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  • blaneblane Posts: 2,017

    The recommendation is to NEVER discuss a trade-in when you first speak to a dealer. First negotiate the price of the new vehicle, starting from dealer's actual cost, not down from MSRP.

    You can always, after a price is agreed upon, say well... maybe I might consider trading my old car. How much will you give me for it?
  • boz10boz10 Posts: 14
    Thought I'd participate instead of just reading. I bought a TSX last Monday and am looking to pick it up by the end of next week. Although I didn't get a huge discount I did get the dealer to waive the freight/PDI ($950.00 CAD) and throw in a pair of fog lamps at half price (I paid $340.00 CAD). My net discount was $1290.00 before taxes ($1483.50 after tax). My OTD price here in the Toronto area was just under $40,800.00 CAD. I know eventually that the car will retail for less but I couldn't wait. I had to have it.
  • phild_masonphild_mason Posts: 99
    I am operating on this theory. I think the next few months could be a good time to pick up a TSX. I think the discounting of the lame duck TL will leave dealers little choice but to deal on the TSX as they languish on the lots.

    I frankly go back and forth depending on the day between an '03 TL and '04 TSX. They are about the same money.

    Once the new TL comes out and bumps in price it could be a different story. I am going to watch the inventory of a few dealers around here and see how things are moving in the Midwest. So far, I see things building a little. A Dallas dealer had 13 TSX's in stock, most others have 8 or 9. Some of the big dealers have 50-70 TL's. No doubt a higher volume car.

    It will be interesting to watch.
  • uncledaviduncledavid Posts: 548
    Yup. And, if you don't need a new car now, it makes sense to wait. The TSX will definitely not be going UP in price, it can only come down. It rarely makes sense to buy a car when it first comes out. I choose to do so, but I made choice based on other factors in my life, and I realized that I would be paying a premium.

    Anyway, the bottom line is that your logic is very sound.
  • creakid1creakid1 Posts: 2,032
    "I love the Meteor Silver and have had a number of people come up to me in parking lots and ask about it."

    I think so, too, both the exterior & interior, which is a 2-tone gray/black.

    Unike very light or dark colors, this exterior is also easier to blend into the "2-tone effect" w/ the lower flat side slabs looking darker than the rest of the car.

    The "black-eyes look" of the headlights also shows its beauty & aggression real well.

    Too bad we got a TSX w/o discount & it was "just" the charcoal gray w/ the gray/black interior. It really only looks like a piece of charcoal from far away, since the "black eyes" don't show. & looks real small, too.
  • uncledaviduncledavid Posts: 548
    I saw a charcoal gray on the lot of my dealer last week. I definitely don't agree that it looks like a "piece of charcoal." I think it is a really nice color -look black at night and gray in bright sunlight. It is a very distinctive shade of black/gray. I got the Meteor silver because I wanted a lighter color (sunny out here iN California). But, I think the color you got your car is very distinctive and sporty.
  • parker19parker19 Posts: 59
    i went to two dealers today ... the first wouldnt budge off sticker ... the second would only knock off $200 .... realistically how good a deal can one get for this car or is demand really outdoing supply
  • uncledaviduncledavid Posts: 548
    It really depends on the demand/supply situation in your area. I found that the dealer was not willing to move much on price. But, he did give me an excellent deal on the trade-in. Bluebook was $5700, and he gave me $7000, and gave me a deal on some accessories. So, in your area, you might be able to get the dealer to give you some freebies and other incentives that make the lack of big discounts more acceptable.
  • nerdaknerdak Posts: 12
    I got a Black Automatic TSX with Navigation $27290 ($1700 off) and I financed it with %2.9 in Northern California.
  • rdmatosrdmatos Posts: 11
    Wow, that sounds like a great deal: I live in northern california too and am looking at the TSX--what dealer did you go too if I may ask?
  • cal1948cal1948 Posts: 10
    Watch out rdmatos.....sounds like a dealer.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 185,545
    ditto.. doesn't pass the smell test.

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  • nerdaknerdak Posts: 12
    Ok guys, I am not a dealer and if you are in bay area, you are welcome to see my car. I am an Engineer and working in a consulting firm.
  • parker19parker19 Posts: 59
    Anyone getting discounts on the tsx? I have went to four dealers and all of them are holding very close to sticker, maybe a few hundred off. I find the posts that are claiming 1700 discounts, even 1000 hard to believe but maybe my negotiating skills stink.
  • nerdaknerdak Posts: 12
    You have to improve your negotiating skills. I got four offers from four Acura dealers in The Bay Area and they offered me from $500 to $1700 discount.

    If you want to get a good discount, show that you are a buyer but won't pay that much for the car. I didn't buy the car in the first day, on the second day, they knew I would buy from the other dealer if they didn't give me a good deal.

    You should always tell them what other offers you have from other dealers.
  • jsevenjseven Posts: 5
    Has anyone leased a TSX? If so I would love to know what the money factor and residual is on a 36 month lease.
  • parker19parker19 Posts: 59
    ..... but i think those who say they got 1700 off are totally full of it or not telling the total story.
  • uncledaviduncledavid Posts: 548
    you have to remember that the market is different in different cities, and that prices vary by time of the month. Also, I noticed that people are talking about being offered $1700 off by a salesperson, not getting the actual deal. I doubt the dealer will actually follow through on something like that.

    I personally think that some discounting is going to happen, but it may not be huge. In my case, the dealer didn't take much off, but gave me a very sweet deal on the trade. So, it worked out in the end. I think you'll probably be able to do the same where you are.

    In any case, I wish you luck and hope you get a vehicle at a great price.
  • parker19parker19 Posts: 59
    thank for the kind words ... i think that though this board is helpful, it can sometimes give u a false impression of the market
  • nerdaknerdak Posts: 12
    There is no story about it. I got a 2004 Black Automatic Acura TSX with Navigation with price of $27,290 and put $1000 down payment and my monthly payment is $517 with %2.9.

    I didn't know the dealer and I just got a good deal and that's all. So please don't insult me if you can't get this kind of deal.
  • landru2landru2 Posts: 638
    Acura offers 2.9% over 60 months on this new model already?
  • nerdaknerdak Posts: 12
    That offer expired on May 28th.
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  • fedlawmanfedlawman Posts: 3,118
    Milano red 6-speed no nav.

    Paid MSRP in Seattle but got a more than fair price for my trade-in, so I took the deal.

    The residual value is 65% and the money factor is about .0023.
  • uncledaviduncledavid Posts: 548
    Its seems like you have to come up with "creative deals" to do well on a TSX, in many cases. You might, for example, have to pay full MSRP but then get a great deal on trade-in, accessories, finance rate, etc.
  • fedlawmanfedlawman Posts: 3,118
    Sure it would be great to get a discount, some free stuff, etc. but let's be honest, this level of quality, finish, performance, and features is only found in cars costing more than $30,000.

    Even at MSRP ($27,000) the TSX is a screaming deal.

    BTW, I left my TSX with the dealer so they could detail it (they delivered it to me in a hurry and had missed a few areas, so they offered me a free detailing).

    I got a 2003 TL as a loaner today and, although it's a nice car, it is definitely showing it's age. Compared to the TSX, the body has a lot more flex, the interior sound level is louder on all surfaces, the exterior styling is very 90's looking, and the interior materials and switchgear are of lesser quality. It really felt like I was driving a last generation Accord, and I wouldn't choose it over the TSX, with or without a discount.
  • parker19parker19 Posts: 59
    When I went to look for a tsx, I used some of the other quotes on this board to give me an idea of what I should go for. In the end that may have slowed down the process. While some people claim to have gotten up to 1700 off, low financing, multiple offers several hundred dollars below sticker, I found that no dealer would budge one dollar off sticker. That has nothing to do with negotiating, that is the reality of the market for the car. I wonder how truthful people are when they say what they got a car for or does anyone think some people like to make certain claims to make themselves look better. Just a thought.
  • himilerhimiler Posts: 1,209
    Back in 1993, you could spend $19K on an Integra GS-R and get the same level of performance the TSX offers.

    The TSX does not set any new performance standard for cars priced under $30K. It's barely meeting the standards set 11 years ago.
  • rivertownrivertown Posts: 928
    When I was shopping in December (notta TSX), I saw 'what did you pay' stories that seemed unreal. Actually, however, they were good guidance - once I got to shopping a larger market via the net. I couldn't get the best price posted, but I could get close provided I was willing to travel.
  • parker19parker19 Posts: 59
    how far were you willing to travel to get a better deal ... i have an acura dealer that i could walk to but they wouldnt get off sticker but is it worth to go to a deal 20 miles away for $500
  • rivertownrivertown Posts: 928
    I could have cut my deal by $800 by going 500 miles. I wasn't willing.

    Within a 3 hour drive I found quotes on a Honda Si leftover ranging from sticker ($19.5K) to invoice - $1K+ ($15.8K).

    I think staying within a small market really limits a shopper.
  • fedlawmanfedlawman Posts: 3,118
    "In 1993, you could spend $19K on an Integra GS-R and get the same level of performance the TSX offers."

    And the $19,000 Dodge Neon SRT offers the same performance as an Audi S4!

    Seriously though, $19,000 in "1993 money" is pretty much what the TSX costs today, and you get an Accord rather than Civic based car that is outrageously safer, more luxurious, feature packed, comfortable, poised, stylish, etc.

    I can't believe you even went there...
  • himilerhimiler Posts: 1,209
    Believe it or not, I "went there" because it so readily proves my point about the TSX's performance -- it's adequate, but nothing to crow about.

    Notice that I didn't say anything about content, structure, or style (which is subjective anyhow).
  • fedlawmanfedlawman Posts: 3,118
    "TSX's performance -- it's adequate, but nothing to crow about."

    Fair enough. For about $5000 more, may I recommend the Infiniti G35? It's not as pretty or as poised as the TSX, but it is a about one second faster from 0-60 (woo hoo!).

    I'm sure it doesn't matter that come trade-in time, the TSX will be worth more money than a G35.
  • maui2k3maui2k3 Posts: 13
    After some haggling, I was able to get an Acura TSX in Carbon Gray with Quartz interior, Automatic and Navigation as well as splash guards and Fog lights for $1200 off of sticker. I would have liked to do better, but I am pretty happy with the price being it was the best I have been able to do with the others in the area sticking very close to sticker.

    Persistance pays off. I should be getting it delivered around August. I test drove a Mazda 6 today also and while that is a nice car that is fun to drive, the interior of the TSX was by far much nicer in my opinion. Plus the 6 does not offer Navigation which is a cool toy...
  • prodigalsunprodigalsun Posts: 213
    Himler: Performance is not merely 0-60. If you want a camaro. Car and driver did a very good review of the vehicle...and lauded it's poise, performance, anenities, and an unparalleled level of engineering for a car of it's class. yes, the said that they wanted more horses...but that's only part of the driving equation. To compare this car to a 10 year old integra is...well...not gonna call anyone names here...We'll just say ill advised.

    Parker don't listen to what people say on these boards...they will generally only talk about the favorable part of the deal. Sure, they may have gotten 1700 off...but they don't mention they got 3K less than the trade in value on their trade, and that they are paying 8% on a 72 month loan. It's all about the total deal, not the component parts that *sound* good.
  • himilerhimiler Posts: 1,209
    Not just 0-60? Okay -- the 133MPH top speed number tells its own story, particularly when you consider the TSX's low, low Cd.
  • fedlawmanfedlawman Posts: 3,118
    "the 133MPH top speed number tells its own story..."

    Fantastic! Where do you come up with this stuff?
  • prodigalsunprodigalsun Posts: 213
    Again, Him, baby, if all your into is speed, buy a detroit monstrosity and be happy. I'm not going to be driving this car 133 miles per hour. What do I care, finish, how the the steering wheel communicates road data, how much body roll you get in the curves, How the seats grip my body, how the clutch performs, How the shifter rows through the gates...not merely can it do sub 6 zero to 60 and have a 160mph top speed. Those things are important, don't get me wrong...but for me they are not the whole picture fror a vehicle, just one of the elements to be considered.

    One of the most fun cars I've ever had was my '90 vw GTI. Horse power? at 2 valves per cylinder, it was like 115 horses. But whipping that car through the narrow streets of Seattle on my way too and from the girlfriends place (Bobst, remember mindy lou?)in the wee hours, man, that was livin'.
  • luvmytsxluvmytsx Posts: 1
    I got my TSX last Saturaday and I got it for 26K. I talked to 6 dealers in my area (50 mile radius) and most of them were ready to sell me for 300 to 400 less.

    The dealer I got it from was a big dealer and I got the price quoted over the phone itself.

    One dealer about 45 miles away from home was ready to sell me for 26400. I called my dealer and asked for 26K and told him that I can stop by now and but it. Then he asked for the color. I got a Black and Tan. He mentioned that it will be here this weekend. I went there this weekend and walked out with my new TSX. And I love it......
  • softalsoftal Posts: 3
    $25,397 cash plus $50 doc fee and $5 to transfer tags, Auto w/o nav., in stock, my first offer,whole deal took 40min from beginning of test drive. Sales said way to easy since I needed no finacing. I may install the foglamps, I bought flaps,cargo net and rubber mats at wholesale.Silver w/quartz.
  • parker19parker19 Posts: 59
    Has anyone ever put a deposit down a car that they would have to wait for and then still shopped around for a better price?

    Car won't be in for around four weeks. Was satisfied with the price of the car though I thought the trade may be on the low side. Is it accepted practice to try to renogiate once the car arrives or to try to find a better deal from someone else?
  • rivertownrivertown Posts: 928
    Think about this . . .
    Although you can play the system and maybe get some or all of your deposit back, the essence is timing. Shop before you buy; look before you leap. As it is, the dealer can keep your deposit if you bail on the order;
    and rightly so.

    How much room the dealer has to help you out in this situation depends on how quickly cars are moving and how popular the car you ordered is. If you ordered a weird configuration or color, I don't think you should expect much give at all.
  • fjcarnfjcarn Posts: 1
    Been checking dealers in DC area, Phila, and Delaware. Nobody will budge off MSRP. I read that Acura has told dealers to hold at MSRP and not to even advertise any discounts. Any suggestions on how far we have to go from DC to get a better deal??
  • parker19parker19 Posts: 59
    I know for a fact that you can get about 5-600 off at the acura in Laurel, Maryland. Once again, I will say that this board is helpful and hurts at the same time when trying to buy a car because I think some people get a false sense of the true market. I can't imagine the circumstances that were involved for those who say they got discounts of up to $1700 but that isnt the reality for most people looking for a tsx, even if you are a master negotiator.
  • softalsoftal Posts: 3
    Beckley Auto Mall,Beckley,WV The only Acura dealer in WV, I bought there second in stock,first sold day before(White/Tan) and third(Silver/Black) when I took there tags back after taking car home. I was a little shocked they took my first offer, I wanted to make a fare offer so I could buy and get gone. They would have loved to sold me a TL-S, they had 14 TL's, salesman said below dealer inv. make us a offer but this is a dead body style with the new one on the way and the TXS styling blows the old Tl away. $25397, $50 doc, $5 transfer. Get your money inline what ever your doing,cash,credit union or bank so your ready to go with it, I don't ever trade, I sell first then buy, then your in control.
  • im_brentwoodim_brentwood Posts: 4,883
    You know it's funny.

    Someone posts they get $1700 off "Oh but I could tell you the dealer but don't expect the same deal".

    It's like people who claim they are getting $3500+ off on Navi RX330s. Uh Huh. I'm sold out till labor day like most everyone else, and so and so on Long Island is selling em for $3500 off and has 8 in stock. And I have 8 eyes.

    Here's what I know to be fact:

    $500 off is about it as a rule in the NY City area. Could you do better? Perhaps and probably, it all depends, but if dealers can sell them easily for MSRP, why would I want to discount one? And if the dealer was willing to do it, they offered that price over the phone upfront? I sort of don't get that from a logic standpoint.
  • prodigalsunprodigalsun Posts: 213
    Out in the northwest I got Dealers calling me unsolicited and offering to give me the TSX, If I just give them a good CSI. Now, that's probably just because of who I am and the aura and image of the Big Kahuna Negotiator that I've developed over the years. They realize that they need to contact me first, or I'll really take 'em to the cleaners. So, this might not happen for everyone, but you can probably get at least 3 grand off!

    Prod "I'm the coolest thing since sliced bread" igalsun
  • robr2robr2 BostonPosts: 8,863
    You're not that good if they're not paying you to take one. Sheeeeeesh!!

  • im_brentwoodim_brentwood Posts: 4,883
    They said if I sent them 1 ES300 with cloth and no sunroof that they would trade me 7 truckloads of them.

    Dunno if I should pull the trigger or shop it though.
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