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Volvo S40 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • rtlltjrtlltj Posts: 3
    Anyone go through the college graduate program with volvo? just curious to see what kind of deal/financing you can get.
  • thanks for the advice...we went with the deal.


    very sharp vehicle. we couldnt be happier.
  • nopsamnopsam Posts: 2
    I used the $500 recent graduate manufacturer's rebate towards a lease on a 2005 S40 on 12/29/04. Was taken off my down payment. I didn't mention the rebate until after I'd negotiated the vehicle price.


  • SylviaSylvia Posts: 1,636
    Please stop typing in ALL CAPS - people think you are screaming at them.
  • manavimanavi Posts: 150
    I think he was screaming at everyone since he included exclamation points at the end of his sentence. I would guess he's a Volvo salesman trying to increase his profits any way he can.


    Just to let everyone know, there's no incredibly high demand for these cars compared to the supply. Otherwise, why would Volvo have a $1500 dealer cash incentive on this car?


    This ain't no Mini.
  • lilylily Posts: 10
    Hi, dbeischer, looks like you got very good price on your T5. We get a offer for 2004.5 S40 T5 with premium,climate,audio package, auto transmission for $26,900, we expected 26k. yes, we will buy a 2004.5 car in 2005. do you think it is a good deal or we still can go lower?

    anybody know what is the difference between 2005 S40 and 2004.5 model?
  • manavimanavi Posts: 150
    According to Edmunds, the MSRP for the 2005 version of that car is $33,100, with an invoice price of $30,900. I would say $4,000 below invoice is a hell of a good price.
  • lilylily Posts: 10
    Thank you for the advice. If this is the quote for 2005 version, we would take it right away. But this is for last year version. As reported by consumer report,a last year model car should be $2000-$4000 less. Also we have seen people here got better deal than this in last year. I am confused how did you guys get so good deal even in 2004, but we just can not even reach the same price in 2005 , for a 2004.5 car!

    also we got a offer today on a 2004.5 S40 T5 loaner car , 4835 miles, premium, climate, audio package, $24,9000. we didn't take it.
  • That loaner car deal looks good to me. Is it anywhere near Philadelphia, Pa.? Bill H.
  • The 2004.5 and 2005 are the same models. What you are referring to applies to the situation when the model is changed, like S40 2004 and S40 2004.5/2005.


    The main reason that you can get a dipper discount on 2004.5 is that the dealer does not want to keep cars in the inventory for long time, as it decrease it;s profitability and effects the cash flow.


    So, if the car in the short supply, the dealer will not have much of push to loose money on a deal. But keep pushing... You never know.
  • lilylily Posts: 10
    Bill, we are in chicago. We found out almost every dealer has more than one S40 loaner cars. The key is bid on new car first, when they see they can't reach our price, they will bring in loaner cars, ask seeing it before you bid on it, be picky. then they may try to "comfort" you. The loaner car they offered $24,9000 still has some space on price, I think we can make a deal on $24,500. but my hubby doesn't want a used car, so we didn't even bid on it. For me, I can exchange 5000 miles for $2000. so that car is still in our list. will let you know if we decide leave it.
  • lily, do not be so naive and listen to your husband. I will not touch a loaner car with the 20 foot poll. People has absolutely no respect to the rental cars. You can be sure, that those cars have been abused any possible way you can push car to the limit. That what my first hand experience with many people is - they use rentals and loaners for the "extreme" test drives.


    I will rather buy a used car from the person whos driving habits I personally know.


    And just as MHO, if $400 matters so much to your then you are bidding for a wrong car.
  • lilylily Posts: 10
    Thank you lev. I checked kkb, same model car with same miles on 1 year early has only $1000 difference. so we will aim $1000 less instead of $3000. Thanks for your response, we will aim on a much reasonal ,easier price;)

    We also has a offer on a loaner car, my husband doesn't like this loaner or demo car idea because he thinks engine break-down period is very important, later we will spend more than $2000 on the loaner car on repair; But our mechanic said this shouldn't become a problem. I have no idea on this issue. anybody can give me an answer and explain to me? Appreciate in advance.
  • I will site with your husband. I do not believe in particular break-down period, but I will not red-line (run at the maximum speed) either. The maximum speed CAN inflict unrecoverable damage to the new engine which will shorten the life of it in the future. In some extreme cases it also CAN inflict very serious damage to the vital internal parts that can fail completely (crack) after very short period of time.


    And with the demo (less) and the loaner (more) it is very possible that people were testing the limits of the car, especially for the new models like S40.


    Personally, I will pay extra $1000 to make sure that I am the first owner of a new car.


    Otherwise, I will buy a used car from a known source.
  • lilylily Posts: 10
    lev, you are the expert! My husband is so happy with your answer:), thanks for your post, now all loaner and demo cars are eliminated from our list:) we are also considering OSD since we want DSTC and GPS but none of the dealer has them on S40.

    Bill,if you still want the dealer name of that $24,900 loaner car, give me your email address, i will send to you. by the way, that is a red car with beige leather.
  • Thanks for the kind words, and thank for the info, but I have bought my two newer Volvos through the OSD (that I highly recommend, by the way) and am pretty sure that will continue doing just that - we have tentative plans to buy S40/V50 for my older daughter in 2006 and replace my S80 in 2008. The only question is - what is our route through the Europe going to be...


    DSTC is great and it is on a "must have" list for us. We opted out of nav.system twice. It seems too expensive for the limited number of times that we will travel through the uncharted territory. Map Quest or MSN Maps work just fine for us.

    My e-mail is published.
  • lilylily Posts: 10
    Thank you lev. You are so nice to answer and explain to me on my every question. You are very helpful.

    I have three more questions.

    1)since S40 already has STC as std, a sales agent told us DSTC is an "overkill" in america since our highways are most straight,DSTC is for Europeans where they have many curves on road; he said for a driver like me, never speed,DSTC is not a necessary. In your last post you said "DSTC is a must have" for you, we would like to know why do you think so? what is the benenfit of DSTC beyond STC? If it is really a "must have", our only option would been left to OSD.

    2)is OSD price negotiable? in European Delivery forum, I found out BMW ED price is negotialbe, somebody got $7000 off MSRP ED price for a 330i,do you think it can be applied on volvo also?

    3)After you picked up your new volvo in Europe, as I know you could drive it there. If so, it would be great that travel in Europe by a new car. IS OSD price covered insurance in Europe or you had to find one and paid by yourself?


    thank you very much for your time and help. My husband and I both appreciate your posts very much.
  • 1. Your sales person just wants to close the deal on a car from the inventory, as they do not make any money, except for the small flat fee on OSD. In a few words - the DSTC is ten times more usefull in the city driving during the Chicago winter. It

    a. Works during the braking, while STC is not

    b. Can compensate for the driver's errors during the turn.

    etc., etc. It makes a difference between the very mediocre traction control of STC and state of the art (one of the best, if not THE best ) DSTC. You can search the S60 and XC90 forum here for the DSTC. We had a lot of technical discussions about it.


    One of the examples, when STC will not help while DSTC will is the very common emergency avoidance maneuver (swirl and/or brake to get around the obstacle) under slippery conditions. You do not need to drive in Europe to get to such situation.


    2.No it is not. You buy the car directly from Volvo bypassing the dealer. The dealer makes just a small flat fee. And read some of the postings with the grain of salt. The Volvo OSD savings are about 8-10% of MSRP off the base and no discounts on the packages. You also save for not paying destination charge. You will save about $2700 on a $25K car. The website has all the info on OSD. All the info is very accurate. They mean what they say.


    3. 15 days of insurance is included into the price. Additional insurance is arranged at the time of the order (you need to mention it) and is very reasonably priced. I have paid $85 for the 1 month extended insurance for XC90. S40 should be even less.

  • jeffyscottjeffyscott Posts: 3,855
    It looks like OSD price is pretty close to the invoice price, so wouldn't this really only save a few hundred dollars over the price one could get by negotiating with a dealer?
  • jeffyscottjeffyscott Posts: 3,855
    Couldn't you order a car with DSTC if you want that option?


    This site has all sorts of info on stability control systems:

  • You are right. The OSD price is slightly bellow invoice and the destination charge is not required. But how many people did buy S40 at the invoice?

    The OSD is good for the new models + you get your extra savings on the trip portion, if you have planned the Euro vacation in the near future anyway.
  • Just remember that what is called ESC on this web site is DSTC, but not the STC on Volvo.
  • laineylainey Posts: 62
    Hellix wrote - "Got the following Volvo S40

    -2005 S40 2.4i

    -Silver Color

    -Premium Package

    -Sport Package

    -Convence Package

    -Climate Package

    -Extras...Waste Bin, Touch-up Paint, First-Aid Kit, Eye Glass holder, Mud Flaps


    I paid $24580

    Had to really fight for the price but edmunds TMV is way too high".


    Awesome price Hellix! I am taking the email approach. I am playing 4 dealerships off of each other. So far, I'm down to an offer of $24,000 on the '05 automatic metallic 2.4i with Premium Pack. Two other dealerships said "no problem" beating that price! Now I wonder if I should ask for additional packages thrown in to sweeten the incentive to buy from them. It's only been been two days of email "bargaining". Guess it can't hurt? Has anyone gotten comperable offers? Any advice would be appreciated.
  • 23799.00Sales Price after rebate (before tax and registration)

    For a new (not demo or loaner):
    2004.5 S40 T5 Red with Black Interior
    Premium Package
    Sport Package
    Climate Package
    Geartronic Transmission

    Does this look like a good deal? And how does a 2004.5 compare with a 2004 S40 T5?
  • The price is 27399 not 23799 ... still is that good price?
  • Hi all,

    Got a dealer quote for a 2005 volvo S40 T5 AWD with the following options:

    - 5 speed automatic transmission
    - Select Package
    - Dynamic Trim Package
    - Climate Package
    - Bi-Xenon
    - DSTC
    - Convenience package

    (I nicely loaded car with color "passion red")

    Dealer quote including all options + destination charge was: $32,545

    Can anybody tell me if this is a decent deal or not?

    A quick comparison (including all above options + destination charge) shows:
    MSRP: 35,695
    Invoice: 33,250
    Edmunds: 33,835
    OSD (based on 8% off MSRP): 33,441
    Dealer quote (once again): $32,545

    It must be said that the dealer is giving me the full manufacturer to dealer incentive, which is currently $1850 for this model volvo.

    Any feedback is highly appreciated.
  • Your OSD price sounds a bit high.

    Base: 24,510
    Automatic: 1,200
    Select (in combination w/ dynamic trim): 1,535
    Dynamic trim: 2,025
    Climate: $625
    Bi-Xenon (in combination w/ climate): 443
    DSTC: 695
    Convenience: 405

    Total OSD price: $31,438

    Also, right now, they are offering the premium package for $495. So, you could drop the select package (-$1,535) add the premium package (+$495), add the audio package (+$845). You'd be losing the Sagitta wheels, gaining leather seats, and saving $195.
  • Hi Carbert,

    Thanks for the feedback.

    How did you get the base price on the OSD so low?
    I used the MSRP posted on the volvo website (which is $28,170) and subtracted 8% for OSD. This came out to be $25,916. After adding destination charge I came to a base price of $26,611.

    The options under the OSD program are full MSRP, which I found were as follows (from volvo website):

    - Automatic: 1200
    - Select (combo dynamic trim): 1537
    - Dynamic trim: 2025
    - Climate (combo Bi-Xenon): 368
    - Bi-Xenon: 700
    - DTSC: 695
    - Convenience: 305

    TOTAL Options: 6830

    TOTAL base price: 26,611

    GRAND TOTAL OSD: 33,441

    My options come to $98 less but my base price is $2101 more than yours. Am I forgetting something or omitting some crucial incentive/discount??

    Thanks for the alternative option suggestion but my wife really doesn't like leather seats. I tried the T-tec yesterday at the dealership and I liked it so I won't be going for the leather seats. Good tip though, I was not aware that the premium package was on offer.

    Any ideas on my dealer quote? Does $32,454 sound like a good dealer price? :)
  • Sorry, I missed the AWD in your post. The special premium package offer isn't available on the AWD, by the way. Volvo posts the OSD price list on their site. The AWD base price is $26,170, for a total OSD price of $32,998. There is no destination charge when purchasing through OSD.

    I can't comment on your dealer quote. Sorry.
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