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Cadillac STS/STS-V: What's New for 2007?



  • sls002sls002 Posts: 2,788
    There is talk of the STS-V having a supercharged/turbocharged V8. I am guessing that the STS-V will be a 2006 model at the earliest. I would suggest talking with your dealer(s) to see what they have to say. Until Cadillac announces something, the dealers probably can't do much. However, they could put you on a "list", and call you when they know something.
  • The STS-V will not with with a 425hp blown Northstar, it needs a special engine like the one in the Merc, specially designed for the car...

    Or meybe they could just Supercharge the LS2 or LS6.... can anyone say 500 across the board!
  • eaton53eaton53 Posts: 356
    Or they could just do one of these 751hp monsters that no German sedan can hang with... - _id=8720&page_number=8
  • 14871487 Posts: 2,407
    The STSV wont have more than 450hp because that is the maximum hp the new RWD 6 speed auto will be able to take according to what I read. I would expect 450 and 450 for the '06 model year. The vette is getting the same tranny.
  • I'm concerned about security issues related to the Remote Starter. If I start the engine from within the car and walk away (maybe forgot something in the house), or leave the car running with someone inside the car and walk away, will the car shut itself off if the key fob is not in close proximity to the car? Also, if I start the car remotely how long will it run before shutting off?

    Another question that I have is about the mileage rating. I've noticed that the highway mileage of the V-6 is 2 mpg less than that of the V-8. Why is that.

    Final question: do both engines require premium fuel? Thanks........
  • rayainswrayainsw Posts: 2,953
    From the manual:
    "If the vehicle is left running it will automatically shut off
    after 10 minutes unless a time extension has been
    - Ray
    Thinking I'd not want it to run even that long un-attended . . .
    2016 BMW 340i
  • chavis10chavis10 Posts: 166
    I believe the engine will run for up to 20 mins before shutting off automatically if no futher input is made. Don't know if the car will shut off once you leave. I doubt it. I think the transmitter must be inside the vehicle in order to shift out of park.

    You can read about the mileage issues in earlier posts of this thread. The V-6 uses a short 3.42 axle ratio which forces the engine to rev higher in the range thereby increasing fuel consumption. This was done to give the base STS Cadillac appropiate thrust despite the weight of the car. The standard V-8 STS uses a tall ratio of 2.73 which lets the Northstar turn slow. Combined with the extra thrust of the V-8, it can move the car with less effort. AWD uses a 3.23 axle and the Peformance Package uses the same 3.42 as the V-6. I'm assuming the 3.42 teamed with the N-star will get worse mileage than the V-6.

    V-6 needs regular while Northstar needs premium because of 10.5 compression. Northstar will take regular but produce less HP and won't be as efficient. Hope this helps
  • rayainswrayainsw Posts: 2,953
    "Peformance Package uses the same 3.42"
    Also - according to GMVIS, 1SF V8 = 3.23.
    - Ray
    Still waiting to see postings of "real world" 2005 STS V8 fuel mileage . . .
    2016 BMW 340i
  • "The STSV wont have more than 450hp because that is the maximum hp the new RWD 6 speed auto will be able to take according to what I read. I would expect 450 and 450 for the '06 model year. The vette is getting the same tranny. "

    The Vette is coming with 500 Horses on the Z06 model, being released around the same time as the STS V and XLR V...
  • sls002sls002 Posts: 2,788
    In the past the ZO6 was a 6 speed manual only. Is that going to change? It would make sense to me for the STS-V to have a manual transmission, but then I'm not quite sure where Cadillac is going with this model.
  • Correction to the above regarding V8 engined models:

    The Premium Luxury Performance package RPO code 1SG has 3.42s (GU6)

    The Luxury Performance package RPO code 1SF has 3.23s (GU5)

    The Luxury package RPO code 1SE has 2.73s (GU2)

    How will the vehicles with 3.23s or 3.42s obtain the same or close to fuel economy of the models with 2.73s?

    Wish I could order a loaded car with the 1SG package with the 2.73s.
  • rayainswrayainsw Posts: 2,953
    "How will the vehicles with 3.23s or 3.42s obtain the same or close to fuel economy of the models with 2.73s?"

    As discussed above, I share this concern / skepticism.

    My guess is that 2.73 cars could obtain something close to the EPA highway fuel economy - but the 3.23 and 3.42 cars could not.

    Just my 0.02 gallons worth . .
    - Ray
    Interested to see if any owners post actual results . .
    2016 BMW 340i
  • sls002sls002 Posts: 2,788
    The STS with the 3.42:1 gearing is nearly the same overall ratio as the Seville's STS 3.71:1 gearing. That model was rated about 2 MPGs less on the highway than the SLS with the 3.11:1 gearing. The AWD STS is rated, and I would guess that the RWD STS will get only a mile per gallon more or so.

    The AWD V8 is rated 22 highway. The SRX is rated 20 AWD, 21 RWD. The V6 is better but the SRX's V6 axle ratios are not the same as the V8's. The V8 should use more fuel than the V6, which is rated 24 highway.

    In the real world, it will depend on how you drive the car. My SLS gets around 28-29 MPG on the highway when I limit my cruising speed to about 70 MPH on the interstates and the speed limit (usually 65) otherwise. I suspect cruising 75-80 would drop the mileage down to something nearer 25 MPG.
  • joegodjoegod Posts: 13
    Well we are now into the initial sales of the
    STS. Does anyone know how the sales are going ?
    It would be interesting to find out if all the
    hype will match sales......
  • sls002sls002 Posts: 2,788
    November STS sales were 2771 which compares with 1800 sevilles in 2003. Total for calendar 2004 is 6300. Sales started in September or so. Total 2004 sales for the Seville have been 3300. CTS sales were 4000 in November.
  • 14871487 Posts: 2,407
    The Z06 will not have an auto tranny so the six speed will be for the STS, XLR and regular vette. BAsed on info I have seen the new RWD tranny can handle up to 450hp. Preliminary estimates on the power of the STSV were 425hp but I doubt GM would put the car out with less than 450.
  • bigmike5bigmike5 Posts: 960
    Finally got a test drive today while the wife's Eldo was in for service. Actually took 3, the STS, the CTS and the C-6 Vette. After doing the 3 one after the other, it was really amazing comparing the drives. We started with the Vette because I got an 04 a few months ago and wanted to see the difference. Well, the cabin was a little quieter but I honestly could not see/feel the difference in the torque off the line. Course on city streets, and a short run on I-65, it would be hard to sense much of a difference, since the C-5 is awesome too. I did chirp the tires once off a light. Nice ride, but I am happy with my C-5. Now, on the STS, which I did second--man, what a ride. Awesome is all I can say. Nimble handling, not heavy, quick as a cat, and seemingly endless power, with a smoother than smooth ride in a whisper quiet cabin. This time, the seats felt fine, not hard, and I just can't say enough about what a slick vehicle it was. The CTS [not a V] was last to drive, and after the STS--well it was probably unfair to have it go third. Seemed fairly peppy, but nowhere like the STS. Thought the dash was rather bland and devoid of useful gauges, etc. On balance I Like the ride of the wife's Eldo a little better, and it is no comparison to the STS. That long wheelbase on the STS just makes it glide over the bumps. Add the Mag. Sel. ride and it is awesome. All 3 are winners.
  • Ok, ive been reading everyones responces posted and seems that nobody is really sure what the STSV will be producing. According to caranddriver the STSV and the XLRV are suppose to carry a supercharged version of the 4.6l engine. So far roumors have them between 400-500hp. With the STSV suppose to be in competition with the new 05 bmw m5 and the mercedes e55amg. Both these cars have similar weights of the STS tipping over 4000+lbs and both running mid 12's STOCK! The mercedes takes it in 12.4 and the bmw in 12.6. The CTSV have 400hp with the vetts ls6 motor in it running a quick 13.1 in the quarter. Im not totally sure but I believe the STSV will weight is a slight bit more than the CTSV. Just was thinking that for the STSV to be competitive and to really make any money for Cadillac it would have to definatly be a contender of this class. From these numbers i see the STSV to produce over 450hp as a definate. Also was wondering if anyone heard anything on prices. The CTSV you can get new for nearly 60k. A high class standard STS is at about the same price. The bmw and mercedes are both at about 90k. I dont think they will take the price for the STSV over 70K, and if its as quick and cometitive i can see lots of people really getting into the caddy. Just my .02 all.
  • eaton53eaton53 Posts: 356
    It will be the job of the CTS-V to smoke the Germans in outright speed. As seen with tuner CTS-V's in the Car & Driver Supercar Challenge - where they took 1st and 3rd - the chassis is certainly capable... just need to put enough motor in there. The upcoming 500hp (and 500lb/ft, which is huge compared to the new BMW V-10) should be sufficient.
  • I just took delivery on a new STS V6 with the luxury performance package. 900 miles later the navigation touch screen diplay froze. Brought it to the dealer and said there is a national back order for a replacement. May take a month to get a new system. Nevertheless i am stuck on current settings such as radio, CD and personalazation settings. Also the driver seat squeaks when hitting bumps. Anybody else hear of a national backorder on a new nav system? I hear more and more of the navigation systems are locking up.
  • arby1arby1 Posts: 83
    I just got a STS 2005.I want to install HID.THe local shop wants to put in a 8000 lumen bulb.I want what the standard HID would be from the factory.Is the bulb a ds1 with 3200 lumens?
  • sls002sls002 Posts: 2,788
    The lastest Motor Trend (Feb) says that the STS-V's supercharged V8 will have 440 hp and a six speed transmission.(automatic)
  • I've seen the pics of the Vsts...its very nice....It has the body work like the CTS, as well as the intertior...I don't know the speeds of the transmission, but it's an auto...
  • 14871487 Posts: 2,407
    Apparently the next issue of R&T will have a cover story about the STSV. It will have 440hp and a 6 speed auto with 18" wheels in front and 19" wheels in back. Go to see pics of the exterior.
  • #848 of 866 Re: Remote starting [ppatterson] by rayainsw Nov 19, 2004 (2:28 pm)

    From the manual:

    "If the vehicle is left running it will automatically shut off

    after 10 minutes unless a time extension has been


    - Ray

    Thinking I'd not want it to run even that long un-attended . . .


    I was told at the San Diego Auto show that it will not leave without the Fob.. so if some thief gets in, you can lock him in and let the cops come for their dude


    I do not know whether its true or the sales guy was just pitching to impress us
  • Any bagaining chips out there?

    It seems that it's a pretty popular car.

    I'm looking @ the 6 cyl, Lux Perf Pkg....

    MSRP of $49,950 or thereabouts. Got one dealer to price it at 200 over invoice, at 46,500.....


    I've never leased a car before, and am considering doing so this time around. Where's the negotiation price in the lease, or do work to get the total purchase price down, that will ultimately trickle down to the residual.....


    thank you!
  • barry5barry5 Posts: 49
    Has anyone driven an AWD STS, if so what was your opinion.
  • rayainswrayainsw Posts: 2,953
    Anyone seen recently arrived 1SF-s or 1SG-s and noticed if the sticker still shows 26 MPG HWY?


    I thought I remembered a situation similar to the STS V8 w/multiple final drive ratios and different EPA HWY ratings.


    I was near my local Pontiac dealer on Sunday, so stopped in for a few minutes.


    The Grand Prix GTP has the exact same mechanical drivetrain with or without the Competition Group Option Package (WS6). S/C V6 4-speed automatic.


    The only drivetrain difference is a final drive ratio of 3.29 vs. 2.93 without the CompG. And very little additional equipment that would potentially add weight.


    The EPA HWY number is lowered by 1. (28 to 27 / CompG)


    This is approx. a 12% final drive change.


    The difference between the 1SE (and I believe the 26 MPG rating here may be reasonable) and the 1SG is approx. 25%. 1SE to 1SF (I have driven both of these) is approx. 18%.


    I don’t see how it is possible for the V8 STS with that difference in final drive ratio (plus additional equipment = additional weight) can still achieve 26 MPG.


    So – are 1SF and 1SG stickers still showing Hwy = 26??????


    - Ray

    Still confused . . .
    2016 BMW 340i
  • The new STS has 440 HP @ 6400 RPM and 430 lb. ft torque. 0-60 mid 4 range. It appears Cadillac is going after the 7 series BMW the 760 V12 is rated a 438 HP and starts at $109,900. The S55 AMG starts at a $112,000. 0-60 4.6 per Mercedes dot com. The E55 has 469 HP not 493 as the editor reported in detroit auto show article on the STS, and starts @ $80,000. I would like for the editors to show some objectivity, by first waiting to drive the STSV and waiting to see what Cadillac is going to ask for it. I would think it has to be under the price tag of the XLR. I would be very surprised if it is doesn't start at $69,9900. and with opitions going up to maybe $74,000. When most auto magizines were suggesting the car would have as low as 380 HP, I applaud Cadillac for 440 HP. There is enough difference between the RWD V8 and the STSV I would pay the extra bucks for the STSV. This car was made for the super charged engine. This is a no excuse Caddy!
  • rayainswrayainsw Posts: 2,953
    With a STS 1SG (Premium Luxury Performance) with Performance Handling Package ($795) currently shown on Caddy’s Web Site listing at $62,800+, I would be amazed if the MSRP of the STS-V was under $75K.


    The additional 100 + HP added to the motor would not have been cheap. Adding the supercharger was accompanied by intercoolers and various internal changes, such as reduced bore and compression ratio.


    The upgrade to the 6-speed automatic – again, not cheap. (But may prevent a Gas Guzzler Tax - as the AWD V8 faces???)


    The Sport Buckets with adjustable bolstering are likely more expensive.


    The larger wheel and tire package clearly is more expensive.


    The Brembos are quite expensive. (As aftermarket, I have seen $4K+ for 4 wheel upgrade ‘kits’ – plus installation . . .)


    The suspension ‘tweaks’ require developing (and stocking) another set of part numbers.


    All this adds up.


    I would personally prefer to be able purchase a 1SF or 1SG STS and / or a STS-V withOUT the Nav system, for instance, as it is just not worth $2K + / - for my use.


    But that seems v. unlikely.


    Setting that issue aside, and presuming that the STS 1SG is indeed ‘worth’ almost $63K, I see the STS-V (based on specs – and having driven 2 ‘lesser’ STS-s) as worth $75K - ish.


    But then, I am not quite in the target market for this version – today.


    - Ray

    Not likely to be able to ‘swing’ $75K for a vehicle – today . . .
    2016 BMW 340i
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