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Lexus GX460 GX470 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • gilbyg27gilbyg27 Posts: 11
    Hello Farmer20,

    Where did you get this deal?

    The MSRP was $52,668 and includes Nav/Mark Lev, 3rd row, mats, wheel locks, cargo net, spoiler, and tow hitch with ball. The invoice was $46,153 and I picked it up two days ago for $46,500+TTL. Probably could have got it for less if I waited for the end of month, but wife was impatient since ext/int color was what she wanted. Anoher dealer offered $46,200 but without tow hitch nor spoiler. Good luck in your search.

    I am about to buy a similar 2009 for $200 above Invoice @ $48,282.

    I would not mind saving $2,000 ....please Advise. :blush:
  • Hello 2bcool,

    In the Philadelphia area, Dealer Invoice is around $48,000 loaded without entertainment package. What is it near you?


  • Hallo Gilbyg27
    I live in philadelphia area and I bought a new Lexus GX 470 for 48,600 + tax and tag. MSRP 56700.00. This was fully loaded. Bouht it from wilkie lexus, Similer car from cherry Hill Lexus was offerd at 53400.00 Plus tax and tag. And the color selection was very limited.
    Hope this might help you.
  • Hello Bobby53,

    Thanks for your response.
    Did you get the Entertainment package?

    If so, you must be hellava negotiator!


  • Hallow Gil,
    Yes it did come with Entertainment package.
    When they offer this price i had a day to move my finance arond at that time i been talking with Ray Catena out of Jersey and they were willing to come close but they did not have the color i was looking for.


  • gilbyg27:

    I did not get this deal. This is from the post of this forum and I used this information to calculate the ratio of MSRP to purchasing price by people here. You can check this forum and found the person who posted.
  • Hello farmer20,

    Thanks for clarifying.....I kinda figured it out a few days later.

    Take Care,

  • Nice Bobby,

    My Fiance and I bought a brand new 2009 fully loaded except the Entertainment for
    $ 48,300.00 + Taxes/Tags. We were dead set on White with dark grey interior.

    They day before we bought, a 2009 Fully loaded came in with 3,000 miles. They wanted $ 48,600.00 for it. We do not need the entertainment package but I would not turn it down if it was free. It came with tan interior and that was the deal breaker.

    We have had it for a week and love it! I got the GX at $200 above Dealer Invoice.
    They had to bring it in from Jersey (Lawerence) or I would have gotten it at cost.

    Right now is the time to buy especially with the 2010 coming out any week now.
    The only problem is they are starting to run out of the 2009 in colors you may want.

    ACT NOW! My sales guy was great...I will pass his info along if interested.

  • I have been waiting for this one for many months now. Does anyone have any news?
  • Check out the Lexus website, the 2010 are available now.
  • I am not a huge fan of the new design, it now looks too much like a 4-Runner

    The main reason is the lack of wheel fenders. :confuse:
  • I am trying to decide between 2 GX - same price, same year. One is from dealer - 63K miles, navigation, backup camera and 3rd row. The other is thru private party, 41K miles, with rear entertainment system, navigation, 3rd row, sport package, and KDSS - also a scratch marks on the right front which cost about $1,500 to fix.
    I have driven and like both and having a hard time to decide with one to pick. Any suggestions?
  • Would the dealer offer Lexus certified warraty (3 yrs / 100K miles)? Would the private party have a full service history available (i.e. more details than Carfax)? Do you need the private car inspected? The difference in mileage is not very relevant. Do you need KDSS?
  • I think you paid a lot...Big mistake man
  • I just wanted to let you all know we had an excellent experience with Lexus thanks to DJ Ceresa. Our Fleet Manager was very patient with all my questions and requests. The car arrived clean and gassed up, and the cargo hauler was easy to work with. The local dealer we almost went with (who wouldn't budge on the sticker price by the way) called us again last week to see if we were still interested in the Lexus GX. It was very enjoyable telling them how much time and money we saved by NOT working with a dealer. I have referred several people to DJ already because of our good experience. ;)
  • isn't a scam. They are licensed, bonded and insured with many happy customers and return buyers. The customer is not always able to get the best price! The prices they offer at fleetrates are "better" because the high volume of business they do on a constant basis with dealers across the country gives them "fleet"/bulk pricing, something a customer can't get when they walk into a dealership. They have helped many people save thousands and it is perfectly safe to do business with them.
  • Can you tell us what kinda of good deal you got on this car. Just curious what some are offering to take off MSRP
  • Today I went to the dealer where I get my 06 GX serviced to take a look at the new model. I like it a lot, but was astounded to find that it has the old swing-out rear door, albeit with a flip-up window. From all the pre-introduction hype, I had assumed that it would have a drop-down lower section. Too bad. The 4-Runner has always had it right with its door with the power window! I didn't start negotiations, but the salesperson made it quite clear that the price will be exactly the MSRP. New model, uncertain demand, no inventory, blah, blah, blah, all add up to "full price". I've been through this before with other dealers and have been stung more than once. Not this time. I let him know that I'm going to be relentless in finding the price that's the furthest below MSRP

    Anybody out there actually bought one yet? I'll be looking for the Premium model with Mark Levinson audio. Don't know about the other tech stuff yet. For example, I had the radar-enhanced cruise control on a 2001 LS-430 and it was nice until the radar lens got covered on slushy roads and became inoperable, even when stopping to clean it frequently. Maybe they've solved that problem by now.

    Keep us posted on shopping experiences.
  • Hello rappcova,

    Good info.

    I have had a 98 4-Runner since 1997 and the rear window function is one of my favorite.

    Not a big fan of the 2010 GX new body design. Why no wheel fenders???
    Looks like they forgot to put them on or something........incomplete.

    I would wait till the end of the year to buy a new GX.

    You have the best chance of getting what you want at dealer invoice cost.

    My Wife is loving her 2009 GX.

    The only issue so far is that the heated seats are not warming up fast enough.
    We will have it looked at on her next oil change.
  • Is anyone getting prices for the new GX460?

    They are through the roof! My lease is up at the end of this month and I am not sure if its worth it to extend it for a couple of months and try again, or just get something else...
  • I'm involved in negotiations right now. All the dealers are insisting on MSRP. Lexus always does this on re-designed models, even though in a few months they'll be screaming for customers. Sales of the GX have been plummeting for months. So it boils down to how badly you want to buy the car right now. I want it badly, partly because I need to sell my old GX before spending money on its 60,000 insp and new tires. Plus the warranty is fast disappearing. So I will pay a penalty, that's for sure. But my "shopping" is telling me that they might deal somewhat. I'm getting hints from more than one dealer that "my managers" might consider.....yada, yada,yada. So I'm going to keep pressing. I'll keep this forum posted on my progress.
  • sassimiz.........I would get 3+ dealers in on it and tell them all exactly what you are doing and that you will go with the best deal.

    See who wants your business the most.

    Good Luck
  • nycmbanycmba Posts: 1
    I singed the contract today for MSRP price was about 58600 however I got top value for my trade-in. I will get the delivery of Car(white color and beige interior) on next week.
    my dealer is prestige lexus in NJ.
  • I did contact 4 dealers. One never called me back after the initial "I'll work out a price and get back to you", the place where we leased our last 2 GX's seemed like they couldn't care less, gave us an inflated price and never followed up, but 2 other dealerships did follow through with some price bargaining.

    It seems like there is not much stock and no real dealing with this car right now, so we just extended our lease and will try again next month.

    Good luck everyone!
  • I placed a factory order for a GX Premium. Every customer and everry transaction is different. But here's mine. This is a cash sale--no lease, no financing. I didn't include my trade-in during the negotiation, though I may sell my old GX to my dealer.
    They offered me a price on the 2010 that is below MSRP. I would not call it a "substantial" discount, but I think it is a "significant" discount, considering that it's a new model and my order is for a vehicle that's not encumbering their current inventory.

    This is a vehicle that Lexus really wants to sell--sales have plummeted over many months. I encourage all prospective buyers to negotiate hard. The discounts are there.
  • Could you please be more details? how much is "significant" discount?
  • I have placed a factory order and I won't see the vehicle for maybe 3 more months. I haven't paid for it--only put down a deposit. So I don't think it's ethical for me to get into specifics. But here's what I'll say for now. If I were negotiating again, I'd be more aggressive. If I were advising someone, I'd tell them to offer something half-way between invoice and MSRP and go from there..
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