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Lexus ES 300/ES 330 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I am curious to know what premiums you received. When I bought a '99 RX300 in 1998 I was given two Lexus key rings with the dealer's name engraved on the back and a nice potted plant that was delivered to the house. When I bought the ES from the same dealer on 01/03/04 I received two key rings identical to the ones I got in 1998. I think the salesman also indicated that I might be entitled to a gift certificate to their parts dept if I submitted a favorable Lexus Sales Experience Survey.

    BTW, I believe in 1998 and sometime thereafter Lexus offered a manufacturer's $500 loyalty rebate to buyers who previously owned a Lexus car.

    FYI, I bought the ES for about 90% of MSRP ($34734) plus tax, license and registration fees. I was, however, more concerned about the value of my trade-in. IE, the difference I would owe them.

    Lastly, thanks to all for the info on this thread that made my buying experience a lot easier.
  • gekko2gekko2 Posts: 87
    dardson1 - if you're happy with your 2001, keep it. In my opinion, the 2001 vs. the 2002-2004+ models are night and day, with the 2002-2004+ being SO MUCH NICER for reasons too numerous to mention here.
  • If you like the style of the slimmer old ES then why not keep it. The new one indeed got some shots of steroid, but I personally think it's not as plain as the old ones.

    Where new ES shines really is its interior. I think it's much improved from the old ES, and really is best in class. I sometimes see the old LS400 on the road and look at its interior, which is supposed to be the best at its time.... New ES looks even nicer now. Of course new LS is much better too, but ES is almost as refined for a lot less.
  • dardson1dardson1 Posts: 696
    to the previous suggestions that ES330 sales are "soft" resulting in fairly deep mid-year discounts. Despite my personal reservations about the new ES, I suspect the real reason demand is "soft" is the RX330 (and all the other thoroughly modern car-based SUV's). The public is voting for tall sedans with folding seats and a back-door. Looks to me like the RX is selling well at close to $5k more.
  • igibanigiban Posts: 530
    is the reason then there got to be something special about RX330, as RX300 did not have that much pressure on ES300 in the past. Maybe 330 is more car-like?

    Besides, RX is $10K more than ES so I doubt they are that much related.
  • lubdhaklubdhak Posts: 15
    When you are calculating the paid price from the MSRP, is it just 89% of MSRP including the destination charge and dealer documentation fee and taxes or these are extra?

    An ES330 with Nav, ML,prem package is 37934. The lowest I have been quoted over the phone was 34250. Does anyone have any experience in Massachusetts or New England on the ES330 price?

  • What are people finding? Looking for the NAV (ML too, I guess, since I can't find any NAV's without ML), VSC, HID lights, heated seats. I know with this vehicle they will throw in an additional option or two that I don't need/want, but I can live with that.

    Anyone with recent experience in the NJ/NY market? Anywhere in Jersey, Westchester, southern Conn.....
  • lubdhaklubdhak Posts: 15
    Anyone out there bought an ES 330 in New England or Massachusetts? I am trying to find how much was it below the MSRP.
  • Recently quoted $32,300 for --
    ES330 with the following:
    Premium Package
    Heated Seats
    Power Sun Shade
    Vehicle Skid Control
    Wood Trim
    Wheel Locks
    Trunk Mat and Cargo Net

    Price includes the Destination Fee

    Please give me your opinion -- good or bad.
  • gekko2gekko2 Posts: 87
    panther - sounds like a fair deal to me. My only advice is for you to seriously consider getting the NAV.
  • atoewsatoews Posts: 637
    all charges BEFORE license and/or taxes, i.e. fees imposed by the government should not be included. All dealer fees should be included in your quote and compared to MSRP.

    Eliminating taxes and license allows more normalization across regions.

    MSRP for the comparable options are the same regardless of location of the dealership that sells the car.
  • The MSRP for the ES330 was 34,744 -- offered at 32,307.
  • I learned a lot from this board before buying mine. Thanks.

    Bought my Mistic Gold ES330 on 12/27/03 from Longo in LA for $30700 (%88.39 of MSRP $34734) with the following options.

    - Premium 6-Disc In-Dash CD Auto Changer
    - High-Intensity Discharge Headlamps (HID) with rain Sensing Wipers
    - Heated Front Seats
    - Wood and Leather Steering Wheel
    - Power Rear Sun Shade
    - Cargo Net
    - Trunk Mat
    - Wheel Locks

    Transaction went very smooth. Got the price over the phone and picked up the car the same day.

  • Did the price of $30,700 include the destination charge?
    I realize that tax, doc fees, and title vary from state to state but the dest charge remains constant.

  • Hi Chuck,

    The $30,700 price included destination.

  • Did the price of $30,700 include the destination charge?
    I realize that tax, doc fees, and title vary from state to state but the dest charge remains constant.

  • lubdhaklubdhak Posts: 15
    I was quoted an ES 330 with following options (I believe)
    Nav w ML (NL)
    VSC (VV)
    Wood trim (WU)
    rear shade (HN)
    All season tire (FT)
    Heated front seats (HH)
    High intensity lamp (HL)
    MSRP 37934 including dest fee

    The documentaion fee( license, transfer of title and dealer charge) varied from $160 to $283 in MA.

    One dealer was nice to give me a price over the phone 34250 (90.3%) little far from town, then I got an internet quote from another dealer, hopefully with the same options for 33,985 (89.5%).
    The invoice price with the options comes to be 33237 according to KBB.COM. I found somewhere that the Lexus dealers get a holdback of 2% (about $635 of MSRP before dest fee) and ad fee of $200.

    Is Lexus trying to dispose the cars? Are they giving any incentives to dealers so the price may go even below the invoice?

    Any ideas? Should I just get it now?

  • lubdhaklubdhak Posts: 15
    The members of AAA may have seen a list of the dealers where according to the ad is person who will give a quote to AAA members hassle free. I called a dealer in RI (Inskip Lexus, only one listed in southern New ENgland). However, they wanted me to go to dealership and then they said that they will need a copy of my AAA card. Even after I gave my card number they did not even give me a quote.

    Anyone has any experience?
  • yickwoyickwo Posts: 54
    Just picked up a MY04 ES 330 like post #343 by fangqin in So.Cal. Crystal White with gray interior. MSRP $34,734. Paid 30,800 plus tax, doc and license from Tustin Lexus. Approx. $33,6XX out the door. Great experience.
  • atoewsatoews Posts: 637
    through Sam's Club, which is similar to the way you are trying to do it.

    I had to show up in person before the dealership would give me a quote.
    My deal was about the same as others who did not go through an external source: (Costco, Sam's Club, AAA CarsDirect, etc).

    If I were you, knowing what I know now, I'd go in with an 88% of MSRP and negotiate with that, up to about 90%. I would try a couple of dealerships at the lower end and move up to 90% with them.

    However, it sounds like you want no hassle. Your quotes seem right in line with what folks are getting without negotiation. If you really want to avoid hassle, then take the vehicle at the 89% quote.
  • sxzsxz Posts: 1
    I got quote of ES330 with NAV, premium pack, etc, at approx $37400 (via Costco member ship). Does any one have buying experience with ES330 + Nav recently? What is the true paid price?
  • md528md528 Posts: 3
    I recently went to a local Lexus dealer and was shown an ES330 with a MSRP of 35,174 (no ML or NAV). When I inquired with the sales manager how much they were willing to dicsount the sticker , he replied "we can take it down hundreds but not thousands".
    I read postings on this board that people are paying 89% to 90% of sticker price. Why the big discrepancy? That would mean that people are paying approx. $31,600 for a car with a 35,174 sticker. Are the prices I see for other parts of the country and those deals can't be had in the Boston area? Or was the Sales Manager giving me a a line of "BS"
    Anyone in the Boston area buy a ES330 lately and how much of a discount did you get?
  • rparisrparis Posts: 368
    What dealership are you referring to as I have had experience with a couple in Ma?
  • md528md528 Posts: 3
    The dealership was Herb Chambers Lexus of Norwood.
  • I have gotten internet quotes from Lexus of Westminster and Lexus of Riverside, and your deal is way better.

    Was it just your timing, or what?
  • I am in the market looking for a ES 330 and is doing some price shopping via price quote on various N.CAL Lexus website. Lexus Pleasanton's internet sales manager was very friendly and offerd me an attractive price proposal upone my first request, Lexus Coliseum was also very straight forward about their price. Great experiences with them however Lexus marin's internet sale person was very rude.
  • Thanks to all of you that posted the prices you paid. Because I was well informed, I am confident that I got an extremely competitive price.

    I got internet quotes from five different dealerships. I was going to go with the lowest price, but gave my local Lexus dealer a chance to make me a better offer... and they did.

    I purchased a Crystal White ES330 on 2/7/04 from Tustin, CA Lexus for $30,900 (%88.96 of MSRP $34,734) with the following options.

    - Premium 6-Disc In-Dash CD Auto Changer
    - High-Intensity Discharge Headlamps (HID) with rain Sensing Wipers
    - Heated Front Seats
    - Wood and Leather Steering Wheel
    - Power Rear Sun Shade
    - Cargo Net
    - Trunk Mat
    - Wheel Locks

    Lexus of Westminster offered an even lower price ($30,800) but I decided to go with a local dealer.

    I couldn't be happier with my purchase. The car is absolutely beautiful!

    I found that the internet sales people are authorized to make better deals than regular sales people.
  • Hi:

    I am in the process of purchasing a new ES330. The quoted price is between 31700-32000 in the Chicago area. But none of the dealership has offered only HID. It was offered only with Navi. Did anyone purchase recently in Midwest with HID and no Navi and what was the price with most of the options like PP, Heated seats, Wood, Sun shade, cargo net, trunk mat etc? Thanks

  • fredvhfredvh Posts: 854
    That 31,700-32,000 price seems pretty good. What was the MSRP of those vehicles that were priced in that range? Do they all come with pretty much the same equipment in the Chicago area?
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