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Hybrid Honda Accord



  • rhcolerhcole Posts: 5
    I went on a long trip yesterday, driving all over SF Bay Area freeways, streets, and back roads. My electric motor assist suddenly started kicking in frequently, on hills, sharp turns, and rapid accelerations. It seemed to hardly do anything before. I read somewhere that somebody thinks that the car needs a breaking-in period. Could this be true? WHY would this be true?

    Up to this point, I had only about 400 miles on the new car. Now it's over 700.
  • greatvet1greatvet1 Posts: 11
    I have had my '05 HAH since October of '05 and found that at first I was averaging 29mpg between long, fast commutes on the highway and lots of in-town driving while in the area I work at. It seems with every oil change (every 5,000 miles, and I have 17,000 on the car now) I have seen an improvement in the mpg. My husband took the car on a cross-country trip from TX to FL and found that ECO drive wouldn't kick in over 81mph, so he left the cruise at 81 and got 33+mpg the entire trip! I'm now averaging 32-33 with my combined driving of highway and city. My old V6 accord would average 22mpg typically. I drove home the other day directly from filling up on the highway, and went the speed limit with the aid of cruise control (hard for me to do in this car, it's so easy to go fast and fun to drive!) and got 45mpg!!! I continue to love and be amazed by this car. Looking forward to seeing if Acura can get into the hybrid market!
  • hjulicherhjulicher Posts: 8
    At my local dealer, there are still 4 05 HAH available. I'm an educated consumer, and I understand that if there are vehicles available from the last year, that means that there is a catch because consumers didn't purhcase them all. Whether it be for the MSRP price or the fact that people who can spend ~30G on a car don't look at Honda Sedans. Regardless, I'm curious as to what owners think about their gas mileage and their accord hybrids?

    If it's really bad in city driving, is it worse than a conventional Accord V6? If it's bad at highway driving too, is it still better than a V6? The Accord V6 is rated at 30mpg highway, so I would assume that the Hybrid should get equal to the conventional V6 since that's what it' derived off of.

    Those with the 05 model? Is it possible to fit a full size spare in the trunk, under the compartment? The fact that there is no spare doesn't concern me, but I would nevertheless like to put one in, Is there room?

    If I can purchase the 05 for around $24.5-25.5k Is this a good price? Or should I offer lower?

    All feedback is very much appreciated.

    BTW, I was doing some number crunching, and I agree with eurobrands that diesel is a much better temporary gas alternative. They have the experience in europe to say, where as the [non-permissible content removed] only introduced Hybrid sytems 8 years ago.

    In germany, i had a rental car BMW 318d. Granted, it was a 1.8 litre that had I think made 128hp, but more torque than horsepower. The car averaged 5.5l/100km at 130kmh (81MPH) or an amazing 6.6l/100km at 170kmh+ (112MPH+) The BMW is heavy too, but it had good passing power, and I felt that it was very nice car.

    The Honda Accord Hybrid which is also heavy and bigger than a 3 series performs worse. If at highway speeds, (lets say 80mph) the car earns a supposedly 37mpg, that means it uses 6.38l/100km. Additionally, it's averages worse economy in the city, which means the diesel is a better alternative in my opinion, but as the Jetta TDI is underpowered and equally as expensive as the Hybrid, yet the hybrid is a honda, and has many more bells and whistles, I feel that in the current US market, the HAH is best alternative. Giving improved performance over a traditional Accord V6, yet earning at least equal gas milleage.

    If Gas milleage is only equal between traditional and hybrid models, why go for the Hybrid? If price is the same, ~$25000 and you get improved performance, better warranty, than why not?

    Do 05 models have heated side mirrors? :D
  • rhcolerhcole Posts: 5

    I purchased the last '05 Accord Hybrid from a dealer about 3 weeks ago. The best price I could get was slightly under $27k. The dealer turned down lower offers.

    See my above posts. I love the car, it's fast when I need it with very good gas mileage. Under good conditions, my car averages about the same MPG as a regular Civic. Under poor conditions, it averages in the low to mid 20's. A lot of it will depend on how you drive the car. The worst scenerio is bumper-to-bumper traffic in cold weather on short trips. You won't even get the benefits of the auto shut-off under such conditions, and will get somewhere around 16 MPG.

    On the other hand, going downhill in an open stretch of smooth road when the car is warmed up can average between 50 - 80 MPG. So a few miles of that kind of driving makes up for a lot of shorter choppy driving.
  • vietviet Posts: 847
    As for '05 HAH:

    - No heated mirror.

    - MPG is 29 - 38. Long trips on highways give better MPG. I feel OK with its MPG.

    - Trunk is small and cannot accomodate a full-size spare tire. But a donut tire is OK. I am planning to buy a donut spare tire soon as soon as Honda dealers sell it.

    - Unfortunately, for some reasons my '05 HAH leaked some engine oil. The dealer had to replace some engine parts. It works OK now. No charge. (Extended) warranty was rescheduled 36 months/ 36K miles since the date of repair.

    - This is a high-performance car with less fuel consumption for sure.

    - I plan to buy a '06 or '07 HAH because my son (a college-bound freshman) is going to snatch it away as his reward even though he has been playing "violent combat" computer games more than he's been studying. But he got accepted in a top 5% college so he has every reasons to force me keeping my promise.
  • autoboy16autoboy16 Posts: 992
    I think the 06s are better since they use one of my favorite "safety" features, The mirror mounted turn signals. They're from the tsx and boy do they look cool!! and safe :). Congrats to your son! :) :)
  • hjulicherhjulicher Posts: 8
    Your son gets an almost new car!!!? Wow, I wish my parents were like that. I got into a top 5% University, and I still don't have a car, and I'm going into my junior year. Anyways, every family is different.

    The thing is, the car is for my mother, and I don't think she would buy a regular V6 Accord, even if gas was cheaper, I think she's going for the hybrid because it will save her fuel, but probably not. We have two Accord LX's right now, and they're really fuel efficient, especially on long routes like Detroit to Philly, which is approx. 600 miles, the 99 Accord LX only uses 1.5 tanks (if that). Hopefully, the Accord Hybrid can do it on one tank. :)
  • vietviet Posts: 847
    Hi Autoboy 16:

    The '06 HAH has a spare tire, turning signals on 2 side mirrors, a moonroof... My next purchase will be another HAH probably not the Camry hybrid. I will test drive the Camry hybrid '07 soon. I like my '05 HAH more than the Acura TL in term of fuel saving. Now, driving 4 Accords ( HAH, V6 Accord '02, Accord V6 '03 and '95) I recognize some interesting differences. The '02 Accord V6 hesitates a little bit while accelerating. The acceleration of the '05 HAH is very impressive. My son's 2003 Accord V6 is also very good with 240 HP. Currently, my wife drives the '95 Accord at 220K miles, I drive the Accord V6 '02 while my 2 sons drive the '05 hybrid and the V6 '03 coupe.

    All Honda models are fuel efficient. My oldest car 1995 Accord EX still runs with a newer engine. All parts on this '95 Accord EX are original except the master cylinder I just replaced at 222K miles. Sounds like I spend all my savings for purchasing Honda automobiles. Just cleaned up real good my 3 Accords last weekend in and out for over 2 hours.

    Driving the '05 HAH at high speed on different road conditions I do appreciate Honda's engineering sophistication.
  • mfletou1mfletou1 Posts: 508

    It appears to me that the Honda Accord Hybrid does NOT qualify for the "Clean Fuel" plate in the DC Metro area that the Prius, Civic Hybrid, Escape Hybrid, etc receive. Is this correct?
  • greatvet1greatvet1 Posts: 11
    I owned a 2002 Accord V6 before I bought a 2005 HAH and I can tell you that there is no comparison in the power or the mpg. My HAH gets 7-14mpg better than the V6 did, and has a lot more get-up-and-go! The engine is much quieter, and the luxury is very nice. I don't find the trunk as limiting as some people do, but don't know for sure if you could fit a full-size tire in there. I have the extended warranty through Honda, and it covers road-side assistance if I need it, which would include helping me with a flat tire. Believe it or not, even in Texas we use the seat heaters and love them! Okay, it's only 2-3 days a year I need them... but no heated mirrors. Don't need 'em down here anyway. I paid full MSRP in Oct '05, so $25k is a great price if you can get it for that. I like the '05 better anyway, better mpg, which is the big draw. My Accord V6 averaged 22mpg, and my HAH gets 33. That's equal driving terrain. I plan to be driving this car to 220k+ miles!
    Hope this helps!
  • ckinskieckinskie Posts: 5
    Our local dealer had four '05 HAH's on the lot today. Had them marked down to $25,898. I made an offer for $24.5K, the best he would come down to was $25K... as I walked out the door he agreed to my $24.5K. On my drive home today (40 miles almost all highway) I averaged 36.5 MPG. So far very happy with the purchase.
  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 31,179
    Welcome to the forum and good show on holding the line on inflated car prices. Did they have any 2006 Accord Hybrids? I would have thought all the 2005 MY would be sold by now. Did you get the NAV model?
  • hjulicherhjulicher Posts: 8
    What dealer did you go to? I'm in the detroit area, and a local dealer of ours also has 4 remaining Hybrids available from 2005.
  • greatvet1greatvet1 Posts: 11
    Congratulations! I'm sure you'll continue to be happy with your choice. It's a really fun car to drive! And the price you got is fantastic! I paid full sticker in October '05 because I didn't think dealing was an option. Instead I dealt with the price of my trade-in and got a very good deal on it. Ended up financing $16k and LOVE driving my little HAH.
  • midnightcowboymidnightcowboy Posts: 1,978
    HMI = Human Machine Interface , i.e. driver error
  • ckinskieckinskie Posts: 5
    Williams Honda in Hampton Virginia... I had my car detailed there this afternoon and they still had 3 on the lot.
  • ckinskieckinskie Posts: 5
    They had one '06... seems most of the dealerships in the area have one or two of the '06 model. They didn't have any with NAV.
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
    A national finance magazine is looking to interview current hybrid owners who purchased a hybrid within the past year or two. The reporter is wanting to know if you have been satisfied or not with the gas savings you’ve been receiving. Please send an e-mail to no later than Saturday, June 10, 2006 by 5:00 PM PT/8:00 PM ET containing your daytime contact information and the make and model of your hybrid vehicle.


    A national finance magazine is looking to interview consumers who are looking to purchase a hybrid vehicle and are looking at it from a financial standpoint, hoping to save money from the high cost of fuel. Please send an e-mail to no later than Saturday, June 10, 2006 by 5:00 PM PT/8:00 PM ET containing your daytime contact information and the hybrid vehicle you are considering.

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  • citywolfcitywolf Posts: 14
    The IRS announced on July 12th that the '06 HAH will now qualify for an increased tax credit ($1300) if the car has the "Calibration Control Update" to improve gas mileage. I went to my dealer for the udate and was told that my '06 HAH will be recalled for the update, but has not been recalled yet. I will get the update in the next 1-2 weeks. Has anyone had the update yet, and if so, how much better is your gas mileage?
  • citywolfcitywolf Posts: 14
    I got my software update Friday morning (8/18/06), and when I got home, ironically, my recall letter was waiting for me in my mailbox. Since Friday, I have driven about 200 miles, and have noticed maybe 2 MPG improvement in mileage. Not a whole lot. What I have noticed, is that my car now coasts more -- before the update, practically every time I let off the gas, the battery would charge. Now, it is often simply coasting when I let off the gas instead of charging the battery. I have not noticed any decrease in battery power. Other than that, I have not noticed any change in the functioning of the car. Has anyone else noticed any changes?
  • I have owned an Honda Accord Hybrid for over a year, and my experience may make you feel better. I am one of those guys that keeps records - my total average over 15 months is 19.8, and I never have had a tank over 21.5. 80% my driving is my commute (6 miles with 4 lights, avg. 35mph).

    Needless to say, I am totally dissapointed. I only got "wait longer", "drive better" and "everything is fine" from my dealer (6 visits about this). I am now attmepting to us the lemon law, but I am not to hopeful.
  • wrcpdwrcpd Posts: 1
    My wife bought a new 2005 Accord Hybrid and loves the milage she gets, but when we had the tires rotated and some other work done at about 20,000 miles, the car began to have a deafening roar at 35-38 mph and again around 55-58 mph. We thought it must have been the tire, had them rotated again without solving the problem. Finally we put all new tires on and that did not resolve the problem. The dealer couldn't find the problem. The wife doesn't mind the roar so much because her hearing isn't very good, and it gives her an excuse to drive over the 55 mph speed limit.
    It kills my acute hearing, drives passengers crazy and it just nusance. Any help will be appreciate.
  • Hi

    My HAH is show EXACTLY the same symptoms. If youre still reading this thread - what did you do and what did the dealer do?
  • This may not be the same problem, but once I had a flat and used the Honda supplied tire inflater. When the dealer repaired the tire with a plug, they did not clean out the "goo". The car had a terrible noise and shudder at certain speeds until this was realized and fixed.
  • dudleyrdudleyr Posts: 3,469
    The hybrid has cylinder deactivation which causes the engine to be a little louder. To counter this noise they may use noise cancelling through the stereo. The noise could be a defect in the active noise cancellation.

    Try pulling the fuse for the stereo and see if that makes a difference - just turning it off may not do the trick as it may still run the noise cancellation.

    People have had this problem with the Odyssey EX which does have noise cancellation.
  • This problem has been described on other websites too-- such as You should take it to the dealer and get them to check out the ANC and maybe even replace the system. there is a technical service bulletin on the HAH for this issue.
  • Fraud is perhaps too strong a word to describe my judgment about my Honda Accord Hybrid after a little more than a year of ownership. Willful deception and gross misrepresentation is closer to the mark. My Honda is an '06 Hybrid with navigation. I've logged more than 45,000 miles in one year and my gas mileage has been very, very disappointing. Last fall, Honda recalled the vehicle for a computer "fix." Since that service call, I've been getting six to seven miles LESS per gallon than originally. Based on everything I read, Honda has laid a giant egg with this vehicle. It's as if Honda service departments, however, want their "problem" to go away. This vehicle has shattered my confidence in Honda. We have had three previous Honda vehicles and an Accura in our family, but this will be the end of our allegiance to Honda. This vehicle should be totally recalled by the factory. It's an embarrassment for Honda.
  • That's why they are sitting on the lots. Honda will probably have a 50% off sale on hybrid Accords just to get rid of them.

    I hope you at least got some tax credit.
  • fxtoolfxtool Posts: 20
    My 05 HAH's check engine light came on 6 weeks ago. Took it in and was told that speed sensor was bad. Replaced speed sensor, and check engine light came on again. Dealer decided to replace the transmission. Today the check engine light came on. Took it to a different dealer near where I was, and he told me it was the speed sensor again.

    I'm wondering if anyone else is having this problem? I've almost had it with this car.
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