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Volvo C70 Convertible - 2006 and Newer



  • tom007tom007 Posts: 40
    You say there are hefty discounts on the C70 in your country. What are some of the MSRP prices you paid in US dollars before the discount. I know in Australia, the car runs about $60,000 USD according to a prior post. How much more is the Turbo Diesel than the Regular T5 and how much without Turbo engine.

    I have the celestial Blue with automatic and with Calcite Cream Leather and really think it is a looker as do all that see it so far.I went with 17" wheels as they are summer/winter tread and here in the states, the 18" came only in regular tread. I hear the 18" transfer more road noise. Let us know. Thanks!

    Enjoy your new car and keep us posted on it after you have driven for awhile. Thanks for coming aboard in this forum.
  • Thanks for the welcome, hope this is of use.

    We have three levels of trim - the Sport (basic) the SE (middle of the range) and the SE Lux. I'll base the prices on the SE, which has the High Performance Audio (not the Dynaudio), leather faced seats and 17" wheels as standard.

    The cheapest SE is the 2.4i (non Turbo) Sport with 5 speed manual box and comes in at 49,800 USD.

    The T5 is the 2.5 Turbo with 6 speed manual and is priced at 55,900 USD - that's something like 16,000 dollars more than in the States?

    The D5 has the Turbo Diesel but is only available with the Geartronic autobox and is priced at 55,700 USD.

    The Geartronic is offered as an option on the other models and is priced at £1250 (GBP sterling) which equates to 2,300 USD - considerably more than the 1,250 USD quoted in your homeland.

    The discounts being offered are up to £1,400 which equates to 2,600 USD.

    There is a further charge of approximately £700 (1,300 USD) on all these cars, which covers delivery to the Dealership and our 'Road Fund Licence' - that latter alone amounts to 400 USD for the T5 Auto!

    The 18" wheels do firm up the ride a bit but not overly so, and the steering does seem a little heavier although maybe I'm being a little pedantic about that. I can't say I've noticed any difference in road noise, but there again, I drove the cars in differing areas, taking the 18" wheels on inferior roads to check out the 'worst case scenario'.

    I'm now in my 60s so I'm looking for safety and comfort - but the 18s still did it for me okay! My previous Jag XK8s both had 18s and my Merc CLK500 had 17s - the ride was harder in the Jags but softer in the Merc.

    That Celestial Blue with Calcite has to be the dream combo for looks - but I'm sticking with the Silver (although my Dealer is pushing the Blue) simply because Silver looks good in any light.

    Regards to one and all.
  • empty1: I didn't get the windscreen and I personally don't think its needed.

    jtrego "I don't consider the oil running out of the engine, the locks and windows not working or the car not starting minor problems."

    I don't think any of these problems are isolated to the C70 specifically. My oil problem could have easily happened on an s40 or v50. The day people start reporting problems with the roof, then I'm going to get worried. I read about all kinds of problems with VWs but yet mine is the most reliable car I've ever owned.

    lemenn That is an awesome looking color combo. Congrats! My wife saw a C70 here in CT that was black on black. What are the chances of that with the number of these cars being produced?

    As for the 18" wheels, the car is stiff but turns like it’s on rails.
  • lemennlemenn Posts: 89
    I am not sure to understand your question stanwict as I have no way to know how many black on black C70 can be produced but probably you just wanted to express that such combination will be pretty rare.

    Regarding first feedback on the car, I will not repeat all the pros and cons already stated but I confirm that I have the same problem as you with the door handle.

    During all my test drives before purchasing the car I had already noticed it was difficult to find a confortable seat adjustment in order to have the left arm confortable.
    At this stage here is the procedure I used:
    First adjust the height for your arm to be confortable in height, then put the seat back as much as you can in order to have your legs being able to still go "full speed"... Having the gearbox it is easier for me because you don't need to push that much like with a clutch (after spending 8 years in California, I could not see myself coming back to the European way with a clutch...),
    then adjust the front seat height adjustment just to be confortable again,
    then adjust the inclination of the seat,
    then adjust the height and depht of the steering wheel accordingly,
    then adjust the mirrors,
    then push the M and 1 buttons to put everything in memory.

    By doing this I was able to have my arm just behind the hole of the handle door. I am 5'7" tall.

    For accessories, I took the front radar for easier parking and the windblocker. They have not been installed yet, but I am glad I took them. Yesterday coming back from work, I was driving top down, windows down at 65mph and even with the back seat belt placed in the plastic retainer, they were still flapping with the wind and making significant noise. With the windblocker this will not happen.

    As far as the dog barking problem and little bird noise, during the week end something happenned.
    Top down with 4 people in the car we had some heating to have everybody more confortable. Then we put the top up and realized it was to warm inside, then I put the AC down to have cooler air.
    This is when it happen, I got some kind a whistle or wind whistling throught the vents. I did not like it.
    Rising the temp stopped the AC and the noise of course.

    Few hours later I went throught the console menu section for all kind of customized adjustments. One section is about the AC and by default the position was on medium (this is about the strenght of the air blowing), I selected it on low and since then I did not get the whistling again.

    I will try to reproduce the phenomena and will keep you informed.

    Finally I have another little complain.
    During my test drive I noticed when you turn the steering wheel totally there is some kind of noise. The dealer told me it was the hydrolic steering mechanism. Anyway the noise is bad.

    I have it on my new car. I don't know if it is because the car is new and needs some time to adjust everything but maybe volvomax can help on this one??? any advice?

    The good points:
    I was testing a Nissan 350Z roadster and found it very inconfortable before I discovered the new C70. I felt in love with the car for the confort, luxury, and safety feelings.

    I was last week at the Paris auto show and could also see the VW eos. For me there is nothing to compare, the VW does not play in the same category full stop.

    I kept the baseline audio system and for me the quality is incredible and good enough for me.
  • lemennlemenn Posts: 89
    I am 5 feet 7 inches tall (170 cms).
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    Well, the opinion is that the S40 sourced wood isn't nice enough for an up level car.
    Its a fake kit, if the came out w/ real wood it would look nice.
  • lemennlemenn Posts: 89
    Hum! first time I see volvomax at least partially wrong.

    The steering wheel (€400/$500 option) is real wood.

    The gearbox stick incrustation (€75/$93.75 option), the console and door handles incrustations (€0/$0 option)are fake wood.

    Just to be accurate.
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    Actually, I was speaking more about the dash that is sourced from the S40.
    The steering wheel is from the S60-XC90.
  • jtregojtrego Posts: 68
    Lets hope these problems are not isolated to the c70. But again, relative to other cars that are mass produced in high volumes, we have only seen a small sampling of the already low volume produced c70 have quite a few not so convenient problems. I don't know anyone ever to have the problem you had with any vehicle that is new or used for that matter. I am sorry you had to deal with that on such an expensive purchase.

    your car looks great and I also hope there are no problems with the roof. I remember owning the first 1999 honda odyssey with the automatic doors. Had lots of problems with them, the contacts always needed cleaning to keep them working well. Our car should be here in December, so I am not trying to bash Volvo.

    As other have posted, I don't even think you can compare the VW eos to c70. I think the C70 competes well with cars much more expensive in terms of styling and function. It gives up some on the ride and engine power, but I agree with those that have stated they are not looking for this to be a high performance car.
  • jtregojtrego Posts: 68
    Do you use your c70 as your primary vehicle to get to work and so forth or is it just for pleasure? If so, what kind of conditions do you drive in every day in terms of traffic, weather, etc..?
  • jtrego Just a quick clarification, my comments on VW were based on my '99 VW Cabrio that I still have that has 185,000 miles. It has a very poor reliability rating from the "pros" and yet it's been the most reliable and problem free car I've owned.

    jtrego I've been driving the C70 as my daily commuter so far. My commute is 86 miles round trip five days a week. Of the 86 miles, 18 miles is back roads and the rest is highway. It's mostly a straight shot with some stop and go traffic in a 1 mile stretch through construction that has been ongoing for years.
  • jtregojtrego Posts: 68
    And some of those poor ratings that we have access to don't always factor in how well (or how poorly) customers take care of their vehicles.

    Okay thanks, I am glad to know others are actually driving the wheels off this car. The only person I know with a C70 seems reluctant to really "drive" his car. Perhaps because he got burned when it left him stranded when the ignition failed or maybe he just is petrified for it to get wrecked because it takes so long to get one! Who knows. Anyway, ours will be my wife's primary car to and fro to work and all so it will get a work out, but not quite as vigorous as your commute.
  • Lemenn "The steering wheel (400euros/$500 option) is real wood."

    Alarm bells rang when I read lemenn's response regarding the wooden steering wheel - especially it's additional cost. So, I checked with my Dealership and, after much searching, they reckon that it is a standard fit for UK cars. Our cars may cost 16,000 USD more than Stateside cars - but we get wood for free!

    Now for a serious question - I'll give you the question and two theories, but the truth is, my Dealership doesn't know the answer! The little 'mushroom-type' attachment on the inner side of the front passenger head rest - what is it's purpose please? The Dealer laughed when I asked, and admitted that nobody knew for sure, but that one theory is that it is a jacket hook (a rather flimsy hook surely?) or that it is to do with the mobile phone systems in Sweden which utilise an extension earpiece - this extension hooking on to the side of the head rest. Hmm - a little unlikely I would have thought.

    So Mr Volvomax - another teccy question needing your knowledge and expertise please.

    P.S. Will have a firm delivery date for my car next Tuesday - anticipated January 1st but if it's at the Dealership in time, it can be taxed for delivery to me in time for Xmas. Now THAT would be a Xmas bonus!
  • flheatflheat Posts: 46
    jtrego, YES, you can compare the C70 and the Eos as I and others have done. Despite the $8,000 price difference I would still choose the Eos. I have the same luxury feel, better fit quality and all around better performance--these are not subjective. I traded in an Audi A4 cabriolet and I do not feel I have taken a "step down". In the forums, many Eos buyers were former Audi, Benz, BMW and Volvo owners. In addition, I have a huge sunroof, a more useable trunk and $8,000 in the bank. You also state: "I think the C70 competes well with cars much more expensive in terms of styling and function. It gives up some on the ride and engine power, but I agree with those that have stated they are not looking for this to be a high performance car." The C70 will NOT compete with higher end cars if they do not address its performance issues at $45,000 performance is an expectation--if VW can do it why can't Volvo? It all comes down to personal preference of the cars looks (subjective), but don't say they don't compete, because Volvo lost the competion to VW on this buyer who once had a deposit on a C70.
  • lemennlemenn Posts: 89

    In order to have price comparisons between countries:

    In France we have also three levels of trim and as previously said 4 engines: prices are in euros
    1 euro = 1.25 dollar

    Sorry for the format but I don't know how to do it better

    Kinetic Momentum Summum
    C70 D5 180 ch Geartronic 39950 41450 45250
    C70 2.4L 140 ch 33900 35400 39200
    C70 2.4i 170 ch 36600 38100 41900
    C70 T5 220 ch ----- 42500 46300

    Momentum is Kinetic +
    Haverdal seats
    Aluminium incrustations and central console
    electrochrome mirror
    rain detector
    4 lockable spaces
    Hook for groceries net (probably what people are wondering regarding the hook on the passenger seat)
    audio commands on the steering wheel
    back parking radar

    Summum is Momentum +

    Perle or Metallised paint
    bi-xenon lights and dynamic ajustment of the range
    high pressure cleaning lights
    17" Sadira 215/50 wheels
    full leather seats
    electrical and memorised adjustments for driver and passenger seats
    heated front seats
    external mirrors can be put along the body of the car electrically and they have lights
    Volvo alarm with movements and inclination sensors

    I will provide options packs and pack accessories prices on request if somebody is interested.

    These are prices all taxes included

    In my case:

    C70 D5 Summum 45250
    removal engine type on the back 0
    temporary spare tire 0
    wood steering weel 400
    fake wood incrustation gearbox stick 75
    fake wood incrustation console and handles 0
    windblocker + front radar 950
    registration papers 348
    Discount -1023
    Preparation of the car free

    total 46000

    As you can see I was able to negotiate a discount of €1023
    free preparation of the car and the dealership bought back my previous car €16300 (€400 above blue book value)

    Even if I consider having obtained a reasonable deal it is still much more expensive than in the US... and I dont talk about gas/diesel price.
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    Yes, that is a coathook. ;)
  • Lemenn's comprehensive pricing structure shows that there are so many specification differences between countries, that it is difficult to make direct comparisons. The French Summum, for instance, appears to include Pearl or Metallic paint, plus Bi-Xenon etc - whereas all these remain as extras in the UK, even on the top-of-the-range SE Lux.

    As with beauty - value is in the eye of the beholder and we each have to compare like with like in our own country. I, like most on this forum, chose the C70 because it offered me the value I sought here, never mind that our neighbours across the water get a different deal.

    Thank you for your response regarding the groceries net - although I again query as to whether the hook would hold much in the way of weighty provisions.

    I note that you specified the temporary spare tire (I thought I was being old fashioned). I recently hit an obstacle which ripped my tire - and there was no way a pressurised can with sealant inside would have got me up and running again, so, although losing precious boot space, I too have specced the spare tire.
  • Thank you also - I may go as far as hanging a shirt on it! :)
  • jtregojtrego Posts: 68
    Since when is high performance defined by price? How do you define high performance? the Eos wouldn't meet my definition of that nor does the Volvo. You can spend 40k plus on an SUV or truck for that matter does that make it a high performance vehicle? There are other factors in cost that have nothing to do with "Performance" that may be more desirable or more important to a buyer. You have made your choice and are content...

    In terms of competition,I think that the c70's lack of availability will certainly sway some to another vehicle because not everyone can afford or desire to wait so long and it gives the buyer absolutely no negotiating leverage. That is a huge factor for many folks.
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    Actually, it does a good job hanging suit jackets.
    Just use the collar tab in the jacket.
  • Thanks again, yes I'll do that if needs be - that's the problem with not actually having my own car to look at properly, I can't give the hook a close scrutiny in the showrooms with folk wondering what I'm looking at. You are obviously content with it's potential durability, and, if you are happy with it then, hey, I'm up for it! All I need now is the car and the right conditions to encourage me to slip my coat off.

    I suppose we could now say that that lets the Volvo design team "off the hook!" (groan)
  • lemennlemenn Posts: 89
    Hi erisaman,
    Here is a picture of the famous hook!

    C70 groceries hook

    I confirm that it is very strong and you can hang whatever you want to this hook.
  • lemennlemenn Posts: 89
    I noticed the two external mirrors are slightly different.

    The external mirror on the driver side has a little bump at the bottom, not the external mirror on the passenger side.
    Does anybody knows why?

    Sorry for the bad quality photo.

    external mirror on the driver side

    External mirror on the driver side

    External mirror on the passenger side

    External mirror on the passenger side
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 70,320
    Temperature sensor?


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • qbrozenqbrozen Posts: 22,651
    one is a boy.


    '17 F150 Crew 2.7; '67 Coronet R/T; '14 Town&Country Limited; '09 LR2 HSE. 44-car history and counting!

  • lemennlemenn Posts: 89
    First a photo of the engine (2.4 liter Turbo -diesel)

    D5 engine

    Everything is nicely protected with plastic covers.
    I don't know what is long transversal metallic bar. Any idea?

    Now here is the trunk:

    Trunk with plastic cover down
    Trunk with the plastic cover down.

    Trunk with plastic cover up
    Trunk with the plastic cover up. You can see the temporary spare tire, the cargo net and the red flippable triangle.

    Roof in the trunk
    Roof in the trunk. Then if you push the yellow button.

    Roof up in the trunk
    Roof up in the trunk.

    Roof and plastic cover up
    Roof and plastic cover up. Don't expect to put much more than an attache case easily this way.

    I tried many times to reproduce the dog barking and little bird noise phenomena, but could not have it again. I put the AC in the low, medium and high preset position. I went to lowest temperature, highest temperature. I tried head, body, feet selection zones. Nothing. Everything works fine. This is for now rather good news.
  • Thank you again Lemenn, I will accept your word that the famous hook is strong - it's 'reputation' has now straddled the world.

    With regards to your question - I am unable to help but I will be looking to see what answers you are given. This is almost like an addiction - I am becoming 'hooked' on this forum.

    Good luck.

    The metallic transverse bar - could that be the 'Rally Bar (Front Stiffener)' referred to by Volvo in their specification list?
  • lemennlemenn Posts: 89
    I must admit, that me too I like this forum very much and will try to help or answer questions as much as I can. I spent many hours reading all the messages silently until I got the car and now can participate actively even if most of the readers are probably in the USA an my car is not available in the states with my engine I still can provide usefull information I hope.
  • tsk1tsk1 Posts: 31
    I am interested in what kind of mileage you are actually getting on the diesel?
  • lemennlemenn Posts: 89
    After near 750 kms on the odometer,I am having an average of 7.2 liters/100kms.

    Now for the americans it means after 470 Miles I am doing an average of: 32.7 miles/gal

    With of full tank I shows an autonomy of 780 kms/487 miles
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