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    on the fire, but billyperksii probably comes from the cohort who is stunned by the concept that anyone would buy (or lease) a car that they have never driven, or at least driven a similar model. Given the "mixed" reviews that electric steering has enjoyed over the past months, particularly with BMW, I tend to throw in with him.

    That said, I've bought two cars, one a brand new model (special order at that), with no test drive whatsoever. When they arrived I did an inspection and drove away -- no problems, no regrets.

    From your post I'll infer that when you do your test drive you'll be perfectly prepared to walk away if the steering feels weird. I, on the other hand, would have become so invested in the new car deal that I'd probably go ahead and take delivery of the car, whether I liked the steering or not.
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    From your post I'll infer that when you do your test drive you'll be perfectly prepared to walk away if the steering feels

    Precisely! I do not "need" a new car - mine is only 8 months old with only 6500 miles on it. If the car does not corner or handle or accelerate the way I prefer, I just move on.

    I was reminded by my service manager today that the GLK350 I had as a loaner several months age had electric power steering. From what I experienced, I could not tell the difference, to be quite honest. But I intend to take the car on the Freeway to make sure I enjoy the way it tracks and corners.

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    Mike- I apologize if I sounded abrasive in my previous post but I was commenting on the fact that, I usually test drive the car first then make a deal. Lastly, i go over the car at delivery for any anomolies.
    As a matter of fact, my current car (2009 TL SH-AWD) has the electric steering and I find no fault with it.
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    Mike- I apologize if I sounded abrasive in my previous post but I was commenting on the fact that, I usually test drive the car first then make a deal. Lastly, i go over the car at delivery for any anomolies.
    As a matter of fact, my current car (2009 TL SH-AWD) has the electric steering and I find no fault with it.

    Honestly, I did not take your previous post a being abrasive at all! I took it as being helpful so as to make sure I checked out the car before I took delivery.

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    I test drove a 2013 with electric steering. Felt very loose at slow speeds and when coming out of the turn, the feedback was awful IMO. It was drawback to the car which otherwise was excellent. The Audi A-6 I felt had a superior feel, ride, and handling (A-6 3.0T Quattro). The Infiniti M37X did too, but thier 7AT is quirky - at leaset in my 2010 G37x it is.
    So far in my replacement shopping (replacing a lease ending on a 2010 G37X in August), I've driven the E350 4MATIC, the Audi A-6 3.0T, M37X, and will look at the Cadillac XTS with AWD and the Lincoln MKZ AWD. I am also looking to see what the new Infiniti Q50 "feels" like. Comes out July 1. But I'm looking for a little more room than the G37X I have now.
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    "I test drove a 2013 with electric steering. Felt very loose at slow speeds and when coming out of the turn, the feedback was awful IMO. It was drawback to the car which otherwise was excellent."

    Well, I drove the new E 350 home today. I did not notice any difference, but I'm no officienado based on my driving habits. The new Collision Prevention Assist is a new standard feature on the car. It uses radar to alert the driver of an impending collision with alarm, seatbelt tightening, and a combination of braking and steering maneuvers to prevent the collision. I hope I don't ever need it.

    I did not notice the loose steering you were talking about, but again, I'm no expert in that technology.

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    I'm planning to get a 2014 and wonder what the differences are between the 528 and 535. I know about the engines, but wonder if the 535 also comes with other equipment not standard or optional on the 528. If it's only what's under the hood, I'd think the 528 might be a better choice if fuel economy is important. Having priced both, however, the differential seems slim. I've been told that the 528 is more than adequately quick, though certainly a step or two behind the 535. Comments, please. Thank you.
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    Best way to see the difference is to go to BMW website. Clicking on "Download Standard/Optional Equipment" tab gives you pdf file with list at the glance. Looks like the major differences are: engine and standard leather (535 yes, 528 no which is nuts), availability of manual transmission (535 yes, 528 no) and availability of extra options on 535 (e.g. optional higher quality leather as part of Individual Composition Package, also Dynamic Handling Pack). 550i adds std Navigation and availability of "Executive Package". You can see it in link below and click the mentioned tab. ecs/528iSedanSpecifications.aspx

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    The Edmunds folks seem to love their long-term XF. They drove it to Alaska and back, IIRC, no issues to report. Arguably, more stylish inside and out than the 5, E or A6. And, now offered with AWD. If I have to grow-up and get a year-rounder in these here Boston parts, right now the XF and A/S5 would be the front runners (don't necessarily need four doors, but want at least four-ish seats).

    A fond, but bittersweet adieu to my '13 Jaguar XF. And so, I present this laurel, and hearty handshake to the new boss; '21 Audi A7 PHEV. '09 Jag XK , '05 Acura TL, '88 Acura Integra, '84 Mitsubishi Mirage Turbo & '78 VW Scirocco ; all special to me. And, of course, the '92 Nissan Sentra SE-R and '95 Saab 900s I bought for the ex... I've yet to buy a car I didn't like. Although, do I really want to drive a car that would have someone such as me as its owner?

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    Absolutely. I've been waiting for the used 5.0s get down into my pricerange. But I don't want to give up my 135, so I'll probably have to wait until that is paid off anyway.

    '21 Wrangler 4xE, '07 ML63, '08 Charger R/T Daytona; '67 Coronet R/T; '13 Fiat 500c, '14 Town&Country Limited, '10 Escape XLT v6. 56-car history and counting!

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    I've been working my way through new car options to replace my e350 CDI at the end of the lease. I just stumbled on the A6/7 Audi's with turbo diesels coming out this actually had an a8 diesel in stock. Hmmm!
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    Regarding your question about electronic steering. I really like it on my new e350.

    A conventional hydraulic system wants to provide more boost as engine speed increases and cannot moderate boost with road speed.

    An electric steering system provides high assist at low speed and low engine speed, while backing off as road speed is gained. Actually engine speed is no a factor at all since the system is not powered off a crank pulley.

    Hope you enjoy your new car.
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    The minister of design and finance decided it was time for me to get a new car, test drove the BMW 528xi, Volvo S80 AWD, Audi A6 and Mercedes-Benz E350 4matic as well as the Passat TDI since I'm coming out of a hybrid and the mpg's on all these depress me. The VW was eliminated by the minister of design so I'm trying to weigh my options.

    Audi has the biggest back seat for my teenage sons, it even comes in a diesel but that msrp's higher than the MB

    The MB is a 2014 and drives the nicest, has the highest MSRP and OTD price, though our local dealer offered me $1,000 under invoice

    The BMW is a turbo 4 cylinder that gets the best mpg (important as my sales job logs 20K miles per year) , local dealer want $1 over invoice but its still $5K less than the MB

    The Volvo is the cheapest, has plenty of leg room for the boys. Even though the mpg is worst it runs on regular gas, helping to neutralize operating costs

    All have been approved by the minister so looking for any anecdotal experience from owners of each of these models that shopped the others:

    Why did you pick your car over the rest of the mid size luxury field?

    What was your shopping experience like?

    Any lessons learned?

    Any pitfalls?

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    Lease is up on my E350 diesel....great car, but I want something with a little more pep. I've narrowed the field to an Audi A6/7 TDI, Bmw 535d or E550. Yes, the E550 is the performance champ in the group, but it's premium fuel and all internet connectivity requires you to buy the useless Mbrace which just bothers me. I've driven the A7 TDI and it is actually fun..I though I was driving a gas car...responsive, quiet..just great. Haven't driven the BMW's not out, but reviews tell me it should be equally good. I need to order one of them....but which one?

    I should add that I'll probably lease for 36 months and the A6 TDI, 535d and e550 are all within $10 of each other on a lease with no money that doesn't help.

    The best deal, btw, is the GS350 which is about $100 less per month, but I just felt no excitement driving one with the f was, to me, a dull car.

    any thoughts appreciated.....
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    I fully agree, James27. An additional point in favor of higher mileages between oil and filter changes is that filters actually filter better as they accumulate impurities. Sounds contradictory to most folks, but filters plus a layer of dirt, debris, whatever one calls it, filter out more particles. Limits exists, of course. Too much dirt increases flow resistance to a level that forces the oil to flow through the bypass valve, hence no filtration on that part of the oil flow. Too much time and media deterioration can also increase the risk of filter media failure, creating unwanted, unfiltered, flow channels. But both risks occur at very high mileages.

    My commercial tractor has an air filter restriction gauge that tells when to change the filter, but has no similar gauge for the oil filter. I change the latter on an engine hour basis, per the manufacturer's manual. The filter is changed every other oil change, again per the manufacturer.
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    I have two options in front of me:
    1. Buy a used 2011/2012 Certified BMW 535 Xi under 25000 miles
    2. New Audi 2013 A6 with 3.0 t

    There is a difference of 6K between the above model & Used BMW is somehow expensive.

    What is the general recomendation on Audi A6 vs BMW 535 Xi ?
    Which one has less maintenance charges
    In terms of reliability which model is more reliable

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    Get he car warranty and more fun to drive.
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    A reporter is interested in speaking with a car buyer who recently purchased a new sedan, but did not consider any of the German brands (such as Volkswagen) during the shopping process. If you can assist, please contact [email protected] by Wednesday, October 23 2013.
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    Greetings to the Luxury Performance Sedan Forum buffs: The fall of 2004 was a magical time for Acura RL and a forum like none since, Except for maybe this one. But it's good to come back into Edmunds on occasion and see what's new on the street! I still have the 2005 and just turned 102,000 miles. For me Edmunds provided a wonderful environment to talk cars, get educated on them and have a lot of fun reading the posts. Some brilliant, some clever, some newsworthy, some helpful and some belligerent and getting the boot.... what fun!
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    lexusguy, you post too much !
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    Curious comment, as lexusguy hasn't posted here since 2010.


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    Hello MODERATOR(s):

    I must have clicked on this forum incorrectly -- the most recent post is November 2013.

    I know I am part of the problem, but didn't this used to be one of THE most popular forums?

    Where o where have the participants gone?

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    This board has been deader than Elvis for many months, as was the ELLPS board for quite some time as well. Two people (who shall remain nameless) brought the ELLPS back to life, but no. . . .body has seen fit to do it here.

    The reality is that Edmunds boards have nothing like the amount of traffic they had back in "the good ol' days" a decade ago. For a variety of reasons, Edmunds ran off a fair number of people who posted daily because they craved "granularity." Now there's just us. Oh my.

    Glad things are going so well for you.
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    @cdnpinhead‌ - thanks for not naming me but will take credit for keeping Ellps alive. You are a nice person
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    I think the thread is far too broad and time consuming for most people.
    Would like to say that new M-B "E" class front end is almost as ugly as the Lexus spindle grilles, which are actually getting worse. Would not consider either car as I could not approach it from the front end without getting violently ill.
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    New Acura TL (hate they need to call it the TLX, btw bring back the legend)
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