed for the 05's and you could tell by driving as the one's I tested prior felt like the brakes faded and were mushy for a vehicle that size. Now feels much different. Hope this helps someone....
  • bmarmada,

    My issue did not end after my last post on this issue. After they replaced the wiring harness connectors that were corroding from the moisture, the service engine / VDC Off lights came back on again. After multiple trips to the dealer they finally isolated it to a wire under drivers seat that was shorting out when the seat moved forward or backwards. I do not know if the moisture was also creating a problem, or it was the wire under the seat all along.

    It was frustrating trying to find the problem, but it has now worked for several weeks with no problems, so hopefully it is fixed.
  • Anybody else have this problem with their Armada - the labels on the cruise control and sound system controls (on the steering wheel) keep flaking off (or rubbing off).

    The dealer already replaced the switch "covers" (which have the white labels on them for the cruise control and sound system) at 10,000 miles. Now at 20,000 miles it's happening again.

    I'm pretty sure it's not any kind of oil or solvent on my hands (I sit at a desk all day and shuffle papers). And I know it's not scratches. I do use the cruise control a lot, and I don't doubt it's from usage - but I consider this to be normal use of the controls and think it ought to hold up better than this.

    Other than this annoyance (and my dealer's reluctance to check into this problem) it's been a great vehicle.
  • Well it's been a bumpy ride, but Nissan finally agreed to repurchase my "lemon" 2004 Armada. As weird as it sounds, I purchased another 2005 Armada LE with everything. (The back-up camera is awesome)I am a very repeat customer of Nissan (seven cars), and what a difference!!! The ride, interior plastics, the quietness, all are greatly improved!!! Totally different from my old 2004. I got another Armada, simply because there is nothing out there that compares. The Ford Expedition only has 6 speakers, sounds like an economy car stereo.I drove two, one had an electrical problem, the second one had a tranny whine. The countless other "Extras" are standard on the Armada. Sequoia is very outdated, and very under powered. Basically I was spoiled in the 2004, and could not go back to an ordinary SUV. Now, if my 05 can only remain as tight and solid as it is now. only has 65 miles now.........
  • Keep us posted on how the 05 handles the wear and tear..particularly on the squeak/rattle thing.
  • Scott, I know you don't have time to write this all down here, but what do you have to do to initiate a buy back? Mine has had so many problems that you can't believe and they refuse to repair most of them. My brakes have right at 3,000 miles since the new rotors so this is the 3rd time my brakes have been worked on. I have 16,500 miles on it now. It is shaking hard again. I mean 3,000 miles?? Every problem I complained about is now a bulletin but that doesn't matter. They still refuse to repair them saying they don't hear or can't find a problem. I am hopefully going to another dealership this week. I have been "meaning" to go for about a couple of months now but my other car has been down so I will hopefully get it back mid week this week so I can do without the Armada. Here are a list of my gripes and problems that haven't been resolved.

    Keep in mind, I bought mine in November of 2003.

    1. Clicking popping sound when I take off.
    2. Squeaky seats
    3. Rotors turned, then at 13k miles or so I got new rotors and the brakes were shot. Now the new rotors have 3k miles on them and are warped badly.
    4. I complained that there is a rotor "helicopter" noise from under the hood. They said they didn't hear it. I complained and took it in 2 times for this. Now there is a bulletin on it. I even printed out another post that says it was a purge valve. They said they never heard of a purge valve.
    5. Resonance in ceiling still. They say they can't hear it so won't fix anything that is not a problem.
    6. Rear console loose. They say this is normal and says it won't get any tighter.
    7. My tires are worn out. I replaced one already due to a flat but it was worn so badly it needed to be replaced. The other bad one is now a spare and I bought a new tire. I took it in for the alignment bulletin. They said I missed the warranty period by 500 miles so I had to do it myself. All 4 wheels were off so ruined my tires. Keep in mind that at 12,500 miles my tires were getting their 4th rotation and balance.
    8. Tires lose air and sensor goes off. They told me I am neglecting the air in my tires and that is why the tires are wearning. I can put air in and 2 weeks sometimes or less, the tires need air.
    9. Front overhead console was broken and it took about 4 months to get it in after it was ordered. This took care of a major rattle.
    10. Front end shakes bad when you hit a dip in the road or go over a bump. It is like the front end is loose. The steering wheel will actually pull back and forth when you hit a bump. Dealer said it is normal and asked what do I expect, it is a SUV!
    11. Rattle in dash is new so they haven't looked at it.
    12. Now has a bad idle and makes a noise from under the hood. This is recent. Not sure what that can be. Still runs good under load but has a rough idle. (different from the purge valve noise)
    13. Drivers seat will adjust by itself overnight. The seat back has to be set back every morning. It actually straightens up. Weird I know but my friends does the same thing.
    14. If you sit on the edge of the seat (not hitting the controls) the seat back will close in on you. My friends does the same thing. He has a Le. I have an SE.
    15. Transmission I still think isn't right. For some odd reason, when I sometimes put it into gear and give it gas, It will jump into gear. It did it a couple of times yesterday, one today. I was sitting in a parking space, started it, put it into gear and took off and then it jerked after already taking off like it was slipping. Not sure what the problem could be, but know they will say there is nothing wrong.

    I have complained to the Nissan Factory and they opened a file on it but basically they told me what the dealer says, goes. Anyway, like I said, I haven't been able to take it back but will to a different dealer (same owner though which is unfortunate)

    Their policy they told me is when you take the vehicle in, they are not allowed to take it to a mechanic. The service writer has to be able to duplicate what you say or they can't take it to the service department. I found this out after it sat for 4 1/2 days before I picked it up and found it had only been into the shop to check the brakes only. They said the pads were bad but rotors were within spec. They had to order parts. They came in around 2-3 weeks later. By that time the rotors were shot and I got new ones.

    Sorry about the long post. I think I have been in the shop about 6 times and this was all in the 1st 6 months or so. I will have to check to see exactly. What can I do?? Again, how do I go about doing a buyback? This thing just feels like driving a 100k mile vehiche that is worn out! If the 2005 model is any better I would look at that. I shouldn't but would. Of course not from the same dealer. They have proved they don't care.

    To give you some background. My last new vehicle before this was an Isuzu Trooper. I owned it for 6 years and it was only in the shop for warranty work for a torn leather seat. (windshield was bad about fogging but they said there was nothing they could do) Thats it. I am usually easy to please. This thing is just a piece of junk!
  • scott174:

    I'm also undergoing Florida lemon law process for Armada being in shop for over 30 days. I have an arbitration hearing on 12/06 and hopefully end then, but may have to go through state arbitration. Anyway, I'm interested to know your 04 Armada problems.


    Never mind...I just found the long version of your previous posting.
  • Sorry to hear all of your problems.
    All I can say is Nissan was basically just going to stand by their warranty regarding all my problems. Once all the issues with my truck were not solved by their TSB's I contacted a Lawyer. They had told me that Nissan is one of the worst to deal with.(Nissan seems to think that they make ALL perfect vehicles) I had everything documented from the Dealer. I Basically told my Dealer what the Armada was doing, and made sure they could hear, or duplicate the issue. If you are not going to get another Dealer, I strongly suggest that you call 1-800-Nissan1 again, and complain.(Again) Also be sure to talk to the service Manager. Have you tried that? Tell them that you are fed up with having to try to beg them to do warranty work. The service advisors job is to write up the paper work and to charge you for services that you do not need. Nothing else!! They have not been trained in Diagnosing problems. Be sure to make that clear to the service manager. Only a trained Tech can and should be the only ones making the call on what is "normal" and what is not. Tell Dick your service writer that you want to go on a test drive with the technician. You are totally entitled to this. That way, there is no miscommunication from you and the arrogant service writer. You may say one thing, and he "writes" another. If you still do not get any satisfaction, call a lemon law attorney. I'm in California, and it took about 6 months for resolve. Let me know about the Dealer outcome.
  • Arbitration hearing? Did you start this through the BBB? I know of no one who was successful going that route!!! Keep in mind that Nissan will also be covering ALL the legal costs as well in your filing. This should not cost you ANYTHING! Get a Lemon Law Attorney, you need someone on your side, not a meeting where you walk away with the same crappy problematic auto.
  • There's a TSB out now on your transmission shift (11/22/04)
  • wbs1wbs1 Posts: 5
    Can anyone tell me the Armada width with one and/or both side mirrors extended? Likely will be purchasing in the next few months, and I need to know if it will fit in the garage door (which I believe is 7'6" wide). Thanks.
  • wbs1wbs1 Posts: 5
    Thanks. Is that with both mirrors extended? If so, then I am assuming that folding one mirror will buy me enough room to fit this monster in my garage.
  • yes from tip to tip. I would guess folding gives you another 3-4" per side.
  • Nissan had settled with me at the BBB arbitration and bought back my 04 Armada. I'm just glad this is over for me.

    Hey guys, these forums are excellent resource for happy, good ideas and resolutions, and disatisfied owners. Keep going...
  • I have a wife two (2) young boys and a dog. We are a very active bunch. We now have a VW Passat 4-motion wagon but need more room.

    Any feedback on the Armada would be looks great. Can it fit in a standard garage?

  • I have a wife, 3 young boys and a cat - and a 2004 Armada LE with 16,000 miles on it.

    - Armada is great to drive - a large SUV with lots of power, good handling, and fuel economy that is not too bad for a vehicle this size.
    - It looks good - IMHO.
    - Leather interior and trim have been repeatedly trashed by the family - drinks, Mcdonalds, mud, absurdly large items from Home Depot - but it cleans up well and interior still looks good.
    - Interior space is good - loads of room in second row, but third row is for kids or adults for short journeys.
    - Loads of airbags and safety features as standard

    - No split fold rear seat - a daft omission that may not affect you with 2 kids, but gets irritating when you start trying to shift the family, plus Grandma, plus shopping.
    - Expensive upgrade to get climate control as you have to get the "technology" package that has items that I do not need - I had forgotten how much fiddling you have to do with a manual HVAV system
    - Vibration in second and third rows. This may be a first year problem now fixed, but I get all sorts of shaking and shudder in the rear rows - and I've had the various TSBs done. It makes long journeys in the back a trial for me, but the boys seem unaffected by it.
    - Bits fall off occasionally - build quality not as good as it should be.

    Despite my issues, I love the car and would buy it again. It's a great family vehicle, and it also has a spark of fun that I feel is lacking in its competitors.
  • beach15beach15 Posts: 1,305
    "- Bits fall off occasionally - build quality not as good as it should be."

    That has to be one of the best, though scary quotes I've heard in a while. Just what I'd want to be saying about my $40k+ SUV...and even weirder that it doesn't seem to bother you much.

    Our '04 Suburban may not look as cool or have as much power (though it's still great), but one thing we've never had to worry about is anything falling off....or the rear of the body vibrating.
  • I heard some rumors of brake problems. Any sign after 16k miles?
  • I dunno...I had plenty of parts falling off of my last Suburban....they used to be my vehicle of choice,(owned 5 of them) until the last two gave me horrific ownership experience, not to mention that great old GM service dept....I've had a few little niggles with mine since ownership 11 months and 18k ago, but still overall happy with my ride. the only thing that fell off was the panel above the hatch.(and it never really fell OFF, just got loose) Lesson learned, never try to close the electric hatch with acorns in the opening. It may sense blockage on the lower half, but not up top!
  • Well, here is the latest on mine. I dropped it off tuesday morning and they still have it. I might get it back on tuesday evening but not sure due to the extensive list of items. As some of you have read, I started off happy then over time my posts got negative towards Nissan. Finally enough was enough. I took my Armada to a different dealership for repairs. They are owned by the same company but since there are different employees, I will keep an open mind. I put together a 7 page list of items with descriptions of the problems, (plus a 1 page letter of how I have been treated by the other dealership in the past and Nissan service at both the factory and dealership) reference to posts about these problems (or similar) and also service bulletins from Nissan about similar problems. Well the service guy was postive and pleasant. I told him that the other dealership said the service writer was not allowed to pull a vehicle into the shop unless they could verify and duplicate the problem the customer is complaining about. He said what?? Another service writer overheard and knew the service writer and said are you sure? I said, well it sat for 4 days with nothing done to it except the service writer driving it occassionally when she got time. (one time for 45 minutes) He said that was not true and that they are not trained to do that. They do have knowledge but that is up to the mechanic to diagnose. So strike three for sure for my original dealership. I did tell him I wanted to first start off to tell him I am not blaming him personally for anything and we are starting with a clean slate so don't think I am being rude or aiming something directly at him.


     After leaving it, he called promptly that afternoon and said it was going to take a while as they are finding problems with my vehicle as I had said.


    1. Heard roof rumble so ordered roof fix kit per TSB. He said it was obvious but mine was the first one to come in with a complaint.

    2. Clicking when you take off. (hard to tell from where) There is a TSB on this for rear bearings. He called and said the rear sway bar was loose and that this had to be the problem. I was skeptical. When he checked back in on friday he said they had to order some parts for the clicking. I told him I thought it was found. He said, yes me too but the mechanic drove it again for another problem and heard it again. Funny so many times in the other dealership and it was all in my mind about this sound! So anyway this is being done.

    3. Squeaky drivers seat, done.

    4. Loud noise from under hoood, Purge valve TSB probably but they haven't done it yet.

    5. slack in steering when you go over bumps. Still not diagnosed that I know of. (other posters complained about this also which I included)

    6. Rattle in dash. They are looking for it.

    7. Brakes and rotors were replaced at 13,500 miles (or close to that) It now has 16,500 and the service guy said the factory said to replace the rotors and brakes again with all of the other items per the TSB. (Shakes badly when you brake)This is the 3rd time for brake work. First they turned the rotors. Next new pads rotors and some other items. Now the same again!


    So this is all I know about for now. They are working on it at least. I feel good that after 1 year they did the roof repair. I hope it helps. The only thing I asked was good service, not to tell me that there is no problem when it is so obvious. Now I have a worn out set of tires (2 replaced, 1 was bad but got a bolt though it to seal its fate)


    I told him about them not wanting to do my 4 wheel alignment and that each time I took it in my tires were worn worse. He frowned and knows it cost me a set of tires. The bad thing is I had them rotated 3 times up to 13,500 miles and they still did it but they would not acknowledge I had a problem. I dont' know what will come of this. I am hoping to get reimbursed for the 4 wheel aligment I had to pay for. (all out of alignment)


    So anyway, it pays to not give up I guess. I will see if these fixes work. I am not holding out much hope at this point, but at least I am glad I am being treated as I should be treated, fairly and with respect.


    I will post my final results. The bottom line is it pays to read posts. The advice really helped me. I was ready to run this thing off of a cliff!
  • Well I have had my 2005 Armada since Nov 26 and I have noticed something interesting. Remember the TSB for the clicking/Popping noises coming from the rear axles on the Armadas? Well, my 05 does the same thing as my 2004 lemon, only worse!

    This one does it much more frequently. I will be taking it back to the Dealer in the next week or so, also have to show them the damaged 2nd rear bench seat. The latch is bent and broken.

    As far as the squeaks and rattles, this one is pretty quiet. Nissan finally used that anti squeak tape on all the edges of the plastic pieces on the dash area. Nice and quiet, same for the roof, night and day difference!!! Thank you Nissan!!
  • I'm glad that you are finding some relief with the Dealership. Lets hope that everything gets resolved without much hassle. Are you in a rental car??? I would call the Dealership and/or 1-800-Nissan1 and tell them that if you would not have been "ignored" by the original Dealer (Mention the service writers name) then you would have been covered by there 12000 mile free rental car policy. Scott
  • Hmmm.. I asked them a couple of times when I took it in and they told me that they didn't give rental cars. The last time that it was there for 4 days, (picked it up on the 5th) they told me that they may can get me one for 1 day only, but that was it. That wouldn't do me any good. The other times it was in for 1-2 days each is all but again, no offer. I think I had about 3,000 miles on it the first time I took it in. The worst part of all of this is I am stuck with a worn out set of tires for the last dealers neglect in diagnosing my problems. I am still not finished with that one. Not sure I can get anything out of it, but am going to talk to the factory about it. I should get it back tuesday afternoon if all goes well. I will post my results. They are even going to wash and vacuum it for me. Man I never got that before!
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