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2000 Dodge Ram - II



  • shook1shook1 Posts: 5
    I have a 2000 Ford Superduty V10 and am not too happy about it so far. At this point I am seriously considering jumping ship and trying a Dodge 2500 V10. What I am looking for is some honest facts about Dodge reliability in their transmissions and the over all integrity. I am looking at an auto since I have had manuals all my life.Are the dodge auto's holding up to the V10? I hear problems with brakes, and transmissions the most. Any input would be greatly appreciated. This is not a Ford versus Dodge question, just a guy looking at buying the best rig for the money. Oh, not even interested in diesel, so forget about Cummins.
  • gwmooregwmoore Posts: 230
    According to Automotive News the next generation
    Ram will discontinue the Cummins and utilize a
    Mercedes diesel. Here is an excerpt:

    "It is unclear which Mercedes engine will be used.
    Mueller said a common-rail diesel injection engine
    might be the choice. These engines are designed
    for passenger vehicles and range in size from 2.0
    liters to 4.0 liters. But a manager with Dodge
    powertrain development in Auburn Hills, Mich., said his team has been working on packaging the
    Mercedes' MBE-906 diesel engine in the Ram. The
    MBE-906 is a six-cylinder, 6.4-liter, turbodiesel.
    It is a heavy-duty truck engine available in
    DaimlerChrysler's Freightliner and Sterling brands. The MBE-906 is larger than the Cummins engine and offers between 190 and 280 hp."

    I know nothing about Mercedes diesels other than
    they have been making them forever, made them for a wide variety of uses, and everything they make is heavy duty. But I wonder how technologically advanced a prospective engine for the Ram would be, i.e. will it match up against the Duramax and the next generation Powerstroke? The article also stated that the move to change from Cummins to Mercedes is at least partially based on cost savings. At any rate, this is a very interesting change of events, especially since the most commited Ram fans are the Cummins fanatics (myself included). Go see the article at - "Mercedes diesels to power next Ram" (March 6, 2000).
  • gwmooregwmoore Posts: 230
    By the way, the article quotes:

    Mercedes-Benz manufacturing spokesman
    Enrico Mueller


    DaimlerChrysler Chairman Juergen Schrempp
  • wwhite2wwhite2 Posts: 535
    cummins ? or mercedes ? geez ever buy replacements parts for a mercedes ......$2500 cat converter pipe assemblies thanks
  • We have the Cummins auto, but a friend at work has a V-10, his second Ram, with auto, and loves it. He tows in the summer and hunts waterbirds in the fall/winter, so he really abuses it.
    This is our second Ram with an auto also. The 4-speed auto is just a TorqueFlite with another pack for 4th gear. I have yet to talk to anyone who has had a true problem with the new autos (not dealer induced).

    Good luck
  • tmigueltmiguel Posts: 33
    I ordered a Ram V-10 5 spd after mucho leg work. I ruled out the Ford V-10 for a variety of reasons. Then I studied the powerstroke/cummins. I test drove all the above. Then I looked at the Ram V-10 with the manual, and went that route. I should be driving it this saturday. (ordered 12/17/99)

    I spoke with no less than six mechanics at both Ford/Dodge, etc.etc.

    My application is to tow a 6300# boat around the South west from Cabo, Mexico to Flaming Gorge, Utah.

    My best deal on the internet for Dealers in So. Calif. was DowneyDodge/Dodge Fleet. The fleet manager who has been an O.K. guy with me (note that I had done all my homework before talking turkey) can be reached at
  • bmckenziebmckenzie Posts: 118
    Did you get the 3500 yet?
  • barbarajobarbarajo Posts: 27
    I received a recall notice on my 2000 Dodge Ram 1500 QC 4x4. The recall applies to "some 2000 model year Dodge Ram Van/Wagon, Dakota, Ram Pickup and Durango; and Jeep Wrangler, Cherokee and Grand Cherokee vehicles", which "may be in violation of Federal emissons regulations."

    If your vehicle is affected, the On-Board Diagnostic system on your vehicle will not detect a catalyst failure as required by Federal Emissions Regulations.

    DiamlerChrysler will repair your vehicle free of charge (parts and labor). The dealer will reprogram your vehicle's Powhertrain Control Module, and will take about half an hour to complete.

    Contact your dealer right away to schedule a service appointment, and be sure to bring your recall letter with you.
  • It is here and it is fantastic (and yes, it did come with stake pockets-phew)! Why have you guys kept this a secret for so long! These trucks can handle, they are luxurious, and they have POWER! I really have no past experience to tell you how much more power the ETH/DEE offers, but when I hit the accelerator it really takes off! The six-speed is a real gem. It slides into and out of every gear like butter. I thought that there would be a considerable amount of shifting, but you pretty much find the gear that lets you travel under current traffic conditions and just ride it there. The power band seems very wide for a diesel and I just love listening to that turbo whine. Must be off, I just joined the San Jose Ram Runners and they have requested my truck to be there-It is the first one that I have heard about in our area (well worth the wait). Hope things are well with you, and drop me an email sometime.

  • bmckenziebmckenzie Posts: 118
    I was going to ask you about the Stake Pockets, I think you better calm down a little, people might think you are advertising for Dodge Ram or something. I will not be heading for Port Hueneme CA. until June 1st now, I have to attend a one month Chemical Biological Defense School in May before I move to California. I got 7800 mi. on my Ram and it has not been in the shop for anything except a free oil change. Send me your E-mail so can send you a picture of the truck
  • bmckenziebmckenzie Posts: 118
    Has anyone done an exhaust upgrade and K&N Air Filter on the 24v Cummins? and if so what are the benefits i.e. MPG and Torque?.......Bill
  • jperaujperau Posts: 3
    Howdee people! I have been reading through these chat pages for nearly 12 months now and never had any input but still finds it really interesting so please be easy on me I'm a first timer.I own a
    intense blue 2500 quad cab 4X4 V10 auto SLT,heres the dilema (not a big one but still a pain in the butt)I live in Austalia where we drive on the other side of the road so I had to have the vehicle converted from Left Hand Drive to Right Hand Drive not big problem,I was not aware of the availabilty of the SLT+ Package when I had ordered the vehicle in early 99.Well now I drive the vehicle from the Right Hand Side but have an electric passenger seat and a manual drivers seat that we cant modify, someone out there may be able to shed some light on this for me as to the parts I need to buy from a Dodge dealer in the USA
    to make the right hand seat electric as well,I have contacted dodge spare parts guys in California and been asked a million questions and never given any answers, Can any one help?
  • bmckenziebmckenzie Posts: 118
    Do they even offer an Electric seat for that side of the truck? I could not buy one as an option for my Dodge Ram which sucks because the electric seat is very comfortable for long distance travel. Are the floor mounting points the same? it could be possible to switch the seats, and remove the center seat to access the controls since the seatbelts are integrated into the seatbacks. Good Luck, I hope your passengers enjoy the ride.............Bill
  • jperaujperau Posts: 3
    Bill,Thanks for the reply I still think I should be able to purchase components for the SLT+ group
    seating because thats got the dual electric seats,
    what do you think?
  • I have the dual electric seats and they are fantastic (the wife wouldn't let me drive if it was otherwise)! I do know however, that for the 2001's, the seat rails have changed. I don't know for sure whether or not that this means that the seats have also changed, but you might want to double check.

  • tmigueltmiguel Posts: 33
    Just drove 410 miles breaking in 2001 2500 Ram V-10,5 spd, 4x4, etc., oh yeah its a REGULAR CAB.
    I am overly delighted. Milage of going up and down gearing was 12.8 mpg. Computer gas warning was 50 mi from tank indicated empty. When computer showed 8 miles to go, the fill up was 30 gal, 5 gal short of tank listed capacity.

    Power galore. Quiet great. Great visibility from Reg. Cab. Camper special springs sticks that rear end way up in the air. 5 spd trans is smoth and well spaced out for towing. I made the right decision chosing the 3.54 rear end. If they had a 3.2 rear end, I would have chosen it. It is truely a Viper truck.
  • bmckenziebmckenzie Posts: 118
    Good to see you back, are you still looking out the window all the time and gazing at your Cummins Dually? I just turned 8000 miles on mine without a problem. Have you had a chance to test any large hills at oh lets say 95-100 MPH? I walked by a Powerstroke yesterday at about 95MPH on a large hill. A guy I know here has a 1996 2500 Club Cab Cummins with some upgrades, he is putting out 800 ft. lbs. to the ground, it is a beast. I wonder how much that passenger power seat is, I sure would like to have one.......Bill
  • bmckenziebmckenzie Posts: 118
    Good day! It should work because dresslered (alias Dave) has them on his Ram, you want Dave and I to fly to Australia and help you put them in? I did some work with your Australian Army in Somalia (Operation Restore Hope) those guys could make fun out of a Root Canal operation....Bill
  • jperaujperau Posts: 3
    Bring the bits and pieces and your welcome to help anytime! On a serious note have you guys got any so called 'mates' in the chryler spares game that might give me a list of parts required?,and if so if they would pack and fedex them to me? If anyone could help it would be greatly appreciated.Thanks once again. John
  • korfkorf Posts: 1
    i have a 95 ram, 4x4, cummins with a 2001 ram, quad cab, 4x4, cummins on order. i drove the 95 approx 35000 miles getting 22 mpg when the mileage suddenly (about two to three tanks of fuel) dropped to 16 mpg. i had the fuel filter changed, prefilter cleaned, valves set and thermostat changed (because i did not think the engine temperature oscillation was normal, but that is another story). the fuel mileage has not returned to 22 mpg. has anyone had a similar experience or know what can be done to recover the fuel mileage?
  • Bill-
    Why would you think that I am constantly looking out the window at my new truck (I'm probably already in it dreaming about the ride in the morning)? In fact, the wife won't let me go out and buy any more milk. I've got 1800 miles on it now and I still can't get enough! I did get the ol' ETH up to about 90 mph but then backed off when I noticed that it was flying past everything on the road. With my mountain commute and happy foot, I'm already up to 16 mpg (I'm happy-it seems to improve everytime I fill it up). Where it really gets fun is on the downhill downshifts-the rumbles that it makes really turn some heads.

    As far as an Australian trip goes, I'm afraid that it might stand out on the expense report. I'm think that it would have to cost you quite a bit of beer! I didn't realize that you need heated seats in the outback? I'll post a question over at the TDR site-I'm sure it has been done.

  • dckcdckc Posts: 1
    Dodge Ram 2000, 1/2 ton, clubcab,sb,4x4,5.9L. We now have Approx. 5000 miles, we are getting 13-14 mpg. This is straight highway, no pulling! Any suggestions greatly appreciated!! Thanks, Kathy
  • trambitistrambitis Posts: 21
    Just bought a 2001 Ram Cummins 6-speed manual and intend to purchase a compression brake. Any insight from you, my fellow Ramheads, as to which unit I should go with?
  • davids1davids1 Posts: 411
    Take your 13-14 mpg and be very happy. I only get 12.5 with the 5.2 in a similar setup.
  • markcordmarkcord Posts: 113
    I would say that mictro's mileage is more like what you should expect. 13-14 mpg on the highway huh? Man, my V10 LB QC gets that and it's much heavier than your truck. Something sounds amiss.
  • wwhite2wwhite2 Posts: 535
    The Boston Herald is running a central dodge ad listing all diesel 2000 rams for 6000 off sticker not bad ......although not to long ago they were listing leftover 99 diesels for 7700 off hmm maybe but the 2000's are down on torque and horsepower which is important when going to home depot to get a sheet of plywood LOL I did call and the woman said they had 67 diesels on their lot !
  • bobsyveebobsyvee Posts: 63
    It's a truck, not a Geo Metro.
  • firemandavefiremandave Posts: 58
    The 3.54 should give you better mileage than the 4.10. I chose the 3.54 partially for that reason, but mostly because I thought my Cummins would be turning too many rpms at highway speeds with the 4.10. Otherwise, I would liked to have had the 4.10.
    Since you have the 4.10 already, it may be cost prohibitive to change it. I think I read somewhere else on this site that someone switched it after they had the truck and paid over $2,000. to get it changed. If that were the case, you'd probably be better off keeping it and looking at the benefits of the 4.10 (probably a higher tow rating for your truck than the 3.54 and more pop off the line!). Good luck!
  • tmigueltmiguel Posts: 33
    Playing with the overhead computer while driving a 2001 Ram V-10 5 spd 265 tires 4x4 reg cab long bed 3.54 rear I am getting the following:

    Milage between 0 (stopped) and 29 (down hill). At 65 mph (cruise control on) 1850 rpm, 14 mpg average on the flat. Off road I am getting like 3mpg. I will satart breaking in for tow next week.

    The up side....FANTASTIC PERFORMANCE....Off-road, the only way to go is with the gas engine stick.
  • markcordmarkcord Posts: 113
    Sorry for the long wait for a reply (been busy trying to get an LS6 Chevelle in my driveway. Now that that has been accomplished....). 67 diesels? Holy batsh^t! That's amazing. I take it there were no HO 6 spds. though? 6K off sounds like a pretty tempting deal. Not tempting enough to get me out of my V10 but 6K is nothing to sneeze at!
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