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Lexus GX460 GX470 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • gusunggusung Posts: 1
    Hello. I am planning on purchasing 05 or 06 GX470 model in Chicago area. Cars I have been seeing on the internet are ranging from 28K to 33K. My target price is around 23K. With the down market for larger SUVs, would this negotiation be even worth trying?

    If you recently purchased used GX, can you please let me know your experience and price?

  • My opition is, spent about 200 dollars for a $750 Gift certificate for 2008/2009 lexus from ebay. I just brought one from ebay. I can use my extra 500 dollars for window tinted or some nice car wax... :)
  • skr2skr2 Posts: 32
    I am interested in getting the GX 470 in the Dallas Area. Would appreciate if anybody could share their experience, if anybody bought in the Dallas area recently.
  • zhasanzhasan Posts: 3
    Hi, I purchased a brand new '08 GX 470 last month from Sewell Lexus. The internet sales manager, Dawn Betrus was fabulous.
  • skr2skr2 Posts: 32
    Can you post the details of your purchase?
    Appreciate your help in advance
  • zhasanzhasan Posts: 3
    I paid $46547 for the '08 GX 470 with the following features,

    drop down rear dvd
    third row
    preferred accessories
    tow package

    I also financed it through Lexus Fnancials for 4.75% for 60 mos'.

    I hope this helps.
  • skr2skr2 Posts: 32
    Appreciate your reply. Which dealership did you go to? are you in the dallas area? Please let me know which dealership and salesman you went to.
    Thanks again
  • zhasanzhasan Posts: 3
    Sewell Lexus of Dallas. Dawn Betrus was the sales person. Good luck!

  • We are in the process of purchasing an extended warrenty for our 05 RX with Nav. Our dealer told us they are having trouble moving any and all new and used GX and LX, and we may be able to swap out our 05 RX for a Certified Pre Owned GX for our car and the cost of the extended warrenty. i guess the bottom has fallen out on the used GXs. Does this sound possible?
  • I think the time of selling them at full price is gone. What prices are you seeing on new and used?
  • awj123awj123 Posts: 7
    Looking to trade in my '04 GX470 (good shape w 90k miles) for a new '09 with Nav, 3rd row, trailer package, rear spoiler, and package (kinetic suspension) would be a plus but not deal breaker. Current offer I have is for $52k+ list less $3000 discount, and $17k for a trade in. Based on what I'm seeing in other posts as well as in Edmunds, this doesn't appear to be a very good deal...has anyone done better in the Boston area or have any recommendations? Thanks...
  • Hi-

    Got lots of great info from Edmunds and other places, DO YOUR HOMEWORK.
    Thanks to all the resource on the web and investigating what is actually happening to the auto industry I was able to buy a new GX under the edmunds TMV .
    MSRP was ~52000
    Navi + Levison Audio
    NO_REAR_ENTERTAINMENT_SET.--- Didnt want it anyway.
    Invoice was ~46100

    If you want to beat the TMV, it should go without saying, start below it.
    I really like the GX, getting a great deal makes me like it even more.
  • Any one else price one recently? This is for 2008 with every option

    $47,250 plus tax, title, and dealer fee is the lowest possible price I can go which will still be a net loss to the store after commissions and related expenses to the transaction (assuming of course you still are requesting the XM radio…).

    can provide the following items/services in addition to that price:

    1,000 mile / 30 day settings and inspection free of charge.
    5,000 lube-oil-filter service free of charge.
    2 Lexus key chains (one for you and your wife)
    Delivery of the vehicle to your home or business so you do not need to come back in to the store (with a Holiday bow on top!).
    A quality demonstration of the vehicle’s features for you and your wife conducted by an 18 year veteran Lexus Master Certified Product Consultant who will do an excellent job of continuing service after the sale.
  • Anyone who had experienced buying lexus gx470 in san antonio,tx area, please post the final price that includes Nav.,3rd row seat,aircon and rear dvd entertainment.Those are just the options i really need.Thanks
  • Those are all the options,. Everything else is negligible. had to get XM added for $926, when if you already have the NAV component is ridiculous. I walked out on a $46,500 offer and the dealer has not called back so looks like we are going to buy the BMW.X5 , are you looking at 2008 or 2009?
  • ekdalekdal Posts: 10
    I know it sounds odd considering the times, but I just had an awful experience with Lexus of Memphis. There's an 08 I'm interested in but I'm a little concerned about how rudely and crassly I was treated by one particular salesmen. I'm assuming it's just one bad apple. So If others have bought cars from here and had a good experience with a salesperson I'd be grateful if you could email me there name so I can go through someone else. Thanks.
  • jskimjskim Posts: 8
    Hi gray 11
    Can you be a little more specific on the options. What does every option include. Also, what area in the US are you.
  • 2008 with nav, dvd, loaded, all factory options, and dealer in Atlanta and in Mobile, AL met my price. I decided to wait - just scared of the economy right now. Would have bought back in Nov, but dealer had to play games before meeting my price, then it was too late.
  • Would you please explain about "Tier 1 credit score" to get a lease in Lexus? I called a Lexus dealer this morning and got to know that they have no downpayment option if I have Tier 1 credit score. What should be my credit score?
  • So I looked at Edmunds for the price on a new GX470 in the SF bay area. :confuse:
    The TMV comes to about $42680, but the dealer says that their invoice price is $47615.
    What Edm fails to count is the
    1 Dealer advertising cost $714
    2 Dealer hold back $952
    3 Financial reserve/floor cost $476 :P

    Then there is the Accessories package, lexus link, Mark Levingston/Navigation package, rear seat/A/C, Towing prep, Preffered Accessories pkg,
    that EDM does not include in their base pricing.
    I say that is a VERY bad practice on their part as it provides mis-information to the consumer. :mad:
  • Hi-

    I used the edmunds site as a guideline for my 08 GX470 last Sept/Oct. It provided me with a good idea what others paid, and what kind of $$ they left on the table. This is not a time to be timid with the dealers, you have to remind them that they need you more than you need them. Remember to seek the incentives of other autos in the GX's class and use that to show that better deals exist. I used the Acura and the Mercedes deals. For ~43k it better have the 3rd row seats, NAV, MarkLevsn audio, Wheel locks. This car doesn't sell itself and you need to remind the sales folks of that fact. There's a way they can beat that 47k price. This was my first Lexus and I am very happy with it.
  • kiiwiikiiwii Posts: 318
    oh no. DO NOT pay for the ad fee. They make up those fees to get any penny out of you. You see McDonald's ads all the time, do you pay for ad fee when buying a hamburger?

    Dealers should make money but not by lying about those garbage fees.
  • Looking to buy a 2009 GX - anyone aware of any incentives out there re: APR or cash back? Car Man- what is the current money factor and residual (12K/year and 15k/year) if you know? Thanks!
  • No incentives currently offered on the 2009 GX. They may come in the next couple months.
  • zunk76zunk76 Posts: 2
    Fleetrates is a scam. These guys are not endorsed by or approved by ANY automotive factory. These guys broker a deal from a dealer to the customer at a healthy profit. The customer can ALWAYS purchase the vehicle directly from the dealer at a lower price.

    There are also some credit card "irregularities" by the sales people which is now under investigation by the Florida attorney general. Fleetrates is nothing more than a boiler room under the direction of one DJ Ceresa, a rather unsavory character. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.
  • ba_musketba_musket Posts: 28
    It's almost august. Any incentives yet, samfields :-)) I've found these car forums are great and it's been very useful for car buyer like me. I am in SF Bay Area and scouting for any good deal out there for 2009 GX. Anyone who bought one lately, or known prices paid pls chime in.

  • There seems no action here on this forum. :(
    Did this foru move else wher without my knowing? :confuse:
    carman/dkyfdx? knock, knock... ;)
    Any one with purchase history on 2009 GX470 in the greater SF Bay Area, feel free to jump in...
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 70,574
    Nothing has moved.... Little activity on the GX..


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • farmer20farmer20 Posts: 16
    I am thinking to buy 2009 GX 470 with 3rd row and contacted two local Houston Lexus dealers, they sent identical price for the car

    2009 GX 470 base price $48627


    Total MSRP: $49845
    Offer price: $46988

    Basically a less than $2000 discount from MSRP.

    I calculated the ratio from the cost people posted here for 2008 GX 470 and you can see a very consistent number and that will be a good guideline for 2009 GX470 even noone posted here. Have not find a time to see the dealer.

    Picked one in Edison NJ fro 47000. MSRP - 52895. Didn't take more than 20 minutes to take almost 6K off the sticker.

    No rear DVD, no towing prep package.

    Good luck to all those looking to buy one



    i just closed on a deal in dallas at sewell lexus. the internet department was absolutely fantastic and i am excited to have my car shipped to me in a few weeks.

    Here is my gx:

    tow package
    preferred accessories
    third row

    msrp: 53089
    invoice: 46547



    The MSRP was $52,668 and includes Nav/Mark Lev, 3rd row, mats, wheel locks, cargo net, spoiler, and tow hitch with ball. The invoice was $46,153 and I picked it up two days ago for $46,500+TTL. Probably could have got it for less if I waited for the end of month, but wife was impatient since ext/int color was what she wanted. Anoher dealer offered $46,200 but without tow hitch nor spoiler. Good luck in your search.


    I just got an offer for an 08 GX470 with the following:
    12k miles per year/48 months
    Mark Levinson Audio Package
    3rd Row Seat w/ Air
    Tow Prep Package

    List price $51365
    neg price $45419



    FYI for anyone buying in Houston Texas:

    I just picked up an 08 with same options as dude above: The MSRP was $52,668 and includes Nav/Mark Lev, 3rd row, mats, wheel locks, cargo net, spoiler, and tow hitch with ball for $46.2 + TTL - Is that a good deal?

  • 2bcool2bcool Posts: 3
    The guys in SoCal are selling them below invoice right now. They are also telling me that there will be a pretty hefty price hike for the 2010s due to the new style. Anyone heard how much of a price spike?
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