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Acura TSX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • fedlawmanfedlawman Posts: 3,118
    I think you can do better if you hold 'til the end of the month...
  • im_brentwoodim_brentwood Posts: 4,883

    bet i can get floormats :D
  • nerdaknerdak Posts: 12
    I am the person who got $1700 off from TSX with Navigation. I bought my ACURA from Acura Of Pleasanton, Pleasanton, California. That's all I can say and I got it during Memorial weekends.
  • im_brentwoodim_brentwood Posts: 4,883
    Do I think you got the deal?

    Perhaps. DO I think that based on what I have seen it is even remotely indicitave of the market or a deal that makes sense for a dealer to do?

    I don't think so.
  • nerdaknerdak Posts: 12
    The MSRP on this car is $28990 and the invoice is $26467. The dealer can make atleast $1400,

    27290-26467= 823
    28990*0.02=580 (Acura's holdback is %2)
  • im_brentwoodim_brentwood Posts: 4,883
    See the other thread abotu what it costs to run a store. I doubt it was a really net profit deal.

    My point is if the reality market is nearly or full MSRP, why does it make sense to sell one for such a discount? I would have passed on the deal unless I needed a unit on the last day of the month to hit an allocation bonus.
  • akal50akal50 Posts: 112
    I asked for a TSX, either black or red, without Navi but with the wood trim kit, body side moldings, and wheel locks. The final offer was $26,500 which includes destination and dealer fees.
  • elrod03elrod03 Posts: 12
    I'm finding that many of the dealers in the Los Angeles/Orange County area are adding wheel locks and splash guards to the TSX as a mandatory add-on. Is anyone else experiencing this? I'm not crazy about the splash guards. This may sound like a dumb question but if the splash guards are removed will there be any damage to the body where they were attached (drilled holes, etc.)?
  • akal50akal50 Posts: 112
    The dealer told me they have to add wheel locks because people are stealing the wheels at night. As for the splash guards, he says that if you take them off, it'll leave drill holes. So you have to tell them ahead of time to not put them on. I told the dealer I would not pay for the locks and would not accept a vehicle with splash guards on it. He was OK with that.
  • softalsoftal Posts: 3
    To install all 4 mudflaps you only have to drill one hole on each side of the rear bumper cover,I used a awe and all can be installed with out removing the wheels, you will see 2 dimples along the wheel well area on the rear cover, line up the flap and use awe or maybe even ice pick and punch through dimple that relates to lower hole in rear mudflap, the inner splash sheild retainer needs removed but it will not retain splash gurad and mudflap so I used a push in splash shield retainer, the oem splash retainer are tricky to get out, they have ears that spread out and it used small flat screw driver from behind to get them out.Just turn the front wheels so you can get to the mudflap area on front. Theres no direction in mudflap kit but took me about 30 min. total.As for wheel locks? Dealerships will tell you anything, they insuring wheels on customers cars now. I saw a thread on TSX.com about front bumper paint chipping easy, I think somethings up with that, after 800 miles I see small chips already and we stay back while driving, mainly on left side, I feel from car going other way throughing up small gravels.
  • mota1mota1 Posts: 6
    $28,100 satin silver, auto, with navi

    -mud guards
    -wheel locks
    -trunk tray
    -trunk 'net'..forgot the name of it

    not included:
    -tax :/

    I'm in chicago
  • tturedraidertturedraider Posts: 159
    i'm in Texas and the main reason i use splash guards is to protect from hot tar/asphalt streaking across the rocker panels and lower portion of the doors. that stuff is a pain to get off. i don't like the factory guards for my car either, so i found an unobtrusive aftermarket set. as a matter of fact, i have used them on three different cars now. i haven't had to clean tar/asphalt once since i installed them 9 years ago.
  • fernhillfernhill Posts: 17
    Live near Phila - Leased a Non-navigation TSX - 3 years, 15,000 miles for $398 a month (includes 9% tax). Due at lease was first month payment,bank fee and tags. Dealer included splash gaurds and wheel locks.
  • midnightcowboymidnightcowboy Posts: 1,978
    I checked it out and you were right Pleasanton Acura does discount TSX's just not quite the $1700 that was stated.

    Their Internet Specials:

    2004 TSX (Premium Pkg) $26,495.00 + TTL

    2004 TSX (Navigation) $28,495.00 + TTL
  • What dealer did you lease your TSX from? I test drove a TSX auto (no nav)at Montgomeryville Acura (suburbs of Phila) and they quoted me the following:

    39 month Lease
    $386 per month ($354 + 9% tax)
    $750 down plus bank fee, first month, tags, security = $2,081 at signing
    12,000 mi/yr
    59% residual (approx $15,900)

    Granted this was without any negotiation and sure it was based on MSRP. However, your deal appears to have included $0 down (just inception fees) and 15,000 mi/yr and is only $12 more. Seems your deal on an apples to apples basis is about $30/month less based on the following monthly adjustments;

    $398 - your payment
    -$18 - difference in miles (12,000 vs 15,000)
    -$24 - $750 down payment
    $356 - Adjusted payment

    Can you tell me is your Lease 36 or 39 months and what selling price was the lease based on and what is the residual?

    I would really appreciate your help. I am looking at the TSX and the Volvo S60 2.5T. Thanks in advance.
  • elrod03elrod03 Posts: 12
    After debating for weeks over my choice of color I finally made my purchase. I bought a Meteor Silver with quartz interior, automatic without navigation. MSRP of 26,990. I paid $26,268 which included wheel locks (no biggie). Only other fees were doc prep of $45, license fee of $217, California tire fee $5 plus California sales tax of $2039.26 which comes to a grand total of $28,574.26. Based on what I've seen on townhall I feel I got a good deal although not a great one. I purchased from Tustin Acura and got great service from the entire staff. No hassles in the finance dept (some dealers will try to sell extended warranties, paint protection, lo-jack, etc.). The salesman even drove my old car back to my house (about 20 minutes) and I gave him a ride back to the dealership. I can't wait until the break-in period is over.
  • fredvhfredvh Posts: 857
    Congratulations on your new TSX. I think you got a great deal. It was $722 off of MSRP. Most dealers according to these forums are asking MSRP. Please let us know how the car performs as the miles roll on. I would be interested in mpg, quality of ride, and any problems, if any. Thanks
  • maui2k3maui2k3 Posts: 13
    I ordered my TSX last weekend and was able to work out a decent deal. I got the TSX in Carbon Gray with Quartz interior and Auto/Navigation. I paid 27810 before tax and tags. After tax (3% in NC), tags, mud flaps and fog lights the grand total came to $29,628 delivered.

    Sure the made money off of me, but the best I was able to do at any other dealer was $500 off MSRP.

    Total Savings $1180 off of MSRP which I am comfortable with.
  • fernhillfernhill Posts: 17
    Sussman in Abington.

    My lease is for 36 months (dealer told me 39 months would actually cost a little more).

    Residual is 63%.

    I paid $30 under msrp (I think - I don't have paperwork - as I don't have car till end of month).

    The money factor was .00205 or 4.92%

    The money down was $1,125 = first month payment of $398, bank fee $600, remainder is tags, no security deposit (returning Acura customer - currently at end of a CL lease).

    I did contact Ardmore Acura via my credit union's car buying program - they quoted me $1250 down and $389 a month before tax - $424 after tax for 36 months and 15,000 miles a year. After I told them what Sussman was offering they offered to match. I told them thanks but no thanks.

    Sussman also included wheel locks and splash guards.

    Total money out of pocket difference between your quote and my actual is $1,682. ($2081 + $386*39 vs. $1,125 + 398*36).

    Hope this helps.
  • midnightcowboymidnightcowboy Posts: 1,978
    I contacted Acura of Pleasanton and was ready to fly out there for $1700 off. Then I found out the real story "... the TSX is a limited edition car and we are selling as many as we get in and we are not raising the price above MSRP...."

    NO $1700 discount. In fact *NO* DISCOUNT at all.

    So don't feel bad if you paid MSRP, that is what everyone is currently paying, even Mr. NERDAK
  • parker19parker19 Posts: 59
    I am shocked at what you are saying! Are you saying you can't get big discounts off a car that you have to wait 4-8 weeks to get?

    I remember trying to negotiate using some of the prices that I read on this post. Dealers literally hurt themselves laughing so hard, not willing to budge a cent off sticker and they pretty much said if you wont pay sticker plenty others will. They wouldnt believe me that I had one dealer quote of $500 off, saying that dealer was lieing and that there was no way any dealer would discount the car. I bought the car at $500 off but had to drive a little further out.

    Just curious, is it really worth it to fly somewhere to get a better? I read stuff on the site about traveling the ends of the world to save $500 bucks.
  • In the heartland, TSX's are not moving like hotcakes. St Louis Acura has 19 in stock. There are deals to be had out there. The total auto market is a mess right now. Patience is a virtue. If you must have a certain model, color, etc the dealer can name their price.

    Also never ask a floor sales guy the price. They are going to give you list. Use the "internet" department or figure out the sales manager and e-mail directly.
  • akal50akal50 Posts: 112
    I agree with phild_mason. Go through the internet department. I did that and managed to get a great deal. TSX Auto without Nav including wood-trim kit, body side moldings, wheel locks, destination, dealer admin fee, all for $26,700.
  • nerdaknerdak Posts: 12
    Mr midnightcowboy,

    As you said don't feel bad if you paid MSRP because it's a great car but I don't know how to prove that I got $1700 off.
  • Fernhill, I just wanted to say thank you for sharing your info with me. I am still evaluating the TSX and the Volvo S60 2.5T. My wife's lease is currently up on her Volvo V70 wagon, and as such Volvo is offering to pick up my first 3 payments on a new lease. I got her a new Honda Pilot and therefore this vehicle would be for me. Just curious, did you compare any other cars when leasing your TSX? I would be interested in your thoughts.

    Again thanks and sorry for the couple day delay on the thank you!
  • rlsfrlsf Posts: 5
    I'm currently looking at TSXs- ready to buy (check in hand!). Had a LOUSY experience at NorCal Pleasanton's dealership and one that wasn't much better at the Steven's Creek Acura.
    Regardless, seems that at least 2 of the dealerships were offering $500 off MSRP before I even walked in, while the others (I looked at 5 total) weren't willing to budge a single dollar off the MSRP.
    Will let you know what I paid if I end up with Acura. At this point, due to the customer service, might end up with a different car all together.
  • rlsfrlsf Posts: 5
    I'd say it's darn good since you have the destination fee included ($500 in CA). Good Job!
  • fernhillfernhill Posts: 17
    I was interested in the Saab 9-3, Mazda 6, Nissan Murano and Maxima. I did some comparisons on Edmunds and contacted a few dealers via email. Nothing in depth - when it came down to it I have been happy with Acura (currently lease a CL and also leased the previous version of the CL prior to the current lease).

    I can't stand playing games with dealers or having to pick a car that I like only to find you have to add 5 different packages to get what the Acura already comes with.

    In my case, I am going to reduce my monthly lease payment by $100 and go from 12,000 to 15,000 a year with my lease.

    I think I am getting a very good car and did not want to haggle, get frustrated or waste time with other cars, dealers.

    Good luck!
  • tturedraidertturedraider Posts: 159
    fyi - i was just on ebay and there is a dealer with a silver six-speed with spoiler, no nav, for $26k and change. According to his listing more than $1600 off list. search "tsx" on ebay motors. there's not much there yet so it should be easy to find.

    also, if anyone wants wood trim to accent the aluminum, i saw a nice, big (lots of pieces) kit on there for $164/buy-it-now. i was glad to see that, because i like meteor silver/quartz, but don't care for the aluminum trim. this wood kit is a really good compliment.

    btw - i have no personal interest in either of these items, just passing along info.
  • go_bearsgo_bears Posts: 2
    i also had a bad experience at acura of pleasanton (first week of may, i think). in addition to not wanting to budge from MSRP, the sales person i dealt with didn't seem too interested in getting my business. i almost bought an audi a4 because of this. in fact, i went to an audi dealership a couple weeks later to pick up a 1.8T quattro. "fortunately", the car had a small ding on the right rear door and i called the deal off. bought a CG TSX w/ Navi two days later from oakland acura for $500 off MSRP... plus they threw in wheel locks, mud guards, the trunk tray , and an all aluminum shift knob (they said they lost the original shift knob) for free. since i can't post the sales person's name, his initials are C.J. very nice guy to work with. and don't bother with concord acura. i negotiated the same deal on the same car over the phone with a sales person (who shall remain nameless, but is of middle eastern descent) before i went to oakland acura, only to have him tell me the day before i was to come down and sign papers that i had to buy $1800 worth of accessories to buy the car at that price.
  • rlsfrlsf Posts: 5
    Just signed a deal last night for OTD price under $29,000 for the auto, no-navi, with mud guards, wheel locks, trunk trays included. Left a large deposit check.

    Today the dealer called to tell me the car has been sold- basically PULLING it from under me.

    Three lessons I learned-
    1. You CAN nagotiate a price under the MSRP.
    2. All I've seen from Acura's corporate message is a complete disregard for fair and honest customer relations. I'm waiting on one more dealer to come through before I move to another car all together to never look back at Acura.
    3. Don't shop at Pleasanton and Colma (Monteserreno) of Northern California.

    This is my personal experience- yours might be different. Just thought I'd share.
  • rlsfrlsf Posts: 5
    It's reassuring to know that I'm not the only one who's having a nightmare experience with Acura. BTW, I called their Customer Service only to receive the same exact bad customer relations. The customer rep told me "the dealer can do whatever they want." I hung up.
  • miamiroymiamiroy Posts: 1
    I have cased out 2 local dealers already, and am slated for 3 more this weekend in the miami, FL. All of them are pretty much on the same note, invoiced around 26K+ and out the door price of 29K w/o nav. Could anyone recommend a good set of tactics for me to drive some of these prices down. I am not afraid of some driving deep south Florida or north or central Florida.

    My goal is a Carbon Grey/Ebony/Auto/Navigation -- I like the body kits but I am not sure if anyone thinks its worth it dealer cost - where aftermarket it might be cheaper and better?comments?

    Also I have a 1997 Discovery with 70k miles and in good shape prolly worth kelly blue book 4k-7k I want to trade in -- though I have been warned to haggle a price and only then mention I want to trade in a car.

    Again I know I am a noob and for that I kick myself in the pants... **WHACK**... There I did it, but this is my first car that I am purchasing on my own with 10k cash, hopefully 5k trade in and the rest financed and a very good rate of hopefully 4.7% with my good credit rating of a FICO score of 684. I am expecting about mid 200 monthly payments for a 72 month period putting me at about $2,268 in interest.

    So a recap:
    (1) Advice on getting this car down since miami is a car town and dealers push the fact its a hot item you must order to even see b/c they move so fast
    (2) Should I go internet - strictly internet sales from distant dealers?
    (3) Any recommendations on where the best place to finance the supposed last 15k of the cost at?
    (4) Best way to deal with my trade-in.
    (5) if anyone has heard anything good about the optional mp3 player that runs about $495 that I would assume ties in nicely with the nav screen to be able to ready full song titles and directories??

    I really appreciate any help -- help a first timer out!

    My Goal is this car without killing myself in the process.
  • The new silver TSX 6-speed with the spoiler listed on e-bay by the KC dealer still has zero bids at $26,030. The last couple Accord 6-speed coupes that dealers listed there went unsold. The Accord V6 EX-L auto "street price" is around dealer invoice, it makes absolutely no sense for the manual transmission versions to be worth THAT much of a premium over the automatics when 90% of buyers can't even drive them! Acura should also be introducing the new TL sedan with a 6-speed manual in the fall. If that doesn't soak up any remaining demand from the fairly small 4-door shift-for-yourself crowd, I don't know what will. So I'm just observing the market for now. There are an awful lot of offerings in that market segment ... BMW, Saab, Volvo, VW, MB, Jaguar, Audi, Nissan, Infiniti, Lexus. The TSX is just what I want and need but it's not the sort of car that's going to turn the neighbors green with envy. This is June 2003 and the 2004 TSX has only been around for a couple of months. If Acura dealers aren't cutting deals on the TSX by this fall, Lexus dealers should still be cutting deals on the IS300!
  • plin6356plin6356 Posts: 1
    I am looking for the best deal in Southern California area for a TSX. So far, I've only come up with dealers that are willing to knock a token couple of hundred bucks off from list price. Whoopity-Big-Deal! Has anyone had success getting over $500 discount in Southern California for a TSX w/5-spd auto?
  • elrod03elrod03 Posts: 12
    Look at message 130 to see the price I got at Tustin Acura. I bought a Meteor Silver automatic with wheel locks (supposedly a $49 value) for $26,268. That is $722 under MSRP. I paid cash and did not have a trade-in so this is a very realistic price. I didn't have to haggle much. I just told the salesman I had another offer from a dealer in Costa Mesa for $26,100 which was true. I agreed to pay $168 above the other offer because I didn't want the hassle of going to another dealer and wasting another couple of hours. I called about 6 dealers and asked for the fleet/internet manager. I asked for their best price and almost all offered at least $500 off MSRP. Good luck.
  • jcampodjcampod Posts: 15
    I just bought a White TSX/auto/Navi for $27,290 in Oklahoma City at Bob Howard Acura. I was travelling through Oklahoma and asked if they had a red or white/auto/navi, and dealed with them. They didn't have it in stock but it was rolling in off the truck within 2 days. AWESOME CAR! I looked and had been told at 4 dealers that they would not budge off sticker. However, I walked in to Bob Howard, negotiated, and left 2 days later in a great car. They don't have but 3 or 4 on the lot--I just got lucky. They also were able to swing 3% financing, so I felt good about the whole deal.

    That being said--there is a no-haggle dealer here in San Antonio, Gunn Acura, and they are asking $1000 off MSRP (no hidden fees) for either navi ($27,990) or no navi ($25,990). I would have certainly bought from them (and had planned to) until I struck such a deal from OKC.

    My advice--if you are really stuck, call Gunn in San Antonio, order a TSX ($500 deposit) and fly and come pick it up. Especially if you aren't getting past sticker with your dealers. For some people, it may be worth the trip (and the fact that there is no haggling!). And you'll save at least $1000!
  • rruderrude Posts: 1
    Purchased my Carbon Gray with NAV and ebony interior yesterday at Bell Acura in Phoenix. Paid $28,300 with wheel locks. No negotiation necessary. Salesman was up front right from the start that 500-700 off MSRP was the norm. I bought their last auto with NAV. He said they have 14 autos with and w/out NAV on the way, and they are all sold. They had 5 6 speeds with and w/out NAV. Was told manual trans is hard sell in Phoenix metro area due to amount of stop and go traffic. The other two dealers in Phoenix area had about the same amount of cars on lot.
    Best car buying experience I have ever had. Love the car, and am glad I spent more time and effort comparison shopping for this purchase!
  • Trying to decide between a TSX, TL, and Accord v6. I want a car with good handling and comfort. Too bad the TSX is a bit smaller than the TL and Accord or I would be jumping all over it.

    Please share you opinions, advice, or suggestions.

  • creakid1creakid1 Posts: 2,032
    Forget the TSX! I was surprised the slightly shorter wheelbase made such a huge difference in interior room plus uncomfortably-low rear seating height for lots of head room. All head rests are too high for me(5'11"), by the way.

    Ride wise, replace the TSX's w/ Accord springs! Otherwise, you'll find a night-&-day difference in ride comfort between this 17" TSX & cars like 325i w/o sport package or even 2002 C-class w/ sport suspension. Replacing the 17" w/ 16" won't do much depth, as the TSX's already got soft bushings to take care of the 17"'s harshness.
  • midnightcowboymidnightcowboy Posts: 1,978
    I am facing the same dilemma currently have an absolute red 5-speed IS300. It performs well , about 0-60 in 6.8 but gets really lousy mileage because it is geared so low about 2,500 for 60mph. I get only about 21 mpg on the highway and since I moved to Houston it looks like I will be driving 25K a year.

     I really like the power of the CL-S 6-speed but it is going away and is a coupe. I like the accord 6-speed good performance but it also is a coupe. I looked at the Infiniti G35 sedan power was pretty good but you can't combine all the options I want and the color selection is stiffed over the G35 Coupe. G35 coupe backseat is downright claustrophobic and I think with the low gearing it won't even get the rate 27 mpg.
    I looked at the Mazda6S and test drove one with sport package. It performed pretty good but the ride was a little jouncy and it was geared low, I envision again only about 21 or so on the highway. And the Mazda 6 just didn't have the fit and finish and quality feel that the other cars do.

    Then there is the TL coming in September 2004 . It will be a 6-speed and a sedan and have all the luxury features the Mazda doesn't and the power the TSX doesn't. Or then do you wait until 2005 when the new TL Type S comes out.

    I also really liked the 2004 BMW 330i sedan 6-speed with sport package, rated o-60 mph at 5.9 seconds. It is real close to the 98 M3 sedan I had but a little more subtle ride. I don't know if I want to go through the BMW scene again.

    From a practical standpoint the car I like the best is the Accord 6-speed with NAV at about 2K under MSRP. regular gas, highway rate at 30 mpg, will probably get 26-28 at my normal highway commute speeds.

    But then maybe I should give up performance altogether and go for mileage and get a red Insight.

    Go luck in your decision process. Let me know what you decide.

    Midnight Cowboy ;)
  • aqphamaqpham Posts: 11
    I have driven the RSX so many times(a friend's car), and have felt every bump and hole on the road. I am just wondering, for those former owners of RSX now driving TSX, how harsh does the TSX feel?
  • creakid1creakid1 Posts: 2,032
    "I am facing the same dilemma currently have an absolute red 5-speed IS300. It performs well , about 0-60 in 6.8 but gets really lousy mileage because it is geared so low about 2,500 for 60mph."

    That was the stupid thing I noticed when the IS300 1st came out. Least interior room & highest fuel consumption of all Lexus cars! The lack of space restricted the flow of the exhaust was the culprit, I thought.
  • akal50akal50 Posts: 112
    I was in the exact same situation a month ago. I was trying to decide between the Accord EXV6 Sedan, the TL Type S, and the TSX. I ended up picking the Accord.

    The TL feels extremely cheap once you've sat in the Accord and TSX. It was the most expensive of the three and yet it felt the cheapest, out of date, and after seeing pictures of the new TL, it's hard to get excited about the current one. And there's that big transmission issue.

    The TSX looks great, but feels very cramped, especially in the backseat. Acura is supposed to be a luxury brand and yet there's no power seat for the passenger and no heated mirrors. What really turned me off though was the ride. It is very bumpy. For everyday driving, I knew I'd grow to hate it and I'm sure passengers would hate it too. aqpham, that probably answers your question. The price of the TSX was also an issue. Even after getting $1000 knocked off MSRP, I still felt it was overpriced. Sure you're getting a lot of features, but I'd trade a lot of them for a V6. I think a car shouldn't cost more than 25K if it only gives you 4 cylinders.

    I felt very at home in the Accord. It's very comfortable, has lots of space, is loaded with features, has the engine power, can be fun to drive when I need it to be, and can a luxury cruiser when I have passengers. In the end, my only real issue with the car was the way it looks. But I happen to think it looks better in person than in pictures. I got a great deal on it. $200 over invoice. I also added the decklid spoiler to improve the rear. It may not handle as well as the TSX, but it's still a fun car. If you learn to look past its appearance and don't mind that everyone else is driving one, than I'd say you should get the Accord. For the price, I can't think of any car that offers so much.
  • fedlawmanfedlawman Posts: 3,118
    I can think of some $35,000 luxury sport sedans with 4 cylinder engines...

    Ever hear of a little company called Mercedes-Benz? There are two other rather obscure companies known as Audi and Saab that make some pretty good 4 bangers. BMW and Porsche are also known to have made a car or three with 4 cylinder engines.

    I think the Accord is an excellent choice for you.
  • akal50akal50 Posts: 112
    That's exactly why I would never get any of those cars. That and the fact that you're paying so much just to impress other people with the nameplate on your car. Regardless of whether one company's 4 cylinder is better than another company's 6, I'd still feel like I'm not getting my money's worth. Suppose someone made a fabric seat that was better than leather. Would you get a Lexus with fabric? No, because leather is implied in the definition of luxury. Likewise, a price tag of 25K in my mind implies 6 cylinders. I just feel like I'm not getting my money's worth if I don't get a V6.
  • dudkadudka Posts: 451
    I have been reading this post for a while, I am torn between the IS300 and the TSX. But this last post, I feel like I reallly need to answer.

    "That's exactly why I would never get any of those cars. That and the fact that you're paying so much just to impress other people with the nameplate on your car. Regardless of whether one company's 4 cylinder is better than another company's 6, I'd still feel like I'm not getting my money's worth. Suppose someone made a fabric seat that was better than leather. Would you get a Lexus with fabric? No, because leather is implied in the definition of luxury. Likewise, a price tag of 25K in my mind implies 6 cylinders. I just feel like I'm not getting my money's worth if I don't get a V6."

    Following your logic, you should be driving a Hyundai Sonata V6 with leather for $17,000. It has a V6, and it has leather.
    Honestly, leather is not it is all cracked up to be. It is finniky, it is hot in summer, cold in winter, need constant attention or it will crack. The only thing leather is better at is when you have kids and they spill stuff on your seats. I wish honda offered TSX without leather, I happen to like Alcantara, or just plain Velour, which is available on the IS300. Leather is perceived luxury, in your own words "That and the fact that you're paying so much just to impress other people with the nameplate on your car"

    Honda has some of the best 4 cylinder engines in the world. And to discount the car only because it has a 4 banger is really senseless. Mind that Porches were all 4 cylinder at one time, while "luxury" caddilacs were V8's at the time. Still the 4 bangers would outrun any caddy.

    The complaints about TSX's ride, hey what do you expect from Accord Type R. You can not have cornering if the car bounces like a lincoln over every bump.

    TSX is a better compromize than Accord V6, if you driven one, you will soon feel the "nose heavy" characteristics. Besides, the new Accord is about the size of my grandma's Buick park avenue. Way too big for my liking.

    I hope Honda is listening and does bring over a decontented TSX for about $20K. (no leather, no xenon, no climate control, just plain A/c, power windows and locks, optional sunroof, and 16 inch wheels instead of useless 17)
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 184,428
    Last year, I saw a 2001 CPO IS300 at the lexus dealer with cloth interior.. I really liked the interior, and the price was great, but.... aftermarket sunroof.. This car was one year old, with only 9000 miles, but with the cloth and a non-factory sunroof, they couldn't give it away. A friend of mine called me from the auction about a week later, and asked me if it was the same one I'd looked at. It was, and it went for $20,500.

    oh well, back to the topic.

    Did you get a good deal? Be sure to come back and share!

    Edmunds Moderator

  • midnightcowboymidnightcowboy Posts: 1,978
    Dukda #133 "I just feel like I'm not getting my money's worth if I don't get a V6."

    M3, IS300 they are not V6s but inline 6s
  • aqphamaqpham Posts: 11
    "I hope Honda is listening and does bring over a decontented TSX for about $20K. (no leather, no xenon, no climate control, just plain A/c, power windows and locks, optional sunroof, and 16 inch wheels instead of useless 17)"

    Remember why Honda made the TSX: to fill in the gap between the TL and the RSX. If there was a TSX version at about $20 grands, then where would the RSX be. Also, the TSX came to the market as a near luxury sport sedan, so I think that all of the features that came with it really justify its existence.
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