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  • I installed a cargo box on our 2005 Pacifica, and used some universal clamps. You just have to make sure you order the ones that are wide enough to go around the OEM roof rack. Works freat, I just wish it was easier to swap on/off.
  • Having the headphones playing the movie, while you listen to another source is just amatter of pressing the buttons in the right order. IIRC, while playing DVD, and kids are using headphones (they have to be on, don't ask me why), then press headphone button on remote, and once the headphone icon comes on the radio display, you can press mode and listen to radio or tape. We use a tape adaptor and listen to XM sat radio. :shades:
  • mz9000mz9000 Posts: 1
    Does anyone have the solution for using an mp3 player in the dvd aux inputs on an 04 pac? the constant switching is annoying.
  • Hi,
    I am from the Netherlands and I imported an Pacifica from the U.S. last year. Unfortunately, Chrysler Europe does not give me any support and service.
    Maybe you can help me. I want to install an aftermarket
    Navigation system, which I want to connect to the Main Audio Unit. In order to do that, I need to know the PIN configuration of the system. Which PIN is AUDIO IN ?
    Is it Normal CINCH / RCA AUDIO IN ? (LOW LEVEL) ?
    Model no. P05082764AF

    I also want to keep using me 6-disc DVD player. Concerning this, I want to know which PIN is RCA sound OUT ? (is it normal signal CINCH or RCA ?
    And does the DVD player have a Video + Audio (RCA) INPUT on the backside?
    Model no. P05094031AA

    You are one of my last hopes to get my system working.
    I hope you can help. Thanks in advance!

    Richard Schouten
  • my3rdrxmy3rdrx Posts: 167
    I understand your dilemma, however the schematics are pretty involved. First of all, I need to know what model year your PAC is and if you could somehow give me your email address, I could send you an attachment with the wiring drawings.
  • I also have 2006 Pacifica with 6 DVD player and need Wiring diagram and harness part# for aftermarket screen. Please help anybody.....
  • duritterduritter Posts: 3
    Could you send me the same. I just bought a pacifica and am confused about the after market screen. Mine comes with just the DVD changer. I don't know if the wiring is already in the headliner and just needing a screen. Please help.
  • duritterduritter Posts: 3
    Did you get an answer? I am looking to do the same.
  • polskipolski Posts: 3
    Sometimes I drive my Pac in Poland over 150 km/h (about 93 MPH). I wrote 'over' becouse I don't really know how fast becouse of my instrument cluster ended on 150 km/h. It is fantastic experience to get beyond the last digits on your speedometer! I believe Canadiens have proper one with higher number e.g. 220 km/h.
  • my3rdrxmy3rdrx Posts: 167
    I can only send it if your email address is showing because it's in PDF.
  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 9,403
    As we like the discussions to take place on the forums rather than in email, if you want to allow people to contact you via email, simply click on the preferences link in the left sidebar and set your email to public so that other registered forums users can get your email there.

    Another reason to not post your email address is to foil the unscrupulous folks out there who try to farm message boards for email addys. Safety first!

    I've taken down the posts with email addys. If you would like someone to contact you via email, please refer them to your forums profile which is displayed when clicking on your username.
  • I'm not getting any replies. I need help and do not seem to be getting it here
  • normf40normf40 Posts: 1
    Does anyone have any suggestions or pictures in regards to the Pacifica with AfterMarket wheels? I saw today an old site for Startech which offered performance enhancements for the Pacifica but not actuall stats or prices. I emailed but to no avail.
  • Thank you, I was worried about giving my email out. I'm still looking for the wiring diagram (2006 Pacifica dvd player) and part number of the Chrysler cable that goes on the back of the dvd player. I reset my options to show my email link. Thanks...
  • vic_vinylevic_vinyle Posts: 34
    I'm a new PAC owner.

    Does our engine have a "drive by wire" technology that the oil from the K&N air filter will ruin? :confuse:

    I've seen this problem with the Nissan 3.5 lt drive by wire engines but not with engines with a normal cable throttle. :surprise:

    thanks :)

  • fred222fred222 Posts: 200
    Does our engine have a "drive by wire" technology that the oil from the K&N air filter will ruin?
    Drive by wire simply means that there is no cable between the gas pedal and the engine. The accelerator is controlled electronically. It does not necessarily mean that anything else is different about the engine.
  • vic_vinylevic_vinyle Posts: 34

    Thanks! :)

    So...has anyone had problems with oil from the K&N air filter ruining the MAF (mass air flow sensor) on the throttle body??
    This problem occurs with the Maxima I own thus, I never bought a K&N for the Maxima.
    Are the K&Ns OK for the Pacifica? :confuse:


  • davidd5davidd5 Posts: 79
    The pacifica does not use a MAF. I personally would never use a K+Crap filter. As a tech,I see more damage done by those filters. More air flow= less air filtration. What you "MAY" gain is only at high RPM,what you could lose is an engine. Good luck trying to get K+Crap to warrenty your engine,because chyrsler sure won't.
  • davidd5davidd5 Posts: 79
    I wonder if he bought that car used and it was left by a US service man. Used,as in being a US car brought over to europe. I would suspect euro spec cars would have the same speedo as canadian spec cars,which is 240km/h.
  • steelydan0613steelydan0613 Posts: 144
    I would not take this as gospel, but I think the Pacifica is "drive by wire," as I have a 2004 with adjustable gas and brake pedals, with a button on the drivers side door.

    I can't imagine a scenario where drive by wire will mess up the oil from the K & N air filter.

    I don't have a K& N air filter, I replace conventionally, but my 04 Pacifica has 33,000 miles on it and runs like a champ. My wife's Lexus 300 doesn't run any better, and she agrees. :D
    You can knock the Pacifica on some things, but I tell you at 50 yrs old, I have had far worse cars . I would buy another one , as I know they are working on updates.

    Bottom line: The Pacifica looks great, and that is enough.

    Enough said.............
  • davidd5davidd5 Posts: 79
    Yes the US spec pacifica has a scale up to 160. But as you know,you can toggle between MPH and KM/H on the same scale. So cars driven primarily in miles will have a scale to 160. Cars driven primarily in kilometers will have a scale to 240
  • davidd5davidd5 Posts: 79
    No ,the PAC does not have drive by wire. And yes it is a great car. My 05 has 70,000km on it and has not had one single warrenty repair. Just normal services.
  • polskipolski Posts: 3
    Hi speed fans! As I posted Apr 25, 2006 (11:57 am), 591,I sometimes try to push my Pac faster than speed limits. Today morning, becouse of Pope Benedict visiting in Poland, roads weren't so jammed. As I saw I gained 113 MPH (181.9 kmph) and ignition was cut off for a while. So that's true with "electronically limited to 112 mph".Moreover, 105 I gained with 3rd gear! Pac was stable like on rails, noise was big. I believe It could run even more than 125 MPH (201 kmph).My former 300M 2,7 liter gained 210 kmph (over 130 MPH) with me and wife inside and was stable as well. In Europe we can drive faster than in America so we used to top speeds. With american cars the only problem is that their gear boxes are not fitted to such speeds. When cars are prepared to export to Europe they install better gears. Unfortunately Pacifica is not intended to export to official dealer net in Europe.The reason is Daimlerchrysler co. is announcing new Mercedes R Class which is similar to Pac but significantly more expensive.
    PS Next time I'll try with streaming video...
  • prawiepawprawiepaw Posts: 3
    To wspaniala wiadomosc,musze wyprobowac max predkosc u siebie,niestety jakos zawsze z rodzina jezdze,a to juz niestety odpowiedzialnosc inna,Mam pytanie, a jaka benzyne lejesz ? POZDRAWIAM RODAKA :)
  • polskipolski Posts: 3
    Siema.Mam 3 synów i te próby robie bez nich, to oczywiste... A benzynę leje 94 bezolowiowa-taka jaka mamy w PL. Po nalaniu 98 zauważyłem wyższe o ok. 5% spalanie a wzrost dynamiki prawie niezauważalny.Pozdro
  • steelydan0613steelydan0613 Posts: 144
    :) Ok, David, so the Pacifica does not have drive by wire. The reason I stated that is that my '04 Pacifica has the driver adjustable pedals (accelerator and brake), so I can't see how they can be adjusted without some sort of electronic intervention somewhere.........

    I would be happy to have a knowledgable Pacifica owner explain how this works....
  • davidd5davidd5 Posts: 79
    The operation of the adjustable pedals is kind of hard to describe without seeing them. Basically the pedals for the pac are on a kind of pivet. A motor with a screw turns in and out moving only the BOTTOM end of the pedals. The Ram truck has a different set up. The pedals are on a track kind of device. The Hemi Ram is a drive by wire,but still uses a cable to run to a potensaometer[sp]. You have to remember the brakes still need a direct connection to the master cylinder.
  • vic_vinylevic_vinyle Posts: 34
    I bought the front and rear gray mudflaps from the dealer and installed them myself.

    Before you sure you have a flush fit on the outside of the car (one of mine has a little gap since I did not have someone else look at it before I drilled) :cry:

    They suggest that you use a 1/4" drill to punch through the plastic cladding. I used 3/16" instead to try and get a better grip for the threaded screws. Turn you tire towards the outside so you can get a drill in easier. ;)

    Jack up the car to gain additional clearance for the drill to punch in the required holes. No need to remove the tire...jacking it up gives you the required space.
    I used the 3/16" drill bit on all holes EXCEPT FOR THE ONE SELF-FASTENER (push in-not threaded). USE THE 1/4" DRILL BIT FOR THIS HOLE. :)

    The flaps look very nice and professional. They really help keep the rear window clean. I have only seen 1 other Pacifica with them on...and they only did the rear wheels.

    Spend the extra money and get the factory looks cleaner. :shades:


  • Agree 100% , the mudflaps keep the Pac cleaner. The Factory ones are the identical black treatment as the lower body cladding.

    I hated the crappy ( Leggo Pictures) instructions, so IT IS VERY IMPORTANT to "trial fit " all of the flaps and "visualize" before you drill. I made a couple of stupid boo-boos that fortunately I was able to hide in the final result.

    I will have to say, that if you have jackstands , it is easier to just remove the rear wheels though, as my cordless drill just could not negotiate around the fixed rear wheels.

    While you are at it, just order the chrome exhaust tip and install it at the same time. Really completes the look............... :shades:
  • cukjaticukjati Posts: 2
  • my3rdrxmy3rdrx Posts: 167
    In order for me to send it to you, you need to have your email address showing in your "Member Profile."
  • nuruc7nuruc7 Posts: 98
    I have over 91km on mine and it has run good since I got it And i have run a K&N filter the entire time without issue. UIt has been better than the paper filters that come on the car stock. :)
  • I have the same problem. I called the dealer and ask him what that baby blue color wire is for and he told me it's for the braking system. He said he doesn't really know how to connect it, but he'll be able to figure it out once I bring in my Pacifica. I told him that when I installed by amplifier the baby blue wire is for the ignition remote, meaning the amplifier will turn on when I turn on the ignition thru the blue wire. He said it's not the case for the hitch, and normally baby blue for hitch is for braking system.

    I looked thru the installation diagram, and it just doesn't show where to hook it up. Pls let me know if you have any idea.


  • Can you tell me where did you get the OEM harness for $70 ?
    And what is the part #/
    Do you have any pictures of the installation ?

  • alafan1alafan1 Posts: 15
    :confuse: I've had my 2006 Touring 2 weeks now & so far am very happy with it. One thing I really miss are the automatic headlights I had in my last car. Is there anyway to upgrade to Automatic Headlights in this car?
  • slb351slb351 Posts: 2
    Sorry hit the enter button and it posted. I'm a new owner of an 05 Pacifica AWD Touring Addition. My wife and I love the car really it is great. I've been looking through some various websites without much luck looking for some more performance out of the Pacifica. Is there a cold air intake, chip, supercharger that is compatable or possibly an after market exhaust? All I can find is a K&N which i'm not to crazy about.

  • nng11nng11 Posts: 1
    I have a 2004 PAC w/out the power liftgate. Anyone had the power liftgate installed after you bought the car? Please let me know if that is posible to do. If so how much does it cost and how long does it take to do it. Thanks in advanced.
  • spotterwvspotterwv Posts: 1
    The "All Wheel Drive" sticker on the silver plate located on the hatch has peeled off. The dealer wants $50 to replace - seems kind of crazy for a sticker. Has anyone else had this happen and know where to get the sticker for less $$? Tks!
  • I love my Pacifica (except for the blind spots) but I'm about to get kicked out my kids' carpool because I'm short a seat. I know there is a new model with a split bench second row (doesn't have the third row) but since my kids prefer to get in the third row by climbing in the back, could I get my bucket seats replaced? I'll call the dealership tomorrow but thought I'd see if anyone here has any experience.

  • tristan1tristan1 Posts: 39
    Does anybody know any aftermarket taillights offered for the Pac? Also an aftermarket meshed grille like the one's offered for the 300's?
  • phillyguy5phillyguy5 Posts: 10
    tristan - while I have not come across aftermarket tail lights themselves, there are several custom aftermarket chrome Pacfica tailight covers.
  • tristan1tristan1 Posts: 39
    It looks pretty cool but I'm looking for a LED type. The double sided behing it don't appeal on me that much.
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    With that in mind, a posts from this discussion have been moved in these two discussions:

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    Chrysler Pacifica: Audio & Entertainment Systems

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    Thanks for your help and understanding as we move the furniture around a bit! ;)
  • carp3095carp3095 Posts: 7
    can you send me the same information.
  • Hey guys I have been a voyeur on this site for a while now so I finally decided to join, I recently purchased an o4 Pacifica with out knowing to much about the car Im ashamed to admit but I have no complaints but one concern when I put it in reverse I here a wield click noise coming from the transmission just wondering if this is normal or should i have it checked out also any tips or info on renewing my warranty ?
  • 2006 pac, could you please send me the info
  • my3rdrxmy3rdrx Posts: 167
    You'd need to make your email address visible before I could send it to you in PDF.
  • davidd5davidd5 Posts: 79
    Without hearing the noise,it can be hard to say. The trans solinoid pack can make some noise when put into gear. Is it an AWD model? There are some TSBs out there for click noises. One addresses the frt axles and one is for PTU unit. Take it to a dealer and have them listen to it. You should still have powertrain warr.
  • kalellkalell Posts: 1
    If anyony has this part number I could use it too.
  • cukjaticukjati Posts: 2
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