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Lexus ES 300/ES 330 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • philly2philly2 Posts: 19
    Can you tell us what dealership sold you this car? Your early post #596 (34.6) informs us that you had a serious problem with one of the dealership. Do you have the car or did you have to order your car? What color?
  • lenscaplenscap Posts: 854
    atoews is right. The price discounts on the 2005 ES 330 have a lot to do with where the car is in its life cycle. The ES is now in the 4th year of a 5-year cycle. That is a big reason why dealers are willing to go more off sticker.

    I bought my 1995 ES 300 (also 4th year of a 5-year cycle) for $31,000 and it stickered for $35,800. My 2002 ES 300, on the other hand, was purchased closer to sticker because it was a brand-new model.
  • douggdougg Posts: 2
    There are 2 cars here in Atlanta that have what I am looking for, an ES with all the options (Navi, heated seats, rear screen, Mark Levinson,etc...)

    The first car is the 03, and the miles are extremely high at 45K. The car is in excellent shape for the miles (though not that old in time) and is certified. I'm really hesitant on the miles as I put on about 22K per year, so after the 3rd year, the car would be at 100K, and out of warrenty, with a year or two to pay on it. What advice would anyone give on buying a car this new with this many miles. The dealer is at $26500, and willing to go lower. Tomorrow being the end of the month, it may be a good time to deal. What I've found is:
    Kelly Blue Book
    Trade In $18545
    Private Deal $21625
    Dealer Retail $26600

    Trade In $27014
    Private Deal $28691
    Dealer Retail $32087

    Here I think Edmunds is very high. For $32.7 I could get into a 2004 with no miles, so I'll go with KBB. Also Carfax had no accident history on the car, so apparently very clean just driven lots. What would make this an offer too hard to pass up, at what price?

    The second is an 04 ES330 that only has 2k miles and was driven by a service manager. Not sure if it is a demo or has ever been titled. The car is black, not a color I really wanted this time around, but has all the options. Again, I've found,
                             Invoice MSRP
    Invoice $33041
    MSRP $37660 **only had new prices on 04, too new to be under used
    Trade In $28175
    Private Party $31600
    Dealer Retail $35125
    Again, tomorrow being the end of the month, and this being a 2004, what would you consider a good price.

    Thanks for any and all replies.
  • atoewsatoews Posts: 637
    Just for kicks try:

    Lexus of Cerritos - boasts a large inventory, plus I believe they are the Sam's Club dealer in So Cal.
    Jim Falk of Beverly Hills - Some posters have been happy with them.

    Also try Motor City Lexus in Bakersfield - they compete in southern california, but their local market is smaller as they are out of the way. Their services tend to be cheaper than in the LA area, so maybe their cars are, too.

    Also, you may want to try Sam's Club or Costco. Their auto deal departments may give you a "scoop" on what kind of pricing you can expect.
  • mtpysmtpys Posts: 4
    So has anyone bought recently from around here? I'm thinking about an ES330 and want to know if I should steer away from any particular dealer.


  • Thank you for the information and for others who replied. I have put a deposit on a vehicle from a San Diego dealer. I will post how the rest of the transaction goes. I purchased for about 91.5% of MSRP on an '05 level 1 car. They are even delivering it to me in Las Vegas while I'm there on business.
  • atoewsatoews Posts: 637
    Thanks for your post. If I were energetic, I'd do a comparison like I did in December. At that time, I made a list of about 10 purchasers from various parts of the country as to the %MSRP they paid.

    Were I to do it for August/Sept, I might find that generally there is a premium for purchasing at that time.

    I noticed that for two consecutive Decembers, prices seemed to have dropped.

    I'd like to encourage all posters who purchase vehicles to post their %MSRPs on deals they receive. Please post as follows:

    MSRP price
    price paid excluding license and tax
    geographical region.

    optional: specify the options.

    I am interested in the data for the next time I purchase a vehicle.

    I am thinking that based on what I know now, I might plan to buy a body style in its second year, in the November/December time frame.
  • atoewsatoews Posts: 637
    Quite frankly, it appears as though the MSRP is dropping. 36K for NAV/ML would have been unthinkable when I purchased my vehicle. It was more like 38K then.

    So, even if nowadays you pay a greater % MSRP than in the past, the MSRP may be lower, which means you are getting a comparable price to other shoppers.
  • igibanigiban Posts: 530
    Sure 36K is for NAV with ML not w/o? Lexus dropped NAV/ML pack from 39K to 38K for msrp from 03 to 04, and now to 36K on 05? I might wait until 2010 to get it under 30K then!
  • atoewsatoews Posts: 637
    Actually, no, igiban, I am not really sure of anything. We can only believe what the posters tell us. :-)

    2010? By then, there will be a new model style completely and then some cycle will start over.

    I should have been cornering recent posters to get their prices - but I am not buying a car now, so my energy level and interest is not as high as if I were in the market.
  • Getting my ES 330 this weekend for sure. Contacted almost all the dealers in LA/OC areas and finally found several dealers that offers really competitive prices so i am going in to finalize my deal when I am done with my vacation.

    As for Lexus of Cerritos...I honestly don't think that they are the cheapest place in town. All other dealers that I have contacted gave me a much lower initial price of the exact same car. It is a good idea to shop around and compare. I think this year they have lots sales pressure so it is better for our consumers to look around more before you pay.

    I will post my transaction after I am done buying the car. Thank you all for ur advices.
  • Can you tell which dealer and what color? Did they have lot of 05's available?

  • Made a deposit for 05 ES more than a week ago. Sales person told me that he will know car's arrival date in couple of days. Since that everytime I call him, he says samething. What should I do?
  • Lexon,
    Can you tell us what dealership sold you this car? Your early post #596 (price: 34.6) informs us that you had a serious problem with one of the dealership. Do you have the car or did you have to place an order for your car? What color?
  • Can anyone tell me what would be a good % of MSRP one would pay at this time of year for a 2004? Or is it even a good idea to be looking for 2004's? Thanks
  • I've been shopping for a new ES330 with all the options, hoping to get an 04 at a really good price. The closest I've found is $34K, with MSRP over $38K. There is a car a dealer has that was in a wreck and sold back to them with only 1400 miles. They are asking $28,900 for the car, or about $10k less than a new one. They have been very honest about the damage and even gave me the number to the body shop, who faxed me the repair order. The damage was about $7k, and it needed a new bumper, quarter panel, rocker panel, trunk, and lights. The overall parts were $3000 and the labor was close to $4000. The body shop has offered me, if I buy from the dealer, the same lifetime guarantee on the work and paint (which is good provided I don't move in the next 5 years). They also told me there was minimal shifting of the rear unibody, but not enough to replace, they straightened out and the car aligned perfectly on a 4 wheel alignment.

    I looked briefly at the car and drove it a few days ago, and I'm going back for an extensivelook and drive tomorrow. On one hand, $7k sounds like a lot of damage, on the other hand, a practically new 330 for $10K less than new sounds tempting.

    Any thoughts or advice is greatly appreciated. I am being pushed a bit by the dealer. They just detailed the car today, and if I pass tomorrow it goes on the lot for sale (has not been as of yet, they just got back in on trade after the wreck). So, I have to make a relatively quick decision or chance someone else buying it.
  • mldj98mldj98 Posts: 378
    The one thing you should think about is how long do you plan on keeping this car? If you plan on keeping it for a very long time then it might be something you should do. However, in my opinion, if you ever try and sell this car later and you tell someone it has been in an accident nine times out of ten they will not want to buy it. Of course if they ask you about any accidents you can tell them no but in today's world it is easy to find out that information through CARFAX and other sources. Bottom line, I would leave that one alone and give yourself peace of mind and get the new one. Who wants to drive down the road and always be thinking about the accident this car has had. Of course this is just my opinion.
    Good luck!
  • I just retuned from the dealer. He said his absolute lowest "at this time" is $1800 off MSRP which is approx. 95% MSRP for a non-Nav '05.

    He said the issue right now is "supply and demand". There is more demand than supply at this time. He stated that this may change over the next couple months, in which case the price may be $200-500 lower.

    I may go with the '04 Acura TL...lots of supply around here and I suspect I can get it for invoice or even slightly below.
  • Phn

    Where are you at? If I were you I will definitely NOT consider to buy from there. Going to buy my car tomorrow. Will post the followup within 24 hrs.
  • atoewsatoews Posts: 637
    Poster professordjf is my boyfriend. He just bought a 2004 ES330 about three weeks ago. He bought it when he discovered that Lexus was changing the interior options for the 2005. He likes the red wood panelling and light grey interior better than the equivalent options offered for the 2005.

    Here is his info:

    Purchase Date: 8/11/2004
    MSRP: $37,424
    Price excluding license and tax: $34,000
    Geographical Region: Dallas, Texas
    % MSRP = 34000/37424 = 90.8%

    Options include Nav/ML
  • Picked up new 2005 ES 330 (with Navg./ML etc.) for $35K. (excluding tax, title & registration)

    MSRP $38,444.00
    Price Paid: $35,000

    Alabaster Mettalic/Ash

    Wilkie Lexus in Haverford, PA (near Philly)
  • In your earlier postings, you stated that you had a problem with Wilkie Lexus. I am curious why you ended up buying from them and paid 500 more than the offer you got from Ray Catena in NJ.
  • Paguy2,

    Did you notice of the posted transmission hesitation issues? I'm looking to buy a new 2005 ES330 soon. Just waiting a month or two after release. They won't negotiate much just after the introduction.
  • paguy2,
    When I went to Wilkie Lexus to test drive the '05 Lexus ES330 and order my car I drove a alabaster mettalic/ash car. Did you purchase the demo or did they order your car? They tell me my car should be in by the middle of September. I am a little surprise that you purchased a car from Wilkie because your earlier post states that you had problems with the dealership - what developed?
  • The one I purchased was not a demo. That's what they told me. It had 100 miles on it when I got it.

    In regards to lower offer from Ray Catena, actually the difference (out of door price) was only about $200. Ray Catena charges $200 doc fee and you have to get PA emmission and state inspection done on your own (another $70-80). I think it is worth to pay little bit more to get from the local dealer. In addition I felt Wilkie was more honest and professional than Ray Catena.
  • paguy2,
    You are right by saying Wilkie is not a honest dealership because you just purchased the demo. That is the car that I test drove and that is the only car that they had in stock. Did you ever think how it got 100 miles on it already? You may want to go back and talk to the dealership.
  • maxhonda99maxhonda99 Posts: 1,289
    100 miles does not make it a demo. Even cars with a few hundred to 500 miles are sold as new cars.

    When you're talking thousand(s), you're talking demo.
  • I do not think 100 miles is a big deal and does not make it a Demo. Actually I said that they (Wilkie Lesus) were more Honest and professional than Ray Catena. All the communications was done via email or phone. Salesperson told me before hand that this car has 100 miles on it since it was driven to a Lexus sponsered Golf event nearby. I could have gotten car with no miles but would had to wait for few weeks. I know people who have bought new car with 400 miles on it.
  • paguy2,
    Your quote from post #591 -
    "The dealer in Philly area (Wilkie Lexus) has backed out since. Not a very honest dealership."
  • have done a lot of research and gone to several dealers some would not give me quote what is fair price for loaded car nav/mark lev vv hl avs hh wu
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