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Ford 2001 Heavy Duty F-250



  • sovercash1sovercash1 Posts: 112
    Guys I don't know if you can believe the site, but normally they are correct on the info..7.3L

    Diesel Engine -

    SuperDuty F-Series
    Automatic Transmission
    2000 Model Year 2001 Model Year
    235 HP @ 2600 RPM 250 HP @ 2600 RPM
    500 LB.FT.@1800 RPM 505 LB.FT.@1800 RPM

    Six Speed Manual Transmission
    235 HP @ 2600 RPM 275 HP @ 2600 RPM
    500 LB.FT.@1800 RPM 520 LB.FT.@1800 RPM
    (delayed availability for manual transmission)

    Here is the full article..

  • zman2000zman2000 Posts: 4
    To cdean i am not one of those dealer but i am a salesman who like you has to pay bill so your right when you say i will do anything like sell most of our inventory at a $100. over I sorry I can't do that on 2001 modle or F250/350 yet but you and Mr snags will be the first to know....
  • wild99wild99 Posts: 1
    I heard last week that either this year or next year that Ford would replace the Powerstroke with the Cummings Diesel anybody here anything about that.
  • cdeancdean Posts: 1,110
    it is a wild, entirely unsubstantiated rumor that has gone on for years.

    The answer is no. Ford has contract and Navistar has a new engine developed that will power Fords for the next 5 years. Cummins isn't even in the picture for Ford light duty pickups.

    In the 2 ton applications (big delivery trucks), you have always been able to get Cummins in Fords, as well as Cats, or Detroit Diesels, or Internationals.
  • sinclair2sinclair2 Posts: 1
    My truck will be used mostly for basis transportation and occasionally to pull an l8 ft enclosed trailer weighing 4,500 lbs. Is the 5.4 up to the task or is the 7.3 worth the extra money, noise, and smell? If I were hauling over 6,000 I would go for the 7.3, but in this case, just don,t know. What's your opinions? My last question-when will the dealers be taking orders for the 200l's .
  • bassmannbassmann Posts: 1
    I just got back from the local Ford dealer, placed an order for a 2001 F-250 SD SC SB 2wd
    diesel 6sp.
    I hope it is everything I heard about it.
    I killed my '91 302 this weekend.
    we have a 6000lb camping trailer we pull regularly.
  • rrichfrrichf Posts: 212
    No towing done here but the engine of choice is the 7.3L diesel. I just like the diesel. If you're pulling on a regular basis I think that the best choice is the diesel. But, then again, I'm just weird.
  • horseman2horseman2 Posts: 2
    I posted this in another area but I see these may be newer postings.

    I am planning to purchase a 2001 F-250 SD 4WD (probably diesel) to replace my faithful 1988 suburban. We plan to switch to a 5th wheel camper from our tow behind camping trailer. My question is: can I tow with the short box F-250? Is there enough room for the hook up or does it have to be the long box? I have never towed a 5th wheel at all, and I see that many of you tow regularly. It would only be several times a year but I think they look and sound like awesome trucks.

    I have been reading with interest the many postings here about the Ford Super Duty's and am becoming more convinced that this is the truck for me.

    Any help would be appreciated. This is my first time (well second now) in the town hall forum.
  • mlistermlister Posts: 6
    I just ordered a new F-250 XLT Super Duty 4X2 Crew Cab from local dealer. Dealer told me that order is for 2001 model, but he doesn't have MSRP yet. Don't want "sticker shock". Has anyone got a feel for the 2001 MSRP for these vehicles yet? Dealer info welcome if you are reading.
  • mlistermlister Posts: 6
    Oh, didn't mean to forget the great folks at Edmunds. Have any of you gotten info on the MSRP for the 2001 F-250's yet?
  • woofer1woofer1 Posts: 2
    I ordered my f-250sd v-10 cc on june 5th and the dealer just called me and said it would go on the line July 31st. I should have it the second or third week in Aug. I am paying $100 over invoice. I talked to him and he said that the price increase would only be a couple of hundred bucks. but for those of you who choose to get one after Oct. 1st will see a big increase.
  • oakridgeoakridge Posts: 4
  • woofer1woofer1 Posts: 2
    I bought it at Anderson Koch Ford in North Branch,MN The Salesman was Bill Young. Retail on the truck was 35026 and invoice with all the goodies was 30312
  • I ordered an F250SD SC XLT v10 4x4 With standard mirrors. 500 over invoice 12/23/99 deleveried 6/27/00. Gets 12mpg, rides like a truck,and fun to drive commuting 22 miles to Cleveland each way. The problem is the standard right side mirror is flat, not convex like every other standard right side mirror.
    The standard mirrors are not adequate for the safe operation of my vehicle. The right side mirror is flat and the driver can not see enough area on the right side of the pickup to drive safely. The dealer and Ford Motor Company’s Customer Assistance Center told me “that is what Ford puts on that truck, get over it-no one else has complained.” This is a knowing disregard for my safety. I believe this is called a negligent design defect.
    I bet I can find a few opinions.
  • tbrown7tbrown7 Posts: 2
    I recently read that Ford has a contract for a new Navistar diesel for the next 5 years, can you give me any information regarding this? When will this new engine be available?
  • jbear87jbear87 Posts: 13
    I am interested in the gas mileage that you are getting with the power stroke. I will be in the market for a new truck in a about a year. I am anticipating a power stroke with the 3.73 rear end. I have always been a Ford man, and currently drive a F150 with a 302, but I am anticipating having to pull a trailer/boat occasionally. How is this engine compared to Dodge's? I also heard that Chevy struck a deal with Isuzu and will be putting out a new diesel. The stats on it is impressive.
  • fbroomfbroom Posts: 29
    I recommend you check out the Ford Superduty thread on this site. It's currently topic 1849. This issue has come up at least a couple of times. The dealer and customer service were'nt fooling ya, that's how the standard mirrors come on the Super Duty (go figure). I've heard one person ordered a right hand mirror for an Excursion (it has the convex mirror) as it is pretty much a direct bolt on replacement on the Super Duty. The excursion mirror is heated and therefore there is some wiring that you can't use, but other than that it's the same exact mirror physically. I recommend you search through the Super Duty topic as the writer provided a pretty thorough explanation of his experience. Seems Ford can put a convex mirror on the Excursion but can't put it on a Super Duty even though it's the same mirror on both vehicles (I don't get it). Another writer on the Super Duty topic indicated he took his ride to a glass shop and they installed a convex mirror in place of the flat mirror. This option was also a heck of a lot cheaper than procuring a whole new Excursion assembly. Whatever option you chose, I wish you good luck.
  • mlistermlister Posts: 6
    Folks: Just picked up my Dealer Order Receipt Confimation (DORA) from my dealer on a F-250 Super Duty XLT with Crew Cab, 4x2. Wanted to pass along MSRP data from that sheet so that all could see.

    Base MRSP = $27,035 (up $440.00 from 2000)
    7.3L Turbo Diesel = $4,720. (up $120. from 2000)
    Elec 4-spd auto trans = $1,095. (no Change)
    3.73 Ltd Slip Axle = $285. (no change)
    Cab Steps = $370. (no Change)
    Sliding Rr Window = $125. (no Change)
    Driver Pwr Seat = $290. (no Change)
    Privacy Glass = $100. (no Change)
    Keyless Entry = $170. (no Change)
    Premium Stereo w/cass/cd = NC (Down $190. from 2000)
    Power Mirrors = NC (Down $100. from 2000)

    Overall, Ford has now included CD and power mirrors on the XLT packages. This is good news. MSRP increase appears to be nominal, with only changes in Base MSRP and Diesel engine.

    Anyone else having additional informaiton, please let me know.
  • tanrat wrote he was getting between 12.6 & 15.2 mpg but how is the power? I'm looking into purchasing one myself.
  • hubrex2hubrex2 Posts: 24
    Basecircle--I am the one who posted info on replacing flat right side mirrors on the Superduty thread--just happen to be scanning this thread for the first time and saw your post. I share (or more accurately once shared) your concern about the safety of driving a vehicle as large as a SD with limited angle of view mirrors. You can indeed replace the whole assembly through Ford by ordering and Excursion replacement mirror, but it is sold as a unit with the pivoting assembly. This means you have to do some rewiring, as the Excursion mirror is heated, and it is pretty expensive--$60+, not including labor. My dealer told me about replacement glass through a glass shop. It was listed as Excursion replacement glass, and was just that--glass, no other assembly. They popped out the old flat glass, installed the new, convex glass for 28 bucks total. Small addition to the truck, BIG improvement in driving. I no longer feel blind on the interstate or when backing a trailer. Hope this helps--I can give you the glass dealer name here in Colorado, although I'm sure you'll be able to find similar products wherever you are.
  • jimvetajimveta Posts: 96
    i've seen f-550's and above offered
    with cummins, but the thing i don't get is that
    they are much weaker (195 hp if i recall) and
    i've read about someone who has an f-550
    complaining that it accelerates sooo slow and
    won't go past 70 or 75 (well, i'll assume they
    has super low gearing.. 4.88 and over i believe?)
  • bucky44bucky44 Posts: 19
    Since the Deep Wedgewood Blue is being replaced by True Blue (L2 order code), does anyone know how it compares? Lighter? Darker?

    Are there any sites which have pics of this new color? I want to order an '01, but won't until I find out what this color looks like.

    PS. The info here is super, keep it coming!
  • cdeancdean Posts: 1,110
    The Cummins in the F550, though I haven't seen the spec, is probably a low rpm engine. So even though it probably has higher torque output than the Dodge Ram version, its not going to generate a lot of horsepower. They usually compensate for the narrow RPM range by having a split axle or many geared tranny.

    Those trucks are enormous and heavy, you won't get a whole lot of acceleration out of them.

    The GM's have the Caterpillar option in those, i never anyone say anything bad about it. Not sure if Ford offers the Cat or not.
  • runamokrunamok Posts: 1
    I read response about tanrat getting 12-15 mpg, just wondering if that's towing mileage or non-towing? I have a 5th wheel that unloaded weighs 7900 lbs. Also, I heard from a friend that he knows someone who owns a 1 ton Ford superduty and normally gets 20 mpg when not towing, interstate driving 75mph. I find this hard to believe. Anyone agree? I am interested in a Ford Crewcab F250 Superduty either a 2000 or 2001, 7.3 liter diesel. Would also like to compare this with the new Chevy diesel that is coming either this fall or early next spring. Anyone heard of how they are supposed to compare?
  • cdeancdean Posts: 1,110
    Really has been NO indication of fuel consumption on the new GM diesels. I would expect similar mileage to the Powerstroke, 17 or 18.
  • jabba2jabba2 Posts: 1
    for bucky44. The true blue is a shade or two lighter than the deep wedgewood. i just ordered it, over silver. it will be pretty but a lot of work to keep it looking good.

    jabba from moving waters ranch
  • bucky44bucky44 Posts: 19
    thanks for the info. i'm leaning towards the true blue over gold. i liked the wedgewood/gold combo, but i'm not sure about this true blue. anyone know of any websites with pics of the '01 colors?
  • meyhemmeyhem Posts: 1
    Just ordered my 2001 F250 Lariat 4 X 4 Diesel. Delivery in 3 10 weeks. Paid $500 over invoice. $35,728 added heated seats, tube steps, tow package, reverse sensor, power tele mirrors, shift on the fly and dual altenators. Can't wait for the day of delivery.
  • I'm looking at ordering a 2001 SC 4X4 LWB, and was wondering what would be better to get, the Electronic shift on the fly or the floor mounted manual shifter??? Any input would be great!
  • leeperleeper Posts: 5
    I just ordered my 2001 F250 4x4 Crew LB Lariat. I hear people talking about a leveling kit for the front end. I believe this consists of new front springs to bring the front up (2.5 inch) level with the rear end. Does anyone know about this?

    FYI: heated seats were $220, 6 disc was $210.
    Color is dark highland green over harvest gold. The new colors can be seen in your dealer's order book (no brochures yet). Take the color page out of the binder and look at the colors in the sun before choosing!

    Dealer told me 6-18 weeks for delivery.
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