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Suzuki Verona



  • rasuprasup Posts: 136
    I think your Verona is actually starting from "zero" and the computer is relearning the drive pattern as it was reprogrammed. It may take some time to know the overall performance. keep us posted. Thanks for the reply.
    Good Luck.
  • chuck1chuck1 Posts: 1,405
    "To be honest, it does drive different. The engine is still quiet but not as smooth as before and my steering wheel seems tighter"

    If the engine is not as "smooth" and the steering feels "tighter" is the engine generating less RPM's? AT any rate, Suzuki doesn't need this kind of bad press and the resulting postings on the NHTSA website. I thought cars stalling have gone the way of the dinosaur, or maybe I should say carberator! Now when the new redesign comes out, one has to ask-what computer and software are they using? Will this happen again? And will all unsold cars get reprogramed?
  • Well, the lady at the service center where I took my Verona told me that while the Suzuki representatives were in town they did reprogram the unsold Veronas as well as the ones at the service center. What this means, IMHO, since there is no recall, every other Verona owner will only get this "fix" if they experience the stalling problem.
  • I have sent a message today to the following address and to two persons (whick I would rather not name here) to ask about the rough idle and RPM fluctuation of my Verona, which does go away in a few seconds after starting. I asked them about the "Reflash of the KC PCM" and if my Verona would be one to receive this repair. Waiting on an answer which I will post.
     [email protected]
    Easterbaby, I hope all works out for you with the new Verona.
  • russm3russm3 Posts: 44
    the sales people told me to get mine in for a new update I had no stalling problems. I just let it run a little in the morning.I just don't know if they will call them all in. Also mine is black and it was taking me forever trying to wash and dry it without it spotting. I came across a auto dry demonstrator at k-mart she showed me how to use it and wala it works. no drying! And a good car wash. the name mr clean auto dry
  • Got a call today from Suzuki and I was asked to take my Verona in to be checked. Made an appointment for AM on 24 Aug to do that. Will leave it over night so it will be the same condition as when I start it. Mainly, I just want it on record that I have experienced rough idle and fluctuating RPM with the Verona. Will post the results.
  • I just got my verona back last Thursday, and my steering wheel is not any tighter then when I took it in. That is something I would check on. I did experience a little jerking move for the first few days, but that was the fuzzy logic transmission learning my driving habit again. After not having it for three weeks and a reprogram of the computer, one would expect the car to have to learn driving styles again.
  • I called up Suzuki customer relations at 1-800-934-0934, and I told them I was at almost a month without my Verona, and I asked what they were going to do to make me a satisfied customer. She told me to fax over my car payment invoice, and she would cut me a check for my car payment and I would recieve it in about 3 weeks. In reality I was without my car for 3 weeks, so I kinda cheated them out of a week's worth of car payment. OH WELL, thats what they get for taking so long to find a fix for the car. try calling that number and see what happens.
  • Received another call today informing me the Suzuki rep will be at the dealer tomorrow AM and I was asked to drop off my Verona this afternoon so it will be available for him to check out the rough idle and RPM. I started it a few minutes ago just to make sure it was still doing it and sure enough it is, maybe a bit worse. Will post the results.
    Ref: Message #854...... That is great
    that you are getting some pay back for the inconvience. Way to GO, some times it only takes a phone call........
  • Considering what I went through with both my Veronas I will certainly be looking into that. Thanks for the tip!
  • Took the Verona to the dealer today and the service order had a statement about the rough idle and RPM fluctuation, then says
    "Verified concern. Flashed system and rechecked OKAY. Performed by SUZUKI DISTRICT MANAGER."
    Now I have stickers under the hood that day KA, KB, and KE. I can't tell now if the Verona responds better or that I have lost the rough idle etc. Will check it over the next few days and post the results. I noticed the Suzuki rep had other Verona's in the stall that still had the window sticker prices on them. I would think he was doing something to those before being sold. I can't confirm that though. For those that want to do their oil and filter change, parts stores ( don't know if I can name them or the parts brand here) carry the Oil filter
    ($3.00) now for the Verona and I think I will start doing my own oil change.
  • tekrektekrek Posts: 18
    It's good to see things haven't changed much since I was last here. Everybody taking swipes at the Verona. All this talk about computer chips and much of it based on hearsay from third parties related by those claiming to have exchanged their Verona using the Lemon Law in their state for another Verona. I see others in the group found all this to be somewhat suspect. In this day of 24 hour news channels with a "news beast" that has to be fed it amazes me how a news worthy story such as this goes unnoticed. All I have to say is if any product failed to the point of a manufacturer offering me another new item or a cash refund in full I would have grabbed the money and run being all the wiser. Enough of this, I find the whole matter silly.
    Now about my experience. I bought my Verona in late December 2004. I bought the $19,999.00 Verona Ex for $16.998.00. My purchase included free oil changes for the year. I have had NO warranty work whatsoever. I haven't needed it. The Verona EX has nearly 15,000 miles on it. I get a consistent 25+ MPG. My last tank I went 400 miles of daily driving to and from work, in August and got 26.64 MPG. It is one of the quietest cars I've had the pleasure to have driven. During the last rain storm while driving on the highway I found myself wishing I didn't have a sun roof because it was the only place I could hear the rain. There is just no water splash noise coming from the wheel wells front or back. A co-worker and I were discussing the Ford hybrid SUV the other day and she commented that it is said you can't even hear it when you are at a stop and I had to tell her I have the same experience when I have my Verona running and come to a stop. There is just silence and no vibration.
    I had the oil changed last Friday. My dealer is the 8th highest in sales of Veronas in the nation. There were no other Veronas in the service area and no other disgruntled Verona owners discussing Suzuki making their monthly payments. Just daytime tv in the waiting room and a hint of motor oil in the air.
    It has become apparent the market is very crowded in the four door sedan market sector. The Korean Manufacturers have caused the same reaction the Japanese did in the late 60s and early 70s. The high quality products from Hyundai, Kia and Suzuki/GMDAT at an ultra competitive price is pushing the established US, European and Japanese manufacturers to take a closer look at the marketplace and their place in it. There is increasing pressure to hold onto market penetration. And some of the familiar names are loosing ground.
    This is enough for now. I'll be back in a week or perhaps a few months to give you another piece of my mind.
  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    "The high quality products from Hyundai, Kia and Suzuki/GMDAT"

    Actually, the only reports in support of Korean quality are concerning Hyundai, and subsequent to the acquisition, Hyundai-based Kias. If you can find a report documenting the significant improvement in any GM/Daewuki product, by all means post a link.

    "This is enough for now. I'll be back in a week or perhaps a few months to give you another piece of my mind."

    Great. Thats about as much as we all can handle. But it is great to see someone post with such an unbiased opinion of his vehicle, lol.

  • rasuprasup Posts: 136
    Firstly, I am not nitpicking..but I think you bought the car in Dec 2003.Thats the same time I got my car too. I have only 3500 miles on and the car runs great. Its good to know the good reports from you.That gives us Verona owners a peace of mind. However some owners have had an engine check light problem. The problem appears to be in some of the cars that have to be reprogrammed for a software issue in the ECM.As far as alphas comment the company is not GM Dawuki but GMDAT or simply Suzuki. Also it would be important to know that Hyundai has been around for many years. The initial cars from Hyundai/Kia were no where the class and quality of the Verona.
  • "Enough of this, I find the whole matter silly."

    Not sure why posting our problems is "silly" but to each his/her own. Your not having any problems with your Verona is good news for you. I hope you continue to enjoy your car. And I hope I continue to enjoy my 2nd Verona since I got the "reflash".

    However, I know of 6 (including myself) Verona owners in my town alone who have had problems. And b/c you haven't had problems you can't say we are just making them up or that we are being silly. What would be the purpose of that? Believe it or not, I don't have a secret grudge against anyone at Suzuki for which I would come out here to post negative things about their cars.

    And why hasn't Suzuki made this problem known...well you will just have to ask them. Trust me, they are not eager and willing to admit they built a defective car.

    So if and when you post your next opinion, you will probably still be defensive, which is fine but it doesn't change my experience or anybody elses, silly or otherwise.

    And finally, yes I filed a lemon law claim and yes I took another Verona b/c I wanted one. So if that makes me crazy so be it. If that is not what you would have done, okay. We all have to do what we have to do. And for the record, my lawyer informed me that going for the cash takes a lot longer than a transfer. So don't think just asking for the cash is going to be that easy.
  • has stopped the rough idle and fluctuation of the RPM in my Verona. I can't tell if it runs different after warm up and on the road yet as I haven't driven it that much. I had the oil changed at the same time they had the car and that brings up another point. The owners manual says 6.8 qts of oil and the service writer says they put 8. something qts of oil in the car. I asked about the difference. The Suzuki rep that was there was no help as he stated "when the oil is replaced be sure the automatic filler gun is set on ZERO or fill it to the full mark on the dip stick counting how many qts are needed to reach that mark. I will change it myself next time and will track how many qts it will take. I looked through the paper work for the previous oil changes by the dealer and it states 5 qts of
    oil. I think the service department of the dealers (mine is a Chrysler dealer also) do not pay attention to the specifications of the different automobiles they sell. I know the Verona was new for 2004, but they should have all the service items worked out by now. I purchased my Verona in Oct 03. Oh well, I will keep asking questions about the car and maybe I will get the right answers and I still enjoy driving the Verona.
  • On the web i read today that a recall of 2004 veronas has been sent by suzuki for reprogram of the ecm. It said that a incorrect fuel/air mixture was being sent during deceleration and could cause a stall and/or a crash. I bought my Verona on July 30 and it has been chugging on deceleration and running a little rough at start up. I called suzuki to find out when my recall would be sent out but they were already closed. Left them a message to call me back. Love the car!!! Will be glad when ecm is reprogrammed.
  • I am glad to hear there will be a recall. At least Suzuki is going to do the right thing by their Verona owners.
  • Yes the Suzuki rep. called me and said the recall notices would go out appx. the 2nd week of next month. She was suprised I already knew of the recall. The wonder of the Web.
  • rctennis3811rctennis3811 Posts: 1,031
    I recently received an e-mail from a representative at Suzuki. Enclosed was a word document of the 2005 lineup.

    Verona: Big on Style
    A European-designed midsize sedan with the following standard equipment: A 2.5-Liter, 24-valve DOHC in-line six-cylinder engine (vs. the competitions’ four-cylinder engines); fully adaptive automatic transmission with step-gate shifter; air conditioning with micron air-filtration system; power windows and door locks; keyless entry; cruise control; in-dash AM/FM CD/cassette player with six speakers; four-wheel disc brakes; speed-sensitive power steering; and fog lights.

    Available features include: Leather seating surfaces; power tilt-and-slide sunroof; automatic climate control; four-wheel ABS with traction control; 16-inch aluminum alloy wheels; eight-way power driver’s seat and heated seating surfaces.

     2005 Verona trim levels:
     S: Well-equipped, five-passenger sedan, with air conditioning, a six speaker CD/cassette audio system, and power windows and locks;
     LX: Better-equipped five-passenger sedan with power tilt-and-slide sunroof and 16-inch alloy wheels;
     EX: Feature-rich five-passenger sedan. Automatic transmission and leather package are standard; traction control is an option.

     Changes on all Verona trim levels:
     Introduction of advanced airbag for front passenger
     Side airbags standard on all models
     Tool case in trunk compartment
     New tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS)
     Iridium spark plugs
     Upgraded emission level to ULEV II
     New exterior color: Champagne Beige Metallic

     Additional changes on Verona LX:
     Power tilt-and-slide sunroof standard

    *Questions marks don't mean anything.
  • I think that is what has been tqlked here as the "Reflash of the Computer" or "Reboot of the Computer." It will be the "KE" campaign. That is what the Suzuki rep did to my Verona EX last week.
  • This is right off of the National Highway Transportation Saftey Adminstration goverment website, where you can look up recalls and service bulletins on any car. is the website.

    Make: SUZUKI
    Model: VERONA
    Year: 2004
    Recall Number: 04V396000
  • Hi Verona lovers,
       Factory tech reprogrammed ECM for mine but still stalls even more than before. It's at the dealer since Aug 10, 2004. Luckly, I got a rental since then. All attempts failed to find the root cause. Another factory tech has been dispatched.

       I baught mine about 2 months ago and put 2300 miles on it before experiencing the Engine Stalling 4 times on me right on the major highly traffic street. I barely pulled over and escaped from the honkers.

       This Red baby looks good but drives like a Turkey.
  • russm3russm3 Posts: 44
    Just got back from the dealers they said they are not going to reboot the flash they are to swap out the old ecm with new ones.
  • So far since my car has been reprogrammed, it has been running fine...So I pray that this is the fix that will resolve this issue for everyone else as well.

    But my advice to veronavictim is to file a lemon law claim like I did. And this time maybe you should try for the buyout but it won't be easy. If you want info about filing a claim, shoot me an email and I will tell you the steps I went through.

    BTW - where are all those people in this forum who didn't believe us? ;o)
  • lil302000lil302000 Posts: 149
    I'm still here, just reading and wondering if I want the dealership messing with my car that has 19,000 miles and a year in October with just a little rough idol that smooths out when it sits for a couple of minutes. It's been my experience that when you have your car messed with the real problems start.
  • russm3russm3 Posts: 44
    I think Suzuki is trying to work on improvement of the car for some time to come. I think these updates to the car are words of a manufactor trying to tell its costumers we care. They seam to be very honest about it. And giving loaner and in some cases making your car payment. I did have problems with my car and had to call suzuki about them. Everything was handled not in the speed I would have liked it but the car was finished right. the only thing left is now the ecm. So all in all I think Suzuki is being good to their word! how about you?
  • zodiaczodiac Posts: 9
    I have ownened a Chevrolet Epica LT the Canadian version of the Suzuki Verona,since mid April and presently have got about 3000 mls on the car I have driven this in all kinds of terrain just got back from a trip through the rockies and it performed with no problems at all especially with
    the summer heat we have had this year. Their is a glitch that has come up I am wondering if anyone has had this problem my gas gauge under reads, I will use about two gallons and the gauge
    reg' half full which I know is not true apart from that I find the car is comfortable handles
    ex well
  • carrinocarrino Posts: 42
    Hello all, its been a while since i have posted here. After reading all the posts with the stalling problems, i felt that i had to write. I have 13,250 miles on my verona ex, which is 7 months old. I have a job that requires alot of travel, and i have never had a stalling problem with this car. I did have the cpu changed on a recall,within the first month that i owned the car. And i have had both o2 sensors replaced,but it never caused any problems. I love this car, and as i said before, i also own a 2002 xl7, and sunday the 29th of august,I just bought my daughter a 2004 forenza. I have nothing but good feelings about suzuki, Including the dealer that i bought the cars from. Sorry to hear about all the trouble some are having, but i get alot of compliments on the verona, and i have never had a serious problem.
  • Hey zodiac, I have Verona EX with 14K miles and have noticed the gas gauge to be a little erratic at times, too. I tend to just watch the miles more than the gas gauge. Last night, I found myself 40 miles from the nearest gas station and the gauge was on empty. I thought my wife had filled it up earlier in the day. I drove the 40 miles at a moderate speed keeping my fingers crossed. The low fuel light never came on and it only required 14.25 gallons when I filled it up.

    The best thing about the whole experience was that I had 3 people in the car including a relative visiting from out of town. They all marveled at how quiet the car is. They couldn't even hear the motor or detect upshifts/downshifts when going up and down hills. I love this car.
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