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Acura TSX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • sdradioguysdradioguy Posts: 101
    Has anyone else had much luck finding decent quotes by playing e-mail tag with the "internet" or "fleet" managers of these dealerships?

    One gave me a quote of about $200 off MSRP, including mud flaps, trunk mat, and wheel locks. Another one quoted me around the same price, with an extra discount if I show up in person to prove I live in Southern California (?). A third dealer refused to budge at all off MSRP, and tacked on an extra $350 for accesories, unless I came in to deal in person.

    I asked the last dealer what was the point of having someone handling internet quotes, if they refused to actually make a deal with people that way. I mean, that's the whole point of using the internet -- I've already driven the car, I know what it looks like. Now that I'm basically ready to buy, all I want are good quotes. I don't feel like anyone out there is really being straight with me.

    I guess the reluctance to make any sort of final deal online has to do with the dealers' desire to get people into the showroom where they can play on their own turf.
  • sdradioguy - i bought my silver TSX/Nav/Auto for $26k from Norm Reeves Acura. The staff is great, although I have been very unhappy with the car. At least I have a lease, so no too worried about resale value.
  • 26K with NAV!!! That's below invoice! Is that right?

    Why are you unhappy with the car? I know the audio system sucks. I'm looking to buy and if the dealer won't do anything about the rattle I keep hearing about I'll dynamat it. Also plan to replace the speakers.

    Hopefully I won't have the seat problem.
  • Yeh, it is below invoice. This one had been sitting on their lot for a few weeks.

    I really dislike the car for several reasons (btw I had a TL I traded in for the TSX)

    The stereo really is a problem. The distortion and over-stated muddy bass is really bad. Acura should have stayed with Bose in my opinion.

    The NAV is great (as was the TL) but the large 8" screen image is fuzzy and appears to be stretched in some way. Also the voice rec does not work well I hope a future DVD disc upgrade can improve this.(?)

    The auto tran shifts way too soon, and jumps between gears (esp 4-5) on the freeway. The sport-shift is great, and I use it most of the time.

    I have also had the rattle in the sunroof, and as stated the speakers in the doors as well.

    And, no matter what other posters say, the rear window does shake and rumble constantly (its not the rear-view mirror).

    At 1,500 miles I wish I waited for the '04 TL.
  • fredvhfredvh Posts: 854
    How did you like your TL? Any problems? Did you consider getting another 2003 TL?
  • xplorx4xplorx4 Posts: 621
    I've also got a rattle in the sunroof. When the sunroof cover is open, the "rattle" is very noticeable. However, when the sunroof itself is partially retracted or tilted up, the rattle goes away.

    I actually don't think it's a rattle. I think it's the sound of the rubber gasket rubbing/sticking to the painted metal opening in the roof. I intend to ask my Acura dealer how to remedy this problem (which could be as easy as wiping some kind of rubber conditioner on the gasket).

    (For reference, my TSX has over 2000 miles on it- I bought it as a demo vehicle.)
  • Since you leased your vehicle, does the statement "got it for below invoice" really apply in your situation?
  • When I purchased my Camry, the salesmen said I could get an additional $2000 off (that made it below invoice) if I did a 5 year lease. When I worked the numbers using the present value of money formulas, I would have actually paid more. Unless you work the numbers, the "price paid" when leasing doesn't mean a thing.
  • if geoinsdca did in fact get the TSX for below invoice, then he's got the best deal I've ever heard of and must be the best negotiator in the country (send him to the Middle East.. he'll have that situation squared away in no time!)
  • sdradioguysdradioguy Posts: 101
    How did you deal with the people at Norm Reeves? Was it all in person, or were you able to do anything online or over the phone?
  • Anyone know what the average # of days is between the final build date and the day it will show up at the dealer? I have ordered a TSX that was built on 7/28. The dealer just got a VIN # on Monday and they say the car does exist... it's probably on a boat right now. Anyone know approx. how much longer I'll have to wait?
  • parker19parker19 Posts: 59
    The post who says he got his TSX w/nav for $26000 can't be telling the whole story. Period. And that's the problem with some people on this board. They make claims like that and then other people use that information as a gauge for what they should go for. I don't care how long that car has sat on the lot. Most people can't even get the car without navigation for $26000. But if you don't like it, sell it. You could easily get 26k for it, probably 27.
  • Most of the prices claiming to be below MSRP are not correct. TSXs are still selling very well at MSRP; the latent demand has not been satisfied.

    However, I think you will see a price drop when the new TLs arrive. However, even that price drop will not be that dramatic, because the TL is bigger and costs more and while there will be some differentiation between the buyer market it will not be a great as Acura thinks. There are a lot of people, my self included , that want more power than the TSX offers and the TL 6-spped will satisfy that very well. It won't be the solution for everyone because it will be 4-6K higher priced.

    As the old say goes "On the Internet No one can tell you are a dog".
  • jimblockjimblock Posts: 62
    About two weeks ago, I started shopping for a new car. After viewing the 2003 Accords, we decided we liked the TSX (w/Navi) better than the similarly equipped Accord.

    The first Acura dealer we looked at was charging list and indicated that we would have to order any TSX with a Navi. He estimated a month to two for delivery.

    I went to another local Acura dealer and after some talking was immediately offered $500 off list. They had several Navi models in stock and the salesman indicated he could do a bit better if I purchased one in stock. I brought my wife over at lunchtime, and we decided to go with a Carbon Gray/Quartz Navi AT, although our first choice had been Black/Black Navi MT.

    Since it wasn't our first choice, I told the dealer that we might shop some more, but asked for his best deal on the one in stock. We got $700 off list plus I asked him to throw in the All Season Mats for free. He agreed. No hassle, no arguments, car was delivered in two days (3.75% Honda Financing).

    We are very happy with it, and sometimes you can get lucky.
  • sdradioguysdradioguy Posts: 101
    Jimblock -- What part of the country are you in? It seems the midwest and south are offering some of the best deals. It's a good thing you were flexible enough on color/transmission that you got a good deal. I'm kinda stuck on getting a stick, so AT is simply out.

    I haven't gotten any in-person quotes, but the best online quote I've received so far here in Southern California is about $250 off list. And, of course, dealers don't really want to deal unless you show up in person. I hope to be ready to do that in a couple of weeks, if not sooner.
  • szellersszellers Posts: 22
    Carsdirect is now showing 900.00 off MSRP for the TSX in the Central Florida area. Anyone in the area gotten a better deal in the Orlando area?
  • mgelmgel Posts: 1
    I don't know about Orlando, but in the Cleveland area the TSX (non-nav) is going for $500 off MSRP as of 8-11-03. I just can't bear to get rid of my CL....yet.
  • jimblockjimblock Posts: 62
    I'm in Long Island, NY.

    We do regret not getting the MT a bit -- my wife (surprisingly) more than me. But the AT has plenty of pep (I test drove before deciding) and the sport shift is fun, although not the real thing.

    But AT has always been easier when you get into traffic, which does happen a lot around here...
  • crk2crk2 Posts: 2
    Got my new TSX from oakland acura for $26,200.

    auto/no navigation. deal with the internet sales manager j.b.

    awesome buying experience and even better driving experience.

    dollar for dollar you can't beat the TSX!
  • sdradioguysdradioguy Posts: 101
    That does sound like a good deal. I did some math, and figured out the one that I want -- 6sp, no NAVI, with the wheel locks, trunk tray, and mud flaps (which every single dealer around here calls the Acura Protection Package) costs the dealer right at $24,850, give or take a hundred bucks.

    (That's not including a 2% holdback on the sticker price, which could run as high as $540. I don't even know if Acura does holdback on the TSX, since it appears the dealers sell them as quickly as they're taken off the truck.)

    So, it seems anything in the low $26K area would represent both a healthy profit for the dealer, and a decent ($800 to $1,000 off MSRP) discount for the buyer. I hope to find a dealer in SoCal willing to go that low.
  • blueguydotcomblueguydotcom Posts: 6,257
    Did you try Ball? They dealt a grand off the sticker before I ever pushed on price. I'm helping a friend look for an entry lux car this weekend and I'm definitely gonna consult Ball after she sees the TSX is a far better car than her current favorite (A4 Quattro - 31k sticker!).
  • sdradioguysdradioguy Posts: 101
    Yes, it was Ball. The more experienced of the two salesmen I talked to seemed to be really eager to get me into something right then and there. He implied that getting me the exact trans/equpiment/color combo that I wanted would not be a problem, for there are many stashed at some lot off the 5 freeway. So, I'll probably try them first once I'm ready to buy.
  • I am working with JB for a TSX with the same price 26,200. He gave me a vin# on a black with ebony that is coming in in 2 weeks. He wanted to know who referred me-so I gave him your name. He is very happy to get the business. You said that your buying experience was great there-I have heard otherwise so I hope you are correct. Thanks again!
  • crk2crk2 Posts: 2
    I'm sure you won't be disappointed. very low pressure environment.

    i asked for wheel locks and mud flaps and he provided them for free with no issues.

    good luck
  • I'm new to the board, but have been following things for the last few months as I've been set on getting a new TSX since test driving it about 4 months ago. I just received an email quote for a Nighthawk Black Pearl/Ebony 6 speed with Navigation that is in stock for $ 27690.00. MSRP is $ 28990.00. This seems like a good deal to me and given that it was the first response via my email inquiry, there might be more room to go down. Any thoughts on whether or not this is a okay/good/great deal? Thanks!
  • jimblockjimblock Posts: 62
    Ask if the price of $27,690 includes the $500 destination charge. If it does, it is a good deal. If not, it's really a quote of $28,190 or 800 off MSRP, which is not a bad deal (it's about what I paid), but not as good as you might think...

    And, of course, ask about any other required fees, options, etc.
  • Every dealership I have worked with only wants to deal at MSRP. Some have been willing to throw in free oil changes for the entire warranty period, which won't help me because they are several hundred miles away. The local dealership here in Nashville wouldn't come off any, but said they would throw in some mudflaps (wow, what a deal). I countered with $500 off MSRP with no freebies, the sales lady said she would check with her boss...that was 5 days ago, I never heard back. I see people here (and other places) paying below retail, but I am not having any luck. Can anybody point me in the right direction??

  • inkyinky Posts: 370
    Facts of the matter. Bought Black on Black (6 speed)today with spoiler, and mudds plus wheel locks for $26,500. Spoiler was already on for $550. I tried the automatic but it makes no sense to me in this car. I did resent paying same price as automatic.

    Smooth deal, however, wanted white but none within 10 hours so I took its opposite since in stock unit is always to be had for better deal. Some dealers tell me all next month resold. My dealer had two 6 speeds and one auto red in stock. I liked the red and the blue also but settled on black. My dealer is not ordering any more 6 speeds. Says no demand for them. I guess that is why I got about $1,000 off.

  • carguy58carguy58 Posts: 2,303
    Should wait a year if your the patient type that can wait but when you want a car you want it right then and there. The TSX came out what 3 months ago so a 9 month wait wouldn't be that bad for the patient type of buyer making the TSX 1 year old since it has been out. Another thing about waiting for a good purchase price on a TSX is the TSX is a new model so bugs may have to be worked out because this is the TSX's first year of being a new model.

    Acura from what I've known always does this MSRP stuff when a new model debuts and then then if you wait a year you get a generous deal. I mean I have heard on these boards the 99 TL was going for MSRP when it first debut by 01-02 you could get a good deal on a TL. When the RSX came out they wanted MSRP now you can probably get an RSX a little over invoice price. I have an Acura myself and got a good a deal on a CL in 2001.
  • That's kind of what I figured. I was hoping to get this car sooner though. I guess it's all simple vs. demand.

    Thanks again!
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