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Honda Odyssey vs. Toyota Sienna



  • 05ody05ody Posts: 103 far no electrical problems with any of my Honda's. I know how you feel, and I wasnt too sure if I should buy a brand new vehicle first year and thats why I also checked out the Sienna. But with my good history with Honda I went for it and so far everything is just perfect about the van. The new Honda Odyssey's Engine is now rated at 255hp, 250tq...up from 240hp, and 242tq on the 04 models. If you upgrade to the Ex-Leather you get the I-Vtec (Instead of just the Vtec) with VCM, but the Honda dealer said himself it really doesnt make a big difference unless you are a big traveler, which I am not :)
  • jlawkwujlawkwu Posts: 1
    Hi, I'm trying to decide on a 2005 Sienna or wait for 2006 Sienna and have some questions. I am very interested by the sound of, "The Sienna is supposed to get memory seats and mirrors, and power folding third row seats, among some other more subtle changes"

    1. I've been searching for any information on what new features the 2006 Sienna may have and in particular really want memory seats. Can someone suggest any places/sources/sites that might offer insight to 2006 features?

    2. Does anyone know when the 2006 Sienna models are scheduled to be available?

    3. What does this mean, "an apparently optional-option"? It sounds like not all options are available throughout the U.S. (?)

  • irgirg Posts: 197
    This might change for 2006, but Toyota does this weird thing with their optional packages. You will notice there are about 10 or more packages for both the LE models, the XLE and then you have the AWD versions too. Some packages are available in certain regions of the country, others are not (or are not readily available). It can drive dealers nuts, because a customer comes in wants the package #5, but all a dealer can get is a #6 or whatever. There are so many varieties of the Sienna, it is amazing - and I don't know if this is a good thing or a bad thing. Better to have options that not most of the time. It reminds me of trying to buy a full size pickup, and looking at a Chevy or Ford, and all of the different configurations that are possible. Something for everyone usually.

    As for 2006 models, if you aren't in a rush, it might make sense to wait for a 2006. If you want to save money, buying a 2005 at then end of the year could pay off for you - (actually buying at the end of any month helps save sometimes). Not sure where the power seats/3rd row power option started, somewhere on this board, I think from a Bulletin from Toyota. Your dealer might be able to confirm this, although probably a little too early to tell. I would imagine though, that the power 3rd row option, which would be a first on a minivan, won't be cheap, and will probably be available only on the XLE or XLE Unlimited, but I am just speculating here. A very cool option nonetheless.
  • dilbertzzzdilbertzzz Posts: 190
    Toyota provides a host of options on their vehicles, unlike Honda which is pretty sparse on such choices. However, depending on what part of the country you are in, you may well find that particular "options" you might want to choose are never available to you. In other words, the distributor responsible for your area may never ever order that particular option.

    While it might be theoretically possible to order a Sienna built as you like it from the factory, I have never once heard of anyone successfully doing so. I think that practically that is not a possibility.

    As for whether or not memory seats will be widely available (or available at all), I cannot say. But if/when they are listed as an option on the Toyota web site, you can then try to build a car with that option and check inventory to see if it is available in your area. My best guess is that the memory seats would only practically be found on the highest (and most expensive) trim level, if at all. Good luck! I hope you can get what you want.
  • dhfddhfd Posts: 22
    What is the oil life reminder? What type of oil do you use?
  • nwngnwng Posts: 664
    well, lucky you

    I checked the edmunds' invoice price for a barebone xle in my area, it is still higher than my ex cloth, and that is without the side bags for everyone, traction and vsc. Before i bought the ody I shopped the ex cloth and the sienna le pkg 6, both were at the same price but the ex has the driver pwr slider and 6 disc changer. With two young kids, dual pwr slider was the deal maker.
  • irgirg Posts: 197
    I do feel lucky ;) I have 2 young kids too, and another one due very soon. So I liked the XLE because of the dual power doors and the power liftgate. The LE doesn't have that you're right, and the EX cloth does. I forgot whether it has the power liftgate? I think it does, my memory of all the options each van has is starting to slip now that I have made my purchase. I was on the fence about the lack of some of the safety things on the base XLE. Side air bags have pros and cons, and since my kids sometimes fall asleep by the sides of the vans, I figured not having side air bags could be a good thing (the Toyota manual even mentions this). Traction control to me is a pain sometimes. I had it in my previous GM Saturn, and it actually hinders more than it helps in snow. Where we live, and with our driveway, I sometimes need the tires to spin to keep going in a forward motion. With the TC on, it would prevent the wheels from spinning true, but sometimes to the point of getting stuck altogether. Also, we live in a small college town, and at this point we don' take many trips. My speed limit to work ranges from a low of 10 mph (one lane bridges!) to a high of 45. So actual accidents that are severe here are very low. And any minivan, with or without airbags are pretty safe now, from what I've seen.

    But in terms of price, what tipped the scales in favor of the XLE was the great lease deal I got. I may keep this van after the lease, we'll see. But I needed a decent van that would have fairly low payments. The Ody EX cloth was $440, and the XLE was $359. Different buying experiences for sure, and I think I got a great deal at Fitzmall, something I couldn't get locally. I was looking locally at a base SIenna LE AM package (#1) and they wanted about $380 for that lease. Honda should sell the LX model with 1 power door. I bet they would sell a lot. Seems like they are selling a lot anyway. For some strange reason though, the leasing program on the Odyssey's wasn't very competitive. One dealer who I trusted told me that, that financing they were good, but lease to lease, they could not compete with Toyota, and I found that to be true too, for now at least. It seems to vary every month.
  • 96corolla96corolla Posts: 94

    Does anyone have any experience installing and using child safety seats in the Sienna and/or Ody. I'm looking at the Ody and 8 passenger Sienna. In the "driving with kids" section, Consumer Reports stated that installing a child seat in the middle of the 2nd row seat is a problem with the Ody. Because of that I was considering not even looking at them. However, I recently read over in the Sienna prices forum that somebody was having a problem with child seats in the Sienna. Just looking for some insight. Thanks.
  • liujnliujn Posts: 27
    I currently own 2 other Toyotas. They are pretty good in quality but none are trouble free in the first year. I decided to go with Honda Odyssey after test-drove my friend's new Sienna LE-7 AWD. I hated the handling and cheap interior compare to my other Toyotas Few month later, this friend told me his AC was broken. The dealer told him the AC never worked so it was DOA. Could not believe my friend didn't check AC when he picked van. Like many others, he thought Toyota was always perfect.

    This is my first Honda and I feel I made the right choice. For the equivalent equipage, Toyota is more expensive. In addition, I couldn't believe why Toyota still sells 6" DVD while Honda sells 9" DVD. Honda's navigation is super-cool too. As far as the initial quality, I have yet found any defects. Yes, zero defect! Given the complexity of the car, I have to give Honda a lot of credits, especially the Ody was made in USA and my Toyotas were both made in Japan.

    Agree with other Ody owners, my Ody doesn't have the hot-air problem. When AC is off, I get the fresh air with the same out-door temperature. Up to now, that was the only person reported such problem assume he is a real ody owner.
  • daedae Posts: 143
    The Ody EX cloth was $440, and the XLE was $359.

    That's quite odd. Cheapest XLE with no options has 27,100 invoice, and you can get EX cloth for about 26,000 ( I just paid 26,500, but I am a sucker for not shopping around too long.). And you want many options on XLE, as its default safety sucks - does not include Vehicle Stability Control for example. So add $4k for package 6.

    Unless you are doing something extremely unwise with financing (and who shops by "monthly payments"? Invitation for a rip-off.) lower principal should result in lower payments.
  • daedae Posts: 143
    Consumer Reports stated that installing a child seat in the middle of the 2nd row seat is a problem with the Ody.

    I would think it depends on the seat. Large Brittax in reverse position was a pain indeed, I moved it to the captain chair. I want to replace the 8th seat with a console anyway - you can fit one from Touring.

    Booster should fit fine, but I do not you can easily fit 3 of then on the second row in Ody. I would not try that.

    On the other side, the other two chairs in the 2nd row on Ody (I am talking EX cloth) are much more comfortable then ones in 8 seater Sienna. So for two child seats in the 2nd row I would pick Odyssey (and I did). Removing the center and moving one inside also.

    Leather was not an option - I hate leather seating in cars...
  • nwngnwng Posts: 664
    the ody front and second row seats are much more comfortable than sienna. but sienna's third seat has a bit more room than ody. I do think the material on the LE feels a lot cheaper than a comparable EX. But hard plastic is hard plastic, I remember my 92 tercel had padded vinyl on the whole upper section of the doors :(
  • dilbertzzzdilbertzzz Posts: 190
    nwng: I remember my 92 tercel had padded vinyl on the whole upper section of the doors

    My '88 Corolla hatchback also had a lot of padding-backed interior vinyl. While it was an exceptional car mechanically (incredible power out of that little, rock-solid 4 cylinder!), the interior had shredded to tatters by 1995 without any heavy wear (I was single and rarely carried either passengers or cargo). True it was in Hawaii that whole time and lived much of its life outside, but other cars in the same conditions did not seem to deteriorate so far, so suddenly, after so short a life. So, maybe they learned something and actually did improve things? (Probably while saving money at the same time!) :confuse: :) ;)
  • macakavamacakava Posts: 775
    Welcome to the Honda family.

    Since buying my Ody almost a year ago, it has never seen the dealer again for any warranty repairs or PM (since I do this myself).

    Hassle free ownership! Priceless!
  • nwngnwng Posts: 664
    sunlight and heat does a number on vinyl. I bet if your car had tonka plastic and cloth, it would have hold up much better.
  • 05ody05ody Posts: 103
    About the side curtain airbags on the 2005 Ody...I was worried about the same problem until I read the owners manual. They actually have sensors that shut off the curtain airbags if it detects any interferance between the the window and where the airbag would deploy. The new Odysseys have a botton also where you can turn off the traction control and VSA if you dont want to use it or if its not needed. If it did not have these features I would of probablly not have bought this van seing how I really liked the Sienna also. I like the handling and safety features better on the Ody though but hey my aunt has a Sienna so at least I still get to drive one :D
  • dilbertzzzdilbertzzz Posts: 190
    Thank you. As we prepare for this year's family driving vacation, I feel even better about my second-only-to-Corvette-on-the-list :shades: Yukon XL (a dressed-up Suburban). Thanks! :)
  • macakavamacakava Posts: 775

    The Ody is a great road vehicle with its fine "sporty" handling.
  • irgirg Posts: 197
    "Cheapest XLE with no options has 27,100 invoice" No, the invoice price of a XLE is $26,574, Ijust checked Edmunds pricing here. I bought the XLE at Fitzmall in Maryland, and they do sell at or below invoice quite often.

    "So add $4k for package 6" Again, you are wrong. Package #3 has all of the safety things you find essential for $1,388 (again, invoice price)

    One thing, I leased this van, and for me, my monthly payments were important factors, although I am quite aware of the ripoff that is possible. I didn't advertise to dealers what I needed to pay. I am not new to this game, and did a lot of research into this. Also, I went to as well as and used the prices I knew I could get each van for, and used their websites accordingly. When I factored tax in, the Sienna came out almost exactly to what the dealer said it would, $359. The Odyssey was also pretty similar, over $400. Two dealers I worked with for Honda (one I liked a lot) said they just couldn't get good rates on the leases for the Odyssey yet (probably selling too well to justify it). The lease factors for Siennas are very good.

    In the end, the Sienna simply leased for quite a bit less than a Ody EX cloth, and yes the prices were pretty simiar. But Honda doesn't do leasing in NYS the same way as Toyota does - you have to pay the whole amount in taxes up front, whereas with Toyota, just pay tax on the monthly payments you are leasing.

    If I could have leased the Ody EX for close to the Sienna XLE, I would have - I certainly think it is a great van, and the one to beat at the moment.

    I don't like traction control - had it on my last vehicle and it hinders too much in snow going up the driveway, I would rather have a little spin, and not get bogged down. This winter, I am getting snow tires anyway - probably the best safety feature one can have, that doesn't come standard on any car. If I lived in a big city or drove a lot of miles, I might find these safety features must haves, but in my case, I just didn't. The Sienna still rated a 5 star crash testing, and that's pretty good. (I think all minivans can claim a 5 star crash test rating now).
  • daedae Posts: 143
    When I factored tax in, the Sienna came out almost exactly to what the dealer said it would, $359. The Odyssey was also pretty similar, over $400. Two dealers I worked with for Honda (one I liked a lot) said they just couldn't get good rates on the leases for the Odyssey yet (probably selling too well to justify it).

    Get 3rd party financing. Credit union, many online outfits etc.

    No, the invoice price of a XLE is $26,574

    I have counted the destination fee as well. In any case, XLE is no less expensive in the stripped form, and is a real stripper. You are right that at least #3 include rear disk brake and stability control. Do not underestimate stability control.

    I would reiterate - if you got higher payments on a cheaper vehicle you did not explore all your options for financing properly. That means - you have lost money.
  • championwchampionw Posts: 7
    I have a 3-months old odyssey 2005 EX-L. Recently I found it will generate some
    high-pitch "noise" when it is in speed 30-40 miles at quiet local street. if on highway
    the road noise will overpower the high-pitch one. The "noise" is very gentle and
    weak and you must pay great attention to find it. But once I recognize it I always
    can sense it. The dealer mechanic said the "noise" is from speaker, and may generate
    from anti-noise system. He said he will check the other new Odyssey if it can duplicate
    the "noise". The "noise" pattern will change, sometimes even like classic music!
    Any 2005 odyssey owners have similar experience?
  • tdmtdm Posts: 1
    Quoted $39,000 for Sienna XLE Limited AWD with #2 option pkg. from Orlando, FL area dealer.

    Izzat a good price, or no?

    Sales mgr. SEZ it's $400 over invoice...but Edmunds sez that's $2000 over invoice???
  • crazymomcrazymom Posts: 3
    Okay, I have now test driven both Sienna and Odyssey. Both are amazing vehicles. They seem to offer the top of the line missing just an auto pilot or a baby sitte :P r!! The pricing on each is a bit up there, but again, both comparable. Each sales person says their auto is the best...I need some serious help...this is a real investment...which is the better buy/return :confuse: ??? I currently drive a 2001 Expedition and I need the room, but prefer better gas milage..and more practicality. Any input would be very appreciated.
  • ggsggs Posts: 30
    Sorry, if reading this thread hasn't convinced you one way or the other, you'll have to come down to what features you really want and what price you are able to get for each in your area. Both are fantastic vans--I doubt you could go wrong either way.

    That said, Honda pricing is a little more straight and narrow than Toyota as Toyota has a tiered option structure that varies from region to region. Also, the Ody does not have AWD, which for some people is a big deal. The Ody uses the i-VTEC engine which may result in better gas mileage depending on your driving habits and normal travel conditions.
  • crazymomcrazymom Posts: 3
    I think my mind was really made up since I test drove the Sienna two months ago and still have not bought are get the total options package in the Sienna would end up costing me a whole bunch of extra $$ because they do hide little things that add up. The Touring edition of the Ody seemed to be everything for that particular price... Does the color package cost anything additional??? It seemed to be a big deal to the salesman.

    Hey, thanx for the was a big help. :shades:
  • 96corolla96corolla Posts: 94
    So which one are you buying?

    Not sure how many kids you have, but I've heard and read that getting 3 kids seats in the second row of the Ody is not practical/possible. It is OK in the 8 pass Sienna. If you only have 2 kids, then you're set either way. Good Luck.
  • ggsggs Posts: 30
    For color choices, there is an adjustment--I would run the numbers through Edmunds to get an idea of what it is for your area--but it's really comparatively minor, cost-wise. I'm guessing your choice of color was big deal to the salesperson in consideration of inventory and availability more than anything else.
  • crazymomcrazymom Posts: 3
    I have 4, but only 2 in car seats. I did read that too. Pretty interesting information. Thanks for the info!! I look forward to my new purchase!!
  • dilbertzzzdilbertzzz Posts: 190
    I'm guessing your choice of color was big deal to the salesperson in consideration of inventory and availability more than anything else.

    I would agree and add that color is a big deal to the salesman because to get you to commit to a color is another "Yes" on the way to the complete close of the sale.

    But, even more importantly, color is an emotional choice reasonably far from the rational considerations of price, features, safety, warranty, etc. that are harder to hook you on. Selecting a color is a big step to taking emotional ownership of the choice and commits you at a gut level to the particular vehicle. Like satisfying a certain payment amount you need, it leaves little room for someone to back up and "think about it" once the salesman can answer that need ("I don't know if we have any red ones left.... That is a very hot color right now. No, wait! I do have one that I think I can get for you today, if we can move fast!").

    You picked a color, which means you have already pictured yourself looking good in it, and it is virtually already yours! :)

    Another reason to decide as much as you can far away from the dealership....
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