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Chevy Silverado - How Much Did You Pay? II

meredithmeredith Posts: 575
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Chevy Silverado - How much did you pay?. Please
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  • ryanbabryanbab Posts: 7,240
    They work and are nice even if its not foggy lights the road up a lil more so u can see the whole lane.

  • rayt2rayt2 Posts: 1,208
    only $75 advertising fee? WOW! buy it! If they are only charging $75 for advertising fee then you are saving some money there since ad fee is normally 1% of MSRP. I haven't found any dealer who would touch their 3% holdback from manf. So anyone buying thru ordering makes it instant profit to the dealer with the quick turn around of the vehicle from dealer to you.

    Ray T.
  • Maybe it isn't the same in all areas, but I don't think that dealers in my area, Northern Alabama, are having luck selling 3dr's, a lot of people waiting for 4 drs, and you might even haggle for a better price. I assume you are talking about a 1500.

    The local GMC dealer still has trucks on the lot that have been there since I looked at them before Halloween. They are advertising $1500 under invoice for some 1999's they also still have. You might be able to get a similar deal on a 3dr 2000.

    Bottom line, if you are happy and you like it, buy it!

    Good luck!

  • Since the dealer is so small, they have a 1/4%
    advertising fee so I do save almost $200 there.

    I too thought about holding out for a 4dr but
    would rather save $1000 now to get a 3dr.
    (500 cheaper invoice, 500 coupon exp 2/29/00)

    Any thoughts on tire size? I wanted 265s just
    to put the truck higher off the ground. It
    has the LT245 on/off road tires. What are the advantages/disadvantages of these two tires?

    Is there anything I should check for on the truck?
    FOr example, I thought I heard at one time about
    a bumper lining up uneven or a small dent found below the tailgate handle? Is there anything like this to look for?
  • jaslojaslo Posts: 7
    I am currently looking for a dealer anywhere in MO that will sell trucks at or near invoice.
  • nyalnyal Posts: 17

    Picked up the new truck last night. Love it. Dealer couldn't get the bedliner in time so I have to go back up on Wednesday. Frank told me to go to Just for Trucks between on route 9 and they will put the bedliner in and give me a good quote for a fiberglass top.


    Our dealers in upstate NY all charge 1% MSRP for advertising. I couldn't find one that would knock it off the price. $500 over invoice (even with advertising added to it) seems to be a very good price in my book. If you like it, get it.
  • dmr3dmr3 Posts: 119
    I didn't get stuck with any local advertising fees at DeNooyer, just the GM ones.
    You're getting your bedliner at the dealer? Which dealer was that..I had thought you weren't buying at De's? How much was your bedliner, if you dont' mind my asking and was that a short or long bed? Is Just for Trucks north of 146? What kind of caps do they sell, we are looking for a Leer.
  • dmr3dmr3 Posts: 119
    Thanks Ray. I do have a dealer near me, just hadn't heard of the one mentioned earlier. We are hoping to get the 100LE. Are you getting the rubber between the cap and the truck?I have seen them with and without..since we got ordered the slider back window (for picking up long piece of wood), and getting the air conditioning and heat back to the cap when needed, depending on cargo) we also want the slider front window in the cap..seems to make sense to have the rubber molding in the front. We haven't been brave enough to order yet..tried to call GM today to see if it's built, but their computers have been down since yesterday.
  • I must say, that cap is one fantastic looking addition to the Silverado that it is pictured on.
    Now if you can just get the item that goes under it....
    A 2000 Silverado LS. image

    Have a nice day....

    Roger (still jealous).
  • rayt2rayt2 Posts: 1,208

    Not getting the rubber boot don't need it we just haul the sled dogs around to shows here & there so only need to look in on them now & then.
    Your right bout GM's VOMS computer, I called to bug em today also but the computers down, we'll see what tomorrow brings, I wanted to know the VIN# & if it is 3dr as ordered or the 4dr.


    Your a pisser! LOL I can't get much antsier then this the closer it gets the worse I get, soon I'll break out with the hives or somethin! My wife wants me to take a chill pill because I'm bouncin off the walls waiting, LOL, gotta luv it!

    Ray T.
  • werkingwerking Posts: 431
    bob - if he pitched you 1% over invoice, i would counter with something that eats into his holdback. yes, the dealer (maybe not the SALESMAN, but the DEALER) does get the holdback. that's who it's designed for. read the section here on edmunds about dealer holdback. as i understand it, gm sends the dealer a check three months after the vehicle arrives on the lot for 3% of MSRP of that vehicle. regardless of what they sell it for or how quickly they sell it, they still get the 3% of MSRP for their holdback. that money is designed to supplement the cost of maintaining the vehicle on the lot (washing it, fueling it, etc). if he's ordering you one, he may be willing to sell it to you for invoice, and keep the holdback as his profit. i have yet to hear of anyone doing this...but if you want to push it, that's the logic i would use. good luck
  • werkingwerking Posts: 431
    if it's the truck you want...get it. but i wouldn't pay $500 over for a '99 off the lot. i paid less than $500 over for one of the first four door '00's made. the 3-doors are going to become a burden for dealerships very soon. as soon as the 4-doors hit the lots en masse, you're going to see 3-doors going real cheap. that is a fact. if i were you, i'd ask him how much it would cost to order you a new one - exactly like you want it. then compare the difference. i dropped by my local dealer who wanted to rip me off when i started shopping for a new one. same guy who told me i'd be lucky to even SEE a four door before this summer! well, i pulled my new four door on his lot this past weekend. he's got about 25-30 3-door extended cabs all on sale. and no four doors. a couple folks shopping there saw mine and asked where i got it. i smiled and said, "not here!" before being asked to leave the lot.
    as for your tires, try them out. i have the 265's and i like them. if you don't like the 245's get bigger ones and have the computer adjusted. no big deal. the fog lights are great. imo, the truck looks better with them, and i just used them in the fog the other night. they were great.

    questions? drop me a line at [email protected]
  • rayt2rayt2 Posts: 1,208
    I KNOW YOUR OUT THERE LURKING & LISTENING. Did you see the post on the flares available thru the dealer parts dept. cheaper than aftermarket!

    Ray T.
  • hey ray, just wanted to pass on a little note. I work for a GM dealer and the guys there say the "system is inactive" this week. Upgrading computers or something he mentioned. If I was you, I would still call tommorow!
  • There you go, they are working against you again. I'll bet you could just about shoot the GM people. image. But just think when it does come in, another Christmas. I sincerely hope it does come in as expected. I can't wait that long to have a glass of wine to celebrate, so I started today..

    Have a nice (hic) day everyone.

  • ryanbabryanbab Posts: 7,240
    I think ill get em factory $180 isnt much.

    Went to the autoshow today man o man that terradyne is awesome if they make it ever i hope it wont cost 3 million like it cost them to build 1.

    Still my favorite of the whole show was the ext cab 4 dr (first one ever i seen) Z71 1500 silverado.

    Ray im keeping a low profile it seems like people dont like me to much and i have been very busy with school. I will always be out there lurking

  • dmr3dmr3 Posts: 119
    Ryan wrote:Ray im keeping a low profile
    Ryan, I think you are refreshing. I have a son a couple of years older than you, and your enthusiasm is just like his. He takes a long time and examines thoroughly before he buys something expensive too. Heck, I first started looking at trucks last April! So keep hanging around!
  • nyalnyal Posts: 17
    The dealer was actually going to have Just for Trucks put the bedliner in but they were closed on Monday. They are located on Route 9 between Exit 11 and 12. Heading north they are on the right side. Was told to look for a big white house just as your getting up the hill from Round Lake. Bedliner is supposed to go in at 11:30 today but I have to let the truck sit in the shop for an hour before they install. They want to ensure the bed is clean etc. I asked about caps from them and they no longer sell Leer. Said they had some quality issues and now sell Jericho caps. They claim a much better cap at a lower cost. I've had a few people tell me that Leer isn't what it use to be. I hope they have some samples to look at. I took the day off today to look at caps. The closest Leer dealer is on Campbell Road in Schenectady as far as I can tell from the Leer site. I heard a lot of good stuff about A.R.E.. There is a dealer located on 155 near the Washington Ave Extension in Albany. I will be there this morning. Heard they were a great cap but big bucks. I'll let you know what I find.
  • nyalnyal Posts: 17
    Forgot to answer all your questions. The advertising fee was the "required" Chevy one. I got the bedliner and sliding windows for free. Seems that Allstar ran an add in the newspaper when I first was looking that more or less said make your best deal and get $500 in free accessories. Was to include the slider, bedliner, runnning boards, and tonneau cover. The intent was if you bought at MSRP not invoice. I pushed and they agreed to half the stuff which was all I really wanted anyway. Oh, that was if I signed that day. When I look at the caps I will be wanting the compression boot and slider as well. I want something similar to the 100LE or XL. Not sure yet. The one thing I am not too sure of yet is the tailgate protector. Apparently, the ARE and Jericho need to have the protector removed and a different one installed. Looking at the LEER site it looks as though their cap can go on with the existing protector. This actually makes a difference to me. Another concern is warranty. I'll keep you posted.
  • ryanbabryanbab Posts: 7,240
    Its not that i research it out its that i have ten thousand dollars tied up in cd's and cant use it yet. Thats the main reason i know what i want i just want to pay for it up front. I already know and have known what i want and also my parents are kind of dampering the ordering but they are agreeing march is good. SO whats a few more wks

  • rayt2rayt2 Posts: 1,208
    gives GM that much more time to work out persistent bugs. Better for you & them in long run.

    School work is MORE important then hangin out on this site, that takes valuable time away from school/work/chores what have you. It's only from work where I get to check these posts more often because I'm always on computer here in relation to my job. From home is rare unless I'm snowed in because just to much goin on there.

    Ray T.
  • ryanbabryanbab Posts: 7,240
    Ray well said. Right now school comes first and yes id like to put off ordering a lil bit cause of the new 4 doors dont know what or if there are any major problems and work is second priority for me. I am rarely in the late morning and late afternoon. Only time i get to come on here is early morning (8am) and early afternoon between my classes.

    To what you said about gives gm time: well it gives them time to raise the MSRP too hopefully that wont happen.

  • nyalnyal Posts: 17
    Got the bedliner installed. Looked at the jericho and the leer caps. To be honest, they both appeared to be the same. Never looked at the A.R.E.. Went with the LEER 100LE at Flying W Caps in Schenectady. Both were about the same price but the slider is free on the LEER. Flying W advised against any compression boot. They said that it will wear the paint on the cab. I'll take their 30 years of experience as the word. Cap will be in in two to three weeks.
  • dmr3dmr3 Posts: 119
    nyal said:. Both were about the same price but
    the slider is free on the LEER. Flying W advised
    against any compression boot. They said that it
    will wear the paint on the cab. I'll take their 30 years of experience as the word.
    That's where we plan to go too, since it's just a couple of miles away. You saved us a trip to the other places. Do you have the short bed, and if so, can you share how much that cap was? Do they bargain..and did you notice if they have the running boards like they show in the Silverado brochure? I know the place on Campbell Road isn't much to look at from the road but lots of friends have bought from them. I'm still undecided about the boot though, since I will have stuff in the cab that needs to have some air and heat get to it. That would be pretty impossibg without the I would have wasted my money on the sliding rear window.
  • nyalnyal Posts: 17
    I have a shortbed. Cap price including slider was $1040.00. The Chevy tailgate protector has to go so they charge another $25.00 to replace with an aftermarket one. The girl I spoke with was Heather and she recommended the inflatable boot over the compression because it causes less wear and tear. Didn't see any running board stuff but they were remodeling. Not much to look at is right but that's the kind of place I like to buy from. That way I know I am not paying for the showroom.
  • Hello, this is to Larry D from Austin. I read your post #744 where you mentioned how you arranged to sell yor old truck to a private owner through the dealer to save taxes on your new truck. I'd like to propose that arrangement to my dealer as I plan to buy a new truck and sell mine privately. May I ask how that worked? Thanks very much. TD in Florida
  • I just got my truck on tuesday.
    1500 with a 5.3, 4 door, 4x4, Z71
    Man, this is a cool truck.
    Any theories on the best way to break in the engine? I've heard everything from 'go on a long road trip' to 'just drive it around town' to 'drive it hard for 1000 miles'
    Thanks in advance

  • Read the manual. It says first 500 mls keep under 55mph, no cruise control or towing and do not take off to fast like at stop lights.

    This is to cover gms butt basically if anything is gonna go wrong with the engine it will go worng while its under warrenty. Might as well take it slow and show off your new truck thats the way i look at it.

  • rdve80rdve80 Posts: 139
    Just ask your dealer if they will do an "in and out" transaction on your old vehicle. They may charge a fee, but let them tell you that. Mine charged $100. The way it works, is you and your buyer agree on a price. You both go to the dealer and they handle the paperwork. You sign over the title, the buyer gives the money to the dealer which becomes part of your down payment. The dealer then completes the title transfer from you to the new buyer and sends the paperwork to the Department of Motor Vehicle. If your sales tax rate is 7% and the price is $6000, you save $420 less the fee. And you are selling the vehicle at a price higher than the dealer trade-in amount.

    The dealer will be more than happy to provide financing to the buyer if it is needed, but the usual rules of buyer qualification and vehicle appraisal will be needed. Remember, dealers take in more trade-in vehicles than they really want to keep on their lot and many go to auctions. An "in and out" helps get you in a new vehicle (which is the dealers goal) and eliminates risk and work associated with the dealer having possession of the trade-in.

    Your buyer needs to be willing to time the transaction within several days of the new vehicle deal, so you need to have a good understanding with them.
  • jaumenjaumen Posts: 54
    Has anyone heard of any changes for the 2001 Models?
  • ryanbabryanbab Posts: 7,240
    Only new things for 2001 is the 2500 HD and 3500's
  • the 6000 engine gets 25 more horses for 2001, bringing it to 325 total. beds made of composite materials to show up later this fall i think, no bedliner needed supposedly.
  • Pick up the April 2000 issue of Motor Trend's Truck Trend for the first look and info. on the 2001's, that the previous messages alluded to. Both Chevy and GMC will have four door versions with slight sheet metal changes. Check it out.
  • change the oil at 500 miles its cheap insurance
  • ryanbabryanbab Posts: 7,240
    Full four doors (crew cab) only on 2500 and 3500 not on the half tons.

  • I recently went to a trade show in Indiana and found out that Chevrolet will be coming out with an 8.1 V8 BIG BLOCK around mid year 2000. Specs. on the motor are in the area of 495 cu. in....over a 6 inch strock...375 horses (??) and 455lbs. of torque. This application with start out in the suburbans. Like I said before it's rumor, BUT some one I know real well has gotten documentation on it. This may be old news to some but i thought it was neat to hear that the BB is back.....
  • I recently went to a trade show in Indiana and found out that Chevrolet will be coming out with an 8.1 V8 BIG BLOCK around mid year 2000. Specs. on the motor are in the area of 495 cu. in....over a 6 inch stroke...375 horses (??) and 455lbs. of torque. This application with start out in the suburbans. Like I said before it's rumor, BUT some one I know real well has gotten documentation on it. This may be old news to some but i thought it was neat to hear that the BB is back.....
  • ryanbabryanbab Posts: 7,240
    Isnt starting in the burbs it will be in the 3500 HD's. Biggest engine in the suburban is the 6 L.

  • I just ordered a 2000 silverado. Should be here in 6 to 8 weeks. Paid $23,200 out the door. Very excited about the truck. Little concerned about the vibration problem. Has anyone received a new truck recently and experienced the vibration problem?
  • ryanbabryanbab Posts: 7,240
    6 to 8 wks huh? WOuld u like to make a little wager on this? No i cant hustle someone its not fair. It will be more than 8 wks probably 12-14 maybe longer if you ordered a 2500. Good Luck

  • rcoosrcoos Posts: 167
    I was told on the weekend that if I order a truck (Silverado 4WD 4dr extended cab), I will have it in 7 weeks? I was told this by four different dealers in two states!
  • you may be able to get one in 7 weeks. i agree with ryan's statement, i would think it will take longer. 10-12 seems more realistic. You never know, they may eventually get caught up somewhat and make them faster! good luck, i am sure you will love your truck even if it takes a while longer!
  • jaslojaslo Posts: 7
    What kind of chevy did you order for $23,200. Is it a 4X4, a extended cab or what? Please list the options you got on it also because I am also in the market for a truck.
  • ryanbabryanbab Posts: 7,240
    I am good friends with my salesman i am gonna buy from. With the help from him i got a time frame for the last 4 4dr ext cab 4 wd trucks they received. They all took at least AT LEAST! 3 and a half months. Thats at least 14 wks but now they are getting them about 2 wks sooner and he told me it would look like 12 wks after the computer accepts the order. So probably the average now will be around 12 wks faster then before but i know not fast enough maybe one day it will be built and delivered the same day (haha way in the future)

  • Ordered new silverado 3 dr on dec 6, 99. Was just told the build week is FEB 21. Hope to have in three weeks. Get the fourth door for free. Yippee!! Hope to get VIN this week to validate the loyalty coupon.
  • sartisarti Posts: 16
    I ordered my 00 Silverado LS 4x4 ext cab short bed
    on 1/12 and my dealer told me it will be here 2/23
    if everything goes good with trucking it here. I live in central ILL and it was built in Ft.Wayne
    Ind. This is only 6 weeks, I'll believe it when I see it. This was ordered a 4door by the way
  • graczgracz Posts: 21
    I recieved an order # for my Z71, LS, 4 DR on
    Jan.18, my tpw was Feb. 14, actual build date was
    Feb.16, I am not sure how long it will be until
    it arrives at the dealer, 2 weeks or so I guess!
    Anyways it seems to be on the fast track, I hope this is good news for those of you who are ready
    to order.

    Good luck, Greg
  • i too am from central ILL and have a truck on order. sounds great if you can get yours that fast! mines been ordered since december 23 and won't be built for 2 more weeks. who did you buy from?
  • sartisarti Posts: 16
    I bought it from Daley's in Gillespie
  • rayt2rayt2 Posts: 1,208
    that with the VIN # you can validate the customer loyalty coupon? Explain please, my truck is due in this week by Friday 2/25 but in case it doesn't get here before end of month I what to still get this rebate in any way possible. I did not receive a coupon thru GM but dealership says they can get for me at time of purchase when I pick up truck provided that it's in February. I do not want to miss this one!

    Ray T.
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