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Nissan Armada



  • aggiedogaggiedog Posts: 238
    I drove an 05 this weekend and I agree that it was a totally different experience from the 04 test drive.


    BTW, has anyone seen a Red Brawn LE with sand interior? They've only shipped them here (DC Metro) with the black galaxy color.
  • bec64bec64 Posts: 1
    I am considering the purchase of a 2004 Armada. After reading of the problems that others have experienced (i.e. brakes and roof noise), I questioned my local dealer about this. He stated that these issues have been dealt with on all Armadas mfg after July 2004. I am not sure if this is b.s. or not. Does anyone know if this is the case?
  • Check more than one dealer and see if they say the same thing. Check consumer report. I think he would probably tell you what you want to hear to make the sale. That is just my opinion. Some dealerships will let you keep the vehicle overnight. That would be a good time to test it.
  • From what I've read around the net, there were quite a few quality fixes put in place on the later builds. The 2005's are reporting to be way better than the 04's were. Sucks for me. :)
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    SE Offroad Question:


    Power Foling Mirrors?

    Heated Seats?

    Auto Climate Control?

    Stereo is it a DIN? or Custom?


    On the LE are any of those items on there?


    Thanks in advance, I have an '00 Trooper that is great but no replacement for it, but I'm spoiled with the power folding mirrors and heated seats.


  • rshershe Posts: 236
    1-No-not on any model

    2-Option I belive

    3-No-only available with LE and NAV

    4-I would call it custom


    The heated seats are on the LE
  • I know of many changes ONLY done to the 05's and NOT the 04's. For one, the dash pieces are redesigned in the 05's, The seats are redesigned, the Brakes have the correct front/rear proportioning. Etc,Etc I would not take the chance, but it's entirely up to you.The only upside is the amount of money you'll save compared to the 05. But the money is not worth al the heartache you may experience on the 04's. As far as the Dealer telling you that that late 04's are corrected, keep in mind that you are dealing with car salesmen. They will promise you the World!!!!
  • aggiedogaggiedog Posts: 238
    Believe it or not, but Carmax in Baltimore already has 05 LE's (loaded) at $1,100+ under invoice. That includes the $1,000 incentive. Not bad. I'd have one today but they have no color combos I'm interested in.
  • Well, after doing without my Armada for almost 8 days, I got it back. Changing to another dealership was the best thing I have done. The manager even came out when I was doing paperwork to tell me that they will continue to take care of me and to come back if something is not right and they will get right on it. Well out of my long list here is what happened.

    1. Drivers squeaky seat fixed! Said they had to remount the track? ANyway it worked.

    2. clicking in rear end. Sway bar was loose and repaired. Didn't fix it. Bearing TSB performed. I drove off and click, click. It is still there.

    3. Turned rotors, performed brake TSB for the 3rd time. We will see if it holds. Doubt it.

    4. Rotor sound from under hood. Couldn't find it or hear it. I drove for about 5 minutes and it started again, very loud. Next time it starts, I hope I am near there so I can stop in. They tried.

    5. Rattle in dash. Not fixed. I drove downtown tonight and it rattled all the way worse than before. I found it though. The piece where air comes out to defrost my windshield, is rattling. If I put my hand on it, it stops, so an easy fix next time. (or probably just do it myself)

    6. Steering issue the way it handles over bumps. No fix. Said it was normal.

    7. Roof booming noise. They did the TSB. So far so good but time will tell.

    So some things are fixed and some aren't. At least some are. Better than I was before. If anyone is considering a 2004, I would pony up the extra to get a 2005 and hope it is better. I love driving this thing. Just gotta get all the problems corrected. It is a long painful process that is not really worth it, but I am stuck now.
  • messmess Posts: 26
    What area of the country are you in??? Also, what dealer did you go to that was friendly?? In the Denver area I can still not find someone who will help. If they would just realize that keeping the customer happy is what business is all about. How the heck would Nissan know whether the fix was "heard" or not? Do they get extra incentives for turning away problems??
  • 514329514329 Posts: 60
    have you tried the dealer at Arapahoe and talk to the only female service advisor there and she's been very helpful on my case. try to avoid the other guys specially the older one.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Thanks for that rshe...


    Too bad on the power folding mirros, I really like em on my trooper.

    Too bad on the auto-climate I really like that too, but hate the Nissan Nav system.

    Custom is a bummer, was gonna put a DVD+Nav in there from aftermarket.


  • rshershe Posts: 236
    I wasn't crazy about the Nissan nav (mainly because it wasn't touch screen) but I have gotten used to it and kinda like it now. There are tons of ways to go aftermarket for the NAV, but you obviously won't get the climate and other integrated vehicle controls in there as well.

    Have to agree about the folding mirrors. I am lucky to have 9' wide garage doors otherwise it would be a real PIA. I have a friend of mine with a Tahoe and his wife has already crushed 2 mirrors putting it in the garage.


    As a side note--Nissan finally has out a TSB for those of us having problems with the auto-up window feature, where the window won't go up.

  • clee3clee3 Posts: 3
    Had the 05' LE for about 3 weeks now (1200 miles). Got all of the options, smoke color. No rattles, no noises, power a plenty and stops on a dime. I was hesitant to buy the 04' after reading about all of the probelms, most notably with the brakes. So I waited for the 05' and am very please so far.


    Dealer in my area (near Sacramento, CA) threw in a coupon booklet with $1500 worth of services and free lifetime car washes. Have been very pleased with the way I have been treated at the dealership. Only time will tell, but so far very solid choice.
  • We have about 16K miles on our "beast" which we purchased in May 04 (it was built in March). I've had the brakes checked each time it was serviced and so far, no problems. No excessive tire wear with regular rotations. No roof vibrations. We've taken it from Maine to NC and on plenty of mountain roads, including some not too well maintained in the National Forests and elsewhere. I've also taken it "off-road" on a road/trail for ATVs and trucks. It' not as nimble as my old 4Runner but it did fine.


    My only complaint is it's a bear to wash due to its size.


    81 Trekker
  • I am in Austin Texas. Here both Nissan dealerships are owned by the same person. (carries their name in both places) They are only 20 minutes apart which is sorta weird to me. Anyway, the one in Round Rock is really, really bad. The North Austin one treated me good. I even had a message on my voice mail on friday from the dealership wanting to make sure I was taken care of and that my problems were handled to my satisfaction. I do still have a couple of issues that need to be resolved, but at least they are moving in the right direction. The roof fix seems to have worked. So far I can tell that it is much quieter. Time will tell if it comes back, but nothing is there now and I am relieved. I do understand your frustration. I went though it starting January of this year and it was a painful experience.
  • Hello everyone.I have purchase a 2005 nissan armada. I here alot about front brake problems and rotors to small. Has any one tried an after market brake kit? I have found 3. 1st one is just better rotor 1pair drilled and slotted for better cooling. Price $290 a set. They will fit right on truck and you can use all oem calipers and so on.2nd set is new 14 inch rotors new calipers, brake lines and all nessary hardware, But they are 2inches bigger then orginal rotors and will fit on all trucks with stock 18 inch rims. Manufactor says they work with eom master cylynder an abs system.Price $1400. 3rd set is same as 2nd set only 15 inch rotors but you must put 20 inch rims on truck.price$3000 for kit.Dont know if this is afix but it sure sounds like it.Peace of mind and no dealer BS PRICELESS.

    If anyone has tried any of these Any info would be helpfull.
  • messmess Posts: 26
    I have not tried the arapahoe location. I've been to the JE on 104th. What fixes have you had done? The roof resonance is my biggest beef as of now.
  • aggiedogaggiedog Posts: 238
    Well, I finally bit the bullet and parted with my beloved 4Runner to get an 05 LE over the weekend. Of course it was promptly christened on Sunday night with a snow storm, sort of. We got about inch or two. No shakes, rattles, or rolls. It's great.


    Are there any places that do aftermarket power folding rearview mirrors?
  • p100p100 Posts: 1,116
    I hate to spoil your enthusiasm, but installing any aftermarket kit on your vehicle may void your warranty. I would wait with such installation until after the warranty has expired. One problem with brakes is that they are a safety system and if you were involved in a collision involving failure of the braking system (even if not related to the replaced components), Nissan would almost surely refuse to be held liable for such a failure.
  • 514329514329 Posts: 60
    I don't have that resonance issue but I did brought it up to her where she told me that there was a tsb on it and they did it on one car. right now, they will work on my brakes w/c after 8000 miles started to shimmy. I have 9200 miles on it and so far, that's the only major issue I have and some small rattles inside the door w/c they fix right away. you can also talk to the service manager who is very very accomodating. the thing is, I bought mine on Havana but there service is bellow average. try to get an oil change and took a week to get an appointment and 1 hr to wait while on Arapahoe, you could have it the next day and 40min or less to wait.
  • Hey Midblues: what is the source on your #2?? I've only found Stoptech which requires 19" wheels, or slotted rotors. TIA for the info.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Anyone know if the non-bose equipped vehicles have a std 1/2/2.5 DIN slot for the stereo?


    All the pics I see on the web are the bose version.


  • I installed a complete replacement system in my 04 Armada. There is a 2 din hole back there- Metra makes a kit to fit it.


    There's a pic of my head unit after install at
  • I bought my Armada '05 SE 4x4 about a month now and got about 2K miles (mostly freeway).

    I'm estimating the mileage is around 13.5miles/gal at 70mph avg freeway speed and without towing. This's not even close to the 18 miles/gal rating from Nissan. Just curious what the best mileage/driving condition others Armada owner actually get?
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    You do realize that those figures are done at 55mph and no wind resistance right?


    I own an Isuzu trooper and the minute I go over 60mph my milage drops like a rock. I thought it was messed up when I first bought it but then I was stuck in heavy but moving traffic at 55mph for an extended trip, pulled out 1mpg over the one on the sticker. So try doing a trip at 55mph and see if you get near the sticker. Don't forget these trucks have the aerodynamics of BRICK WALL :)


  • =23&model_id=2749&sYear=2005

    This is the web page hopefully this is what you looking for.
  • I'm still averaging about 16.7 mixed driving, primarily country under 60 mph driving. I've got 18k on mine now- almost at my one year anniversary with the Black Beauty (or beast, depends on my mood) =o)
  • Thanks... kit looks OK.
  • What is the TSB on the brakes? Is there somewhere to find out all of the TSB's?
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