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Toyota Prius



  • antzantz Posts: 13
    Dear Friends,

    I went to a Toyota dealership today at Cleveland, OH area and asked if i can order a prius 04, they said yes and will assurre me if I do it today I will have it in mid_Oct.! I am kind of puzzled and surprised, since from reading here, indicating that Toyota dealership only take order for previous Prius owners? Do you think the dealership "BS" me? BTW, they only have 3 option packages 1) Base + Rea Wiper= $20175; 2) Base + Rear Wiper + Side&curtain AirBags + Smart Entry&Start + HID/Fog/VSC = 22250; and the last super package is $25245. Not include DPH of 485. Is this price is about right?

    Thank a bunch.

  • base MSRP is $19995 + $480 DPH (for most of US) =20030702b

    The 3 option packages that your dealer mentioned are
    for the "Pioneer" internet pre-orders (order period ended
    already, orders only taken for invited guests, mostly people
    who already have a Prius ordered via the old internet
    system.) Those cars were ordered for specific people, but
    if one "drops" (someone turns it down) then it's
    often available off-the-lot.

    Some dealers are taking deposits (first right of
    refusal type of thing) for people who weren't a
    Pioneer order to get one of the first regionally-allocated
    2004 Prius at that dealership. Depends on your
    region, and the dealership, and how Prius-knowledgeable
    your individual salesperson is...

    At least in CA, don't know about other regions, there
    are now 6 option packages that have been announced.
    you can find info on them here:
  • brozhnikbrozhnik Posts: 172
    I actually ordered one on Tuesday (for me, Mr. Caution, this was an unusual move--can barely believe I did it). My dealer said he didn't expect it until late-Nov, maybe Dec. Was he being really honest (and the Cleveland dealer over-optimistic, to put it nicely?). Or could I actually get it a month earlier if I called up a dealer in Cleveland? It might matter, since my old Saturn is on its last wheels, and I don't know how long it will be before something big goes out.
  • jchan2jchan2 Posts: 4,956
    Does anyone have a sales count of all the Prius Pioneers who have traded in their classic Prius for the all new one?
  • brwalterbrwalter Posts: 20
    A friend of mine plunked down the $500 to get in on the first batch of 2004 Prius's when they arrive in Nov or whatever. But ... now he is in a newly developed situation where he won't be able to buy the car when it comes in. So the question is: he figures the $500 is gone and forfeited. But is there any other problem for him to worry about, when he eventually tells the dealer "Sell it to the next person on the waiting list"? Anything he should be worrying about? (Aside from missing out on the Prius, which he regrets.) Thanks!
  • depends on the dealer - hopefully your friend
    placed a REFUNDABLE deposit, i.e. if he doesn't
    like it, he can refuse it and get his money back.
  • you do not have to trade in your old Prius to get
    a new Prius (unless you want to). The Pioneer orders
    were available for those who ordered their 2001 or 2002
    Prius through the old internet ordering system, so
    if they wanted first grabs at a 2004 Prius they could.

    I'm keeping my 2001, but my Pioneer order number
    went to my husband, who's trading in his "conventional"
    car for a 2004 Prius. (Now my husband won't keep
    stealing my Prius from me... he'll have his own.)
  • jchan2jchan2 Posts: 4,956
    You could try stealing his new Prius from him, as it would be more advanced and roomier.
  • Do you think a dealer would get very aggressive if I buy a 2004 Prius and a 2004 Solara at the same time?
  • jchan2jchan2 Posts: 4,956
    The dealer might be very aggressive if you finance through them. Throw in a Sienna and they'll have tears in their eyes. You'll be their biggest customer that's not fleet.
  • Do you think a dealer would get very aggressive if I buy a 2004 Prius and a 2004 Solara at the same time?
  • jchan2jchan2 Posts: 4,956
  • Mr. vadeboncouer responded (thanks): "depends on the dealer - hopefully your friend
    placed a REFUNDABLE deposit, i.e. if he doesn't
    like it, he can refuse it and get his money back. "

    He didn't-- he checked and the deposit is not refundable,so he's out the $500. What he wonders is: is that $500 the end of the story? He hasn't actually signed anything. Will he have any further trouble if he just tells the dealer, sorry, I can't afford the car--sell it to someone else? (I told him there can't possibly be any obligation on his part beyond that, esp. since he hasn't signed a thing. But reassurance will be helpful on this point. Anyone know?) Thanks again.
  • no idea. might want to check with the dealer in
    advance to feel them out on the issue. perhaps
    if he can find someone to buy the car in his place,
    maybe then he'll get his deposit? (just guessing)

    and actually, it's Ms. M. R. Vadeboncoeur, but
    my username can be a little confusing for gender...
  • jchan2jchan2 Posts: 4,956
    Anyone that owns a classic Prius and has their name for a new one?
  • Toyota just released a lot of new information and images on (Click Public, type in Prius.)

    Toyota's press website should have plenty of info/images too.

    Toyota's mileage for the new Prius says an average of 55 with 59 city and 51 highway.
  • Based upon my frustrating experience trying to order a 2004 Prius in Ohio, I would most certainly NOT count on the promises of the Cleveland car dealers. I visited two dealerships in the Cleveland area within the past month. Neither of the dealers (both supposedly the "Prius experts") knew much of anything about the car. Two minutes in this townhall (or, for that matter, Toyota's own website) provided more information than they could! Much like the experience of Antz, the dealers insisted there will be only 3 options available BUT THEY DIFFERED ON WHICH THREE! One salesman claimed that each dealership in the 4-state area would receive only one car in the initial shipment. The other insisted that the first shipment would contain exactly as many cars as orders received, theoretically an unlimited number. I suppose I should not be too surprised. I imagine that the number of Prius's sold by any one dealership is too small to justify a dedicated salesperson.

    Anyway, Brozhnik, don't be suckered by this, the most recent mistake by the lake...
  • antzantz Posts: 13
    Thank you for your comments. I felt the sameway. the first toyota i visited was Sunnyside in North olmsted. I had a same person as last year I went in for a test drive on the 4-Runner. He said to me back then that "If I am not buying the vehicle, I am not qualify for a test drive! ? I tel myself "what the *&#@!" I was so upset and walk out. Scratched that 4-Runner of my list and bought a Grand cherokee instead. :-(

    Anyway, this same person was looking on the toyota webside and tell me everything I wanted to know about the Prius .....2003! He even shown me the picture of the 2003 that he thought the prius 2004! However, the quote sheet was for the prius 2004!

    I called Metro Toyota, they said that they already filled their allotment of 5 vehicles, so I won't get it in Oct. , but sometime in December. They seem to be more for-right then the Sunnyside folds.

    So, did you ordered yours prius4meu. What Package do you go with, and why?

    Thanks a bunch,

  • eman5eman5 Posts: 110
    It's 34.1 feet, per the Toyota Pressroom website.
  • note that final available packages may vary depending
    on what your region decides to order/package for
    sale in your area.

    There's the 3 Pioneer ordering packages, which should
    be in the first allotments to dealers (internet
    pre-orders by invitation only).

    The 6 packages that's been listed otherwise is for
    the region that covers California. Don't know waht
    other regions are doing...

    First car deliveries should be dealer TRAC or demo
    cars, and also the Pioneer preorders.
  • Thanks to Brian West for this info from another site:
       Approx. Video times of interest:
       10:45 Elec diagrams & graphs
       12:15 S-VSC wet braking test
       13:50 Dimensions & interior seat configurations
       17:00 self-parallel parking
       20:45 offset crash test
       21:10 (notice the windmills in the background)
       21:22 windtunnel test with lines of smoke to show the laminar airflow.
  • long download times for the flash/shockwave
    movies/animations, but worth the wait:
  • antzantz Posts: 13
    ...Today! Deposited $500 for a Prius 2004 internet package #2 MSRP for 22,250 + $485Dph and $145 floor mats. Out the door total $24,784.66 at Sunnyside toyota Northolmsted, OH.

  • Dear Mr. Vadeboncouer,
    Thanks for the link. No way I can watch it at work, so maybe you could give us a sneak preview of the burning question for me: how does it do on that offset crash test?
  • antzantz Posts: 13
    ...Today! Deposited $500 for a Prius 2004 internet package #2 MSRP for 22,250 + $485Dph and $145 floor mats. Out the door total $24,784.66 at Sunnyside toyota Northolmsted, OH.

  • dupiedupie Posts: 22
    Are there any Prius owners that have had their car under coated?
    Living in Minnesota where SALT and winter run hand and hand, the 04 I ordered won't be looking good for long. What are your thoughts on the under coating idea? Thanks
  • yerth10yerth10 Posts: 428
    According to this webpage

    Prius-2004 gives 35.5 km/l which is like 84 mpg. But it is shown
    here as 55 mpg vehicle. Is it because of the driving speed or the
    figure quoted in that article is wrong.
  • jchan2jchan2 Posts: 4,956
    84MPG!? We hope! (The Insight gets nearly 70)
  • Is this going to be an option now? If not, can it be added later?
  • I just looked at the crash once. The Prius was driven head-on into a large (I believe) SUV which was moving in the opposite direction. Considering the height of the SUV's bumper and where it hit the Prius, the Prius did rather well, at least if it were a high speed test. I didn't pay any attention to airbags, so if those weren't deployed, the crash would have been less severe for the occupants.
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