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FORD 2000 SD 250 CC, V8 or V10 ?????

hudson5hudson5 Posts: 28
edited March 2014 in Ford
I'm looking to get a 2000 Ford Super Duty 250 Crew
Cab. It will be mainly for carrying the family,
pulling trees(cedars) around the property and going
to the deer lease. I will be doing little towing
if any. Don't even plan on towing anything heavy.
All of the posts I have read are weighted a little
towards the towing side. With my situation, do you
folks feel that the V8 with 3.73 gears be adequate
for this truck?? Should I go with the v10?? Or
possibly the v8 with the 4.1 gears??




  • zbad71zbad71 Posts: 226
    Neither. If you must buy a Ford, go with the Powerstroke. Ford's gas engine line is a joke.
  • barlitzbarlitz Posts: 752
    I have owned fords for years and not had a problem with one,I had a 99 lightning which would blow away any chevy ever built, it had the 5.4 triton supercharged,but working the big dig construction site in Boston the truck was impracticle I now have the F250 4 door supercab XLT 4x4 light duty with the 5.4,which is a great truck and can go practically anywhere in any weather and will easily take care of all your needs.
  • zbad71zbad71 Posts: 226
    Anyone who buys a real truck for what a truck is for, doesn't race. I don't care what your lightning could do in a 1/4 mile. If I wanted a sports car, I would have bought a corvette, which by the way, no Ford in history has ever matched performance of. For mustang, fat chance. Not even the cobra.

    The 6.0l Silverado test after test whoops up on the Ford V10, the 5.4l, and obviously the 4.6l. It has proven to out tow and out perform the V10 and do with better fuel economy. Just because you havn't had problems doesn't mean the Ford gas engine line up isn't second rate to the Chevy. Grant you the Chevy diesel sucks, but that will change soon also.

    The Chevy doesn't need a supercharger to be better than Ford. All one has to do is look at the recalls and service bulletins of each over the last 10 years. Ford continually has more recalls, compaigns and service bulletins than the Chevy or GMC trucks. Thats fact and all anyone should need to know.

    BTW: Chevy and GMC 1/2 tons combined continually outsells Ford 1/2 tons. Just proves another point, GM offers many more options than Ford, both in powertrain and internal comfort.
  • hudson5hudson5 Posts: 28
    My question did not mention GM products. If I wanted info about Chevies or GMC I would have asked. Go throw your tantrum somewhere else.
  • zbad71zbad71 Posts: 226
    Just trying to save you a tantrum after you buy that pos Ford. Your loss.
  • lvstanglvstang Posts: 150
    Hudson, just ignore this loud mouth. He prides himself on going around the topics and pissing people off, wants to fight everyone, touts his six figure income, education and any other garbage he can think of. He's caused topics to be closed and generally is a giant pain. I can almost guarantee he will come back with an abusive post because you won't agree his chevy is the greatest. He may be the most hypocritical human ever to grace cyberspace.
    Take it easy.
  • lvstanglvstang Posts: 150
    I almost forgot. I'm probably going to go with the v-10 and 4.30's just because I never want to have to say "I wish I had it" I realize I'll be giving up some fuel economy but that doesn't concern me too much. It may others. Besides with both trucks heavily loaded I don't think there will be a great difference in economy.
  • barlitzbarlitz Posts: 752
    My truck is not a 1/2 but a 3/4 ton, and if I wanted a corvette I could buy one , but at $45000 I would rather have a lightning and a 4x4 ranger.I see more Fords and Dodges at construction sites than any other truck,you chevy people rave about how great your trucks are do you actually use them for anything other than going to the store or getting gas.
  • lvstanglvstang Posts: 150
    Please don't bother. If you surf through a lot of the topics you'd see this guy is an a#$. He bought a 98 Ford supposedly and bashes it unmercilessly. Goes on in one post that he was going to enact the lemon law before he bought his new truck. Forgets that in the F-150 vs silverado topic he stated he bought it USED with 35000 miles. But Einstein was going to use the lemon law to bail him out. Gee, on a used vehicle. Then spouts nonsense about 283 chevy motors in 60's corvettes and on and on. Has some terrible phallic and semen fetish too. He ripped me about that on another post but the powers that be deleted it. Also has a weird Mom thing going too, maybe he was an unwanted child. Maybe if you ignore it it will go away.
  • zbad71zbad71 Posts: 226
    Whaaaaaaa? Fry baby Fry baby! What a loser.
  • zbad71zbad71 Posts: 226
    No. You are right. I use my truck as a daily driver and to tow my bass boat to tournaments.

    However, a 1/2 ton is not made to do "real" work any more than those useless 5.4l's Ford puts in a supposed "real work" truck, the F250. However, my 89 1 ton with 454 and over 225,000 miles will do more work than a new V10 Ford any day. The 6.0l "V8" will out perform the "V10" with better fuel economy to boot. Now, the 3/4 ton??? Thats a real joke. It's barely adequate for a 1/2 ton.

    I pull a 40 foot gooseneck full of livestock going up grades and never miss a beat with my Chevy 1 ton.

    Fords aren't terrible trucks, just a far second to GM trucks in the gas line. Only thing that I don't like about Ford owners like lvstang is that their whole identity rests with the truck make they drive, which makes them sore losers.

    Maybe next year your Ford can be leader. NOT!
  • barlitzbarlitz Posts: 752
    My truck is the F250 light duty and the engine is fine for what I use it for.I am an Electrician I do not plan on hauling a bedload of rocks, it has the 7700 gvwr and 3295 lb payload package, The engine is plenty powerful and the tourque is fine,The truck would be great for offroading which I intend to do, another good feature is the 4 doors I'm not sure if Chevy offers that, anyways it's just a truck. Ford ,Chevy ,Dodge to their owners are all great trucks as long as its not foriegn I'm sure they're all good trucks. I'm sorry thats the good old american union in me. United we stand divided we fall. Buy American and support the USA.
  • f220swiftf220swift Posts: 103
    Could you nicely explain to me(technically),how a GM motor is more advanced than an OHC Ford motor. I know that I am slow. You told me so in another topic.
    I have heard such statements before and am curious to know. Pushrod VS OHC. Hmmmm! Tell me where the pushrod motor is more advanced. Would just like to know.
  • zbad71zbad71 Posts: 226
    Everyone knows that the overhead cam engines were designed for cars. I tried to go into "why" I feel that the Chevy truck is superior to the new model Ford's. I was called a Chevy commercial. I didn't see any rebute from you or lvstinks to what I posted though. Do your own research on the difference.

    In a nutshell, the ohc engines are known to be low torque, high rev engines. Their strokes are much shorter and need more rpms to have any real power. I will give that as the result of this, they are "normally" smoother running engines. However, I don't see this benefit over the Chevy motors.

    Please don't post anymore crap about the GM trucks torque curves compared to Fords. Thats crap. I have stated how the marketing curves are not realistically shown. The 5.3l torque curve has a "flat torque curve", that DOES start to flatten out at about 2,300 rpm at about 300 lbs. GM just shows the "peak" at 4,000 rpm. That does not mean that it is undertorqued below the peak. The torque curve of the Ford dives drastically at about 3,200 rpm.

    Again, I am not going to argue with you two about this anymore. "YOU TWO" were the ones in the very beginning that got all bent out of shape and started getting nasty with me because I simply debated why you feel the Ford was a better truck. The ONLY arguements you two mentioned even worth while were on a stupid torque curve issue,which everyone knows is bogus. In addition, even if there was a torque advantage to the Ford, the GM truck has tons of other qualities that clearly make it a better product.

    Autotrac, more suspension options, better and more powerful engine options (especially in 3/4 and up), a proven stronger automatic transmission (Ford is continually replacing Expedition, Explorer, and 1/2 ton truck auto tranny's)onboard diagnostics, bigger interior, more interior comfort, a true locking differential instead of the cheesy "limited slip", etc. etc. etc.

    You fail to read that "I AM A 15 YEAR PREVIOUS FORD OWNER"!!!! I had "NO" problems with Ford's pushrod engine line. Never had any of them in the shop!!! Now all of a sudden, everyone is complaining of anemic engines (ohc design), tranny problems, etc. etc. etc.

    As lvstinks said, I never take biased magazine tests as gospel, even the Ford v10. I KNOW the V10 doesn't compare to the 6.0l because my Dad's wife owns one. Yeah, its a decent truck, but the 6.0l engine is much better. The 6.0l tows better, and works harder, with better fuel economy, and with "2 FEWER CYLINDERS".

    You two do and think what you want. I don't even "need" to try and "prove" anything. The new GM trucks speak for themselves. Hell, I will even take on any new model Ford with a gas engine with my old 89 1 ton with 454 that has 225,000 miles on it. Lets compare my old nearing replacement 454 to a brand new V10. I still pull more and do more work easier with my "OLD" 454 than my Dad's wife's "BRAND NEW" V10. Now, I admit, the V10 beats my 454 to hell in gas mileage, but look at the 6.0l performance and gas mileage.

    Ford just doesn't compare. You say that I won't listen to reason, but you two are as bullheaded as they come. "ANYTHING" that is said against a Ford truck, you say is "bashing". I didn't start bashing Ford until you two started whining and crying, calling me names and being a "pain in the [non-permissible content removed]" first.

    For the record, in all this "bashing" I have supposedly done, , neither of you have been able to deny what I present. I don't want to hear any marketing specs crapola. Give "ME" facts why the Ford is so great. I "USED" to think it was, until the 97 forward models.
    Tell me why a much smaller engine choice is desireable in the F250 compared to the 6.0l in the GM 3/4 ton? Tell me why if the 5.4l has such a torque advantage, why the two trucks are "STILL ALMOST EQUAL IN THE POWER TESTS YOU TWO BOTH TOUT AS GOSPEL" (at least when the 1/2 ton is compared to 1/2 ton,etc. The testers like to test non comparable trucks and equipment). Tell me why if Ford is so much more technically advanced, they could not even implement onboard diagnostics or a similar 4x4 autotrac or why they don't have more than two suspension options. I could go on and on.

    Your turn.
  • RoclesRocles Posts: 985
    Another topic to be shut down thanks to the ZBAD character.
    Did you read Hudson's remarks? He started this topic as a way to decide which FORD to buy. He didn't want advice on brands--just FORDS. FORD. FORD. FORD.
    Have you seen FORD yet? There are plenty of "debate" topics you can go to. I don't rush into the "Chevy 1500or 2500" question and yell at the Chevy guys there!
    You don't have much to stand on when it comes to name-calling because if you were abhorrent to use it then why do it?
    "Mostly women drive Tacomas" Huh? I have never owned a Toyota but where is the basis of fact on that statement? Plus, for a private owner, you sure have owned every truck known to man. Oh yeah, with that F-150---how did you plan to tow a "40ft goose-neck trailer full of livestcock"????

    As of this subject--it is dead. Sorry Hudson but ZBADDD-man has infiltrated your humble topic and brought out the worst in all of us. I guess it would be fair to assail all of the Chevy subjects? Should we disrupt all informative topics to get into name-calling??? Z-Bad has the answer and we are all waiting for the Almighty to grace us with his Bias-GM rantings.......
  • lvstanglvstang Posts: 150
    "STILL ALMOST EQUAL IN THE POWER TESTS YOU TWO BOTH TOUT AS GOSPEL" Your own words. All the rantings and cut downs come from you and for the most part only you. I'll try to take it one Item at a time as to not overload your senses. You have said countless times how the Ford engines are anemic. The responses to that were simply they are near equal. Am I going slow enough for you? Your own words state "Almost equal..." My question to you is if the Ford 5.4 is anemic and is equal to the G.M. 5.3 what is the 5.3 called?
    Next, overhead cam design has got absolutely nothing to do with the ability to produce torque. Bore, stroke, and intake runner length and cam PROFILE have much more to do with torque than the actual placement of the cam. OHC may allow an engine to rev higher but Ford does not utilize that in the truck engines. Their cam profiles are set up for low end torque.
    The V-10 debate to my knowledge has never been argued, the '99 version 6.0l chevy outperforms it, period . I'm just waiting to see if the increase in H.P. and torque for the V-10 lowers the gap in 2000.
    It is nearly legend in these topics how the first words off your fat little fingers are "My '98 Ford POS......" so please don't insult us by saying you don't bring that up until we all start whining
    I don't think any Ford supporter has said that Fords are more technologically advanced. The replys have been that they don't see how pushrod motors are superior to ohc motors etc...Than of course you will come back with an insult about feces or moms or what someone is smoking etc.
    You had an unfortunate experience with Ford, I'm sorry. But there are plenty of G.M. stories on this site that are just as bad as yours and we don't see their names at every topic bashing G.M. I think that is why everyone considers you so annoying
    Have a good day anyway
  • f220swiftf220swift Posts: 103
    No, I would really like to know how a pushrod motor is more advanced than a OHC engine. All you gave me was your opinion and no real facts.
    I agree that an OHC can handle higher RPMs and I do not think that Ford has come close to this upper number. GMs pushrod motors are reving higher right now than the Tritons and I believe that Ford has a lot of room to play with yet.
    Of course this is only my opinion with not much to back it up. If you can factorially(is that a word?) tell me that a pushrod motor is more advanced please do.
  • lvstanglvstang Posts: 150
    Isn't obvious? Because there is an on board diagnostic center and autotrac silly boy.
  • zbad71zbad71 Posts: 226
    Once again, you prove my point about Ford owners.
  • zbad71zbad71 Posts: 226
    It is apparent once again that you did not read my post. I said.....The 5.4l is anemic in an F250. Did you read that?
    I said....The 5.4l is still not as tow worthy as the 5.3l because all its torque is in the low range. When towing on the highway, which I again mentioned if you read my post, that the 5.3l has more power for towing...the low AND midrange. The 5.3l is only 15 lbs torque less than Fords, by the marketing garbage (I agree that the marketing ads are not correct. It could be more or it could be less). What you Ford guy's want everyone to assume is that the peak torque is ONLY FOUND AT 4k rpm. That is not true. The FLAT TORQUE CURVE of about 300 lbs torque STARTS AT ABOUT 2,300 RPM. The Ford gradually rises to its peak at about 3,200 rpm, then gradually declines. ALL THE FORDS TORQUE IS IN A LESS USEFULL RANGE!!! If I only towed 8000 lbs, all within the city and never got on the highway, your Ford truck would possibly be better suited for that need. Ok, who only tows in the city at low rpm?????

    I agree with you about the CAM profiles. However, I didn't feel that in the 4.6l I owned. I had to almost floor it to get it to give me power when I needed it. This resulted in it downshifting two gears instead of one, which over revved the engine which was useless to me. There never seemed to be a happy medium. The Silverado is very sensitive to the drivers need and always delivers a very smooth down shift and only what is needed unless the accelerator is pushed further. The accelerator seems more "linear" to the amount of power delivered. Now, I am not an expert, so this could very well be a transmission deficiency more than an engine deficiency. In either case, it lacked what a truck needs, in MY opinion. Which is another thing, I have never stated that my "opinion" is fact. You are correct, it is jsut my opinion. However, there seems to be a lot of others with the same. That said, the 4.6l in my truck was almost no different in performance than a buddy of mines' 97 5.4l. Neither of us could tell any difference.

    Ok, so I like to rag on Ford. I did get burned by Ford. Sure the truck had "PLENTY" of problems. However, my heartburn is more with Ford and their lack of any customer concern. Yes, I have not had the best of luck with my "selling dealer" either, but the dealer I go to now is the best. I never "have" to complain, because they read my mind every time. I have not had this done personally to my vehicle, but I do take notice that this dealer runs every vehicle it services through their own car wash station.
    Thats service. When I was told my the Ford zone rep was not going to fight to get the selling dealer to honor the work they did to my truck (they replaced parts that did not fix the problem so Ford would not fund any further work for that problem and the dealer left me high and dry.), vowed to deter anyone and everyone I know not to buy a Ford. Again, I someone who, whether you believe it or not, has owned a lot of trucks over the last 15 years, all Ford except one Toyota Tacoma (I bought mainly for my wife to drive), my Chevy 454 and my current Silverado. I was loyal to Ford for 15 years and that wasn't worth anything to them when I needed it to. Therefore their trucks are no longer worth anything to me.

    I apologize if you feel I have started the heated debates. You are correct that I don't talk good about Ford. However, I only tell of my honest experiences with Fords. I have never lied about anything and have never intended to indicate that my opinion is factual, only my opinion. I will refrain from name calling and "bashing" Fords as you put it, but I will never refrain from telling about my poor experiences with the new model Ford.

    It's really funny how pre 97 Fords held me as a loyal Ford owner (for the most part), but it only took one new model Ford to turn my stomach.

    I think the reason you take so much offense to my posts agains Ford is that I think you take it like I am bashing you personally. I am not. This why I have held firm in my belief that I never started the name calling and such. You get miffed at the negatives said about Ford and you go off on me like I called "YOU" a name personally or something. I just assume people have thicker skin than that. Barlitz didn't go off the deep end with what I posted about Fords to him. He stated his opinion "FOR" Fords and I stated my opinion "AGAINST" Fords. No harm done. I know I didn't take offense to him and it seems he lost no sleep over what I said either.

    I will call this personal attack stuff quits if you will.

    Take Care.
  • zbad71zbad71 Posts: 226
    I can admit, my education and backround is Electrical, not Mechanical Engineering. I don't think I am qualified to give a "technical" or "factual" rundown of why pushrod engines are better than OHC engines. All I have stated in previous posts is my opinions and actual options available on the differenct trucks based on MY experiences.

    I am sure I coud do research of the two engine types and bring to the table a list of pluses and minuses. Maybe the ohc would have more pluses than minuses, I don't know. What I do know (my opinion again) is that my "DRIVING AND OWNERSHIP" experiences of the two tells me that the Triton OHC engine is far from superior to the pushrod Vortec in my Silverado. This opinion has everything to do with not only power, but reliability as well. However, again, I have to print it out here, IT IS MY OPINION. This way nobody can come back and say I tried to push this off as some fact I pulled out of my butt.

    Again, same as with Lvstang, I will refrain from name calling and bashing if you will.

    Take care.
  • barlitzbarlitz Posts: 752
    Has anyone checked out the site,they have a lot of interesting info there on new engines ford is developing,an inline 4, an inline 5,possible baby powerstroke V6,direct injection, a redesigned cobra to compete with the vette.
  • barlitzbarlitz Posts: 752
    that site is
  • lvstanglvstang Posts: 150
    Very gentlemanly post, I truly appreciate it. If you had stated your beliefs in that manner previously I don't think there'd ever be a problem. More than one person has stated(including me) that you just come off a little too harsh. In the past your posts would start "You're mistaken or What have you been smoking" etc.. That has a lot more to do with peoples opinions of you than your honest problems with your truck. When you tell people they made a mistake for not buying your brand of trucks it just rubs people the wrong way. If you notice on your muffler posts you state fact and opinion without ever saying you're an idiot for buying Flowmaster or you should have bought my brand etc. and because of that it's actually an informative topic. I hope it continues in this tone but will admit it was kind of fun ragging on you. Did you get to read the sheep in the livestock trailer joke before it was removed? It was kind of funny.
    Take it easy, Jack
  • lvstanglvstang Posts: 150
    When you say F-250 you must be referring to the Super Duty. Up until 2000 the 250 was available in the light duty body style which is the truck I believe Barlitz has(7700 GVW) Which I personally feel is not to much truck for a 260 hp 300lbs+ torque motor. The Super Dutys are however monsters.
  • barlitzbarlitz Posts: 752
    You are correct my truck is the light duty F250 it is basically an F150 with a beefed up suspension and it has a 4 door supercab, I bought it mainly for personal use and some work,I would like to change the exhaust any ideas?I also have ordered a K&N generation II fuel injection performance kit which will add some power and a little more performance. I read today that ford also makes a 5.4 4 valve 300 hp triton engine its in the expeditions they should make that available in the f series.
  • zbad71zbad71 Posts: 226
    Yeah, it was getting pretty fun. You had some good comebacks!

    I have always been a quick thinker (at least when it comes to being a smartass). My wife is always frustrated because when we play fight and tease one another, she can never outwit me with the one liners and putdowns!

    Its all in fun. I "AM" glad these posts can get back to normal conversation again. I will try and be considerate about what I say about the Fords. I may slip now and again. Just don't take it personal.
  • zbad71zbad71 Posts: 226
    300 hp 5.4l in the Expeditions???? I heard they only put that engine in the Lincoln SUV and were doing so to draw in more of the big spenders. I heard they are not going to put it in the "Ford" models as they already sell enough of those. They want to entice people to buy the more expensive Mercury and Lincoln.

    What is this new "Excursion"????

    BTW Barlitz: I did not know that they made an F250 using the light duty frame. Are you talking the same frame as the F150? Body? I agree that the 5.4l in the F150 or light duty models will do the job. Not my preference obviously, but much better than in a heavier work truck.

  • hudson5hudson5 Posts: 28
    Now that you folks are finished with your little civil war, any other folks with a 99 or 2000 F250
    sd cc that would like to share your experiences with your engine setup, milage etc.
    PLEASE, if you don't have anything PERTINENT(zbad71) to say... DON'T POST.

  • lvstanglvstang Posts: 150
    Very sad evening for me. Spent most of it stripping my F-150 of all the stuff I added. Amps, subwoofers, the Weld rims etc. Don't want to turn in the lease and give them something for nothing. Still have to swap back stock suspension but I'm not due to turn it in till next Saturday.
    When I think back at the four wheeling and the Lake Mead trips and how it towed the boat in 120+ heat I realize I'm really going to miss this truck. Enough of the tears now.
    Barlitz I'm not sure of the availability for your application but Bassani and Borla make outstanding exhaust systems or you can just change mufflers and still pick up some sound and a little power. At the Ford race I was at in Phoenix Bassani had some gorgeous stainless pieces including headers. That 300 horse 5.4 is only in the Lincoln and basically added the 4 valve Cobra heads to make it scream. Heck I wish it was available in my Cobra.
    Hudson, I will probably order my Super Duty next week. I made up my mind based on my opinion that the truck looks so tough with a 4inch lift and some decent tires. I was on the fence for a long time vs. the GMC 2500 with 6.0l but the looks swayed me. The GMC is a pretty boy truck and I'm big and ugly like the Ford. It will be a XLT(I can't stand leather)short bed crew cab 4x4 V10 with a 5speed and a PTO. Don't have any idea why I'm getting the PTO. I guess because it's there. It will have 4.30's with limited slip. It invoices at 28000+ and my dealer said I could have it for 500 over. My feeling as stated before is get the options that will give you the most performance now because it will be more expensive to add them later if at all. If anyone is concerned with fuel economy with these pigs they should get a diesel or look elsewhere. I don't feel the 5.4 is going to give that much more MPG with all the weight it has to lug. No figures to back this up. My friend who is an A/c contrator had a 350 chev and 454 chev both with service bodys and their mileage was nearly the same after he added the bodys. The 350 was 3 or 4 MPG better before the weight. Also if you add oversize tires it effectively drops your axle ratio back down anyway. That's why the 4.30's. Sorry about the rambling time for bed now. Nite all.
  • lvstanglvstang Posts: 150
    Excursion= Super Duty SUV. All Super Duty running gear including available Powerstroke. I think it's 7 inches longer and a half ton heavier than a Suburban. I like it but don't need it. And wouldn't want to get in the way of one, 7,700 pound curb weight. Gonna fly in the morning have to go to sleep now.
  • barlitzbarlitz Posts: 752
    My truck has the F150 look, but the F250 frame it is more geared for personal use but it has the options for some heavy use, this is the last year they will make this truck there will only be SD F250,The package my truck has will be an option in the F150 next year,You could compare my truck to the supercab F150 xlt lariet without the leather.It is a great truck but I do miss my lightning that is why I would like to upgrade on some performance.
  • barlitzbarlitz Posts: 752
    I read that Chevy is building a truck that will be bigger than the excursion, soon you'll have people driving buses around.
  • beeglebeegle Posts: 3
    Pickups, especially working pickups need their torque and horsepower down low where it is usable. Personally I do not like having to rev an engine to real high r.p.m.s to get any work out of it. I like to keep the revs. below 3500 r.p.m.s when ever I can. I like big cubic inches and low rpm grunt in a working truck. I guess my 1951 Ford F-3 with a 289,4 spd. and 4.86 rear gears has me spoiled. My 96 1/2 ton Dodge with a 360 and 3.55 gears does not have near as much low end grunt. Gas mileage in town is about the same.
  • lvstanglvstang Posts: 150
    I've seen in other posts the new motor is the "old" 502 which is what I've had in my boat since late '89. It is basically a 454 with siamesed cylinders like the old 400 small block chevy. The pre '90 bow tie blocks(mark IV) are more desirable for hi performance build ups for many reasons but the newer mark V and MARK VI blocks are more than adequate for truck duty. The power ratings I've been seeing are low to mid 300 horsepower and mid 400 torque rating.
    If what I've gathered on the posts is wrong than just disregard everything you've just read.
  • zbad71zbad71 Posts: 226
    If you are referring to the 8.1l that GM is working on, I am not positive, but I heard 500 hp, not low to mid 300 hp. Also, with that kind of hp and it being a gas engine, I would guess the torque figure would be higher than 400 lbs also.

    I don't have any facts. Just what I have heard. It will also (again, from what I "heard") that it will only be available in the heavy duties and the Suburban trucks.
  • RoclesRocles Posts: 985
    500hp?? No way in Hell. Give me the 454 numbers and explain to me how Chevy could pop 500 hp for a stock motor under EPA guidelines.
    Keep in mind that 400hp is alot to begin with........
  • lvstanglvstang Posts: 150
    Remember the 454 is 7.4 litres and the last horsepower I've seen is 290 or so. So to get an additional 210 horsepower out of 700 cc is pretty incredible in this day and age of L.E.V.'s
    Mercruiser gets around 415 h.p. out of their "regular" 502's without to much smog stuff. So I have my doubts.
  • zbad71zbad71 Posts: 226
    Again, I don't have facts about it. I don't know how or even if they have addressed EPA guidelines. It sounds hard to believe for me too. However, who knew 10 years ago that the 350 GM engine would be replaced by a smaller 317 egine and produce more hp and torque and still meet EPA. Same with Fords 4.6l (281??) and even the 5.4l (335??) engines.

    I am just going on what I have heard both here on Edmunds and also www.LS1.Com bbs. Same info was found there too.

    I will just keep my mouth shut until something concrete appears. However, the mere though of a stock big block putting out 500 hp has me drooling!
  • zbad71zbad71 Posts: 226
    about the GM talk in a Dodge topic
  • RoclesRocles Posts: 985
    IF GM puts out a 8.1 monster- I'll be first in look only. I can't imagine the power.
  • wab3wab3 Posts: 13
    I test drove an F-350 V-10 2WD with the 3.73 last weekend (only V-10 on the lot), and though it zipped around pretty well (unloaded) I sure wouldn't want to own an SD with any less power. I'd hate to be a construction worker driving around a fleet-bought V-8 SD with a heavy load in the bed that's drag-assing up minor grades because some fleet manager tried to save a few bucks.

    My answer to the lower mileage of the V-10 was to get the bi-fuel package and run on propane for short hauls, but Ford won't let you order it for the F-250/350. You can order it for the F-450/500, which uses exactly the same drivetrain, but not the pickups.
  • jraskejraske Posts: 133
    I dont know if all the ramblings in this topic did u any good,so Ill put in my two cents worth.
    I have just ordered a F350 crew cab,Iwas going to go with the V-10 But the more people i talked to the more i heard that the diesel was the way to go. The best gas milage i could expect From the V-10 is about 12mi per gal if i drove like my grand mother, which i dont and about 18 mpg with the the the diesel will give me better pulling power. Its an expensive option but one im sure ill be happy with. Think aboutit. but dont go with a V-8 I hear they are a real gutless engine. I hope I have helped a little bit.
    good luck with your F 250
  • zbad71zbad71 Posts: 226
    "but dont go with a V-8 I hear they are a real gutless engine."

    Depends on what you are using it for. I know the Powerstroke is a good buy. You should be happy with your purchase. Nothing wrong with your choice. However, you obviously have not done any real homework on the V10. Yeah, the numbers favor the V10, but every test done proves that the 6.0l GM V8 outperforms it with better fuel economy. I would wonder if it were only one or two tests as I feel most magazine tests are bias. However, NONE of the tests have favored the V10 over the GM 6.0l.
  • hudson5hudson5 Posts: 28
    Are you hard of hearing...boy. I don't care what the chevy does or does not do. I'm ONLY interested in the FORD v8 vs. v10 engines. Jeesh, get a life. HAve you nothing else in life to do but butt in to conversations you are not wanted. If you info regarding the two engines I have listed in my ORIGINAL question, I'll listen, but if you talk about GM products, go play somewhere else.
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    That's only an opinion.
  • hudson5hudson5 Posts: 28

    I think you were generous to zbad, calling his post an opinion.
  • zbad71zbad71 Posts: 226
    Its all goooooood!
  • RoclesRocles Posts: 985
    Uh oh. I think Z is going to blow again....
  • zbad71zbad71 Posts: 226
    Nope. I'm cool, but don't expect me to not post. If jackson5 doesn't like my posts, he can just skip on over them. Nobody is putting a gun to his head. "HE" can go elsewhere if he doesn't like it.

    I can get along, but I also am just as entitled to an opinion as anyone else here. I am not going to harass him for making a poor truck make as his choice vehicle. Just kidding. I knew that would get the embers burning again!
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