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Toyota Sienna 2004+



  • dudleyrdudleyr Posts: 3,469
    3 latch seats in the middle row is very nice to have.
  • kmeadkmead Posts: 232
    Yes it will run the battery down, clearly the most frustrating failing of the 04 SIennas. We don't know if the 05s will have fixed this.

    The work around is to use the switch to shut off all lights before leaving the van. Not exacty elegant, but it is for sure and it does work.

    The 05s began building today and the first ones will reach paint on Monday night/Tuesday morning. On dealer lots in about 10 days or so. The options will be mixed around a bit with most of the changes in upper model mixs. If you are more interested in the full answer, check for another web site related to the Sienna which does have the complete info available.
  • I don't know if it will be available, but i have a good way for u guys to seriously save some money, my dealership has a third party connection that puts in leather on all seats all around, including in door slots, and it also does fauz wood, do some looking around and u should find a third party, my total came to about 3 grand with leather and wood around. beats spending 8 grand for a xle.
  • Unbelievable! I have a daughter who turned three last Saturday and the day before my wife gave birth to twins! Looks like we're in the same boat, er, van.

    Our '05 Sienna plan is to put the three year old in the 40% third row with the 60% left down and put the twins in the middle row.

    Until we get it, probably end of the month or early Oct, we have to sit and wait. We considered the new Ody but have since learned that the Sienna is our pref.

    Good luck on the babes!

  • kmead. what website?

  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    Try a net search for other auto forums.

    Steve, Host
  • dudleyrdudleyr Posts: 3,469
    "Our '05 Sienna plan is to put the three year old in the 40% third row with the 60% left down and put the twins in the middle row."

    I hope the 3 year old can can buckle herself - long trip to the back for an adult. Have you considered the 8 passenger model?
  • I think the owner's manual for the '04 Sienna says NOT to leave one side of the 60/40 seating down if you have a car seat attached to one side. We have a three year old in the back of ours as well. It is very disappointing to lose that much storage space for groceries, stroller...
  • Thanks for the feedback on the 3 car seats in the second row. Either in our owner's manual or in the manual for our car seats, I believe it warned against allowing the car seats to push up against anything other than the seat of the car (e.g. another car seat). I assume the concern is that in an accident such as a side-impact, one car seat would smack the other one, potentially causing injury. Are you able to get the 3 car seats in the second row without the car seats touching each other? I really appreciate your time.
  • Well my Toyota friends. Toyota has released 2005 Sienna info and prices.

    Found at

    Power passenger seat has been confirmed but Siennaclub says that memory seat has been confirmed. Time will tell.
  • Hi All,

    I am planning to buy a 04 Sienna XLE Limited AWD van. I know these come with Run Flat Tires. I am not comfortable with the RFT's and having no spare at all. Is it possible to mount regular tires (non Run Flats) on the Rims which have the Run Flats or does one have to buy new wheels as well ? Also, is there any aftermarket product to carry a full size regular spare tire on the roof. Would appreciate your response.

  • ckirkckirk Posts: 18
    We're at 3700 miles on 2004 Sienna xle awd and getting just over 16 MPG,(highway/city, lots of ac)as we have since we picked it up. Dealer said to expect lower MPG until after break-in period. Have others had such MPG numbers with awd? Is it reasonable to expect MPG to increase? Thanks
  • Unlike the '05 Honda Odyssey 'Touring' model, you can mount conventional, non-run-flat tires on your existing Sienna rims. But you will need to buy a spare, unless you want to throw caution to the wind. If you do choose to go this route, I wouldn't replace the RFT's until they wear out.
  • davenowdavenow Posts: 171
  • Well I originally ordered a 2004 Strat XLE LTD but have been upgraded to a 2005 XLE LTD for no extra charge. However, the dealer called saying a Blue Mirage, AFP, & Silver Shadow Siennas were coming in next week. I'm not a fan of light colors but I couldn't resist taking the Blue I did. It's not really a WOW color but it's still blue.

    So how do you Blue Mirage Owners describe the Blue Mirage? Are the chrome inserts noticeable?

    I can't wait! I will be a official Sienna owner soon (within the next or so week.)

  • I have an XLE AWD with just over 3000 miles. I get between 20 and 21 mpg. That is about 90% highway, but it is in the mountains (California I-5 between Redding, CA and Medford, OR.) Mine has stayed pretty consistent. I considered break in the first 1000 miles.
  • Hi all. We're leaning toward buying a Sienna, but someone told me it uses premium gas. Can anyone verify? What does the manual recommend and what do you normally use?
    Also, if someone could provide similar info about the Quest that'd be great.

    thanks in advance.
  • davenowdavenow Posts: 171
    i have a LTD. i love it.
    i've been using low grade (87 Octane) since I had it. i get close to 26 mpg mix city/highway 20%/80%. Some people want to read the manual as stating categorically that it will not take anything but premium, but i've not subscribed to that thinking. i've had very good results with the cheap stuff. if i think i'll get that much better mpg with the premium (10% better) then i'll start using the more expensive stuff, but until i know for sure, i think it won't be worth it.
  • ddeliseddelise Posts: 355
    Thanks all for your feedback re: a toddler seat and 2 infant seats. Whatever the case, looks like it is going to be a tough decision for me to make - both what minivan to get, and where to keep the kids! But it looks like the Sienna has a great feature with all of the latch supports - now I need to check if all the car seats I have are latch compatable.

    Also, I am looking at a 2005 - can someone let me know what model might have 8 passenger seating and power doors and rear hatch? if this is the LE, is there the chance to get leather and/or DVD? My guess is not - that you need to step up to the XLE for those options, but then lose the 8 passenger seating. Can someone educate me???

    Thanks - Damon
  • Has anyone bought the bike rack (platform) that's being offered by Toyota for the Sienna? Either from Toyota or in the after-market?

    I believe it requires a trailer hitch (or something like it) and looks like a black (plastic?) platform that 2 (or more?) bikes can stand on and be secured to.

    If so, what is your experience with it, and advice?

    And what was your cost? Thanks.
  • Have you bought / used a cargo storage container on top of your van?

    What does it do to your gas mileage?

    What's the cost?

    Any other advice?
  • I have a friend who bought an 8-pass LE with leather. I believe it was after-market leather that was installed by the dealer, but it was really nice. So it can be done.
  • ewtewt Posts: 127
    The manual says to use premium for "improved performance." I've datalogged ignition timing (the way to measure if premium is needed or not) and there is virtually no difference using premium or regular. Many people (myself included) think the Sienna feels a little more "eager" when you first start accelerating with premium especially at higher speeds, but you can definitely use regular without any problems or big differences in performance/mileage.
  • Last year, we drove from Georgia through Kentucky to Kansas and back again and used a soft, bag type container that we got from Wal-mart. It was basically a big weather "resistant" (not proof) bag that you can put a couple suitcases in, zip up and strap down to the luggage rack (the straps come with it). It got our stuff there and back. On a couple legs of the trip, it rained incredibly hard and our luggage got somewhat wet. It affected our gas mileage very little. We were on the highway pretty much the whole time we were using it and I did not notice any real drop in our gas mileage. The only problem was that at least one of the Fastex type buckles kept breaking. Fortunately, Wal-Mart had a pretty forgiving return policy and we ended up returning a couple of them for new ones to get us through the rest of the trip. The advantage to this type of bag is price and home and destination storage. They cost way less than the hard shells you put on top. And when you're at home or you get to your destination, unpack your bags and don't need to use it, you just wad it up and stick it in the corner of your garage or a closet. The big disadvantages are that they are not water proof (consider waterproofing your stuff in lawn type garbage bags before you put them in the bag) and at least with the brand we used, the Fastex buckles kept breaking.
  • We are currently trying to decide between a sienna and a quest ( i currently have a '98 Sienna) I like different things about each - but the one thing that really gets me is the lack of cupholders in the 2nd row!!!!!!! My 6 y.o. cannot reach (or can barely reach) the cupholders on the back of the tray table. So shee will either be spilling a lot or I or her sister(yeah, right) will have to hand her her drink. Has this been a problem for anyone with kids currently driving a '04 sienna?
  • At this time, the 8 passenger setup is available only as CE or LE. So, no power hatch, no power driver's side sliding door, no factory 6CD changer. DVD (RES) is a factory option.

    3 car seats should fit in the 2nd row, LATCH or not middle seat's seatbelt is mounted on the seatback. I have two Britax Roundabouts side by side without problems.

    I see that the 2005 Odyssey EX/EX-L comes standard with an 8th seat and dual power sliding doors but I don't know if it is recommended or possible to fit 3 car seats across its second row. There are two latch connectors and the center seat has a shoulder belt that reels ouf of the ceiling. You still can't get a power hatch, though.
  • My wife and I just returned from a 2300+ mile trip from Northern VA to Cape Cod, the coast of Maine, the White Mountains in New Hampshire, and other spots in New England. The Sienna performed flawlessly - very comfortable ride, great visibility, great handling ... I couldn't be more pleased.

    During the trip we averaged 25.9 miles per gallon (calculated) with probably 75% driving at 50 miles an hour or more. Typically, with a mix of local and commuting miles, we get about 20 miles to the gallon.

    We both over-packed and had LOTS of room in the van for our stuff.

    And finally, the transmission was very smooth - no long lags noticed at any time. I'm glad I pursued this problem with a second dealer (Lustine) to have the software patch installed. On a trip that length, especially going through small towns, the lag would have driven me crazy!

    Nice trip, and a great minivan.
  • Now that the 2005's are out, shouldn't the official website ( be updated? Does anyone know when it will be?
  • Hi,

    I am almost ready to buy a Sienna XLE AWD after a test drive this weekend. I am very tall, and head room and legroom was pretty good. It seems that the center console protrudes more than on my T&C, such that there is less room for my right leg to move to seems to rest against the console

    I am wondering if others have noted that the center console restricts their right leg movement to the side, and if so, if this has become uncomfortable over time?
  • I'm 6'1" and although that's hardly NBA height, my legs are long, and you'd be surprised how much trouble I have finding a comfortable car.

    I have no legroom problems with my Sienna, and find it quite comfortable. An added bonus for me was that the XLE AWD does not have a sunroof, so there's plenty of headroom.
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