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Ford F-250 Owners



  • I would get the 7.3 in a 1999, best mpg and the 6.0 is crap. I have a 1999 F-350 crewcab 4x4 and I average 20-22 on the highway and 16-17 in town, without a chip. 1999 has only had one recall and is a hell of smother the a 1997 and down.
  • I has wondering if any one has converted to veggie oil yet and what you think about it?

    I was wondering if anyone has converted to veggie oil yet, I am thinking I might. I was also wondering what chip works the best to improves millage.
    By the way for all you ford owners out there I average 22.5 on a flat surface driving 58. In town I average 16. I drive alot in the summer with the truck and on 300 mile trip I average 20-21 with out a chip. I have been told that the 6.4 has plastic injectors and the 6.0 block cracks around 130K; my cousin works at a ford dealer. I know alot of people where I live have kept the 7.3 because the 6.0 is [non-permissible content removed]. If I where to buy a new truck I would get a Dodge, But I love mine to much to ever get rid of it.
  • johnminnjohnminn Posts: 52
    On my Ford F350 dually I have found the automatic/manual cab controlled air bag load levelers to be a great asset.
    No matter what type of load I am carrying, and or pulling, I can set the pickup level.
    The biggest advantage to using the air bags over booster or heavier springs (which I have used in the past) is that I have a good ride at all times, loaded or unloaded. I have had no failures in the air bag system in 87,000 miles. I would highly recommend them. Don’t buy a “good cheap” set as have some other drivers I know..
    They are neither good nor cheap in the long run. I also use a very good set of tires which also improves the ride and stability of the unit.
  • johnminnjohnminn Posts: 52
    My neighbors have been using used vegetable oil in 2 Dodge pickups and a couple of utility tractors for over a year now, and I have heard no complaints They process their own vegetable oil. They have a contract with a number of fast food restaurants and a commercial food provider for about 1500 students. The containers they provide to the vendors are about 42" plastic cubes in a steel mesh cage on a permanent "pallet". They started out with re-using the 5 gallon containers the oil came in but found that to be too messy and time consuming. Those plastic "bottles" seemed to get weakened with the hot oil being put in them, and some of them would "pop" when they were handling them. When the "bottles" are empty, you have to deal with that problem and the cardboard box they come in.
    I will ask them about any problems they have had, but I don’t think they have any complaints as I do work with them regularly. I don’t think they run straight vegetable oil when they are pulling loads. I’ll ask and fill you in.
  • jendabijendabi Posts: 1
    I drove to Dallas from Houston this weekend. I have a 2005 F-250 PSD. My turbo quit giving boost (gave very little) and it took forever to accelerate from 60-80. Had the issue start about mid way through the drive up. Now everything seems to be fine. Drove all the way home and during the whole weekend with no problems. Any know what the issue could have been.
  • willyd88willyd88 Posts: 3
    I just bought the above vehicle and I am wondering the best way to get fuel milage.
    I was debating on putting in a chip, or doing the K&N filter kit. I have heard on the the diesels that fords factory filter system is as good as, if not better than the K&N

    If a chip is the way to go, what is a good one to go with to get the best milage and power?

  • Dear Willy,

    First of all the stock air cleaner is not the quality of the K&N product but it will suffice. Lastly, the best program out there to chip your truck is the Hypertech. You can go to their website at This program will increase power, torque and MPG. But, be realistic. You have a truck and it weighs a lot, your mpg will never be over 18mpg. Good luck

  • captucaptu Posts: 1
    I have 6,000 miles on mind. Towing a 32' travel trailer I'm getting 8.6 miles per gal. and 16 to 16.9 on the road light. Not good. Ford is telling me sometime this month the Gov. will let them do something to the eng. to get better fuel milage.
  • cacciato69cacciato69 Posts: 6
    I have a 1995 F-250 4X4 ... the clutch went out and i had it replaced.

    Shortly thereafter the speedo / odo stopped working. I cannot locate the sensor on the trany as is indicated in my manual? I have crawled all over under the truck looking for anything that looks like a sensor.

    I ordered one it arrived, but I cannot locate anything that looks like it on the transmission, the rear differential

    Where is it??? Is there one??? on this truck!?
  • cacciato69cacciato69 Posts: 6
    Ok i am new to this site ... i did a search for speedometer AFTER posting .. as i read those posts it appears that the sensor IS the one on the rear differential and it feeds both the ABS and the Speedo. Since i have no problem with ABS indicator, I am left to believe that i have a fuse, wire or the Speedometer / Odometer in the dash failed by coincidence with the replacement of the clutch.

    Any ideas where to start ... remove the dash?? yikes that doesn't sound fun.

    Advice accepted ...
  • cacciato69cacciato69 Posts: 6
    the fuse must have blown when the speed sensor went.

    found the fuse in the cab 15a blown we'll see if that fixes it permanently.

    on the other hand it could be the A/C clutch since A/C seems to have failed

  • we chicken grease in the mac trks at work and my boss has a 250 desiel, he change his fuel filter several times in the week but now works fine, and yes it is chicken grease..
  • i just got a 99 f 250 i have a fuse that blows 4 the gages and i cant start it in park has to be in neutral, is there a safty switch that can b replaced 4 the starting in park
  • davegr1davegr1 Posts: 3
    I just purchased a 2004 F250 SD 4x4 w/Deisel power. 41k in milage It has the 6.0, I cannot belive the power of the truck. I had a 250 w/ the 5.4 previous to this. Love this thing. Now my question, The previous owner had installed a K&N airfilter system, and 4 in exhaust, it exits right below the rear door. (super Cab). I looked at it, and it seems to be a striaght pipe from the turbo to the tip. Sounds good, but I was wondering if this okay for power or robbing me of power. Also the light with the water drops flickers and some times will stay on for a few miles. (fuel filter change?) okay last question for the newbie, what is the buzzing noise when I turn the truck off? it shuts off after 30 sec or so. Thanks .. By the way I plan to tow my 5 wheel, 8700lbs w/this truck. 8700k is the loaded wieght...
  • keroburnerkeroburner Posts: 11
    I also have the 2004 F250 diesel. As to your water in fuel gauge, there is a fuel filter under the driver's side inside the frame rail. Owners manual will explain how to drain a little fuel to see if you have water in it. Couple of other tips: don't let this engine idle very long when it is cold. This puts unburned fuel in the variable pitch on the turbo and will ruin it. Ford calls this "wet stacking". Also, don't let your turbo boost go past 25 lbs. or you will blow hoses. I put a boost guage on mine. Last but not least, don't put a chip on this engine or you take a chance on blowing your head gaskets. Ford has had a lot of problems with this engine, but most of them can be avoided by using a little common sense. I too tow an 8500 lb. trailer and love the way it tows.
  • davegr1davegr1 Posts: 3
    Thanks for the info. I was thinking about the programmer, but I will refrain. I did a milage test today. drove 200 miles to waste deisel. Averaged 21.5 no load. Pretty good in my book. anyway, thanks again..

    Dave.. :shades:
  • mdx9mdx9 Posts: 1
    I now have the same problem steering squeaking with my gas 2004 F- 250. Did you solve the problem? It sounds like metal on metal. From what i've read it's a common F-250 problem...

    Anyone know of a solution to the noise??
  • mjcawoodmjcawood Posts: 1
    I currently have a F150 supercab which I use to pull a 28' fiftwheel. I does ok on flat level roads, but can tell it is a strain on it. Want to be able to pull in the mountains, so looking at a F250, 5.4 V8 with the 4.10 rear axle. I read that it is capible of pulling 10,800 lbs. Would you recommend going this route? My fifthwheel loaded, is around 9000 lbs. Of course I know the larger engines would be best, but also concerned about fuel cost. This is my only truck and use it all the time.
  • lzrdking98lzrdking98 Posts: 40
    I would immediately stop pulling your fifthwheel with your current set up. It is unsafe and your tranny, truck and engine are not set up for that weight. As for your next purchase. I would forego the gas motor and purchase a diesel. Also, a 3:73 rear end is fine. You don't need a 4:10 especially if it's your only truck and your going to be bopping around in it. Don't worry about fuel costs. Your safety and the safety of your family should be first. No one tows a 9000lb rig with a gas motor. Spend the extra cash and do it right. I have a 2006 f250 diesel 3:73 and I pull an 8500lb travel trailer like it's not even there. Good luck

  • davegr1davegr1 Posts: 3
    I had the same setup. My fifth was loaded to 8500#. I had a F250 , 5.4 with the 3.73 gears. Would do okay on the flats, but up hill was murder. I got around 8 mpg towing. 2 weeks ago I came across a SD PSD , 04 model. It pulls the rig along like my 4 wheeler trailer on my old truck. Like lzdking stated above, The fuel cost is nothing compared to the saftey of your loved ones. I will never go back to gas.....
  • I have a 2002 f250 4wd with 75000 miles on it. I get a bad vibration on acceleration from about 1700 rpms. If I step on the accelerator pedal, I get the vibration, when I release it goes away. I needed new tires, and actually put new tires and rims on, and it is still there. Any ideas?
  • lzrdking98lzrdking98 Posts: 40
    If your front end is alligned and the rims and tires are dialed in. I would be more inclined to say it could be a worn or bad motor mount. Because of the torque with these engines and the way you describe it. Have your mounts checked to be sure they are not worn or loose. Good luck to you.

  • okko1okko1 Posts: 327
    vibration from tires would be speed specific not rpm. if it is an auto trans. that may be the problem. the motor mount thing is a good possability also.
  • willyd88willyd88 Posts: 3
    I agree with motor mount or a bad U-joint. I have had both of these cause me vibration problems during acceleration.
  • crap1crap1 Posts: 1
    Is their a full intake kit out for 2008 f-250 5.4L,or any good ways to retro a k&n or other type from intake to air box ? also Jet makes mass air flow replacement is it worth while ? thanx
  • willyd88willyd88 Posts: 3
    I have a K & N on my 6.5, and it was easy to do, it also replaced my existing airbox and all lines connected.
  • lynard007lynard007 Posts: 10
    be careful, watch your water temp gage if you see it going up a little back off on it mine has the same setup and I already blew my head gasket pulling a camper. I need those other gages exhaust temps and psi its easy to over heat with the extra power going up a big hill I do plan on getting the gage setup but the water temp is all you have now mine is an 2003 6.0 you should have your fuel filter changed every 15000 miles also i just got some trash in mine and drained it out right under drivers door on the inside of the frame if you have a 4x4 like i do its tuff not to get some on you because of the front drive shaft
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