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Infiniti FX50 / FX35 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Does anyone know if there are any deals on 2011 FX35 going on? Has anyone bought one recently? Please share if there is any hidden deals?
  • I got a great price quote on an 11 with premium package but when I told them I was going to lease, they told me they can't use th manufacturer's rebate to the dealer....... only can use on a purchase.

    That seems highly suspect to me.
  • m6userm6user Posts: 3,181
    Happens all the time with Infiniti and probably other manufacturers. Sometimes they have a rebate only for leases, sometimes a purchase only or sometimes deals on both leasr or purchase. Depends on what they want to push at the time. Not suspect at all.
  • Mind sharing what was the quote and where you are? I am in MA
  • Fx50 2012 lease terms 39 months, 15K miles-money factor .00124 and residual value 49%.
  • 5k off MSRP is all they are willing to go. Less than 10% off. Anyone doing better?
  • don't settle for anything more than $300-500 over invoice (if you want to be generous). Unless you are shopping for some hot car with limited production there is really no reason to pay much over the invoice.

    come prepared, know your numbers and state your terms

    if they say no, turn away and leave and go to the next dealership
    talk directly to a manager, don't waste your time with salespeople

    get per approval for financing before you shop for the car

    Good luck!

    FYI: I paid $37,900 for FX35 AWD in 2009 and still think I overpaid $500-600
  • I've paid 44,500 + fees + tax for 2012 FX35 AWD with premium package, splash guards, and cargo net and first aid kit. MSRP is 50,505. Is this a good price?
  • looks like you paid about $2k under invoice

    I do not know what is the current situation with dealer incentives and rebates, however this is not a bad deal
  • cwa318cwa318 Posts: 71
    Looking to lease a FX35 RWD. Has anyone negotiated a price on these lately? Looking at a RWD model with premium and touring package. There seems to be a number of these around as I have just started to look in my area which is west central Florida. Any information would be appreciated. Thanks
  • sewellgsmsewellgsm Posts: 775
    $2000 dealer cash OR $1000 w/ Special APR (1.9% for 66 months, etc)

    If you lease and own an Infiniti - you get a $1000 Loyalty Rebate (above incentives do NOT apply on lease).

    With all the attention on the JX, Infiniti should step up and help the old FX out!!
  • Is there any new incentives in June? I really want the FX35, but the dealers seem to insist on selling it at $1000 over invoice.
  • Is this forum dead? or no one buys FX anymore? :surprise:
  • flzzflzz Posts: 19
    Check the past monitors on this forum. I bought new Fx35 in Dec. 2007 (08) model and this forum was a huge help. Email some of the folks who've posted info earlier and see if you can reignite! I wish you luck as I would buy again if something happened to mine.
  • salliersallier Posts: 16
    Is there another forum where FX (especially 35's) are being discussed? Am looking for used - possibly 010, 011. Troubles? Costs for repairs? etc
  • I've got an '09 with 48K miles - runs great with no major issues. Have only had to bring into the dealer twice: 1) when transmission kicked out of gear into neutral while on highway - turned out to be a software upgrade (done at no cost) and it hasn't happened since; and 2) to get new batteries for the remotes-they only charged me $11 to replace both. I do all my regular mntc at Valvoline - use synthetic oil only. The 40K dealer overhaul is a waste of $$- the only thing non-dealer shops can't do is replace the hepa filters - who cares? Would totally recommend the FX - I don't think any car out there offers the same combination of performance/utility/reliability. I also like the grill better than the more generic one on the 37's, which Infiiniti has standardized on all models. Paddle shifters make it super fun to drive. Am looking forward to next version, which looks to be the QX70 under the new Infiniti naming scheme.
  • Hello,

    I'm looking to buy a 2013 new FX50 but see very little information here, no one is buying these cars anymore?
    The car I'm looking at is fully loaded and would love to learn from others experiences.

    The current incentives are not that great, wonder if I should wait a bit more.

  • pahomerpahomer Posts: 7
    You are right, the FX50 is a niche car, with relatively few buyers. I love mine, and had an 09 FX35 beforehand. You can get a 50 for several thousands off of MSRP, but the supply is not great. If you are picky about colors, you may have to wait or search for a dealer trade.

    The 50 is a nice step up in performance over the 35, and I would imagine the 37. The gears seem to shift easier, and the car will fly if you punch the gas. The tech package and brake assist are must haves for me, just in case! No problems with my 35 thru 44k miles, and my 50 has no issues at 22k miles. Good luck!!

    BTW, check infiniti scene and infiniti fx owners forum for more opinions by owners.
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