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Mercedes-Benz E-Class Maintenance and Repair



  • bigrobnhbigrobnh Posts: 114
    "Remember that your dealership plays a profound role in your car's mechanical reliability. "

    This is a very very true statement.

  • sm2e320sm2e320 Posts: 1
    I just purchased an E320 4matic 2005. I love the car! But I noticed that the headlamps output is not bright. I did not purchase the Bi-xenon lighting. I wanted to know if I can change the halogen bulbs to a brighter bulb? If yes, what type of bulb will give me more lighting? Thanks a million
  • stroudmanstroudman Posts: 192
    Xenons can be added retro-fit, but very, very expensive, and few techs will let themselves get caught-up in the task. Several thousand dollars...

    -Tire pressure monitoring system, same thing. IF you can find someone willing to do the work (elective surgery), mucho, mucho denero.
  • greasykid1greasykid1 Posts: 336
    Hvae 2001 E class & 2005 SLK. Do not have HID. Have upgraded to Sylvania Brightstar bulbs in both cars. Much brighter & whiter light. Cost about $40 pr.@ your local parts store. My dealer installed them n/c.
  • I own two 190 E Mercedes, in both the alternater was over charging and boiling the battery, then the car wouldn't start when it was cold unless you poured gas into the air intake and warmed the engine up, then it runs fine. The overload relay located behind the car battery has a 10 amp. fuse in it, the fuse is blown and you put a new one in and it blows immediately again. Does anyone know what the problem could be? :confuse:
  • crtcrt Posts: 2
    There are several Ipod kits out that plug into the CD changer connectors on the radio or if your car is prewired for a CD changer it will plug into cable. The manufacturers that I have looked at are Monster Electronics ICruze, Dension ICE or Blitzsafe. They cost from $200 to $450 depending on the model and year. I have a 1999 E320 Wagon which seems to be the most expensive one. If you have a late model Mercedes it is cheaper. Bet you do not hear that too often.
  • Please advise if anyone knows when the 2006 model year E55 will be available and what changes and/or improvements will be introduced on this model year (I think there's always something new).

    The MB USA site now includes several new 2006 models - but not the E55

    Please help! Thanks
  • simone1simone1 Posts: 2
    I'm considering purchasing a pre owned 1991 300E 4matic. I happened upon a situation at a mechanics shop where the parts man was haggling over the price of a replacement specific to the 4matic operation itself. It brought concerns. Can you give me any information on performance reliability?
  • I'm having the same problem, where you ableto fix this problem?

    Thank you very much,
  • marie2marie2 Posts: 3
    My husband's car has been in for service a number of times for oil leaks and for an engine problem. The current service call has lasted for weeks (he's had a loaner); the dealer's mechanics couldn't fix the engine and they had to wait for mechanics from Germany. They couldn't fix the problem, and they are now installing a new engine.

    My question is whether this is a good idea. I've heard that an engine that is not factory-installed is unlikely to work properly. We're starting to think about invoking the lemon law.
  • bigrobnhbigrobnh Posts: 114
    lemon law on a 3 year old car? is that possible? If you can, great. but if the mechanic can't fix it and the specialists from Germany can't fix it then worrying about whether a replacement engine will work OK is moot...doesn't seem like there is anything else to do.

    good luck,
  • ray00edmray00edm Posts: 12
    How come no one talks about the recall? Do you get to have less problem after the recall repair? What do they do?
  • mezecamezeca Posts: 66
    I can't say I've ever heard of the need for a mechanic to come from Germany to fix a Benz engine. If the technicians weren't qualified(highly unlikely) they would simply swap out the complete engine with a new assembly.
    As far as not working properly, if it is a new engine, then what won't work?
    These engines are monitored constantly, especially for emissions, and anything that would cause the engine to deviate, would cause the check engine light to turn on.
  • eliaselias Posts: 2,147
    there's a guy on "non VW diesels" forum who had a E320 CDI with no end of problems. a technician from germany was sent to diagnose it. he couldn't figure it out. MBenz ended up buying it back. i think the guy bought another one though...
  • marie2marie2 Posts: 3
    I know very little about cars, but someone who is more knowledgable said that with a replacement engine the electronics are likely to be messed up. The lemon law here in NY can be used up to 2 years, and we are almost to that point now. The car has been in this time for 30 days now, and there were at least 4 previous (much shorter) services. I'm trying to decide whether to demand a refund (under the lemon law) before the time runs out.

    My husband actually bought one of the first 2003 E320 models, and ordered the navigation system, which was supposed to be installed later. They decided that this couldn't be done, and replaced the car with another, same year and model, with the navigation system. We took delivery of the replacement car almost 2 years ago. This is the one we have had so many problems with.
  • robertg1robertg1 Posts: 7
    I have a 2005 E 320. The noise coming from the hydraulics are very loud. I can feel the vibration in the gas pedal. I took the car to the dealer and was told it is just the hydraulics. The sound is like a long groan. It is so loud that passengers ask me what is wrong with your car. I have asked other users in my neighborhood if they had a similar problem and was told it was not to the extent of my car. I called Mercedes customer service at corporate and was told it is a noise just like a motor. If this cannot be repaired, I have made a very serious mistake buying this car. This is my fourth Mercedes. This car is an embarassment to the manufacturer.
  • greasykid1greasykid1 Posts: 336
    Want to replace cabin air filter in my 2001 E320. Where is it----How to etc. Remember that there is a site on Edmunds for answers by techs but do not remember the site.Appreciate any help.
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
    The generic topic where many techs hang out is in M&R titled "Got a Quick Technical Question?" Is that the one your seeking?

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  • semaj430semaj430 Posts: 1
    Hi, does anyone know what the idle rpm should be for the 2000 E430? Thx

  • I had the same problem on my 2003 E500 except mine is really brief. It usually starts when I start the engine or apply the breaks. Can you describe yours in more detail like time interva, intensity, etc. It could be the sensitronic break recall that they have to do to get rid of it; however this was only for model year 2003-2004 unless I am wrong. Since I took my car in for the recall, I have yet to hear the noise occur again.

    Best of luck.
  • butowbutow Posts: 3
    My check engin light came on along with "engin electronics" light. I scanned it and scanner listed ( PO 173 Fuel trim / malfunction /bank 2 ) I re-set light and it lasted 8 miles and back on again same codes! Does any body have any idea what to fix or repair??
    thanx, BB
  • mezecamezeca Posts: 66
    There is a damper valve that can be installed to help reduce the "SBC" hydraulic unit noise to the point where it is barely perceivable.
  • robertg1robertg1 Posts: 7
    Thank you. I will try again with my dealer to solve this noise problem.
  • macmayermacmayer Posts: 1
    I have a new E350 2006. Owned it for 6 weeks and it has been towed to the dealer for the second time in that period. Car wont start. First time, they replaced the alternator. Ran fine for 4 weeks and today would not start. Nor would it take a jump start from Mercedes roadside service mechanic. So it was flat bedded to the dealer. This is Saturday and they wont see the car 'til Monday. Any one have a simular problem?
  • billmannbillmann Posts: 4
    I have the same problem and got the same response from the dealer... It is truly an embarrassment for a car like this to have some many problems.
  • legendmanlegendman Posts: 362
    Notwithstanding the litany of concerns expressed about specific problems with this car, would anyone here still recommend buying one?

    I like the car, but admittedly, I am more than a bit squeamish. Will these problems be correctable or do they represent, in your exeperience, problems that will likely stay with the car?
  • bigrobnhbigrobnh Posts: 114
    That will depend entirely on the personal experience of the person you are asking. There are plenty of instances here (or more accurately the E Class forum) of people who have had flawless vehicles. That has not been my experience.

    When everything is OK with my car, I absolutely love it. It has the exact combination of features, size and style for me. When I look at cars that I would purchase now to replace it, I just can't find one.

    That said, when I have a problem (and for me that has been frequent) it is excruciating. Again, THAT experience will differ from person to person. Some people here have access to service departments that solve the problem quickly the first try, give loaners no questions asked, etc. That has not been my experience (even though I followed Mr Stroudmans advice and paid full price and continue to frequent the dealer that I purchased from).

    So, based on that, Mercedes would have to pull off an AMAZING turnaround with respect to quality in order for them to extract nearly 60 large from me again.

  • robertg1robertg1 Posts: 7
    I took the car to the dealer and my advisor listened to the noise. He said it sounded like a valve noise. I got real excited about possible solving the problem. He took the car inside th shop and had his service mgr. listen. When he returned he told me "there is nothing they can do, this noise is part of the hydraulics" It's no wonder Mercedes is losing money. Multiply me and my family and friends who are aware of this annoying problem times the number of vehicles sold and you have a long term loss of buyers. I don't know how I will be able to live with this noise for the length of the lease. Thanks for trying to help.
  • casambzcasambz Posts: 1
    My 1999 E320 has similar issue. The radio is fine, but this week, it stopped recognizing the CD changer. Pushing the CD button brings the message "No changer."

    Did you find a solution to your problem, short of changing the changer?

  • I had a similar issue with my 2004 E320, the dealer installed a felt pad to isolate the pump motor from the rest of the car. It worked! Sometimes you can hear and feel the pump work, about every third time the brake is depressed, but it is SO MUCH quieter.
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