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2005 Mercury Montego



  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    Do you literally mean Ford, or all Ford product's steering wheels are ugly? Because I can't agree with ya. The new Lincoln wheels are one of the things that not only sold me on the truck, but get the most compliments from guests in my Navigator. I tend to really like the new Ford Wheels generally, and like the ones in these pictures quite well too.

    Personally, I feel GM has the market cornered on ugly plain black steering wheels.
  • upsetter1upsetter1 Posts: 205
    Compare Montego interior with Ford Mondeo - very similar:
  • ANT14ANT14 Posts: 2,687
    Yes, same designer.

    Ford is tripling it's investments for interior design/materials, etc. VW has done well in that sector, and has a high 'perceived quality' when it really doesn't. And considering people so much time inside their car, surely why not?
  • upsetter1upsetter1 Posts: 205
    Still Passat is considered to have higher quality interior than Mondeo. Ergonomics of Mondeo is superb, especially driving position, according to what I read in European press. It was designed using computer simulation, it means that ergonomics and cabin in general was scientifically designed in most optimal way. Mondeo has also better driving dynamics. But keep in mind that Passat is an older design. I am not sure that Mazda6 is as good as Mondeo, didn't see comparo with Mondeo yet.
  • ANT14ANT14 Posts: 2,687
    Try, or (2 european sites that test vehicles) they tested a new Mazda6 and gave it a great overall rating as well.

    The computer simulated testing is pretty much done on all vehicles. The Focus itself was tested so even older folks can reach the buttons, or gloved hands as well. Same with numerous other Ford vehicles. The SUV's go thru another battery of testing that allows for women and smaller framed people to be able to grab, reach, touch certain buttons/levers, etc.

    Ironically something I noticed about the Passat (I have 4 friends which own them, and swear they'll never own another again), at first the materials feel great, are nice, etc. But all are having issues with materials being misaligned thru time, or common one is the interior door outter stripping falling down, and no glue in the world can keep it up with the heat down here in Miami. Etc.

    I would just wish many of these auto-journalists would keep vehicles longer than a few weeks, so they are able to experience it's technical/quality faults. Then I'm sure they wouldn't boast about the vehicle as much as they do.

    There's huge investments for Ford interiors, the quality of the Montego's/500/Freestyle will be one of the best in it's category from what I've seen.
  • upsetter1upsetter1 Posts: 205
    Yeah I also heard about VW low quality issues in the long run (if 30,000 miles are considered as a long run)on Jetta/Golf. Complaints are breaking switches, power windows, flimsy plastic parts that look great but fall apart, and of course coils. VW always was this way, but they came with a great idea to make it look high quality now folks get attracted to VW thinking it is luxury, but it is not much different from Ford or Toyota. But still it is the German cars and has good engines and chassies.
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    performers, but high maintenance......
  • ANT14ANT14 Posts: 2,687
    In total it's 12 friends I have, who bought them all because they were "trendy".... 7 of them were "I told you so" cases which I warned. All have had numerous issues with their vehicles. Not one will buy VW again. 4 of them have "tricks' to make things work.

    One Passat, the A/C fan turns off, if you slam the car door too hard, so at some stop lights you see us slamming doors to get it running again.

    Jetta's ALL have a burnt crayon smell inside, while all their Passat's have the moldy odor (One friend had to do a Lemon Law for that vehicle).

    One has a stereo which works "when" it wants to, the nickname is "The voice of God"... It just sporatically plays when it wants to. Must kick the dashboard/console tunnel to get working again.

    Another has an issue when she presses her horn, the Airbag light will light on and stay on for awhile. She learned if you HIT it hard enough, it goes away.

    Now while some people put down american vehicles because of their lack of reliability, or bad experience with them. I don't think I know of anyone that has had these rediculous little problems on their vehicles.

    Supposedly this year they their initial quality ratings increased, from last years Kia level lows. But initial quality is a VERY small factor survey to take, and I question most of those surveys anyways, but we won't get into that.

    Without getting too off topic. Major investments will be made to Ford interiors, and while some will look Passat like (as the Montego/500, Mondeo) their materials will be made to integrate and use less parts... Less parts = Less things of going wrong.
  • frasierdogfrasierdog Posts: 128
    I am in my 30's. I drive a 96 Merc. Grand Marquis & 00 Expedition EB (Previous was a 91 XR7)
    Ford honors warrantees on intake leaks on Crown Vics but not Grand Marquis (Very disappointed)
    Considering switching to import for reliability reasons. Last chance Ford.

    Why I want for my money to go to Ford:

    1 Big comfortable seats (no leather covered bricks)
    2 Leg room in rear seat - Why spend $25-30K if I can't take 4 adults to lunch in comfort.
    3 Very quite interior - like a Grand Marquis
    4 Warrantee 5y, 75K miles - Ford stand behind your product
    5 Great radio with Sirius & MP3 player - be up to date with technology - cassette players for the 60y old drivers won't cut it - Have not used a cassette in 12 years. I don't care what your market research tells you, cassettes are DEAD!
    6 Keep all the amenities, foot well lights, door lights, theater lighting.
    Don't go make a cheap interior like Toyota. El cheapo floor carpet & el cheapo head liner in the Camery for $25k - Why can't the imports put good lighting in their cars?
    7 Don't make me take a sunroof to get some options. It is 100 deg in Texas in the summer, last thing I want is more sun in the car. Fine for some, not me.
    8 Road feed back is way over rated as well as sanity and sobriety.
    9 Get rid of the power pedals - waste of technology in a sedan.
    10 I will never pay $2k for NAV system I will use 3 times a year
    11 OnStar - My cell phone has better coverage. My friends have had very poor results with OnStar, never renewed their contracts.

    I put off my Accord/Camery purchase until the 500/Montego comes to market.
    I hope the wait is worth it!
    Make the first model year great.
    Fix the problems before it's released.
  • ANT14ANT14 Posts: 2,687
    Interesting Post, let me see if I can shed on light on some of your concerns. First off, I would recommend the 2nd year 500/Montego run, where a larger engine will be introduced. And the first year kinks will be ironed out.

    1) They'll be supportive, but by all means, not what your used to in a Grand Marquis.
    2) Yes it'll be very spacious in leg room dept., the seating will be a bit more upright.
    3) Yes it will be quiet overall.
    4) Extended warranty can always be purchased. Although I would press the issue if your having problems with yours. If you must contact Ford HQ everyday, to solve the issue, then I would.
    5)CD player standard.
    6) Interior will use very good materials all around, details will be much higher caliber for a product in that price range. Imports use the lighting as a cost cutting feature, which is why many of them do not even have lighted window/switch buttons at that.
    7) Sunroof group option, I'm not sure on that one, too early to tell. But being 500/Montego are related, you will find option groups, grouped differently for each vehicle, so chances are you might find what your looking for.
    8) Roadability, handling and control will be european like, but without being uncomfortable. Do not expect a Town Car ride though.
    9) Power Pedals are one of the higesht options people have picked on Ford vehicles lately, they are here to stay.
    10) I agree, it'll be a stand alone option, and I doubt it'll be available on the first year run.
    11) Ford has a contract with Sirius, instead of OnStar. I've never been fond of using such systems, another toy than can break in my opinion. But Ford doesn't push it on you, as OnStar does.
  • frasierdogfrasierdog Posts: 128
    When does the Crown Vic/Grand Marquis get a redesign?

    What direction will Ford be taking these cars?

  • ANT14ANT14 Posts: 2,687
    The graveyard...

    There's "word" that Ford will be building the next generation of Falcon sedans, here in the U.S., considering they will be uni-body, over body on frame, they might be more favorable towards consumers. So the CV/GM will be left pretty much towards fleet sales, and police dept's, so far they don't have a life past 2008-2010.
  • a_l_hubcapsa_l_hubcaps Posts: 518
    It's interesting that Ford seems to be getting out of the RWD business just as Chrysler is getting in. I wonder if we'll see mainly fleets of Chrysler 300 police cars in 2010?

    -Andrew L
  • ANT14ANT14 Posts: 2,687
    Fleets is mainly the issue that has lowered resale value for numerous domestic vehicles. Which is why Ford will push the Taurus, and CV towards rental car fleets and such, while keeping vehicles such as the Futura, 500/Montego, for regular consumer's.

    It's ironic how Ford is entering the Full-size FWD/AWD market, when Chrysler is going the opposite way. But this doesn't mean that Ford doesn't have a replacement (alternative) to the CV. Currently they are studying versions of the Australian Falcon, for Ford NA.

    Overall, unit wise, Ford produces more RWD vehicles than any other automaker. Therefore they aren't abandoning the RWD business, considering some of their best vehicles in history, have been RWD.
  • ANT14ANT14 Posts: 2,687
    Update: Considering the Ford 500 thread has not been reactivated yet, and the Montego is the sister of the 500, attached is a link to TCC.Com where they have some spy pics of the upcoming 500. It's very well covered (at least the details) but you can at least visualize the shape and the dimensions of the vehicle itself... 8&n=158

    Source: The Car Connection. Spy Pics: Brenda Priddy
  • hammyztshammyzts Posts: 9
    Do you know which engine will be used in the 05 mustang GT? You seem to know a lot about Ford, andI am very interested in the upcoming Mustang. I have heard it will have the current 4.6 in it, but that it might be tuned to offer around 300 hp. I really want at least 300 hp, and I heard it will not debut until the MY06. Why are they waiting?
  • ANT14ANT14 Posts: 2,687
    The Mustang project is very tight lipped, and them being able to decide which engine, and how much it'll finally pump out, are things that are changing weekly. They are trying to refine the vehicle as much as possible, and making sure it's an absolute trouble-free launch.

    First there's word that they'll use the 4.0L SOHC V6 as the base engine. Then they wanted to use the 3.0L Duratec. Then latest word is the 3.9L OHV V6 (I HATE that engine-it's really the 3.8L), so all senario's are still being considered. Their main worry right now is weight.

    As for the 4.6L, Ford is implementing 3V's on their 5.4L, and later, 4.6L. If you see them push back the introduction of the vehicle, it might be to introduce the vehicle with this updated powerplant. But even in current form, it can still reach close to 300HP, but again.... that's still being reviewed. They are meditating for answers on every detail.
  • libertycatlibertycat Posts: 593
    Daimler Chrysler is slightly different than Ford. Ford is getting rid of old-fashioned V8 HUGE bulky RWD sedans. DC is making all of their MODERN cars RWD.
  • libertycatlibertycat Posts: 593
    Do u work for Ford? I know almost as much as u do and I don't. I was just curious if you are just a car freak like me who finds out everything about cars or a Ford employee.
  • ANT14ANT14 Posts: 2,687
    I plead the 5th.
  • frasierdogfrasierdog Posts: 128
    Preface: I really like the design of the Montego. I really would like to drive one to try.

    I for one like my big and bulky Grand Marquis.

    I will stop on the way home tonight and pick up 3 - 40 lbs bags of fertilizer, 6 bags of rocks, 50 lbs each. With the air suspension in the rear, ride height is perfect.

    I have used my cars to haul more than most trucks. For the record, you can put 14 bags of pine bark chips in the trunk!

    For what I can't haul in the back, I put in the my trailer hauled by the Grand Marquis. I have hauled 2000 lbs. in stone with this car. Try that with a Accord.

    Despite what the safety ratings say, my Grand Marquis and an Accord are not equal. If I hit an Accord head on at 60 mph, the Accord will not fair nearly as well.

    The error of the testing you see on TV is that the momentum of each car is in proportion to is frame and body strength.

    One item I love on the Grand Marquis is that to turn on all the interior lights, just push the light switch in. Every car should be this way. I hate reaching for 3 seperate switches in imports and then still not as much light.
  • ANT14ANT14 Posts: 2,687
    The Grand Marquis is one of the safest vehicles out there, mainly due to it's body on frame construction, same found on many SUV's and Pick-ups. That's another reason police dept's prefer the Crown Vic, mainly because of that attribute. They are able to jump curbs, and push cars off the road because of the type of frame it has.

    Currently, the only question being asked about their safety, is about the fuel tank. There's been 12 cases since 1984, where a Crown Vic has been hit by the back while parked, and it catching on fire. So far, Ford conducts rear impact tests that surpass the federal standard, and this vehicle did surpass it.

    Common sense dictates, if your parked on the side of a highway (as cops do), and an SUV hits the rear of your vehicle at 70MPH, chances are it'll obviously burst into flames. My point of rebuttle is, Try doing the same with an Accord and Camry, and let's see how worse off the condition would be. Hence, it's NOT the vehicle itself that's a safety issue, it's the senario it's placed upon.

    NHTSA conducted it's own tests, and stated the CrownVic, Grand Marquis ARE safe on rear impact tests. Yet, for the sake of a lawsuit, some will obviously argue against that.
  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    "Despite what the safety ratings say, my Grand Marquis and an Accord are not equal. If I hit an Accord head on at 60 mph, the Accord will not fair nearly as well."

    I would agree that the Grand Marq would sustain less damage than the Accord, but I'd be interested to see how well the Accord could protect a 50% male in a frontal offset against a Grand Marq, in terms of injury measures. Does the GM offer a collapsible steering column, multistage airbags, and seatbelt pretensioners with force limiters- ANT, can you tell me?

    I think this would be an outsanding crash test.
  • ANT14ANT14 Posts: 2,687
    Yes, it has that. It also has that airbag/seatbelt (Ford Personal Safety System) which measures how close someone is to the steering wheel, their weight, their placement, and the type of impact to measure the force of the airbag deployment.

    New for this year I believe is lamited side glass, which helps prevent smash and grab robberies, as well as quiet the cabin a bit, and prevents flying glass incase of an accident.

    A few months ago I saw one hit off-set a new Altima. Ouch. The Crown Vic's mental crunches upto the upper part of the wheel well, where as the Altima had everything crushed back and even the A-Pillar bent. The driver of the Altima had to be rushed off in the ambulance, whereas the Crown Vic's driver was walking around and waiting for a toq truck.

    That's one vehicle I wouldn't like to get involved with. At least some SUV's are unibody are usually cause less damage because they absorb much more of the impact (over traditional Body On Frame)... But a body on frame passenger car can be just as bad as the truck versions.

    Aggresive Driving Tip 101: The CrownVic's/Grand Marquis are favored by police dept's for being able to push vehicles off the road in case of a chase. But you can also make the vehicle in front of you flip as well. If the vehicle is a FWD , usually the left rear corner is the best place to "hold" the vehicle. (OR opposite to your closest curb- which can help it roll over).

    Take your CV, pass the left side corner, jerk your steering wheel to the right and keep control as you accelerate and push into it's corner, then watch it flip. Corolla's, Camry's, Cavalier's, Neon's are some of the few one's that are easiest to flip from experience.

    Being the CV/GM are RWD, you can also BUMP the rear of a vehicle any other vehicle, where they'll momentarily lose a bit of control for a few seconds if they are accelerating. They can counteract this by not accelerating as they get bumped, but they would need to keep their eye on the rear and ahead.

    And if you want try to dissable the vehicle totally (using your CV/GM) and it's ok to cause damage to your own vehicle, always hit at the passenger side engine compartment. Most of the belts/electronics, and important hoses are found on that side on FWD vehicles. If it's RWD, it's a bit harder but usually the driver side of the engine compartment, has the location of the items that can dissable a vehicle quickly :)

    Don't try this at home... BUT if you must :)
  • libertycatlibertycat Posts: 593
    what do u mean you plead the 5th?
  • libertycatlibertycat Posts: 593
    yeah, yeah I know what u mean
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    What do you think he means, LC? What does anybody mean when they plead the 5th? Why would you plead the 5th? I figured that out a month ago. I've just been trying to figure out what he does for Ford........ And I really enjoy his information. Don't go away, ANT!
  • libertycatlibertycat Posts: 593
    I assume you see the post I'm referring to.
  • frasierdogfrasierdog Posts: 128
    Something to note about total body & frame strength in a crash.
    In a front end crash, the impact on a Crown Vic is distributed by more than just the front motor mounts as in a front wheel drive car. Energy is transferred to the engine mounts, transmission mounts, through the drive shaft to the rear axle mounts and also adsorbed into the full frame ... with out ever affecting the driver compartment.

    To crunch the driver compartment, you have to rip out the whole drive train and destroy a major portion of the frame.

    Forget the collapsing steering column, give me a full frame and twice the mass.

    Mass of the vehicle also helps with the ride characteristics.

    If you add a 200 lb. man to a 5000 lb. vehicle, only a 4% change in total weight. Add a 200 lb. man to a 2000 lb vehicle, 10% change.

    This new Montego has a lot to live up to.
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