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Infiniti QX56 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • eagleeye3eagleeye3 Posts: 44
    edited October 2012
    My wife drove a 2012 QX56 this afternoon. Nice SUV. Large but manageable. Was looking at Sequoia but heard Infiniti was giving these away. Sure enough, the opening offer (starting point) from the dealer before I said a word was $9k under MSRP. Big step up from Sequoia. I'm aware of the $4k dealer cash. I understand the 2013s are coming soon. I think I will shoot for $11K under and will live with $10k. Must admit the whole dealership/vibe struck me as second tier; my other car is German (assembled in South Carolina), but I guess it does not matter. Don't plan to spend a lot of time there after the purchase anyway. Anyone done better than 10k under MSRP recently (2WD)?
  • I looked at the QX56 for the first time this weekend and was very impressed with the car. I saw on this board that the 2013 is expected in December -- does anyone know what type of changes will be made for the next model year? If I am happy with the 2012 and am not in a rush, when is the best time to buy this car? End of December?

    Any insights would be appreciated.

    Scarsdale, NY
  • theta2theta2 Posts: 3
    minor changes for 2013

    Infiniti QX Full-Size Luxury SUV

    Moving Objection Detection (MOD) added to the standard Around View® Monitor
    New standard auto-dimming exterior mirrors
    Upgraded remote control and interface added to the Theater Package
    New Smoky Quartz exterior color (replaces Mountain Sage)
    Available September 2012
  • Just purchased 2012 QX56 (2WD) in Southern California. Final selling price was $11,000 under MSRP (plus tax and DMV). Feel like I got a reasonable deal, especially since it was my wife's preferred color. Time will tell.
  • jjawjjaw Posts: 6
    What options did your qx56 have. What was the total msrp
  • jjawjjaw Posts: 6

    Do anyone know what the current dealer incentives are as of Nov 1st. In Oct they were $4000. But those expired Oct 31st. Thanks in advance
  • I am looking at one of these in Socal as well, Can you tell me which dealer offered this to you? Thanks!
  • South Bay (Torrence). A long way from my house in north San Diego County, but worth the drive to save thousands. MSRP was just over $67K, theater, 22 wheels, and some accessories. No issues after almost 1 month. Wife is happy. That's all that matters in long run.
  • Sorry I did not see this before. The incentives did not get any better in November nor will they get any better. They are already at a point that the QX are selling like crazy. :)
  • I own a 2011 qx56 with 36500 miles on it. I paid 66000 with 2.9 financing. Sticker was. 69615. At. The time, it was great deal in sept 2010. Trucks has everything except tech package. I was just offered by a dealer to take back my truck and sell me a 2012 with a 78,400 MSRP for 67200. They are giving me 45000 for my truck which according to them is a wash. Kelly blue book 46-50k. At end of day, I will walk out with leaving my 2011 with 36000 miles on it and leaving with a 2012 loaded with zero out of pocket and a payment of $40 cheaper a month. 2013 model has no major changes so I am not buying a dud. Is this a deal that is worth doing? Trying to figure out the down side. I will owe much more on loan now but does that's really matter? I would appreciate any input .
  • Numbers are all in line with what we are seeing...maybe could get a tad more for your 2011 QX since it is a Deluxe Pkg...but the deal on the 2012 is solid. Bottom line is you could start over on miles, nothing out of pocket and $40 cheaper....I doubt you ever pay vehicles off anyway so like you said what is the difference - you always have a payment, might as well get the lower payment for the newer QX.

    But, I'm a salesperson... :D

    PS I just traded in my 2nd 2011 and got a 2012 - basically same situation. I've never paid one off!
  • Thanks for the reply. I appreciate your insight. You really had me believing again until the " I am a salesman"line. Haha. I am just hung up on going from owing 45000 or 26 payments into loan to going back to owing over 70k after tax. Like you said, it probably doesn't matter but there is nothing wrong with my QX and still have a couple years of warranty left. If I buy the 2012, I will probably be in the same position 2 years from now since I am getting truck so cheap. The flip side is to stick with what I got and be close to payoff in a couple of years which sounds like a better position as long as truck holds ups which you would think a vehicle of this level would and save the ground I paid off on the loan. Very tough decision and it seems there is no definitive answer. Dealer (Ray Catena) telling me numbers work out, but they are salesman also and moving a 2012 with a high MSRP in December and taking back a quality used vehicle which is in high demand in my region right now is perfect for them so I take their advice with a grain off salt!

    PS how did u trade in 2 2011's already? Are u really on your third QX?
  • I'm working with a dealer in Cleveland Ohio and they say they can only give me 7500 below msrp. (That includes the 1k for financing). However, I see that everyone here seems to be getting 10k below. Is that the current incentives that I should expect. What can I do to help my deal. Also, should it make a difference that they need to get the car from another dealership?

    Thanks. Need help ASAP as I would like to complete the deal this week.
  • People are saying they are getting $9-$10k off totally depends on the market you live in.

    If they are having to get the vehicle from another dealers tells me two is supply is low...two - there is a cost involved in getting it to their store...maybe a reason your price is a bit higher.

    Keep in mind the higher the MSRP the more the "mark-up" so folks getting $10k off may have been on a $75k QX, if your buying a $66k QX there will not be the same amount of room to discount.

    Either way - I think if you offered $9k below MSRP - they will take it. :)
  • I work at the dealership, I get VPP pricing and I know when to buy (when the best incentives are)...which for the 2012 are right now!

    I've owned 1x2010, 2x2011, and now have my first 2012. I am one of my best customers... :D

    PS We only have 1 2012 QX left and we literally sell more QX than any dealer in the World (we are in Dallas)....chek it out is 100% camoflauged! :D
  • I got 10K off MSRP - My local dealer was going to have to ship the vehicle in but was only giving me 5K off - (they claim several thousand for them to ship) I went online - found every dealer in my state's inventory - found the vehicle they were going to ship in - negotiated hard with that dealer and got them to drive it to my doorstep (450 miles) - no extra charge - 10K off. Took patience and all via email - no direct talking.
  • sewellgsm,

    Are the current incentives still at $4K + $1K IFS and do you know if the $500 dealer vouchers that were issued a few months back are still around or did the dealers have to use them the month that they were issued? It seems like you mentioned that the dealers were allowed to use up to six (6) vouchers per sale if they wanted to. I'm just curious if you know if the vouchers are still out there. I am in OK and our local dealer still has several '12s and I also noticed that a few other dealers in close proximity have in excess of ten (10) 2012 models and wonder what the liklihood is that they would still have some of thier voucher allocation. Thanks in advance for any insight that you can offer.
  • Last week I bought a 2012 QX56 4x4 with theater package and 22" wheels. The supply of 2012 4x4 with benches is very low so a little tougher to negotiate. We ended up at 10K off MSRP.
  • $4k and $1k IFS is it...the voucher program expired.

    We only have 2 - 2012 QX56 pickens are getting slim... :(
  • tstraubtstraub Posts: 25
    Just picked up last night in Seattle/Tacoma area; paid Invoice less $5,000 ($4,000 cash incentive, plus $1,000 to finance through IFS/NMAC). MSRP $68,220, paid $58120 + TTL. Financed 72 mos @2.89%, Tier O.
  • sewellgsmsewellgsm Posts: 775
    Well after 6 years as the GSM of Sewell Infiniti of Dallas (finishing in the Top 3 in the Nation in sales all 6 years)...I've accepted a job as the GM of Sewell Cadillac in Grapevine. I'll be moving over to the Cadillac Forums to offer advice moving forward. It has been fun reading and writing (and sometimes debating) you guys on this forum I'm sure my replacement will continue to monitor and give advice on the Infiniti side. Feel free to email me on any questions you may have. :cry:
  • nealitnealit Posts: 12
    Hi,Sewellgsm, since you do not work at Infinity any more, May I know how much 2012 Infiniti QX56 will be now? I personally received an offer 12k off MSRP on a 72K car. But I did not receive a pay-off letter from BMW on time and Nissan FS will not finance 3rd car (my bmw x5 is totaled). I am searching 2012 QX56 across the west region of states (CA, AZ,UT,NV). Only a few dealer has 2012 brand new one. May I know how much I can buy now? Any finance promotion? My credit is 680, my wife is 770.
  • Hey guys, i thought i'd register and post up my deal since this forum helped me this week. I negotiated a deal yesterday for a new 2012 QX, 2WD, THEATER with captains chairs. MSRP was appx 65200 and I got it for 54700. Basically 10500 off MSRP taking into account the 4k inifiniti rebate and the 1k financing rebate. No trade in, just straight deal. I was very happy with this deal, especially because this wasn;t a very loaded car. I basically just started calling every dealer in the country that showed my color combo in stock until I got my deal. One of the easiest cars I've ever bought. Should ship out to me on Wednesday. There are TONS of new 2012's still around (search autotrader as I'm sure you know). Good luck! Oh and I think the APR I got was like 3.3% for 60 months with about 35% down. I am paying it off fairly quickly so didn't hardly negotiate that at all.
  • mac1313mac1313 Posts: 2
    Does anyone have any feedback and able to point to a dealer that will sell the extended warranty at the most reasonable price? What have people been paying for these?

    I'm not sure what their cost on these are but in my last car purchase my experience was I could usually find a dealer somewhere that would sell these at a few hundred dollars over dealer cost. I'm hoping the same may be true for the QX56 extended warranty.
  • Does anyone know the current incentives for the QX56 for March? Are there any rebates or Dealer Cash available? I would like to purchase a 2013 pretty soon and am doing my homework first. Any advice would greatly be appreciated.
  • Has anyone recently bought a 2013 QX56 that does NOT have Infiniti Connect and a Remote Start on it?
  • Hey folks, I have read your threads and am super delighted at the amount of help, insight and direction flowing forth. Am hoping you will be of help to me too.

    Am in the market for a QX56...2011-2013, market is in Houston Tx, or Mcallen Tx. Any ideas how the pricings and incentives are currently???
  • Well this thread has been pretty much useless and there's nothing in the QX80 section... Great.

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