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    First my apologies to all for a typo in my follow up post.
    In my haste to defend myself I had typed all the dealer info in the post which was removed from the board by the moderator so I had to re write
    I added the mileage but it was 216 not 416 sorry.
    Now once more for the record.. I received and e-mail from the dealer showing an advertised price for and XC 90 equipped as follows:

    Loaded XC90 T6 for only $39,990
    * Powerful and smooth 6-cylinder engine for added capabilities
    * All Wheel Drive to handle any road conditions safely
    * Premium Package (includes leather seats)
    * Versatility Package (3rd row seats, etc.)
    * Climate Package (including heated seats)
    * Wood Steering Wheel
    * Metallic Paint
    Save close to $7000! ** Several colors to choose from!

    Note Several to choose from not just the way several meant five in this case....

    I chose a white one, sitting right next to five others all equipped with a minimum of the options listed above and some had a few more such as the folding mirrors, back up alarm etc.
    So whether I got a few bucks off for a 216 mile vehicle I dont' know but I do know it was new plastic on the rear seats etc.
    I only wished to do what I thought this forum was for was to post prices paid in addition to that I have given all anyone would need to contact the Crown Volvo dealer in Greensboro NC. It won't be too hard to figure out what to do from there. They only have one internet sales person so feel free to describe the deal and go from there...
    I have nothing to gain or lose here just trying to be helpful.
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    The 216 miles could have come if the vehicle was originally sent to another dealership and they "traded" with your dealership for a certain color or configuration that your dealership had. A sales person would have driven that vehicle to the other dealership and returned in your vehicle. If there is another Volvo dealership about 200 miles away, that may be what occurred.

    My wife and I bought our first car about 13 years ago (a Mazda) and our dealership did not have what exactly we wanted, but was able to find one at another dealership about 100 miles away. They "traded" vehicles (I'm not sure if any compensation was exchanged) and drove one of their vehicles up there and returned with ours. As I recall it had 112 miles on it when we picked it up.

    I don't know if that explains the 216 on your vehicle, but it might.

    Anyway, it sounds like you got a very good deal. Enjoy your XC90!
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    I just finished negotiating a 48 mo lease on a 2.5, but I didn't sign yet. This is the base model, the only option is metallic paint (Ash Gold). The MSRP to start out on is $35,925. I thought it was supposed to be lower than that for only the paint, but it looks like they added the $685 dest. fee to the total. The X-Plan discount was $1449 off of the MSRP, which the dealer said was 4% over invoice which is standard on the XC-90. The lease is with $0 down, only 1st months payment plus tax/tag/title. Residual value is 48%. The $2000 lease incentive brings the cost down to $32,476. Then they added $909 in capped fees (What are these?) to arrive at a Adj. cap cost of $33,385. The lease payment is $434.00/month with 12K miles. Anything here I need to know? Thanks!
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    Thanks that makes me feel better.

  • lev_berkovichlev_berkovich Member Posts: 858
    The versatility promo is (was?) applied to all the XC90 models.
  • edkunkeledkunkel Member Posts: 26
    "Capped fees" may be a capitalized cost reduction, which is just another 900 dollars they are asking you to pay up front. You could negotiate that too.

    12000 miles is not too many miles for most people. Often you can buy extra miles real cheap on the front end.
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    XC90 2.5T AWD premium pkg., climate pkg., versatility pkg., wood steering wheel, leather knob, cargo net, premium sound, xenon lights, navigation

    MSRP: $45,800
    Sale price: $41,000

    Hi superbeagle, which dealer were you able to get this quote from. Would you mind sharing me who you dealt with? My email is public so you can email it to me.
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    I just had a great experience at Don Beyer Volvo in Dulles, VA. I picked up the XC90 2.5T AWD, Premium Package, Versatility, and Navigation for $40,700 (almost $1000 under invoice using the versatility package rebate)

    I couldn't find the lease I wanted through the dealer so I used (through edmunds's site.) and got a money factor of .002. ($0 down, $541 per month) The payment was more than $100 under the dealer quotes.

    email me at [email protected] if you want the name's of the sales reps. If you're on the fence you may want to hurry, I don't see the versatility package offered anymore.
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    You will get a lot less spam if you list your email as public. Listing here leaves you open to spammers.
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    I am thinking about getting a 2004 XC90 T2.5 and was quoted a price of $35,800.00 (ex. tax & licensing) for a model with the Premium and Versitility Pacakges. Is this a decent price? Thanks for your help!
  • superbeaglesuperbeagle Member Posts: 30
    My experience is that the remaining 2004s are going for invoice until June 30 with free versatility (invoice less $1806) unless you take another special Volvo incentive (e.g., lease cash, VFNA 3.9% financing, VFNA lease program). Thus, you seem to be getting a good price ($32738 base price, $685 destination, $2489 premium = 35912). I would see if you could also get Climate (another $537) to get heated seats, which may not matter to you but helps on the resell.
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    For those interested in my experience,

    Two Weeks ago I bought a red, graphite seats, 2004, AWD premium, versatility, climate, Bi-zenon lights, leather geer shift knob, wood steering wheel, reverse warning system in Silicon Valley for invoice + $500 - $1806 (versatility factory to dealer incentive, good till end of June) plus TTL (no extra fees either such as advertising or prep). Cash, no trade-in. No haggling required, I made that offer over the phone, they phoned back stating they would accept the offer. This was almost exactly what I wanted, I would have liked the upgraded radio, but that wasn't a deal breaker. Since we wanted red, and it is an uncommon color, we were luckly to find one with everything else except the radio upgrade, and they accepted my offer, so we bought (besides that my wifes car was recently stolen and stripped, so we needed another new car soon). I honestly thought they would have rejected that offer, but they surprised me.

    I would like to thank everyone here that contributed to the Volvo
    XC90 forum, without you all, I would not have got the deal that
    I did, which is equivalant to invoice - $1306 + TTL or 3+% under

    Before I called the dealer I wrote down Cars Direct Price, then called Cars Direct to ask if they would rebate me the versatility dealer incentive, since they did not list that in their price. They said they would give that to me also once they confirmed that I
    qualified for it. To do that though you must actually enter an order.
    I stopped there and just used the Cars direct price - $1806 as part of my conversation with the dealer. Since I knew what the deals were,
    the dealer just asked me what I wanted. I stated the offer above and
    after a call back we had a deal. Picked up the car the next day. I
    did drive 1.5 hours though to the dealer (that was nothing though to get the deal I wanted). Only two out of eight dealers near me had a red 2.5L in inventory.

    Anyways I hope this helps someone. Its the least I can do to give
    back to the community what you all have given me.
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    thats great info, but when i go to carsdirect, and put in the options aforementioned, their price is msrp! there isn't any advantage to buying or researching through them if all they are going to offer is msrp. i see the benifit of this website with other cars, byt with the volvo, there is no discount.

    any ideas why?

  • rf_engrrf_engr Member Posts: 2
    Cars Direct gives you a price that can be different for
    each area code. Try using the area code for SJ 95131 to compare.
    This area code gave me a price approx 1300 above invoice
    two weeks ago (for my options), then if you subtract the -1806
    which they would give you once you placed an order and you
    met the requirements (incentive still valid and buying
    a car with the versatiliy package). This gave me a
    price of invoice - $506. I used this price as part of
    my discussion with the dealer. Depending on the area
    code though, cars direct price can vary alot, and the
    price also varys depending on the options also.

    Hope this helps
  • superbeaglesuperbeagle Member Posts: 30

    That price quote was from a lease through a credit union that would arrange to have the car delivered to me. Not sure who the dealer was (somewhere in the midwest). I ended up going with an in-town dealer after negotiating with 5 of them.
  • millerd66millerd66 Member Posts: 3
    The package is still available. Which is a nice chunk of change. Has anybody tried to buy a car through Costco?
  • dmt_myobdmt_myob Member Posts: 5
    Or any other wholesale club?
  • whitrx330whitrx330 Member Posts: 28

    I am in the market for a vehicle just like the one you are planning on purchasing. Could you please forward me the contact information of your dealer?

    Thank you

  • superbeaglesuperbeagle Member Posts: 30
    Does anyone yet have confirmation that the June incentives (free versatility package; $2000 lease cash for 2.5T and $2500 lease cash on the T6) are being continued in July? I would imagine that dealers still have a fair amount of XC90s that need to be cleared out before the 05 models arrive in September.
  • socalgalsocalgal Member Posts: 3
    Just picked up a 2004 2.5 w/silver metallic paint, Premium (graphite leather) and Versatility Packages for $35,500.

    2.9% financing too. No extra fees like prep or advertising. Just tax, license fee and nominal DMV fee.

    We live in So Calif. so Climate package was not really worth it. I think they are really starting to deal on these cars to clear them out before the 2005's arrive. My salesperson said they are making great deals on the T6 and have tons in stock.

    The dealership is just a couple of miles from my home and we made the contact thru Costco auto sales.
  • whitrx330whitrx330 Member Posts: 28

    I just seen an advertisement in the USA TODAY Newspaper (Dated 1 July 2004) for a great value package. Volvo is offering a Complimentary Seating For Seven Package, that includes: Third-row seats with seat belt pretensioners; Rear headphone outlets; Nivomat Self-Leveling Suspension, and Third-row air conditioner. The package is Valued at over $2,200 (according to Volvo). The Offer ends August 31, 2004. Yes, it is the Versatility Package. NOTE: If you find a good deal please let me know. I'm looking for a XC90 as well.


  • whitrx330whitrx330 Member Posts: 28
    To All, I mis-spelled:) Superbeagle's handle..Sorry, Superbeagle.

  • superbeaglesuperbeagle Member Posts: 30
    I ended up finalizing my lease of a Ice White XC90 2.5T AWD yesterday from DarCars Volvo in Rockville (they offered the most competitive bid over all Northern Va dealers and the other MD DC dealers). Here are the details:

    2.5T AWD Ice White
    Premium Package
    Climate Package
    Versatility Package
    Reverse Warning
    BiXeon Lights
    Wood Steering
    Cargo Net

    Price was invoice ($41,092) plus ($250) ad fee minus $2000 dealer cash for a sale price of $39,342. Note that I couldn't get the free versatility ($1806) because I opted instead for the $2000 dealer cash.

    SUV is fresh off the Baltimore port (arrived from Sweden on June 28).
    Money factor is .0021, residual is 54% and MSRP is $44095. Lease is 36 months, 15,000 miles a year.

    Monthly lease (through Chase) is $587.78 plus tax ($1972), tags/title/registration ($161) plus assignment fee ($795) for total of $654.50.

    Walked out of the dealership only having to make the first month's payment of $654.50.

    Dealership also bought my 2001 XC70 from VFNA so I didn't have to worry about disposition fees or Wear and Tear fees.

    Very smooth transaction.
  • akrakr Member Posts: 33
    I realize this is much later but I thought you may be interested in the deal I got on May 1st in central NJ. Vehicle details:
    T6 AWD Silver
    Premium Package
    Climate Package
    Versatility Package
    Reverse Warning
    BiXeon Lights
    Wood Steering

    MSRP: $48,995
    Cap cost: $41,800.
    36 months; 15k miles
    1,500 cash at closing includes DMV,first month payment.
    Lease through Wells Fargo, $512 (includes tax).
    I was very happy with this deal.

    3k miles, absolutely no problems so far.
  • volvovasavolvovasa Member Posts: 6
    Thanks to everyone who has contributed to this message board, it was very educational. I purchased a 2.5T AWD Black, Premium, Versatility, Climate, Wood Steering, & Premium Audio for invoice (May 1st) - $1,806 (incentive) - $360 (~dealer holdback?). The dealer was very cooperative. Better deals were available for less popular colors.

    The incentive did its job as it motivated my '04 purchase instead of waiting for the '05s.
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    Superbeagle - Your purchase price of $39,342 sounds very good, but your 36 month lease price of $654.50 sounds extremely high. Especially compared to $512.00 per month by akr for a T6 model identially equiped. The extra $850 +/- akr paid up front works out to less than $25 per month, so he's still at least $110 per month less in lease payment for a vehicle that stickers for nearly $5,000 more than yours.

    I must be missing something, but paying $23,562 in lease payments over 3 years and 45k miles for a XC90 2.5 seems outrageous, compared to just buying it for $39,342 (plus taxes). No?

    P.S. I've never leased, so my comments are not based upon experience as to what the lease payments should be. I am, however, about to sell my 1995 Nissan Maxima w/ 153k miles for $4,000. I paid $21,700, including taxes, 118 months ago (September 1994). Not including the time value of money, that $17,700 of depreciation works out to exactly $150 per month. Unfortunately, my accountant suggested depreciating the car rather than taking the mileage allowance on my tax returns. Had I gone with the 32 cents per mile average write-off, my 85% business use would have produced $41,600 in write offs over 10 years, for an after tax benefit of roughly $17,500. Meaning that my 10 year after tax cost on the Maxima would have been about $200. Now you know why I am having difficulty reconciling leasing economics.
  • superbeaglesuperbeagle Member Posts: 30
    Not interested in owning the car (i.e., I know I will be getting a new car in three years), don't want to sink $42,000 in cash today to buy the car (purchase price plus tax) since I would rather use that money to invest and I want low monthly payments to free up cash. Thus, the lease over the purchase.

    I agree that akr got a great lease deal. Unfortunately, there is no way I could come close to his money factor rate in the D.C. area and I spent about a month negotiating among all the dealers.
  • leswlesw Member Posts: 11
    akr, Can you please let us know which dealer in Central NJ gave you such an attractive lease price.
  • rosa463rosa463 Member Posts: 1
    I was just at Tampa dealer who said the $2,000 dealer incentive was still there, but then he mentioned something about a free versatility package... not sure if this was either or, or whether you can get both!

    Would be great to know.
  • yadayadayadayada Member Posts: 1
    In Southern California. Just paid $36k+tax and license for an '04 2.5 FWD. Prem, Vers, Climate packages. Metallic paint. Reverse warning. Car stickers for $41.9k

    Most other dealers were offering about $37.5k (incentives in there).

    Word is that dealers are getting one more shipment within the next couple weeks, then nothing until '05s in Sept./Oct.

    Call around. They want to move these cars!
  • trojanvictrojanvic Member Posts: 1
      Sounds like a great deal you've got there. We are pretty much looking for the same-packaged car in SoCal as well, would you mind sharing which dealership did you buy your car from? May be we can share the wealth ;^)
      Thank you.
    - Victor
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    After much negotiating, I finally bought mine today to take advantage of the Volvo promotion. So, how is this deal I got?

    My price is $41,741 (plus tax and fees) for a 2.5T AWD with metallic paint, premium, versatility, climate, navigation, 18" wheel, cargo net, and bi-xenon headlight. I'm also getting the Volvo 1.9% 36-month financing because my savings account pays 2.1%. The best part is I'm supposed to get another $500 rebate from Volvo America for being a AAA member (I still need to mail in the form). So, my final price is about $41,241 (plus tax and fees).
  • razorbladerrazorblader Member Posts: 1
    Can you tell me about the AAA member offer? I am looking on the AAA Chicago web site, but I can't find anything about a rebate.

    Thanks in advance.
  • fan_manfan_man Member Posts: 5
    Sorry, all I have is a hardcopy form from the dealer. The saleman showed me the program package, including how much rebate is available for each Volvo model (all sedans & station wagons, except 2004.5 S40, qualified for $1,000 rebate), but would not give me a copy of it. The top of the form states "Volvo Check Request Form, Special Purchase/Lease Program, California State Automobile Association", so I'm not sure if it's available to AAA in Chicago. There is no phone number on the form. But, if it's any help, the mail-in address is a PO box in Dearborn Michigan for Volvo of North America.

    Oh, one other thing, the rebate is only good for "employees and their spouses, along with members and their spouses" of AAA, and "you must be an active member for at least 6 months prior to purchase".
  • look4carlook4car Member Posts: 3
    Can you share which dealer you bought your XC90 in SF bay area? And beside tax, what other fees and how much you paid for those fees? Thank you.
  • socalgalsocalgal Member Posts: 3
    Santa Monica Volvo. We had a great buying experience. Quickest car purchase ever.

    Also, if anyone gets more info on the AAA / Volvo Rebate for California, please pass it on. I am going to call Volvo customer service in the am.

  • coachhomercoachhomer Member Posts: 7
    So from what I have read, the proper way to lease a car, is to negotiate a price for purchase and then to lease the car at that purchase price, because the lease payments are calculated from the difference in the sales price and the residual value.

    So that being said, how do I know the proper residual value for the car I am looking to buy. I could negotiate the price down, and then they could come back with a higher residual value, which looks good on the lease because the payments would be lower, but it comes back to bite you in the end if you opt to buy it.

    I am seeing on this website, a proportional number of 1.713 between the purchase price and the residual value... (meaning, take the purchase price and divide that number by the residual value) No matter what the purchase price is, the factor stays at 1.714 because the residual value adjusts accordingly.

    So should I trust the residual value number that they are proposing on this website to be accurate?

    Any help would be appreciated.


  • fan_manfan_man Member Posts: 5
    My previous post was yanked by admin because I posted the name of my salesrep. Here is the cleansed version:

    The only non-state fee I paid was $45 for document preparation.

    I bought it from Carlsen Volvo in Palo Alto. My salesrep told me about the rebate for AAA members. I called many dealers and asked about it afterwards, but no one else even knew nor was able to find/match it. I was a bit concerned about its legitimacy, but I saw the same rebate form given to other buyers at the dealership, so I can't imaging it's a scam.
  • socalgalsocalgal Member Posts: 3
    If you want to get the special form for the $500 California State Automobile Association rebate, just call Volvo Personal Shopper.

    Volvo Personal Shopper
    For new product information, brochures and retailer locations.

    Tel: 1-800-550-5658
    Email: [email protected]
    Hours: 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM EST, M - F

    I was saddened to learn that because California State Automobile Association covers only Northern California, Utah and Nevada only, I probably won't qualify. (I am in So Cal) Bummer!

    The Volvo Personal Shopper had a list of a zillion organizations though...everything from Hospitals to companies like First Capital. Worth a try to see if yours qualifies!
  • akrakr Member Posts: 33
    Sorry I was traveling last week. The dealer in NJ that I got my lease deal at is Red Bank Volvo, in Red Bank, NJ. The entire negotiation was over the internet and phone and I only went there once to take delivery of the vehicle.
  • look4carlook4car Member Posts: 3
    Can you please email me the name of your salesrep? My email is public.
    Thank you.
  • crzyaimcrzyaim Member Posts: 58
    Sounds like you got a good deal. I was wondering if you could post the name of the dealership you used in the Bay Area. We are intersted in buying and this looked like a great deal. Thank you.
  • tierramomtierramom Member Posts: 15
    I am in So Cal and am looking for a great lease deal. So far, I've been offered an online purchase price (cap cost) of invoice plus 1% less $2000 lease incentive. This works out to be 35,860 (MSRP 40,200) for a 2.5T FWD w/premium, versatility, and metallic paint.

    At a dealership, I was offered the following lease rate (though not as good of a purchase deal): money factor of .00153 (3.67% interest) and a residual value of 47% on a 48 mo. lease. This would put my lease payments at $413/mo including tax ($381/mo pretax). Other online web sites are offering 5.5% and 4.9% interest (MF=.00228 & .00204) on 42 & 39 mo. leases. Has anyone had any better luck than this with leasing?

    Zeen, what were the money factor and residual value on your great lease deal? Was there an acquisition fee or disposition fee?
  • coachhomercoachhomer Member Posts: 7
    Not seeing a lot of posts for purchases in the south, so I just wanted to let everyone know my buying experience from orlando...

    bought a 2.5T awd, nautic blue, wood steering, versatility pkg, premium pkg, premium sound for $39,500 plus tax tag and title.

    Was it a good deal? I don't know. I am sure there have been better deals and there have been worse. My experience was pretty good the dealership.

    Thanks all for the info

  • lee_wlee_w Member Posts: 239
    Thanks for information. That is what this forum is all about. Am sure someone will benefit from your info. Enjoy your new car!
  • tierramomtierramom Member Posts: 15

    Was your deal on a FWD or AWD 2.5T? Did you have a trade-in? I'm looking for a great deal in So Cal now, too. Thanks.
  • lg8719lg8719 Member Posts: 1
    Since I got so much good information from this board, I wanted to share our buying experience.

    Two weeks ago, we got a 2004 Ruby Red/Taupe Interior 2.5T AWD with Premium, Versatility, and Climate packages for $38,492. We had to wait for the shipment to arrive from the So Cal port, but it arrived about 4-5 days later at the dealership.

    Already have 1000 miles on it, and we absolultely LOVE it. 2.5T engine is really powerful and we are glad we didn't go to the T6 (since we will never tow).

    We bought from Topping Volvo of Olympia, WA and did the transaction 100% over the internet. Was a great buying experience.
  • adp3adp3 Member Posts: 446
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    without question, the pasty there is as good as you can buy

    and the cappucino was excellent

    it's easy walkng distance from the SAS Radisson Scandinavia - the concierge or anyone can tell you where it is.
  • barryctbarryct Member Posts: 29
    As a new Volvo owner I am beginning to realize how much my new XC90 and 2000 S70 (recently acquired) are going to cost me to keep up. Has anyone purchased the Volvo extended warranty? Apparently it is sold through the dealerships. I bought mine through TDS and was not aware of such an option. BTW I was told at the dealership that replacement tires for the XC90 will run about $1k if bought from the dealership.
  • fan_manfan_man Member Posts: 5
    We considered it, but decided against it, when we bought our XC90. I don't remember the pricing, but it was like $2-3 thousands to double the existing warranty period. We didn't think it was worth it because the extended portion only covered repairs, not maintenance. Since we don't keep our cars for more than 6-7 years, most of our out-of-pocket expenses were for maintenance...

    Our 2 recent new cars (1999 MB ML320 and 2000 BMW 323i) were quite trouble free. So far, I don't think we had to spent that much on repairs for both combined.
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